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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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The Maes - Head Over Heels     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 03/05/2019
Since 2014, The Maes have been full time touring in Australia and overseas, winning over audiences with their striking songwriting, intricate instrumental arrangements and stunning vocal harmonies.
A song about the inevitable surprise and dizzying vulnerability of falling in love. Recorded on the shores of Lake Echo, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Other tracks by The Maes:  Driving Ali Through Mining Towns  -  Get Your Act Together
The Mae Trio - Well Enough Alone     Folk, Blues, Country 25/02/2017
Multi-award-winning, Melbourne-based contemporary folk trio. Performing insightful original songs with superb 3 part vocal harmonies.
“I wrote this song after a few comments from men in the music scene that left me feeling small and valueless. The song is about deciding not to take those judgements on board, not to lie down and take crap from anyone, no matter who they are. “

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Folk or Roots Album 'Take Care Take Cover'

The Mae Trio - Buzzcut Season     Folk 25/10/2015
Incorporating stellar three-part harmonies and lyrical sophistication, with roots firmly planted in folk tradition, Melbourne's award-winning The Mae Trio is a breath of fresh air on the contemporary folk scene.
We love the strength and guts of Lorde’s music and the phenomenal quality of the songwriting. It has been a huge, enjoyable challenge to capture some of this in our own rendition. We would like to thank Lorde for getting us hooked on a bit of fresh pop music!

Other tracks by The Mae Trio:  Mr Moon  -  She Loves Me (When I Try)
The Mad Pride - Sacrificial Lamb     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk, Experimental 20/12/2012
The Mad Pride has been described as haunting and ominous like Syd Barrett and David Bowie collaborating on a Tim Burton film soundtrack.
Sacrificial Lamb explores themes of transformation, perseverance and finality. The vocals have a depth and emotionality which has inspired comparisons to Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. It is grounded in a style which fuses mellow psychedelic folk, art rock and classical music.

Other tracks by The Mad Pride:  Prometheus  -  Hope Is Gone
The Lyrical - Teach Me     Blues/Roots, Folk, Pop, Acoustic 21/06/2017
Take a dash of Franti, a hint of Harper, a twist of John Butler, with a drop of Marley and you have "The Lyrical" – Maggie Beer
Reminiscent of old school John Butler Trio with the awareness of Black Eye'd Peas "Where Is The Love?". Teach Me - beautifully embodies all the confusion you feel about the world and finding your place in the chaos. If you want to feel a little WOKE through music, start here.

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Other tracks by The Lyrical:  Cheating
The Lucky Wonders - Home     Pop, Folk 23/03/2010
It's the quality of the songwriting and its intimacy that first strike you about The Lucky Wonders - beautifully crafted, insightful and uplifting, drawing on folk, indie pop, and country.
Home is a beautiful, soft and thought provoking track from the Lucky Wonder's new album - Thirteen O'clock. (out now on VITAMIN RECORDS)

The Lowlands - Release Me     Folk, Rock, Pop, Roots 13/12/2016
The Lowlands write clear-eyed, bittersweet folk songs coloured by the trio's love of jazz and blues. Formed in Canberra in early 2016, their debut EP (self-titled) was released December 2.
'Release Me' is the first single from The Lowlands debut EP.
This track was written in despair at Australia's horrific offshore processing policy. We hope that it becomes irrelevant soon.

Other tracks by The Lowlands:  Leila  -  Mama
The Lord Byron 5 - My Soul is Dark     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 01/04/2016
The Lord Byron 5 is a band of distinguished musicians dedicated to performing selected poetical works of Byron in an original and compelling musical and theatrical act.
Uplifting song in stark contrast to its dark lyrics. Lord Byron worte "My Soul is Dark" about the power of music to heal. Byron, in a state of despair finds a sense of hope in song.

Other tracks by The Lord Byron 5:  Lines Addressed to a Yound Lady  -  The Giaour
The Little Stevies - Thunder     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 14/02/2013
The Little Stevies are bursting into 2013 with latest single 'Thunder'. Their 2011 album 'Attention Shoppers' was album of the week at Radio National, PBS and Radio Adelaide
Only in their 20s the girls from suburban Melbourne have come a long way. Thunder, is arguably the band's most impressive work to date. Released as a free download with new live album, it's a small taste of what's in store from their third full-length recording due mid 2013.

The Little Stevies - I Hold My Breath     Pop, Folk, Easy Listening 14/02/2014
Having released 4 albums, toured the US, Canada and all corners of Australia, the Little Stevies present beautiful sibling harmonies and unique arrangements throughout their captivating songs.
'I Hold My Breath' will break your heart. The song describes the private & social turmoil that can develop from being single over a long period of time. The most honest & telling portrayal of something so common to the average joe, relatable to boys, girls, singles & couples alike

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The Little Stevies - Break My Heart     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Roots 28/02/2019
Perennial favourites, The Little Stevies, are back with their latest “Stopped Wishing I Was Somewhere Else”. Masterful songwriting, thought-provoking storytelling, fascinating arrangements and a production credit that is their own.
Written by Beth during her pregnancy, 'Break My Heart' is a love letter to her unborn child. Warning: this song has the potential to leave you with leaky eyes.

