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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Charlie Wilde - Low Fidelity     Folk, Rock, Atmospheric 25/07/2019
Defined by it's ethereal nature and emotional delivery, Charlie Wilde pulls you in with a deeply personal and yet somehow accessible message, he is raw, sincere and human.
The debut single of Charlie Wilde, ‘Low Fidelity’ paints an emotive picture of a complete loss of empathy. The song can deliberately be interpreted in a number of different ways, as it’s true meaning is only revealed upon reflection, much in the same way someone would reflect upon their actions with regret, guilt and shame.

Yasmin de Laine - Original Sin     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Blues 25/07/2019
Moody, evocative folk and alt-country tunes
This song is a response to my country’s endemic issue of male violence against women and the victim-blaming narrative that often accompanies it. As if it’s your own problem simply by virtue of being born in a certain body.

Georgina Grimshaw - Old Friend     Folk, Country, Pop, Acoustic 24/07/2019
Georgina Grimshaw is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Newcastle, Australia. Her gentle and soulful grace abounds not only in her songs but in her genuine presence.
Old Friend is a folky middle finger, and a tongue-in-cheek response to the social rejection Georgina experienced when she left her former church. She turned those hard times into a song and dance, made it her own anthem to move forward so that the past couldn't hurt her anymore but could instead empower her to take back her joy.

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Liv Cartledge - Rogue Dog     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 24/07/2019
“Tash Sultana vox, Amy Shark lyrics, suburban Australian warmth.” - Triple J Unearthed, Max Quinn
“Honey, I get restless…”

When Liv Cartledge repeats this line, her voice lingers like smoke as the words hang with the perfect level of emotion. ‘Rogue Dog’, marks a fitting return from the Melbourne indie folk songwriter, who first made her presence known after winning the Telstra Road To Discovery in 2015 and again with her 2017 'Timber' EP.

The Queensland Tiger - The Old Rebel Flag in the Rear (Henry Lawson)     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 24/07/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc… true to the original works.
Near complete poem written by Henry Lawson in 1892 ( a year after “Freedom on the Wallaby”). Subtitled "A May-Day Song"... Melody based on the tune by Chris Kempster... Violin by Jessie Morgan.

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Anna Smyrk - Home     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop, Roots 23/07/2019
From the sapphire waters of the Solomon Islands to crumbling Cambodian towns, indie-folk artist Anna Smyrk sings songs about her time spent living in wild places.
‘Home’ was written during Anna’s two years living in the Solomon Islands. Steeped in longing, she muses on what home really means for people in a transient world. At the same time, she highlights the strong connection to place and country that many Solomon Islanders have a connection that faces a grave threat as sea levels rise.

Carla Geneve - Things Change     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 23/07/2019
Carla Geneve shares a video to new single 'Things Change', taken from her debut self-titled EP, out now via Dot Dash Recordings/Remote Control Records.
The video for 'Things Change' is a tour diary of sorts, filmed on her recent debut tour of North America supporting San Cisco. Carla shares "It has been a year of big change for me and I felt like being on the road and touring was very significant of a big shift in my life."

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The Queensland Tiger - Where's Your License? (Charles Thatcher)     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 23/07/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc…. true to the original works.
Another classic song from the Victorian goldfields, written by Charles Thatcher (1831 – 1878). The topic could not have been more controversial at the time: the license tax, and the way it was applied, gave rise to the Eureka Rebellion in 1854, so that dates this song to the early 1850s. Violin by Shannon Stott-Rigsbee.

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Juice Webster - Lover, I Swear     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Rock 22/07/2019
Melbourne’s own JUICE WEBSTER arrives fully-formed in the shape of an artist whose tone and charisma is beyond her years.
"This song was written some years ago in an attempt to take ownership of my emotions after a break-up. I remember feeling like I didn't have control over the situation, all I wanted was to feel in charge of myself again. This song was my way of ultimately deciding to make the choice to move through everything and regain control."

Keeskea - Red Shirt, Green Socks     Folk, Ambience, Acoustic, Pop 19/07/2019
The ambient compositions of Keeskea (case-kay-ah) exist between worlds. Both electronic and naturalistic, ghostly and melodic, rhythmic and adrift.
Dreamy, introspective, subtle melodic pop influence from the young self-produced Keeskea.

Riley Pearce - Brave (Acoustic)     Folk 19/07/2019
From humble beginnings busking at farmers markets and playing open mic nights in Perth, alt-folk artist Riley Pearce is now selling out shows across Australia, winning awards and touring internationally.
A song so reflective and warm that it takes you to a room with leather furniture, a soft brown rug and a glass coffee table, once the saxophone comes in the fire place ignites and you are transported into relaxation and pure emotion.

