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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Ben Camden - Need You To Know     Folk, Pop, Roots, Easy Listening 19/04/2019
Ben Camden is a singer/songwriter with a deep and powerful baritone. Mixing folk, blues, surf and pop into an acoustic and electric mashup, his sound is enigmatic as his image.
Need You To Know is an upbeat folk surf love song. Honest and sweet, it is about giving your heart to someone. Driven by an acoustic guitar and accompanied by ukulele, the song builds to a full tropical chorus with island style harmonies. This song delivers chill, salty, feel-good vibes.

Francesca de Valence - Red Cat     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 19/04/2019
Part Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Edith Piaf and ALL class. An ‘uplifting, enlightening, and empowering’ force in the global music industry, Francesca de Valence is a musician with a mission.
Red Cat is a joyful, upbeat track featuring killer vocals and jungle drums. Written by Francesca de Valence and Recorded and Produced by Francesca de Valence and ARIA Nominated Tommy Spender, Red Cat is song about riding a 1953 Jaguar convertible around the streets of Paris. This is a true story.

James Bennett - Weird World     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Easy Listening 19/04/2019
James Bennett incorporates many different elements into his playing. Slide guitar, 11 & 6 string guitars, stomp box, tambourine, harmonica & a unique vocal style. Solo artist from Newcastle NSW.
Weird World is an upbeat acoustic track. It's a catchy song that will suit different moods & age demographics!
Partly recorded in NZ with drummer 'Michael Barker' who's played in The John Butler Trio & finished back home in Australia! This song is quirky, fun, sure to pick you up in the morning & bounce you all through your day!

Evan Lock - Scorpio     Folk, Easy Listening, Alternative Country 17/04/2019
Sydney guitarist/singer-songwriter Evan Lock shares the first single ‘Scorpio’, from his newly announced debut album Kaleidoscopic, due for release on Friday 24 May via Broken Stone Records/Remote Control Records.
‘Scorpio’ is a call to arms for the disconnected. The realisation of a life’s ambition, Kaleidoscopic explores themes of love lost, identity dislocated, and solidarity expressed most acutely in the chorus of ‘Scorpio’, with its earnest invitation to the brokenhearted reminding us that "the lonely boys are here".

Tay Oskee - Black Smoke     Folk 17/04/2019
Tay Oskee traverses a spectrum from chilled beach tunes to punchy folk, bolstered by his signature instrumentation.
Where normally Tay Oskee would untether his creativity through intricate and unpredictable arrangements, Black Smoke had stricter parameters. Stripped of all complexity and frills, its grand melodic hooks do all the talking.

Torii - Alchemy     Folk, Acoustic, Soul, Pop 17/04/2019
The first single off her debut Album. Torii has created pure Alchemy with this single. Taking her own pain and turning it into art.
Take your pain and make it into art. Transmute the dark into light. 'Alchemy' is a song centred around turning your dark night of the soul into complete and utter joy, purity and transformation. We all have the magic inside us to transform our pain into something beautiful.

Adrian Clark - Music Comfort You     Folk 16/04/2019
Adrian, will lead you on a journey through heartache and out the other side. Let this one man, one percussive guitar, tell you stories about life, music, love and beyond.
A look into the song writing process, Music Comfort You exmines the sometimes difficult task of expressing ones emotions through music, but also the satisfaction of completing and performing the final piece.

Carrie Lee - From A Lighthouse     Folk, Pop 16/04/2019
Carrie Lee is a singer/songwriter out of Fremantle WA. With influences ranging from celtic folk, blues & indie pop, her songs come straight from the heart.
From A Lighthouse is the third track on the Porchlight EP. It features guest artists Jenny Gaunt on the Cello and Dami Summers on the bass guitar. The song explores isolation and the importance of meaningful connection with others.

Produced, mixed and mastered at KTown Productions, Medina.

Other tracks by Carrie Lee:  Courage  -  Watch The Way
Sachi Rae - Moonlight     Folk, Chill, Ambience, Downbeat 16/04/2019
Sachi is a 23 year old singer/song writer from Brisbane, with an edgy but soft sound.
A song about a girl falling in love with a stranger.

Michael Brinkworth - Country Town     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots, Rock 16/04/2019
Brisbane-born-troubadour, Michael Brinkworth, has a sound and backpack-full of heart-felt road-worn songs informed by the timeless songwriting greats, which have an originality, authenticity and candidness to match.
Country Town is an anthemic-driving-singalong-song bound to get stuck in your head on first listen. It perfectly introduces the central themes of Michael Brinkworth's debut, Somewhere To Run From. Through a hard-travelling-troubadours' eyes, concepts of what home is and the alienation of the city are juxtaposed with a desperate longing for and romanticisation of imagined simpler and familiar country origins.

