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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Oatis - What a Shame     Folk, Acoustic, World 19/02/2019
Celebrating Oatis's second album release in March "Running though Waves" Oatis shares some of his favourite tracks from the Album, with this Powerful thought provoking Single "What a Shame"
An amazing Lyrical and instrumental journey in sighting a life bouncing through time.

T Scarlett - Falling For You     Folk, Easy Listening, Electronic 18/02/2019
T Scarlett was born out of my love for sharing experience through music. The music, lyrics and videos chronicle my reflections of life; looking back at experiences.
A story about young love. Simple and true. My reflection of love at a young age is that people have a tendency to find themselves too far down the rabbit hole...something that transports someone into a wonderfully (or troublingly) surreal state or situation.

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Daniel Cameron - She Deserves Love     Folk, Acoustic, Electronic, Chill 15/02/2019
Catchy melodies and reflecting lyrics, brought up on the South coast of SA, now living in the Adelaide Hills. Blending folk and indie pop together.
There is always two sides of a relationship, we all put so much hope and trust into the love we feel. This song shows one side falling in love, the other is falling out of love and the journey of happiness confusion and also realisations.

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Rob Snarski - All God's Creatures     Folk, Pop, Easy Listening 15/02/2019
Rob Snarski is a velvet-voiced troubadour. He has toured the globe with The Blackeyed Susans and The Triffids and has graced the same stage as Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen.
Featuring exquisite guitar work from Shane O’Mara, beautiful harmonies from gal duo Broads and a Havana~style piano solo from the wandering hands of Kiernan Box, 'All God's Creatures' takes a wander through a dramatic Australian summer day where Snarski's velvet-voice sings “the heat shakes the air and the rain vows to kiss the ground”.

Terry Springford - What She Means To Me     Folk, Chill 14/02/2019
Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Terry Springford writes tunes that speak of a lived human experience with melodies that get stuck in your head.
Struggling to get over an ex.

LEEDEN - WANDERING     Folk, Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 13/02/2019
LEEDEN are four young lads hailing from Melbourne & the Surfcoast, Intent on creating a totally unique listening experience,
Wandering is an upbeat country-esque tune, with a pop melody and a fantastic vocal harmony feature from Miss Tayla Johnstone.

Watchglass - Watchglass     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 13/02/2019
Watchglass uniquely fuses folk, pop, and a splash of funky-jazz into a catchy blend of original tunes. Featuring soulful vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, and percussion.
Track 2 is “Watchglass”, a meditation on perspective, contemplating the minute and the bigger picture, pitting “a lover’s glance” against “fans at a Beatles show”, in the end resolving to see only “the thing that keeps us turning”

Other tracks by Watchglass:  Found You  -  Serendipity and the Dog
Little Millar - Lullaby     Folk 12/02/2019
Combining Folk, Gospel and Blues influences, Singer Songwriters Cailah Ashlee and Rory Millar write stories from the heart, for the soul.
A mother and father's love for their children and each other knows no boundaries.

Sturt Avenue - Out of Time     Folk, Blues, Alternative Country 12/02/2019
Sturt Avenue is an indie folk family band, the project of SCALA award winning singer/songwriter Bryn Soden. Joining him are his dad, his sister, and some of his best friends.
“Out of Time” is a folky dirge lamenting the speed at which life slips by, and how easy it is to lose track of the people we once held dear. Wearing its heart on its sleeve, it opens with a minimalistic folk sound, before building to a big chorus and gorgeous brass instrumental.

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Annan Blix - Vague     Folk, Rock 08/02/2019
Annan Blix is a poet, writer and musician from Melbourne. Backed my an imaginary band 'The Bitter Disappointments' Annan Blix brings you songs of love, hate and mess.
Vague was written in Berlin, while Annan Blix had the thought that he should be going out drinking and partying, but the feeling and memory that doing so leaves him completely unsatisfied.

Brendon Moon - Girl     Folk, Rock, Atmospheric 08/02/2019
Androgynous vocals, meandering melodies and lush instrumental arrangements. Prepare to enter the wondrous dream state of Brendon Moon. Debut Album out now.
One of the more radio friendly tunes from the album. Hope you enjoy!

