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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Anna Shelley - Water     Folk, Ambience, Soundscapes 23/08/2019
Anna Shelley is an artist based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Known as a complete concept of music, meditation, and musings. Think: Meditative, ambient, dreamy, and expansive.
Inspired by the oceans and the rivers - the lifelines of the Earth - Water is a minimal ambient track featuring tank drum and ethereal vocals. An ode to the Earth, a meditation to Mother Nature, Anna Shelley shares her signature dreamy tones in this celebration of the water element.

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Other tracks by Anna Shelley:  Earth  -  Fire
Little Quirks - Life Wouldn't Be     Folk, Folk 23/08/2019
They’ve got the hooks, the harmonies and the explosive live energy, but if there’s one thing Little Quirks are missing, it’s a good fake ID.
Comprised of sisters Abbey, Mia and cousin Jaymi the talented youthful sweet trio that make up Little Quirks, arrange music in a way that's so inviting its almost mesmerising, as their three part harmonies combine to create their own distinctive sound.

Now their new single “Life Wouldn’t Be”, brings some exhilarating pop and indie to their delicate folk side.

Luke Fox - Kind Bones     Folk 23/08/2019
Luke Fox is a professional firefighter and songwriter hailing from the Margaret River region, South West Australia shifting occupying a space somewhere between folk and surf rock.
a dreamy soundscape of harmonies, xylophone and acoustic and telecaster tones for that breezy coastal drive, road trip or sunday stroll. the song speaks compassionately of a friend overcoming a hardship and finding a more resilient and compassionate self. Kind Bones, Kind Heart, Kind Mind.

Ziggy Alberts - Intentions     Folk, Chill 23/08/2019
Singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts creates honest and personal music that explore his relationships both with others and the planet.
This track marks a new point in Ziggy's repertoire; it feels fresh, yet unmistakably Ziggy in style. The track is lyrically honest and frank, as he discusses his truths about maintaining relationships and mental health whilst living a demanding life on the road. The melodious pop-rap beat layered with his percussive acoustic guitar rhythms makes for an undeniable ‘stuck-in-your-head’ track.

Chaliah - Glass Shards and Jellyfish     Folk, Folk 22/08/2019
Chaliah is a 17 year old mature songwriter-singer with a real understanding of who she is and who she wants to be
This song was the inspiration for the EP. I wanted to capture the conflicting feelings of looking back on things that used to make you happy

Other tracks by Chaliah:  Cruel Nostalgia  -  New Things
Leah Grant - Sirens     Folk, Alternative Country, Atmospheric 22/08/2019
Australian Gothic/Dark Folk singer songwriter from Western Australia.
Sirens was written from a place of fear and anxiety about the potential of an extreme climate disaster / nuclear war event which leaves no one unaffected and able to help.

Georgia Knight - Samba Baby     Folk, Alternative Country, Rock 21/08/2019
With a writing style reminiscent of old school fiction, Georgia Knight places the listener in a timeless landscape championed by the likes of The Cowboy Junkies and Chris Isaac.
Melbourne-based musician Georgia Knight’s keenly awaited debut release, ‘Samba Baby’, draws on film to create the sense of an urban legend. Vocally, Knight draws comparison to luminaries such as Chris Isaac and Patti Smith, whilst her writing remains lodged in old-fashioned fiction and poetry.

Georgia Mulligan - Mirror     Folk, Alternative Country, Rock 21/08/2019
Sydney songwriter Georgia Mulligan couples melancholy with righteous anger on new single 'Mirror', which will sit neatly in her forthcoming sophomore EP out at the end of the year.
Sydney songwriter Georgia Mulligan couples melancholy with righteous anger on new single 'Mirror', which will sit neatly in her forthcoming sophomore EP.

Mulligan's ability to write emotive, vulnerable songs is once again on display in the impassioned 'Mirror'. Documenting a moment of turmoil the track begins as a delicate, slow burn, building into a piercing crescendo of emotions.

Kyson - After The Rain     Folk, Electronic 21/08/2019
The moniker of producer, singer and songwriter Jian Liew, this Australia-born artist is making abstract electro-folk that’s designed to take you closer to his complex and nomadic soul.
“After the Rain” come in from above, observations of the thematic progress Kyson's made. (“After the rain comes the mind / After the mind comes the blood /After the blood comes the river,” he sings.) “It has these synths that are flying all over the place—they are the emotions that are out of control,” he says.