Amy Pollock - Hear Me     Folk, Chill, Atmospheric, Pop 18/07/2019
Emerging independent musician and creative, Amy Pollock draws inspiration from the world of alternative/dark folk. Amy's music is incredibly close to her heart and she invites you on her journey
When you find yourself on a journey, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. You repeat patterns, revisit wounds and open yourself to the unknown. It is limbo. The choice to speak your truth or to fall into the same cycles. What are you willing to sacrifice or lose to move forward? Resist the familiar and take a step into the dark.

Bonniesongs - Frank     Folk, Experimental 18/07/2019
Bonnie’s sweet ethereal vocals sail over the polyrhythmic backgrounds created between her mandolin, percussion and vocal loops.
Bonnie Stewart: vocals, guitar, banjo, drums, percussion
Freya Schack- Arnott: cello
Thomas Botting: double and electric bass
Alyx Dennison and David Trumpmanis: guitar noodles, bass synth and zombie vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Trumpmanis
Coo Coo recorded and mixed by Dave Kempton, with additional recording, mixing and mastering by David Trumpmanis
Produced by Alyx Dennison

The Wicked Messenger - Son, I Want You To Know About Your Mother     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 18/07/2019
Brisbane singer-songwriter Jimi Beavis is The Wicked Messenger. This is his new folk music project featuring death, love and capitalism. Plus his trademark harmonica. Release on cassette.
A grieving father tells his infant son about the mother who died while giving birth. Featuring the multi-tracked violins of bluegrass maestro Dan Kerin and the bowed double bass of Janey Mac, as well as her piano debut. It is the best of Jimi's songs in his mother's opinion.

Other tracks by The Wicked Messenger:  My Neighbour's Gift  -  Little Old Me
Air Land Sea - Golden Child     Folk, Rock, Easy Listening 16/07/2019
Acclaimed friends and musicians Lior, Nadav Kahn and Tony Buchen unveil their new project ‘Air Land Sea’, a triumphant and joyous celebration of harmony that signposts their upcoming self-titled album.
Acclaimed friends and musicians Lior, Nadav Kahn and Tony Buchen have come together as Air Land Sea to release their sophomore single Golden Child, a gorgeous symphony of harmonies and vulnerabilities, and announce their self-titled, debut album to be released on Friday, August 16.

Air Land Sea - Tell Me What You See When Your Eyes Close     Folk, Rock, Easy Listening 16/07/2019
Acclaimed friends and musicians Lior, Nadav Kahn and Tony Buchen unveil their new project ‘Air Land Sea’, a triumphant and joyous celebration of harmony that signposts their upcoming self-titled album.
‘Tell Me What You See When Your Eyes Close’ is a song with a very long title. It’s about feeling small under the weight of obsession,” said Lior. “With this song we tried turning classic song structure on its head fusing two distinct movements as opposed to repeating verses and choruses.”

Joe Man Murphy - The Old Pine Tree     Folk, Roots 15/07/2019
Joe Man Murphy is a Roots artist that now calls Australia home. A true storyteller Joe Man draws on 20 years of performing and touring in his must-see stage shows.
The Old Pine Tree is the story of Joe Man's upbringing living on the road in the Ireland. Having never been to regular school he left home traveling far from the ways of his childhood only to return in later life. With this track Joe Man has also captured it in a piece of art for the video clip

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Jordy Maxwell - Blue Eyes     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 15/07/2019
Jordy Maxwell is a Perth Electrician with feelings, as you will be able to tell through his music.
Blue Eyes is a song for those not afraid to leave it all behind to travel, explore and experience a whole different world.

The song is written from the perspective of being the one left behind, but finding the positive feeling that the person you once wanted to make so happy, is now happy and free.

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Michael Dunstan - Smiling At Strangers     Folk, Atmospheric 15/07/2019
Michael Dunstan is a 23 year old pensive folk artist born in Wheatbelt Western Australia, with a peaceful focus on all things bigger than us.
Painting a picture of sitting eyes-closed on an island, Smiling At Strangers imbues sunlight warming your face and a light breeze casting your worries back to the mainland. With a light upbeat vibe, smooth synths, delicate nylon guitar and ambient electric guitar, Michael’s soulfully-voiced musings of peace and kindness hit home.

Mastered by the Grammy Award winning Adam Ayan (US).

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Sweeney - Woebegone     Folk, Atmospheric, Experimental, Gay Alligned 15/07/2019
The songs and sounds of Jason Sweeney. Traversing tender tales of queer love and melancholia.
This intimate and softly sung song tells the story of gender queerness, being trapped inside the clothes and masks we wear. There is a brokenness and tenderness in this recording, almost whispered into the ear of the listener like a secret.

Other tracks by Sweeney:  Let Him Go  -  We All Seeing