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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Nick Craft - No Silver Lining     Folk, Psychedelic, Atmospheric, Pop 17/11/2018
Perhaps best known as songwriter, musician and front man for the psychedelic rock band Sidewinder, Nick Craft recorded his debut solo album 'Minerva' with his brother and former bandmate, Martin.
No Silver Lining is the first song released from Nick Craft's Minerva, produced by his brother and former collaborator in Sidewinder, Martin Craft.
It argues for the redemptive power of optimism, even in difficult times: Where there's no silver lining, there's just a darkness at the centre of the flame…

River Blue - Catch Me On My Way Down     Folk, Rock 17/11/2018
Melbourne’s River Blue harnesses the core element of folk songwriting, weaving metaphorical worlds with intimate encounters, presenting an endless conflict between light and dark to soft and brash.
‘Catch Me On My Way Down’ marks the return of Melbourne artist, River Blue. The release provides a new look at River Blue as a songwriter, following on from his 2017 debut EP ‘Young At Heart’.

Robert K Champion - Next Time I'll Get It Right (Acoustic - Live at Last Match Recordings)     Folk, Acoustic, Australian Indigenous, Country 17/11/2018
Robert K Champion moves audiences with his haunting guitar music and compelling stories of life, love and loss across the Australian landscape.
“Next Time I’ll Get It Right” was written with a cup of tea in hand whilst working on the APY Lands. It was originally used as an example of how you can draw inspiration from the everyday in order to write a great song – and it all started with simply waiting for the kettle to boil…

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Other tracks by Robert K Champion:  Knuckleman  -  Laughing Jacks
Amy Pollock - Come Down     Folk 16/11/2018
Melbourne musician and busker inspired by folk/alternative folk. Amy's music is very close to her heart and she invites you to come on a journey with her.
Sometimes you find yourself in situations when things are new and exciting. After a while, cracks start to show and people show their true colours. It's like sobering up. The moment can separate yourself from being addicted to negative, detrimental headspaces and finally say 'no more'.

Written by Amy Pollock
Produced in collaboration with Connor Black-Harry
Mastered by Adam Dempsey

Annie Joelle - Beautiful Mistake     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 16/11/2018
Annie Joelle is ready to introduce her unique sound. Annie's sultry vocals combine with indie themes and folk inspired melodies to form modern pop, hinting at her 70's influences.
Annie's debut single Beautiful Mistake is tragic and heartfelt, raw and honest, and emotively encapsulates the tale of destined to fail lovers.

Áine Tyrrell - Row Back The Levy     Folk, Pop 16/11/2018
Irish Born singer-songwriter Áine Tyrrell cradles the spirit of her native homeland. Ache, honesty, elated melodies and garnishing rhythms
Row Back The Levy, a hauntingly moving single of generational torment, entrenched within a pledge of patriotism and newly born national optimism. Tyrrell openly laments Ireland’s lost generation of young Irish men, like Tyrrell from two sides of the Irish border, a rift that has and continues to cause generations of strife.

Daggy Man - Lost And Alive     Folk, Atmospheric, Chill, Retro 16/11/2018
Daggy Man is the solo side-project of Thomas Calder, singer-songwriter of The Trouble With Templeton
“Lost And Alive” is a lilting and melodic emotional dance that touches on feelings of hopelessness and the experience of being pulled in two opposing directions within your own mind.

It offers perspective and ultimately delivers the listener a message of hope; through all the mess of what it means to be alive, it’s okay for us to struggle.

Jane Laws - Wings of Hope     Folk, Pop, Easy Listening, Roots 16/11/2018
Jane Laws is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter who specialises in building images of characters interacting with each other. Jane's thought provoking tunes are flavoured with pop, jazz, blues and comedy.
Author, Wendy Campbell, commissioned me to write a theme song for her autobiography. I immersed myself within the pages of "On Aspiring," and felt a deep connection to Wendy’s personal life struggles and achievements. Writing "Wings of Hope" became a spiritual moment for me. It seemed as if the words were given to me and I was only the messenger.

Lachlan Jacques - As Long As You're from Earth     Folk, Acoustic 16/11/2018
A vegan animal rights activist and artist from Sydney
An anti-speciesism track. This song is about non-discrimination towards all inhabitants of the planet. What we have in common with our fellow earthlings, whether it be human or not, is far more significant than what makes us different. We can all feel emotion, pain and have a desire to keep living. Every life is sacred.