Yellow Monday - Minda Love     Folk, World, Acoustic 21/08/2019
Yellow Monday - Worldbeat meets Indie/Folk
A quiet and sensitive song about the imbalance of Love.

Brent Shirley - Lost In The Rain     Folk, Pop 20/08/2019
Brent Shirley is a pop/folk artist from Castlemaine Victoria.
LOST IN THE RAIN is about getting older and not having your s**t together.

Good Grace - Outgrowing You     Folk, Pop 19/08/2019
Good Grace are a 5 piece folk/rock band from Perth, Western Australia
Following the release of their debut self-titled EP in March of this year, Perth band Good Grace come out with their most sincere single to date. Songwriter Johannah Grace deals in raw, evocative story telling from the heart with this recount of love, loss and healing in friendship.

Nathan Power - Sparrow Song     Folk, Acoustic 19/08/2019
Nathan borrows inspiration from artists such as the Tallest Man on Earth and Leonard Cohen. Backed by mandolin, violin and double bass, this is folk music at its finest.
A Tallest Man on Earth inspired ode to the world and the drifting nature of our journey through it, Nathan’s gentle voice is surrounded by double bass, mandolin and violin and four part harmonies.

Sparrow Song comes out with a 17-date East Coast tour and shows at Yackandandah Folk Festival, St Kilda Live and Local and Bendigo Blues Festival.

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Demos from The Wheatbelt - Georgia McAlpine - Start Again     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 16/08/2019
Demos from the Wheatbelt provides 10 Wheatbelt artists with the priceless opportunity to record an original song with two of WA's best producers.
The story of someone rebuilding their life, acoustic guitar over hip hop style beat from Buntine artist Georgia McAlpine

Other tracks by Demos from The Wheatbelt:  Tom Caughey - The Hideaway  -  Polly Medlen - My Love
Demos from The Wheatbelt - Tim Beckingham - Survive     Folk, Acoustic 16/08/2019
Demos from the Wheatbelt provides 10 Wheatbelt artists with the priceless opportunity to record an original song with two of WA's best producers.
A moody folk tune based on the idea that to really grow sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and "face the storm", from Wialki artist Tim Beckingham

Other tracks by Demos from The Wheatbelt:  Gracie B - Take Two
Emma Jayne - 'Til The Next Love     Folk, Country, Easy Listening, Acoustic 16/08/2019
With her dulcet tones and songs from the heart, Emma Jayne seamlessly blends folk with her own brand of Aussie pop that oozes authenticity.
A soft country ballad written and sung as a duet, featuring Matt James.

Other tracks by Emma Jayne:  Hometown  -  Miss Me Now
Greta Stanley - Pour     Folk, Electronic, Pop 16/08/2019
Rising artistic figure of Far North Queensland, Greta Stanley, is known best for her honest, vulnerable songwriting and her ability to emotionally connect to an audience through stripped-back indie-pop.
"Pour is about wearing your heart on your sleeve, knowing your worth, and when to not spend your energy on someone who takes advantage of it. [It's] about wanting to do something or longing for someone, but not allowing yourself to be walked over and made to feel small when they continue to hurt you." - Greta Stanley

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Hollow Coves - When We Were Young     Folk, Chill 16/08/2019
A dynamic indie folk group brimming with the band’s passion for travel and observing different shades of the world, Hollow Coves is the project of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins.
When we first started writing When We Were Young the melodies lead us to reflect on times from our youth. Missing the simplicity of life back then. As you get older there are so many new and exciting adventures that weren’t available in previous seasons of life. Even just having that change of perspective can make such a difference.

Jesse Taylor - How to feel again     Folk, Acoustic, Blues, Roots 16/08/2019
Jesse Taylor is an indie folk artist from the Sunshine Coast.
How to feel again has a chill vibe. Wind the windows down and go for a drive with the sunset.

Sam Shinazzi - I Wrote A Book For You     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots, Acoustic 16/08/2019
Sydney's Sam Shinazzi has developed into the kind of songwriter and performer that not only has a strong emotional bond with his listeners, but also has the respect of his peers.
Sam Shinazzi once again comes up trumps with his heartfelt new song 'I Wrote a Book For You'. The three minute melodic gem is the first single to be released from Shinazzi's forthcoming sixth album. Written for, and featured in the Australian movie 'Book Week', the song was produced/recorded by Sam & Michael Carpenter at Sydney's Love HZ Studios.