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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Brian Raynor - The Hills Of Killarney     Folk, World, Easy Listening 06/04/2020
Brian Raynor is an Adelaide-based singer/songwriter composer and entertainer.
The story of a man with a deep connection to the country of his birth - yet it's not as strong as the feelings he has for the one woman he's always loved.

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Sam Windley - Briefcases     Folk, Alternative, Rock 06/04/2020
It’s hard to believe Sam Windley at just 16 years of age is writing songs so prolific. Windley has already been compared to the likes of Ruby Fields, Middle Kids.
It’s hard to believe Sam Windley at just 16 years of age is writing songs as good as ‘Briefcases’. Her second official single, is an indie pop gem, that hits all the right notes. Between the memorable guitar riffs and the uplifting feel of Sam’s voice there is a nostalgic warmth to the track, captured perfectly in Billy Otto’s production.

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Tim Walker - The Loving Arms     Folk 06/04/2020
Ex-Sydney singer-songwriter Tim Walker moved back to his hometown of Adelaide earlier in 2019 and immediately began recording his new album, his first for a while, now ready for release.
Track 2 on Tim’s exciting new album ‘Bridge of Angels’ this is an up-tempo catchy radio track that hits into the chorus nice and early. With a Dylan-esque vocal delivery, full production band backing and plenty of hooks this one is a must hear.

Other tracks by Tim Walker:  Mirror Of Love  -  Star
Brian Raynor - Another Black Stick     Folk, Country 04/04/2020
Brian Raynor is an Adelaide-based singer/songwriter composer and entertainer.
Farming has always been a tough gig. The current drought has taken its toll on some of our best. I believe we cannot afford to lose too many more.

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Karina Lehman - Son de la luna dormida     Folk, Latin, World, Pop 04/04/2020
Chilean singer/songwriter Karina Lehman's music is rooted in Latin America, though she incorporates elements of pop, bossa nova, jazz and folk and different languages as Portuguese, Spanish and English.
This single is a song inspired by the rhythm and textures of Son Jarocho music and includes traditional instruments as Jaranas jarochas and the quijada.

The lyrics tells a story of a sleeping moon who is hiding from the sun and doesn't want to wake up as is suffering from a bad love.

ME 'N M MATES - Ain't Nothin'     Folk, Country, Easy Listening 03/04/2020
SA based Australian folk/country trio with old and original songs that embody the spirit of Australian identity.
song about helping your mates out

Other tracks by ME 'N M MATES:  The Battlers  -  There You Go
Dear Matilda - On My Mind     Folk, Indie, Pop, Roots 03/04/2020
Hot on the heels of “Can’t stay away” Dear Matilda known for her open and honest lyrics and dynamic voice bursting with passion, releases a new tune “On my mind”.
Hot on the heels of “Can’t stay away” This twenty-one year old Melbourne artist known for her open and honest lyrics and a dynamic voice bursting with passion, is releasing a new tune “On my mind”.

“On my mind” continues to explore the real human experience of unrequited love, with heart wrenching doubt and emotion, combined with sweeping ethereal harmonies.

Paul McManus & The Mayblooms - Suburban Town     Folk, Garage 03/04/2020
Paul McManus & The Mayblooms are a Garage Folk band from Melbourne. 2nd Album Postcodes is out now independently.
A track of discovery in Suburbia from growing up, leaving & the eventual return.

Other tracks by Paul McManus & The Mayblooms:  Blowout  -  Sunday
Gurun - Diana     Folk, Punk 03/04/2020
Gurun is a gypsy-surf-punk band from Mparntwe (Alice Springs), Central Australia.
Diana is a tribute to the inspiring women in music. It is based on personal memories and attempts to convey the brilliance and complexity of these women.

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Gurun - Waterhole     Folk, Pop 03/04/2020
Gurun is an surf-folk-punk band from Mparntwe (Alice Springs).
Waterhole is a ballad inspired by the natural beauty of Central Australia and friendship. It captures the love for waterholes, which are seen as the region's beaches because they provide respite and cool during the hot summer months in the desert.

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Hannah Cameron - Backsliding     Folk, Alternative, Pop 03/04/2020
Hannah Cameron is a weaver of emotionally wrought, poetic folk music that navigates the spaces between relationships, trust, acceptance and forgiveness.
In July last year I wrote a song every day for a week. Backsliding was the first song to come out of that writing period and it’s about finding yourself in the same situation or the same relationship over and over again and realising that it’s a choice you’re making.

