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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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The Lawnton Bowls Club - Lose Myself     Pop, Chill, Garage 16/09/2017
Alt Country Bushranger rock and blues with jangly pop thrown in...we're The Lawnton Bowls Club
Everyone has a jangly pop song in them...and this is ours. A song about summer recorded in the middle of a Melbourne Winter

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Other tracks by The Lawnton Bowls Club:  Old Man Sam  -  Sitting With My Girl
The Lampreys - Strange Lights     Folk, Garage, Grunge, Psychedelic 29/11/2016
The Lampreys are a garage folk band proudly based in Kallangur, Brisbane. If you like folk guitar, psych vocals and the dirtiest violin you'd care to hear.
This track came out of a live jam session and features some self-indulgent violin playing. Sounds like Led Zeppelin you say? Yeah we know, we know. We still like it :)

Other tracks by The Lampreys:  How Far To Go  -  Sunshine At Nine
The Lampreys - Little Conversations     Folk, Garage, Experimental, Acoustic 13/06/2018
The Lampreys are a grunge folk band from the north of Brisbane. The goal is sincere song writing, influenced by groups like Nirvana, The Dirty Three, and early Pink Floyd
Little Conversations was born from a creative idea principle song writer Dan Lean had while trekking through Jordan.

The Lamplights - What Love Is     Folk, Pop, Roots, Blues 15/10/2012
The Lamplights play an organic blend of folk, funk, roots, and blues with characteristic pop undertones, this fresh, energetic and undeniably appealing five-piece are a pleasure to experience.
The lead single, 'What Love Is', is a rambunctious decree, gathering momentum as it hurtles toward its own euphoric end. 'What Love Is' is an album that uses the strength of its own diversity to congeal itself together into something unique in the age of single serve music distribution.

The Lammas Tide - The Hudson Line     Folk, Psychedelic, Rock 21/02/2012
The Lammas Tide combines elements of traditional English and Scottish folk music with driving grooves, fuzzed out guitar riffs and soaring vocal harmonies.
The Hudson Line is a highly danceable and compelling psych-folk trip to the hippie heyday of Greenwich Village with a catchy fiddle hook and funky groove.

Other tracks by The Lammas Tide:  Lady Godiva  -  The Devil's Stone
The Lammas Tide - Soldier of the Sun     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk 25/02/2014
Drawing influence from psych and folk-fusion pioneers such as Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention and The Doors, The Lammas Tide combines organ, fuzz and fiddle to create a unique psych-folk sound.
Soldier of the Sun is a kaleidoscopic journey through the English countryside. Combining driving Rhodes piano and catchy fiddle, the song features an atmospheric breakdown and soaring psychedelic fuzz guitar. With dual female vocals reminiscent of archetypal 1960s folk-rock, Soldier of the Sun is an uplifting and evocative tune.

The Killjoys - So It's Goodbye     Folk, Pop 06/09/2018
If you took The Sundays, Stereo Lab and Fairground Attraction mixed them into a can of paint, then got Morrissey to brush it on canvas you would get the Killjoys.
The Killjoys new single 'So It's Goodbye' was recorded at Craig's Audrey Studios in Coburg. It's a surprisingly up-beat folk-pop melody for a song about breaking up.

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The John Butler Trio - One Way Road     Rock, Roots 18/11/2009
OneWayRoad is a combination of most of my musical influences; dancehall, roots & rock. We found a way to bring all these feels in a way that sounds natural.
One Way Road is a combination of most of my musical influences; dancehall, roots & rock. Somehow we found a way to bring all these feels in a way that sounds natural and not too contrived or cerebral. I’m really happy with how we captured the vibe of this song

Other tracks by The John Butler Trio:  Close To You
The Jimmy Watts Band - Try     Blues/Roots, Roots, Psychedelic, Folk 20/12/2012
Raw and rootsy troubadour Jimmy Watts reflects on the Brisbane 2011 floods in his latest release "January's Pages". His first studio album with a full band.
A dark look at life on the road featuring some quirky acoustic guitar finger picking, some effect laden bass and the toms and percussion of every weary travelers worst nightmare.

Other tracks by The Jimmy Watts Band:  Blank Page  -  Freddy One Eye
The Jen Mize Collective - Another Man's Treasure     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 02/06/2010
The Jen Mize Collective A blues/roots band that is: 1 part American Soul 1 part Canadian Rock & 2 parts All-Around Aussie Goodness
Another Man's Treasure- is a song about hope. A girl is left by her father, but she later receives the love of her step-father...she's now another man's treasure. Done wrong by a man only to find a better one down the line. One man's trash is...

