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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Alana Wilkinson - Good For You     Folk, Indie, Pop 27/01/2020
Melbourne based folk-pop-punk-poet Alana Wilkinson combines delicate melodies with disarmingly insightful vignettes about the human condition. Wilkinson is a smiling assassin.
Have you ever started spending time with someone and the people around that person start to mention that you’ll be ’good' for them? It’s about an over developed sense of duty and having to break up with a whole family and their beautiful pup when it didn’t work out and knowing when to say ’not my circus, not my monkeys’.

Albert Street - Do You Know Me?     Folk, Blues, Alternative, Country 27/01/2020
Albert Street formed recently as all members were idly watching gig after gig in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Former punks and folk outfit members make up this 4 piece band.
'Do You Know Me?' was written around the central line in the title. When love is distant physically or mentally, the thought of whether someone really knows you is unyielding.

anisos - Treetops     Folk, Indie 27/01/2020
anisos is uneven. anisos is JB. anisos is pissing into the wind.
A warm, late-night/early morning slow jam with a sprinkle of the tingles.

Sparse, stripped back with a powerful vocal and an eery harmony that creates a sense of space and longing. Beautiful playing by the band when it kicks in. Leaves an impression.

Greg Wells & The Blackwater Band - Heart & Blood     Folk, Roots 24/01/2020
Greg Wells & The Blackwater Band are a Hobart based Folk & Roots band playing original storytelling style songs. Their music offers protest speaks of inspiration and calls for change
This song tells the story of Eddie Mabo and his fight for equal rights and conditions and Land rights. It’s a song about justice being done

Other tracks by Greg Wells & The Blackwater Band:  Turn into the Storm  -  Slave nations
Marcia Howard - Save the Rivers (Yaama Ngunna Baaka)     Folk, First Nations, Country, Indie 24/01/2020
Save the Rivers, Yaama Ngunna Baaka. The Ruby Hunter Legacy, Mothers' Milk Bank Charity. Featuring: Marcia Howard, Nadia Sunde, Zardi. Contributors: Eleanor Clapham, John Sutton, Liam Gubbins, Isaac Barter
The song Save the Rivers was written by long time Mothers’ Milk Bank Ambassadors, Marcia Howard (Goanna), Nadia Sunde, Zardi and John Sutton at a song writing workshop at the Yaama Ngunna Baaka Corrobboree Festival held in October 2019 at Walgett, Brewarrina, Bourke, Wilcannia and Menindee. The song honours the cultural work begun by Ruby Hunter.

Riley Pearce - Rewind (Acoustic)     Folk, Indie, Easy Listening 24/01/2020
Australia alt-folk artist with chilled-out, coastal acoustics.
A feel good and subtle acoustic piece. Rileys warm vocals uniquely merge with the soft piano and folky guitar.

Other tracks by Riley Pearce:  Elephants (Live)
Anna Cordell - Tried So Hard     Folk 23/01/2020
Anna Cordell has always been a ‘maker’. From her youngest years spent singing and writing songs on her nylon string guitar, to the first stitches of her clothing design work
Anna Cordell returns with the third taste of her forthcoming record, Tried So Hard.

"It’s asking for love in the face of different ways of seeing the world" says Anna, explaining the writing process behind Tried So Hard - a song that grapples with the insecurities so many of us have in understanding our capacity to love and be loved.

The Button Collective - Hills of Bendigo     Folk 19/01/2020
The Button Collective is a high-energy folk band whose sound delivers definitively Australian stories combined with the spirit of fast-paced American old time folk music.
Hills of Bendigo is a window into life during the Australian Gold Rush in the 1850s. The chorus borrows a lyrical theme from traditional gold rush songs from history: "There's plenty of gold, so I am told..." and the song delves into the feeling of hope, the hard work, and the desperation of folks following gold rushes at the time.

Other tracks by The Button Collective:  Bold Jack Donahue  -  Kathloin
B. C. Taylor - The Wild Queen     Folk, Country 17/01/2020
B. C. Taylor is a versatile, unique songwriter out of Sydney, Australia. His work bends form and genre, creating an accessible, but captivating performance.
A lush, acoustic wind-down that glides between chorus and verse. A slight country twang, and deeply poetic lyrics.

Dave Arden - Kokatha Gunditjmara Clan     Folk, Rock, World, Country 17/01/2020
Dave Arden is a Kokatha Gunditjmara song man & storyteller. For thirty-six years Dave has worked with many great Indigenous and non-Indigenous acts globally as a guitarist, MD & vocalist.
Kokatha Gunditjmara Clan is a song that highlights the struggles of the stolen generation of whom feel very little connection to their heritage. It is about Dave Arden’s personal desire to understand his roots and reconnect. It is a story about identity and the loss of belonging he and his people have felt by being removed from their families.

