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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Elbury - Whispers     Folk, Rock 07/12/2019
With keys and layered harmonies added to the mix since their last album, Elbury sounds lush and full, while still keeping story-telling and melody firmly in the spotlight.
Whispers is a quick tale of rumour and prejudice, and the speed at which people will judge you, especially when a rumour confirms what they already think! It's classic Elbury folk-rock - layered guitars, keys and voices - and a great showcase of the band's new five-piece format.

Other tracks by Elbury:  Half the Night
Gary Leonard Hammond - Everything is Changing     Folk, Pop, Country, Indie 06/12/2019
Gary Leonard Hammond combines his background in Classical Music with his love of Folk and Country Music. The blend is compelling and unusual.
Folk music meets sixties pop

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Other tracks by Gary Leonard Hammond:  Something Blue  -  If You Love Me
Al Parkinson - I Get Through The Year Just Fine     Folk, Pop, Soul 03/12/2019
Al Parkinson sets her sights on evoking the Christmas spirit with her new (and original) Christmas song, ‘I Get Through The Year Just Fine’
The idea for the song came from my love of cheesy holiday music and a Chet Baker song ‘I Get Along Without You Very Well” says Al.

Ian W. Beer - Christmas on the Yanakie Isthmus     Folk, Country, Indie, Alternative 01/12/2019
Singer Songwriter based in country Victoria. Crossing genres including folk, alt-country and acoustic Ian writes from the heart, and weaves his gritty lyrics on a rich-layered guitar bed.
Written after spending my first Christmas in South Gippsland. All our lives we have lived to this image of white Christmas's, Christmas carols, and hot roast dinners. Out on the Yanakie Isthmus, Christmas is nothing like what the rest of the world experiences. I wanted to try to capture that in this song.

Zinnia Blue - Grow Your Dreams     Folk, Country, Roots 29/11/2019
Zinnia Blue are a folk and country duo featuring interweaving guitars and two-part harmonies. They create sparse and brooding melodies and uplifting ballads that reinterpret folk and old-time music traditions.
Grow Your Dreams is the second single from Zinnia Blue's upcoming debut album The Garden, due for release in January 2020. The song is a recognition that in order to walk beside someone and support their journey, we must first nurture our own dreams. The song's strong duet harmonies and sultry piano give this ballad a melancholy but redemptive mood.

VGmates - Started All Anew     Folk, World, Roots, Rock 28/11/2019
VGmates puts together medieval fusion and contemporary sound, traditional musical instruments and modern technologies, energetic rhythms and gentle melodies. Listen to unusual musical instruments such as futujara, vargan and duduk.
A mix of traditional (and less traditional) instruments from different cultures such as Irish tin whistle and Russian balalaika, Siberian jaw harp and Irish bodhran, kalyuka (Russian overtone flute) and kalimba, as well as futujara, violin, guitars, throat singing, drums and percussion. The song got some Irish and Celtic flavour.

Cate Taylor - Dawn Skies     Folk, Country 26/11/2019
Cate Taylor is an alt-folk/country artist who delivers a rich, vocal performance through poetic story-telling, reflecting social, environmental and personal themes. Taylor released her album, Red Dirt in October, 2019.
Dawn Skies features Cate Taylor on vocals and guitar, Greg Hamilton on guitar and John Bedggood (The Wilson Pickers) on mandolin. It moves between themes of childhood, nature, the environment and humanity.

Other tracks by Cate Taylor:  A Blackbird's Way  -  Red Dirt
Rusty & The Saint - The Open Door     Folk, Country 26/11/2019
Long-time musical acquaintances, Russell Churcher and David De Santi come together on stage to present an eclectic selection of contemporary folk-influenced songs that will appeal to a wide audience.
The Open Door - words and music by Darrell Scott (USA).

Other tracks by Rusty & The Saint:  Shoulda Been A Champion
Sam Michael Trowse - Postcards     Folk, Alternative, Indie, Rock 26/11/2019
Sam Michael Trowse is a singer / songwriter, guitarist and drummer and sustainability land use planner from Melbourne Australia.
Postcards describes how absence can make the heart grow fonder. Travelling and being on the road away from family and loved ones can be hard. It's really important to keep in contact and maintain connections with loved ones, they are the people who know you best.

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Alison Newman - Nadine - live at Palomino Nights     Folk, Easy Listening 25/11/2019
Alison Newman has made a career as a covers artists for the past 25 years - now it's her turn to sing her own songs.
Nadine is a song about finding your place in the world, opening your heart to the place you live and embracing your life. Originally taken from the album Heart Songs, this version of Nadine was recorded live at Palomino Nights at the heritage listed Glencoe Woolshed, in July 2019.