Other tracks by Brendon Moon:  Forest  -  Missing You
DreamGood - Visit Me     Folk, Atmospheric, Experimental, Soundscapes 08/02/2019
DreamGood is a three piece art/folk/pop ensemble from the Sydney region. They blend poetic, bold, upfront language with cinematic, often eccentric musical orchestration.
'Visit Me' is dedicated to friend, Mr David Geoffrey Day 11/12/1980-13/07/2016. Paying homage to David’s life, the song examines the haunting nature of dreams, the finality of physical death and the possibility of a spiritual afterlife. The song documents a re-occurring dream I had of David after his passing.

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Emma Bosworth - People Get Ready     Folk, Garage, Pop 08/02/2019
Brisbane garage folk songstress, Emma Bosworth is returning with ‘People Get Ready’, a striking first release from her forthcoming sophomore record anticipated this Spring.
On a first listen to ‘People Get Ready’ you’d be forgiven for thinking Emma is reflecting on a testing trial of love lost, however the pop-glimmering track’s take-home message is “that we all deal with heavy stuff in our lives in such diverse ways and something that might trigger one person into a spiral of depression, might leave another unscathed.”

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Formidable Vegetable - Grow a Garden     Folk, Pop, Soul, Dance 08/02/2019
With a wheelbarrow full of dirty electro radish-beets, Formidable Vegetable are here to sow the garden of your mind with seeds of future-resilience in the funkiest way possible.
Fresh off the cob with savoury retro-flavoured good vibes all round, Grow a Garden isn’t just a pop song with smooth beets, radish production and an unshakable hook - it’s everything plus.

Grow a Garden will warm the hearts of aspiring backyard-farmers, get you boogieing in your overalls and leave you with the satisfaction that comes with eating fresh-picked strawberries.

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Kim Churchill - After The Sun     Folk, Pop, Roots, Electronic 08/02/2019
Kim Churchill has just revealed his new single ‘After The Sun’ – recorded and co-produced by house and hip-hop producer Vincent Kottkamp, with additional production by Chris Collins.
After The Sun, the warm, loping first single from a new project where each song taps into the people and environments of some of his favourite parts of the world, is Kim showing the value of a new way of thinking, of writing … of living.

Little Millar Band - My Love     Folk 06/02/2019
Combining Folk, Gospel and Blues influences, Singer Songwriters Cailah Ashlee and Rory Millar write stories from the heart, for the soul.
A love story that conquered poverty, devastating circumstances and a world war.

Run Rabbit Run - Faker     Folk, Rock, Roots, Acoustic 06/02/2019
“Marrying expressive, overwhelming sounds with poignant and intelligent lyricism becomes apparent as a constant theme throughout Bloodline.” Happy Magazine
“A while back I was finding myself in these social scenarios where I wasn’t being truly honest with myself and others about what I wanted or how I was feeling. The song’s not really focused in on my own experience, but certainly inspired by what I was going through at the time.” Run Rabbit Run

Parkville - Rooks     Folk, World, Acoustic, Roots 31/01/2019
Parkville are a chart-topping acoustic folk-pop act from Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges, known for their rich three-part vocal harmony and smooth blend of violin, piano and acoustic guitar.
Rooks is a uniquely devious protest song, keeping its heart on its sleeve but a knife behind its back. Rooks is a track which pushes boundaries: acoustic guitar, piano and violin, shifting and morphing to evoke a Hans Zimmer film score, an 80s rock jam and a bustling Cuban footpath all at once.

Bud Petal - Chips and Cigarettes     Folk, Experimental 30/01/2019
Bud Petal’s music has been described as “cerebral art-folk”, “a true outsider, a freak-folk wunderkind”.
Chips and cigarettes tells the story of TJ Hickey, whose death following a police pursuit sparked the 2004 Redfern riots. NSW police claimed the death was a freak accident, but witnesses say TJ’s bike was clipped by a police car, which then propelled him onto the fence where he was impaled.

Other tracks by Bud Petal:  Sing Me of the Courthouse  -  Waiting for Louise
Daggy Man - Zen And The Cookie (Rescue Dog)     Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Chill 30/01/2019
Daggy man is the solo moniker of Singer/Songwriter Thomas Calder.
"Zen And The Cookie (Rescue Dog)" is the final single from Daggy Man’s Upcoming album. With its melodic warmth and striking sense of space, the song captivates the listener immediately; it’s arresting fragility and raw intimacy issue an invitation to lean in, to listen more closely. The song is the final taste of Daggy Man’s Upcoming album.