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Garrett Kato - Breathe It In ft. Julia Stone     Folk, Indie 17/01/2020
Garrett Kato embarked on such a trip. The Canada-born and Byron Bay-based troubadour’s Kerouacian path twisted and turned in the most wild and wonderful of ways.
The song tells the story of love and heartbreak. Saying sorry for having the wrong intentions, not putting in the effort when simply just enjoying and cherishing the small moments. Julia Stone feature provides another perspective to the message which intensifies the emotion of the song to another level.

Tom West - Stuck On Repeat     Folk, Indie 17/01/2020
Tom West plays music that traverses the rocky and undulating ground between simple, whimsical folk tunes and grand and moody soundscapes.
A gentle exploration addressing the strong feelings of unfulfillment, helplessness and a kind of muted grief about the never-ending parade of bad news from both near and far. It feels like we’re stuck repeating this cycle and realistically powerless to change it.

Lisa Maps - Thoughts and Prayers     Folk, Roots, Country, Easy Listening 16/01/2020
Lisa Maps is a Canberra-based singer-songwriter whose sound grew up among the songwriters of the 90s (think early Jewel or the Waifs) taking in folk, pop and country influences.
This is a song about June, who lost her house in a fire, and only rebuilt her life with the help of her community. It's a reminder to the rest of us that it is within our power to help – but it takes more than just thoughts and prayers.

Michael Dunstan - Lay in the Sun     Folk, Folk, Alternative 16/01/2020
Michael Dunstan is a pensive folk artist from Wheatbelt Western Australia, who peacefully muses on all things bigger than ourselves.
Lay in the Sun is a happy cry implying that life is about experiencing, about being, rather than focusing on achieving. Warm sunny electric guitars, whistles and smooth falsetto vocals will cast you onto a peaceful isolated beach, leaving you there for days. Here's to not taking life too seriously, before we realise we never lived at all.

Bones and Jones - Working Out     Folk, Rock, Country, Pop 15/01/2020
With swaying drums, driven organ and roaring lapsteel, Bones and Jones pay homage to the country greats while paving the path to their own unique sound.
The delicate string and horn accompaniments in ‘Working Out’ crystallize how Bones and Jones have evolved. With tender tones of self-reflection, the lyricism is indicative of a sense of maturity that is mirrored by the development of the musicality of the band. They incorporate layers of vocal/instrumental harmonies, ranging dynamic changes and intricate rhythms; creating a rich overall sound.

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Carla Thursday - NYE     Folk, Indie 15/01/2020
Carla Thursday is an Ipswich-based multi-instrumentalist who pairs her distinctive Australian lisp with joyous, piano-based alt-pop she produces in her living room.
An intimate, emotive and relatable ballad inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Missy Higgins.

“It’s about modern-day friendships and how it can be hard to keep in touch long-distance. I think at some point, everyone has felt guilty that they’ve lost track of friends or haven’t made as much time for them as they’d like."

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Joe Kiely - No One But Yourself     Folk, Pop, Indie, Garage 15/01/2020
Recent graduate of London's Royal College of Music, songwriter turned film score composer, Joe Kiely releases his first feature film soundtrack, 'Incidental Characters'. Available now.
The title track from the film Incidental Characters - a very British comedy about fitting in, falling out, getting lost and finding the way back again.

The track features twice in the film, and embodies the film's core theme of finding yourself, being true to yourself and being no one but yourself. Full soundtrack available on all streaming platforms.

Stu Larsen - Phone Call From My Lover     Folk, Indie 10/01/2020
The Queensland, Australia-born singer, songwriter, and narrator packed up his life in a suitcase and circled the globe on a near twelve-year and five-continent international trip.
Stu Larsen embodies the message of sorrow and dispairs during a breakup in this song. The slow tempo, sensual instruments along with with his groundbreaking vocals capsules the message of the song perfectly with what it seems as effortless from Stu.

Riley Pearce - Windmill (Acoustic)     Folk, Indie 03/01/2020
From humble beginnings busking at farmers markets and playing open mic nights in Perth, Riley now regularly sells out shows across Australia.
A beautiful acoustic piece by Riley Pearce. Showcasing his exceptional talent with the guitar, along with his sensual voice that compliments one another to create a track that will make you close your eyes, smile and sway with relaxation.

Brodie Buttons - Bold Jack Donahue     Folk 01/01/2020
Brodie Buttons is the songwriter and frontman for rambunctious folk band The Button Collective. His solo music aims to recreate an age gone by, breathing new life into traditional songs.
This is a traditional bushranger song, originally outlawed in the early years of Australia's European settlement, and said to have been sung by Ned Kelly on the night of the Kelly Gang's big showdown.

Other tracks by Brodie Buttons:  The Blackest Crow  -  Jim Jones of Botany Bay