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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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zzzounds - Kev     Pop, Acoustic, Blues 08/01/2013
Miserable. Whether or not that is with good reason is up for debate.
While underground I still recall the sensation of the fall and in the dark I crane my neck to see the scars on my own back. And what I lack in what you want I'll make up.
Probably not.

Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion - Your Patchwork Heart     Pop, Folk 29/04/2014
Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion play catchy, hook-driven indie-folk-pop. Their performances are marked by their eclectic instrumentation, their dandy attire, and the powerful emotion & storytelling behind all songs.
We need to spend time on this heart, it needs mending.

Other tracks by Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion:  Ready When You Are  -  The Reasons You Needed
Zoë Dellaca - Still     Folk, Pop, Rock 07/03/2018
Zoë Dellaca writes songs that make you want to cuddle up in front of the fire on a rainy night. ‘Still’ is her first single from debut album ‘Sweater Weather.’
Still is a powerful tune about being hurt by someone you love but not being able to let go. Featuring simultaneously vulnerable and powerful vocals and honest lyrics, the song gets into your head and under your skin.

Ziggy Alberts - Stronger     Folk 19/10/2018
Ziggy Alberts is an independent singer/songwriter, free-surfer & environmental enthusiast from the East Coast of Australia.
'Stronger' is new chapter of Ziggy's musical progression.
The song tells a story about the to-and-fro of conversations around trying to convince someone to come with you, if it could work and how it could be better. It beautifully depicts the raw emotions you feel in your most vulnerable state of loving someone.

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Ziggy Alberts - Laps Around The Sun     Folk, Acoustic, Roots 10/08/2018
Ziggy Alberts is an independent singer/songwriter, free-surfer & environmental enthusiast from the East Coast of Australia.
A classic Ziggy-style tune, "Laps Around The Sun" references environmental issues while simultaneously carrying motivational messages.

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Ziggy Alberts - Intentions     Folk, Chill 23/08/2019
Singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts creates honest and personal music that explore his relationships both with others and the planet.
This track marks a new point in Ziggy's repertoire; it feels fresh, yet unmistakably Ziggy in style. The track is lyrically honest and frank, as he discusses his truths about maintaining relationships and mental health whilst living a demanding life on the road. The melodious pop-rap beat layered with his percussive acoustic guitar rhythms makes for an undeniable ‘stuck-in-your-head’ track.

Zeptepi - The Swiftsure     Folk, Rock, Roots, Punk 09/09/2013
High energy foot-stomping folk-rock, fusing elements of acts such as The Pogues and The Waterboys with a hint of Neil Young and a love of sea shanties!
Opening track from the forthcoming Zeptepi album "Coming up for Air", due for release November 2013.

This song tells the story of the sinking of The Swiftsure in 1882. The ship was captained by singer Phil's Great-Great -Grandfather, James Ball (1847-1882).
You can read the full story here...

Other tracks by Zeptepi:  Bound for Sydney Town  -  Wreck of the Dandenong
Zeptepi - The Loch Ard     Folk, Rock, Roots 05/08/2010
Gloriously apocalyptic fiddle-tastic folk-rock!
Tells the tale of the wreck of the Loch Ard, a ship that sank off the Cape Otway coast of Victoria in 1878, killing all but two of the passengers.

Other tracks by Zeptepi:  Sail Away  -  The Sickness
Zeptepi - The Ballad of John Green     Folk, Rock, Punk, Roots 03/03/2010
Gloriously apocalyptic fiddle-tastic folk rock! Think Waterboys, Weddings Parties Anything, Pogues, Dubliners.
A contemporary re-telling of a Celtic legend - fiddle driven post punk folk rock with a gloriously apocalyptic energy!

Other tracks by Zeptepi:  Whiskey in the Jar  -  The Soldier Song
Zeptepi - Haul Away Joe     Folk, World, Rock, Roots 26/02/2013
"High energy foot-stomping folk rock and sea shanties - The Pogues meets Weddings Parties Anything!"
Zeptepi's high octane version of the well-known 19th century sea shanty. Recorded Jan '13 at The Base in South Melbourne with Phil Threlfall. The first track we've released to feature CC Thornley's explosive electric banjo. Available from Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-like download.