Other tracks by The Jen Mize Collective:  Murderer's Row  -  Humour Me
The Hunting Birds - Naive Eyes     Folk, Rock, Pop, Country 11/04/2019
Darkness meets light in The Hunting Birds' enchanting fusion of folk, rock and pop. A young band with an impressive resume including Falls Festival, Bluesfest, Newtin Faulkner and The Lumineers.
The Hunting Birds have returned to deliver some horror-cinema influenced visuals for their pop-tinged, folk-rock single Naive Eyes; a song about paralyzing anxiety, the process of fighting those demons and escaping.

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The Hunter Express - Hoping You Don't Mind     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 13/10/2016
Bursting onto the music scene with their track, Home, they now have recorded a soothing EP, originally recorded to tape and dripping with feeling and simple metaphor.
Sweet, sweet nostalgia. Hoping you don't mind is the first release from the debut EP. The song is throwback to its ‘70’s roots, mindfully written and beautifully arranged.

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Other tracks by The Hunter Express:  Down To The Wire  -  Bluestone Lane
The Hunter Express - Home     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country 12/02/2016
Fresh out of Melbourne with acoustic harmonies, sweet storytelling and captivating songs, the sound from evolving indie/folk project The Hunter Express really is music to your ears.
Home - A very sweet bit of longing. A great feel, the song has a really nice light and shade in the way the echoing vocals have been paired with mellow guitar tones.

The Hunter Express - Are You Ready Now     Pop, Folk, Rock, Easy Listening 30/11/2017
The Hunter Express is an indie rock/folk project by Melbourne songwriter Brad Ellis.
This track is a "feel good" track, it has light and shade. Great for cruising in the Australian summer heat. It's about someone who's trying make something of their life.

Other tracks by The Hunter Express:  Driving  -  On Your Way Down
The Humming Sea - Get It So Wrong     Folk, Grunge, Acoustic, Psychedelic 13/12/2016
Blazing acoustic guitar, lyrics to make Yeats sit up (or roll over?), voice like an angry lobster with a lisp. Rage, empathy, humanity and an old man walking a puppy.
I hear too many stories of broken homes due to money problems, due to mortgages, golden chains, this track tells one story among many. Compositionally this track has 3 phases, bewilderment, enlightenment and big strong hands of stone! Vigouros guitar, solos, vocal, and effects.

Other tracks by The Humming Sea:  Worth It  -  I Held You Close
The Humbuckin' Pickups - Long time gone     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Roots 10/05/2019
The four-piece Humbuckin' Pickups bring the songs of front man Ewan Cloonan to life. They love a raucous sing-along but are equally at home with a heart-breaking ballad.
‘Long time gone’ is the song that speaks to our heart while simultaneously kicking us in the butt. It reminds us that if we want to marry the love of our life, write that book or travel those seas, then we have to ‘do it while we can – we’re a long time gone’.

Other tracks by The Humbuckin' Pickups:  The Well  -  The Dancing Gate
The Humbuckin' Pickups - Dunedin Star     Folk, Acoustic, Country 09/12/2015
"Rootsy Australiana inspired folk" Award winning songwriter, Ewan Cloonan's songs are about Australian characters he’s known, characters he’d like to be and the things he’d like to do!
"I'd like to tell a tale to any of you that will listen. It's got shipwrecks, deserts, war and death and dangerous rescue missions. A comedy of errors so ill-fated you can't laugh. The story of the cursed Dunedin Star." - The true and brilliantly told story.

Other tracks by The Humbuckin' Pickups:  Louis  -  Il Guapo
The Holy Smoke - Lay Your Head Down     Folk, Alternative Country, Country 24/02/2019
Combining backgrounds of country, folk, pop and gospel, The Holy Smoke will take you up the harmony river on an alt-folk journey and beyond. Paddle not included.
Parker explains “the song is inspired by my favourite time of day...dusk. When the noise of our busy human endeavours fade, everything slows down and I feel myself exhale; the setting sun encourages me to come inside, lay my head down and rest, for tomorrow is another day.”

The Holy Smoke - Cross That River     Folk, Country, Easy Listening 17/05/2019
Three part harmonies, alt-folk femme trio from Perth, WA
Wake up and smell the coffee! Put down your screen, take a walk with your toes in the grass and delight in the right now. We only ever have today and we can cross that river when we get to it. Let's be right here, right now together.

The Holy Men - Two Rats at Tobruk     Country, Folk, World 16/05/2014
Australian contemporary country music from South of the Goyder Line. The Holy Men are Amber Joy Poulton's backing and touring band.
ANZAC song - author's version.

Other tracks by The Holy Men:  The Country Dance  -  Friends for Life