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Other tracks by Michael Brinkworth:  How You Gonna Love?  -  Lucy
Paul J. Rodgers - Early Leaver     Folk, Acoustic, Rock 16/04/2019
Brisbane-based, singer/songwriter Paul J Rogers, brings you a new lease to folk-rock combining tender poetic lyrics, haunting vocals delivered with heart wrenching honesty and a soundscape that will immerse you.
Early Leaver is essentially a break-up song. There are themes about the unbreakable spiritual connection of a soul mate, to projections of anger, and how it can impact both parties in a relationship breakdown. It’s a very deliberate; stripped back production, recorded with guitar and vocals together as one track.

Anna Smyrk - Benjamin     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Roots 15/04/2019
With a voice as pure as mountain water and songs of far-flung places, Anna Smyrk spins exquisite folk stories about living in the Solomon Islands, Cambodia and the Philippines.
Anna Smyrk lived in the Solomon Islands for two and a half years and ‘Benjamin’ is a story about her time there. It paints a stunning picture of turquoise oceans, dreamy tropical heat and finding yourself in a place where you have to throw your assumptions out the window, especially when it comes to things like time

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BATTS - Overstayed Your Welcome     Folk, Pop 12/04/2019
BATTS is the moniker for Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and space enthusiast, Tanya Batt. BATTS’ music is both emotional and powerfully executed, inspired by space and novels
'Overstayed Your Welcome' is the latest release from BATT's album, 'The Grand Tour'. With each song containing its own unique story, the record itself offers up a broader journey – that of the infamous 1977 NASA Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched.
Alongside authentic samples from the mission, BATTS has carefully crafted a debut record awash with thoughtful storytelling and heartbreaking honesty.

Garrett Kato - River Mouth (acoustic)     Folk 12/04/2019
With over 20 million worldwide streams on Spotify to date, playing sold out shows with Damien Rice, producing for a string of Australian indie folk acts like Ziggy Alberts.
River Mouth is about acceptance for the people around you and the changes in life. Finding beauty in the struggle and success in the long journey - Kato

Recorded in his home studio in Byron Bay, ‘River Mouth’ is the leading single from Garrett’s forthcoming EP ‘Distant Land’ due out in May

Georgie Currie - Daytime TV     Folk, Acoustic 12/04/2019
Georgie Currie is a Melbourne based artist whose songs blend the broken, intimate fears of youth with a vocal intensity beyond her years.
Daytime TV comes from a place of feeling stale and forgotten. The narrative grows alongside the dynamic swells and introduction of rich, earthy cello and keys. Despite how full it feels at it's emotional climax, it never strays far from it's roots, fundamentally remaining a song that has a guitar, a lyric and a feeling at it's core.

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Maynard Heap - In Control     Folk, Acoustic 12/04/2019
Maynard Heap is a versatile, solo, harmonica, guitar playing, singer-songwriter. His distinctive, self-taught style has evolved with his educational and musical journey throughout Queensland.
This solo original work by singer-songwriter Maynard Heap covering themes of youth direction, self-control, mentoring elders and community responsibility is insightful, uplifting, virtuous and inspiring. Maynard’s arpeggio picked and strummed acoustic, provides a solid foundation for his resounding vocals and bluesy cross-harmonica to weave its spell. It is the lead single of his debut album, Nurtured In The Wild.

Paul D McDowell - Blissed Out     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Easy Listening 12/04/2019
Fingerpicker, dreamer, songwriter, music artist and music producer living and making music and performing in and around WA. Blissed Out is a single from recent album 'Oceans in a Droplet'.
Blissed Out is a single from Paul D McDowell's recent album 'Oceans in a Droplet', with accompanying music video. It is about overcoming depression and reflects upon nature and the feelings of intense bliss emanating from the beaches of Perth. A poetic, mellow laid back beach tune with some harmonica and acoustic guitars.

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Harrison Storm - Run (acoustic)     Folk 11/04/2019
With a huge year - releasing his single, Run and heading on both and Aus and European tour, only bigger things are to come for Harrison Storm.
"I wanted to spin this song in a different light to the original version, so having my friend Hayden Calnin on board, someone who really knows me musically quite well, was an easy decision. Hayden’s the master of subtlety and little details, I think his less is more approach made this acoustic version something I’m really proud of.

Famous Will - San Francisco     Folk, Pop 11/04/2019
Straight out of Melbourne's suburbs, Famous Will have set off to tour their self titled debut album around Australia. Known for their harmonies, catchy melodies & all round fun energy.
San Francisco is a ballad from Famous Will's self titled album, released April 2019.
A story of growing up & out of your hometown, only to return to where your heart lays.

Other tracks by Famous Will:  Phillies  -  Summer Breeze
Fletcher Pilon - One More     Folk, Rock 11/04/2019
Fletcher Pilon at only 18-years of age is an incredible young singer-songwriter with thought-provoking lyricism that is matched with his passionate vocals and deep oceanic electric guitar tones.
'One More' is one of Pilon's most powerful releases backed by heart-pounding drums performed by Indy Linzbichler and Grace Labrum on bass. With his compelling songwriting ability, he explores humanity and how one goes on in life writing their own story drawing from their own influences and lessons learnt from their decisions.