Other tracks by Zeptepi:  Coming Up For Air  -  The Essence
Zeptepi - Girls of Old Maui     Folk, Roots, Acoustic, Rock 27/04/2012
Zeptepi are a gloriously apocalyptic folk-rock band for the 21st century. Pogues meets Waterboys meets Weddings Parties Anything.
A re-writing of Rolling Down to Old Maui, a traditional sailor's song dating back to the middle of the 19th century. This version retains the original melody, but tells a new story.

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Other tracks by Zeptepi:  No Respect  -  Ace of Spades
Zedd PM - Just 21     Pop, Folk 08/05/2013
United by music; playing with cause for lyrical freedom.
This is a song about a girl trying to stop her best friend from following the path of a guy who has been ruining her life up until that point, after all, she’s just 21.

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Other tracks by Zedd PM:  Teachers  -  ANZAC Mates
Zane Thompson - A Far Kinder Touch     Folk, Acoustic, Chill, Easy Listening 14/12/2016
Zane Thompson is a Sydney based musician, who earned his chops playing in Sydney psych-rockers Rufflefeather. 'Guilt free' is his debut solo EP,which explores a more sensitive musical approach.
'A Far Kinder Touch' is an ode to love without boundaries.

Other tracks by Zane Thompson:  Chasing the Dragon  -  Gratitude
Zac Saber - Soak Up The Sun     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 11/02/2016
With a style that lends from somewhere in between folk and blues, Melbourne based singer-songwriter Zac Saber is quickly making a name for himself within the Melbourne music scene.
Soak Up The Sun is the opening track from Zac Saber's debut EP "Clearer".
Wonderful in it's simplicity, it tugs at the heart strings and builds you up with soaring harmonica and lapsteel instrumentation.

Other tracks by Zac Saber:  Another Time  -  Clearer
Zac Gunthorpe - William Blake     Folk, Roots, Alternative Country, Rock 25/10/2012
Young Sunshine Coast upstart Zac Gunthorpe debuts his Ep Long Lost Love Lies, featuring intricately crafted folk ballads in the vein of Dylan, Neil Young and The Band.
William Blake tells the story of adolescent and fleeting love and relations. The track features acoustic guitar, bass, tambourine, handclaps and Gunthorpe's distinct and sincere vocals. An upbeat folk sing-along, great for care free summer days.

Yours Truly - Shining Light     Folk, Pop, Punk 05/03/2014
Together and apart, Ken and David have appeared on 30+ albums, played hundreds of gigs, and have never been afraid to show their support for worthy causes.
A pithy observation of society's modern obsession with social networking. Is it something useful? Or are we in danger of losing the humanity of our interactions?

Other tracks by Yours Truly:  Love Makes Children  -  Say Goodbye
Youngsmith - Wither     Folk, Acoustic 24/08/2015
Youngsmith’s music paints a picture of a man faced with his demons and refusing to back down. His music echoes the style of narrative songwriters of the past.
With beautiful interwoven guitars, toe-tapping rhythm and Smith’s smooth baritone voice, Brisbane soloist Youngsmith tells the story of man at the end of his rope in new single ‘Wither’.

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Youngsmith - Red     Folk, Rock 15/04/2016
Brisbane troubadour and accomplished songwriter Dan Smith performs under the moniker Youngsmith.
The toe tapping and heartfelt track sees the somewhat stale singer-songwriter sound in a new and powerful direction, aided by a rare change of song structure. A powerful multilayered and surprising ending you’ll want to hear again.

Youngsmith - I Will Not Forget     Rock, Folk 14/12/2016
Youngsmith is a man with a guitar and a bunch of songs up his sleeve. Writing catchy folk and rock tunes that you will find yourself humming soon enough.
New single 'I Will Not Forget' for the first time leans Smith towards stadium rock territory, like ‘When I Grow Up’ by Garbage or 'Everlong' by Foo Fighters. Catchy hooks and beats surround lyrics speaking of personal demons and learning from your misteps along the way.

Young Vincent - Run     Folk, Rock 23/05/2016
Melbourne trio, Young Vincent, have been on the scene since 2014. Finishing a recent tour, their new release ‘Run’ is their fourth single, expanding on their unique, alternative folk sound.
‘Run’ uncovers a story about a relationship that is slowly falling into feelings of stale love and confusion.