Miller - Drifting On     Folk 03/04/2020
Miller is a singer/songwriter/storyteller who writes emotionally honest folk-pop music with poetic simplicity. Hailing from Melbourne, her sound is in the same school as Laura Marling and Sharon Van Etten.
Drifting On is a song about feeling as though you've been left behind. It details a long distance relationship between a fisherman and their partner left on land. This song captures the uncertainty and longing that exists within their distance.

Other tracks by Miller:  Joan's Place  -  Ready
Mardi Wilson - Runaway     Folk, Indie, Easy Listening 03/04/2020
A raw and authentic one person show, Mardi Wilson is a Brisbane based musician, touring relentlessly to share her unique alternative folk style and emotive lyrics.
I wrote 'Runaway' about when you meet a person and immediately feel that they will have some kind of impact on your life. Whether the person is there to stay or just passing through- this song is about being vulnerable, opening your heart to people, and growing from knowing them." - Mardi Wilson

The Water Runners - End Of The Year     Folk, Country, Alternative, Roots 03/04/2020
High energy blend of original, intergenerational, contemporary, blue grass infused Australiana folk. Journey down the south coast NSW with guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle ,double bass, tight harmonies and catchy tunes.
"End of the Year", reflects on the bushfire devastation on the South Coast and surrounds in Dec/Jan last, particularly in the towns of Cobargo, Mogo, Conjola, Batemans Bay and outlying villages on New Years Eve. After playing it at festivals, we were encouraged to record here it is! The song is available for free download from our website.

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Brenda Lee Kelly - On a Tuesday     Folk, Country, Indie, Roots 28/03/2020
Brenda is a singer song writer who writes about places, people and love gone wrong and right.
This song was written in between hospital visits from chemo treatment and I was inspired by the kindness received at the hospital and from friends and family. Each day footage from 1992 from a share house at Red Hill, Brisbane. I wanted a video different to the lyrics of the song so it can mean different memories for different people.

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CJ Shaw - ANZAC Biscuits     Folk, Children's, Country 28/03/2020
CJ Shaw is a modern folk polymath- part singer/ songwriter, yarn spinner, poet, educator and all round entertainer- he is the melodic antidote for these topsy turvy modern times.
ANZAC Biscuits is a war song written from the perspective of children. Strummed on the ukulele, ANZAC Biscuits evokes an earlier era, where connections to the Front were through letters and parcels, often containing our famous biscuits.

While written (and sung) by children, it is a song that asks the listener to reframe how war is witnessed by the young

Leonie Kingdom - Oliver James     Folk, Indie, Easy Listening 27/03/2020
Leonie Kingdom has been requested by fans at live shows across Australia to record this song. Leonie has done a haunting version of this song written by Fleet Foxes.
Leonie has done a haunting version of this track which was written by Fleet Foxes. Leonie has been requested by fans at live shows across Australia to record this song. Recorded in Brisbane by Jordan Merrick and mastered by Matthew Grey Mastering, it is just Leonie and her guitar.

Freight Train Foxes - Avalanche     Folk, Indie, Pop 27/03/2020
Indie-folk duo, Freight Train Foxes, are built around the talents of Brisbane singer/songwriters, Pat Kenny and Kelsey Berrington.
The track takes you on a journey of a relationship in its ‘final moments’ and is inspired by a significant personal relationship, that Pat witnessed coming to an end. ‘Sometimes a relationship breakdown is precisely like a natural disaster — even though you might be able to predict that it’s imminent, it’s still devastating when it hits.’

Mardi Lumsden - Fiore     Folk, Alternative 27/03/2020
Mardi Lumsden is an alt-folk singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. Her upcoming debut album, Hiatus, was recorded by husband Andrew Pennay in their home (a converted church).
The album's release is punctuated by the focus track 'Fiore,' written in an Italian summer and capturing both the messiness and the beauty of letting go of relationships. "It's about releasing your expectations and accepting that endings also mean new beginnings," Mardi explains.

Ross Lovell - More than Springtime     Folk, Easy Listening, Country 25/03/2020
An incurable romantic believing in love, destiny and a reason for us all being here. This is still the case despite current depressing circumstances.
A simple acoustic song inspired by childhood memories of the family farm in northern Tasmania. I was sitting with my father on the verandah overlooking the apple trees, in the first sunshine of spring with the swallows returning to nest above us.

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