Other tracks by The Little Stevies:  The Truth  -  Years I Didn't Appreciate
the Little Stevies - Diamonds For Your Tea     Folk, Pop 18/12/2013
Having released 4 albums, toured throughout US, Canada and all corners of Australia, the Little Stevies present beautiful sibling harmonies and unique arrangements dominate their latest "Diamonds For Your Tea"
This song builds to dramatic climax. It's soft beginning feels intimate and sentimental, but quickly shifts to a more precarious space with moody vocals that lead into an a'capella choir break, just before the full band kick in with high energy, building and building every step of the way.

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Other tracks by the Little Stevies:  Canadia  -  Amigo
The Little Sisters - The Train Song     Folk, Country, Acoustic 25/05/2012
The Little Sisters are the frank, endearingly bratty siblings you never had. This sassy trio incorporate close harmony, comical lyrics, traditional sounds and contemporary twists into their trademark theatrical performances.
Every country band has a train song and this one by The Little Sisters is gorgeous. Vocally driven, with lovely harmonies and accompanied by some old school guitar pickin' and a thumping double bass to keep this song moving along the track. All aboard!

Other tracks by The Little Sisters:  My House  -  Dirt Track Girl
The Little Lord Street Band - Maybe I'm Just In Love     Folk, Alternative Country, Rock, Roots 20/09/2017
2016 WAM Folk Act of the year nominees, The Little Lord Street Band are an alt-folk country rock group knocking around the West Australian burbs.
The latest single ‘Maybe I’m Just In Love’ was born over the course of a two-month holiday, where band members Natasha Shanks and James Rogers had their share of ups and downs. Not being ones to hold back thoughts on each other’s map reading skills in public.

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The Little Lord Street Band - Frankie's Back In Town     Folk, Rock, Country, Alternative Country 23/05/2019
The multi-award winning, beloved indie/ folk/ country/ feels-good outfit, The Little Lord Street Band, are back with their new single 'Frankie's Back In Town'.
A joyous Springsteen-esque moment of reflection and celebration as a small town welcomes home a favourite daughter.

The Leaping Lizards Band - Crawling From The Wreckage     Country, Instrumental, Folk, World 12/12/2014
2014/2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the Leaping Lizards as an Australian band! They specialize in rootsy Australiana music, & present it with wide appeal for a whole new generation.
This original Leaping Lizards track encapsulates exactly the description we've been talking about. A sound so expressly Australian in its conception, its development, its rugged delivery, right through to its live radio birth. Remember it takes more than a family to bring up a takes a whole community!

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Other tracks by The Leaping Lizards Band:  Poor Ned  -  Lorellevelous
The Leaping Lizards - Shedding My Skin     Country 29/06/2011
Finalists 2011 Qld Country Music Awards Apr '11, Best Group 2011 Victorian Country Music Awards Feb'11, Winners & Triple Finalist 2011 Australian Golden FiddleE Awards Jan'11,
The much awaited 4th single off the album. Written by Donna Reynolds and Ron Dimmick 3 days before their recording deadline, pretty much sums up how a little attitude & focus adjustment can pull a lifetime band out of obscurity and plant them firmly back in the Australian music spotlight.

Other tracks by The Leaping Lizards:  Good Old Days  -  Silver Eyes
The Lawnton Bowls Club - Lose Myself     Pop, Chill, Garage 16/09/2017
Alt Country Bushranger rock and blues with jangly pop thrown in...we're The Lawnton Bowls Club
Everyone has a jangly pop song in them...and this is ours. A song about summer recorded in the middle of a Melbourne Winter

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Other tracks by The Lawnton Bowls Club:  Old Man Sam  -  Sitting With My Girl
The Lampreys - Strange Lights     Folk, Garage, Grunge, Psychedelic 29/11/2016
The Lampreys are a garage folk band proudly based in Kallangur, Brisbane. If you like folk guitar, psych vocals and the dirtiest violin you'd care to hear.
This track came out of a live jam session and features some self-indulgent violin playing. Sounds like Led Zeppelin you say? Yeah we know, we know. We still like it :)

Other tracks by The Lampreys:  How Far To Go  -  Sunshine At Nine
The Lampreys - Little Conversations     Folk, Garage, Experimental, Acoustic 13/06/2018
The Lampreys are a grunge folk band from the north of Brisbane. The goal is sincere song writing, influenced by groups like Nirvana, The Dirty Three, and early Pink Floyd
Little Conversations was born from a creative idea principle song writer Dan Lean had while trekking through Jordan.