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Madi Leeds - Water to Me     Folk, Pop, Rock, Country 16/11/2018
MADI LEEDS is an indie-pop singer-songwriter. Her satirical approach towards sensitive themes creates a vulnerable but eccentric mood which is complimented by her quirky pop band.
“Debut single from Melbourne based singer-songwriter Madi Leeds is a kooky, heart-warming pop-folk odyssey. Upbeat & infectious, you’re likely to find the sweet melodies of ‘Water To Me’ repeating for some time. Madi has a unique voice & musical angle, while simultaneously boasting clear accessibility. If you enjoy catchy, folky tunes this is the tune for you.” - Speaker TV

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Other tracks by Madi Leeds:  Over & Over
Man from Atlanta - The Apple Tree     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country 16/11/2018
Virtual duo operating between Brisbane (Australia) and Nelson (New Zealand). Their latest release "The Apple Tree" is a double single featuring a blend of alternative, rock and folk styles.
Vocal harmonies, acoustic and electric guitars, and and acoustic bass and drums blend together into an incongruously catchy alt-folk ballad (considering the subject matter - the "apple tree" in question may be a reference to a "hanging tree"). The use of a 7/4 time signature adds some unusual rhythmic interest.

Other tracks by Man from Atlanta:  Birds of War
Rachael Comte - Love To Rest     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Pop 16/11/2018
A seasoned writer and performer in indie and jazz scenes, Melbourne songwriter Rachael Comte’s arrival at this point is one of an artist ready to shine in a new spotlight.
‘Love To Rest’, a significant turning point on Where I’ve Begun, is a perfect example of Comte’s musicality in this sense, as she couples drama with vulnerability. "A song about being devastated after a break up and feeling like you need your heartbreak to be validated by the other person feeling the same way."

Scott Boyd - Depths     Folk, Pop 16/11/2018
Scott Boyd is a young singer-songwriter who combines thoughtful lyrics and catchy pop melodies.
'Depths' is an uplifting song that speaks about the difficulties of facing depression, and how important it is to never give up. It aims to send a positive and encouraging message through its upbeat tempo, and to reassure others that if you don't give in eventually you will find your way 'out of the depths'.

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Andy Nelson - Batches     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots, Country 09/11/2018
Andy has a rare knack of being able to read an audience and engage with them through his music, with his passion for the songs being infectious..
This song is intended to be interpreted by the listener, with its thought provoking verses and intricate percussion throughout, it's a pleasure to get lost in

Other tracks by Andy Nelson:  Only You  -  Ivan
Sons of the East - Nothing Comes Easy     Folk, Rock 09/11/2018
Sons of the East are an energetic folk/rock group from Sydney's Northern Beaches, and are solidifying themselves as one to watch at home in Australia and abroad internationally.
Nothing Comes Easy, the first single off their upcoming EP is a timeless track with catchy melodies and captivating lyrics. This unique blend of flawless harmonies against the powerful production takes the listener to a very special place. The song started out by accident over a jam session and developed into something the band is really proud of.

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The Short Fall - Under The Clouds     Folk, Roots 09/11/2018
Brothers in blood and music - The Short Fall are Angelo and Ryan Conway. Originally from Central Queensland, are now separated in location but forever connected via their harmonious music.
The Conway brothers have been holding this track on the back-burner, having written it for their first EP yet cut the track as it didn't quite match their earlier sound. Four and a half years later, a total rework and The Short Fall are ready to showcase their fresh, new sound to their awaiting audience.

Tinman - East Coast Nights     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 09/11/2018
Born out of a New Year’s eve campfire sing-along, Tinman make dreamy folk music inspired by road trips, explorations of the heart and red, red wine.
East Coast Nights is an ode to holidays, summer nights and chasing the sunset far from the city lights.

Boasting a youthful energy, the song is the lead single from Tinman's forthcoming self titled EP which was recorded live in a family beach house in Aireys Inlet and sways on all the feels of folk and clean pop songwriting.

Other tracks by Tinman:  Rest Your Head  -  Oh My Darling Clementine
Tom West - Antarctca     Folk, Pop, Roots 09/11/2018
Tom West is an singer-songwriter performing music that traverses the rocky and undulating ground between simple, whimsical folk tunes and grand and moody soundscapes.
It is a song that is about a sense of connection to place, belonging and the end of our world.

Robbie Jalapeno & the Bureaucrats - Come Back Helen     Folk, Acoustic, Garage, Rock 05/11/2018
World's finest purveyors of dark and dirty swamp rhythms.
Come Back Helen is a somewhat cheeky poke at the toxic male pathos that pervades so many facets of our urban life ... viewed through the prism of a tragic Greek myth ...

The new release is the first of a forthcoming album and a follow-up to 2015’s album opus, Carmina de Nihil.

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Ruby Gill - Your Mum     Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Folk 02/11/2018
South African, Melbourne-based artist Ruby Gill has just unveiled her new single ‘Your Mum’ – recorded by Harry Pettit, and co-produced by William O’Connell and the artist herself.
Gill tells the story behind ‘Your Mum’:

"It's a song about falling in love with someone who reminds you a little bit of your parents. And then realising, in a burst of 2am Freudian clarity and angst, that those are pretty high expectations. And obviously, it's about your mum".