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Lisa Maps - Come Home (a Christmas Song)     Folk, Roots, Country 25/11/2019
Canberra-based singer-songwriter whose sound grew up among the songwriters of the 90s (early Jewel, the Waifs) taking in folk, pop and country influences.
This is a very Australian Christmas song, as well as an honest one. For many people the holiday season is a difficult time of year and this song delves into some of the confusing and unsettling feelings that we experience in coming home for the holidays. Featuring Jedda Do.

Charm of Finches - Fish in the Sea     Folk, Roots, Pop, Indie 22/11/2019
Charm of Finches are sister duo from Northcote, Melbourne. They write haunted folk tunes about heartache and whispering trees. 17 and 19, they've played folk festivals in Australia since 2015.
Fish in the Sea is a post summer-fling break up folk lilt- building to lush strings, lush fiddle interludes and rich layers of dreamy sibling harmonies over a bed of sonorous cello and a Sufjan Stevens-esque sonic shimmer.

Other tracks by Charm of Finches:  Slip Like Water  -  Her Quiet Footsteps
Look Mum No Bands - Nothing Like It     Folk, Blues, Roots, Indie 22/11/2019
Thinking outside the band. Messing around with ideas, instruments and sounds and moving it sideways a bit. Solo or small ensemble, playing folk, blues that’s minimalist yet inventive and sophisticated.
How about we travel the world by floating in each other's dreams

Being in a love that makes you feel you can do anything

Acoustic guitar and harmonica, whimsical lofi with a sweet sound

Other tracks by Look Mum No Bands:  Simple Things  -  Bigger and Better
The Plum Trees - These Wandering Eyes     Folk, Indie, Rock, Alternative 22/11/2019
The Plum Trees were first formed by siblings Shannon and Clancy in Perth, WA. Their sound is ever-evolving, expanding from light-hearted folk/rock to darker experimental tones.
'These Wandering Eyes' were written by Shannon and tells the tale of love left unspoken. Her immense voice control signifies the ups and downs of her emotions through the application of low and high pitch sounds.

Clancy leads the music by controlling the tempo of the song with solemn bass tones, that also complements the mood of the lyrics.

Other tracks by The Plum Trees:  My Calling  -  Nature's Sound
The Queensland Tiger - The Diamantina Drover     Folk, World, Country, Indie 21/11/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc…. true to the original works.
This droving ballad was written in the 1980s by the late Hugh McDonald (1954 - 2016) , though the song sounds much older, and has become a classic.

Backing vocals and violin by Jessie Morgan

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Andaman - Soft Goodbye     Folk, Country, Indie, Pop 20/11/2019
Andaman is a newly formed trio that combines pop sensibility with folk instrumentation and evocative storytelling. Mandolins, guitars, banjos and lush vocal harmonies.
'Soft Goodbye' is a springtime farewell to a lover-turned-friend. The song was written in the springtime, and recorded in the lush surrounds of the Blue Mountains. It is Andaman's first release - with the full record coming in early 2020.

GypsyLou and the Kingfishers - This Too Shall Pass     Folk 20/11/2019
Weaving strands of Celtic and earthy, trad-folk with warm and hearty three part vocal harmony, this five piece ensemble entertains with truly dance-able, singable, soul warming music.
This Too Shall Pass is the second single release from the upcoming album 'Gypsylou and the Kingfishers', set to be released on December 7th 2019.

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Ruth Hazleton - The Killing Times     Folk, World, Alternative 20/11/2019
Steeped in history, folk tradition and unapologetically political, Melbourne-based singer, banjo player, guitarist and songwriter Ruth Hazleton is a prominent figure in Australia’s folk music scene.
A song acknowledging the horror of Australia’s frontier wars and the continued act of colonisation implied when we refuse to embrace ‘truth-telling’ about our colonial history. The song recognises storytelling, retelling and remembering as powerful forms of protest and healing.

The Last Folk Singer - ...Because I was born a girl     Folk, Indie 20/11/2019
Born and raised in Byron Bay, having made a name for herself as an environmentally and politically minded poet. She is excited to make the shift from writer to musician.
This story is inspired by the women who have come before me & who have been brave enough to shine a light on gender inequality.

Jhana Allan - The Hills     Folk, Country 18/11/2019
Jhana Allan is a country folk singer and multi instrumentalist based in Armidale, NSW. She plays mandolin, violin, viola and piano to accompany her lyrically honest and raw folk style.
The Hills is a song about escaping the city and running away to the country.

Other tracks by Jhana Allan:  Darkest Night  -  Don't Look Back