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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Lorenzo Iannotti - Lay With Me     Folk 14/10/2019
Following the success of his last single release If Love Comes to Call Australian singer-songwriter Lorenzo Iannotti has just dropped his latest track Lay With Me.
Lay With Me is yet another superbly crafted song from Lorenzo Iannotti and one which will no doubt repeat the successes of his previous singles.

Sturt Avenue - Waiting     Folk, Rock, Roots, Blues 14/10/2019
Sturt Avenue craft melancholic indie folk tunes that shine a soft light on the quiet sorrow and stubborn defiance keeping the embers burning in the dead heart of the world.
The theme of the song is laid out in the opening lines “This should have been simple, but it wound up so much more real”. ‘Falling’ is simultaneously a eulogy to the perfect vision we hold in our heads entering into a relationship, and a celebration of the strengths of the bonds we form through mutual heartache and sacrifice.

Anna Smyrk - Alight     Folk, Indie 11/10/2019
Indie-folk songsmith
“I wanted to write a song that conveyed the feeling this book gave me,” says Anna. “It talks about how hope can be an axe we can use to break down doors.

Michael Dunstan - An Open Road     Folk, Easy Listening, Indie 11/10/2019
Arising from a quaint regional Central Wheatbelt WA upbringing, Michael Dunstan is an intricate and pensive acoustic folk artist who peacefully muses on all things bigger than us.
With an ease akin to sitting fireside with close friends, the track wanders through golden memories of tranquil south coast Western Australia. A musing of all things bigger than us, the warm fingerstyle nylon guitar, delicate piano and melodic falsetto vocal harmonies cast a flowing river of calm and content. 'Maybe all we ever needed, was all around us'.

Wayne O'Reilly - My Little Girl     Folk, Country, Easy Listening 11/10/2019
I am a local shire guy who has been playing guitar for many years and finally decided to record some songs I had written about life
This Song is about my eldest daughter when she started high school and found it really hard to cope, with the change from primary school

Yo Yo Sun - Dark of Night     Folk, Indie 11/10/2019
Yo Yo Sun is the Fremantle-based duo of Jamie Tan and Andrew Miller. Filled with uplifting songs that dance the tightrope between happiness and heartache that's honest and beautifully delivered.
"Dark of Night is about that space when hopelessness could envelop you but there's a sense of hope too; waiting on one moment to turn things around. We casually played it right after a long night of recording when all the mics were still on. Little did we know we'd end up using what we captured as the one take."'

Ben Mitchell - Slow Is The New Fast     Folk, Roots, Country, Blues 10/10/2019
NEW album produced by multi ARIA award winner, Matt Walker (Tex Perkins/Vika & Linda Bull). “His song-writing skills put him in a league above.” Americana UK
Acoustic 'dance-track' for lazy dancers; folk song for anyone sick of rushing around. Acoustic nylon-string guitar and bare-bones piano with some Twin Peaks tremolo/vibrato electric guitar.

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Other tracks by Ben Mitchell:  The Song of Broken Hearts  -  So Long
Quiet Blue - The Likeness of You     Folk, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Easy Listening, Alternative 10/10/2019
Quiet Blue is a solo, folk, electronic artist from Melbourne inspired by calm of the ocean.
The Likeness of You is the musical version of taking a deep breath of ocean air.

Sarah Humphreys - Quiet Heart     Folk, Pop, Alternative, Indie 10/10/2019
Depth of heart and sweetness of soul flow freely through the music of Sarah Humphreys. From delicate folk music to personal reveries, vibrant collaborations and rousing alt-country songs.
Australian folk Goddess, Sarah Humphreys brings you Quiet Heart. All feels. All power. What else would you expect?

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Other tracks by Sarah Humphreys:  Starlight  -  Nothing I Could Say
Sunday Heart Parade - Pacify the sun     Folk, Roots, Alternative, Country 10/10/2019
Intriguingly cinematic modern folk and alt-country: this dreamy album will keep your log cabin warm despite the icy night outside.
'Pacify the sun' features Rachel Holmshaw's toasty-warm vocals playfully calling out a significant other. Sympathetic background comes from cute Antarctic keys sounds by Dan Luscombe on OP1, plus his transcendent electric cheekily weaving in and out like a child playing hide-and-seek around fun drums and bass of Pete Luscombe and Bill McDonald, plus Fi's plucked violin and ukulele-like nylon acoustic.

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Other tracks by Sunday Heart Parade:  That's you and I  -  For always
The Queensland Tiger - No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest (Mary Gilmore)     Folk, Alternative, Country, Indie 10/10/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc… true to the original works.
Classic poem written in the early days of the WW2 by Mary Gilmour (1865 - 1962) when Australia was threatened

V.4, L3 reads “ We are the sons of the women” changed to “We are the daughters of women” to modernize the song.

Tune based on the one by Maggie Somerville.

Duet / backing vocals and violin by Jessie Morgan

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The Steven Hart Band - In Tune     Folk, Country, First Nations, Indie 10/10/2019
Steven is a Cherbourg Murri elder singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar player, who connects through country, folk and blues. Uncle Mook is supported by Maynard Heap (harmonica) and Mathew Heap (bass).
This folk, country original features a solid bass and haunting harmonica which support Steven’s acoustic guitar and assertively sad vocals. His compelling lyrics paint a disturbing picture of a man confronting his perpetration of domestic violence, seeking understanding and a better relationship with his partner going forward. This beautiful song gives a different perspective to domestic violence for our consideration.

Above The Bit - Land of Equal Share     Folk, Blues, Country, Roots 09/10/2019
Skirting the fringes of blues, country & outlaw-folk, Above The Bit shines a light on true tales of mutiny and civil disobedience that lie in the shadows of Australian history.
A poignant portrayal of good intentions gone wrong, Land of Equal Share tells the story of ‘New Australia Movement’ founder, William Lane. A unionist, women’s suffrage advocate and political dissident, who gathered 238 followers and set sail for Paraguay to establish a utopian society. Despite his attributes, his shortcomings came to the fore and what transpired was an unmitigated disaster.

Anna Cordell - You     Folk, Indie 09/10/2019
Anna Cordell has always been a ‘maker’. From her youngest years spent singing to the first stitches of her clothing design, and into motherhood, Cordell has a flair for creation.
Following its premiere on Double J last week, we're thrilled to announce the release of 'You', the beautiful first single lifted from Anna Cordell's forthcoming record 'Nobody Knows Us', out February 14th next year.

Robbie Miller, Greta Stanley - The Come Down     Folk, Pop 09/10/2019
Robbie Miller is an artist from Brisbane who first started writing and recording music out of his bedroom, before catching the attention of music press, radio and listeners alike.
"It's about the emotions you feel during and after an argument with a lover/partner. That mixture of anxiety, fear, anticipation, sadness, surprise, anger. [...] When the argument is long gone, how your infatuation for that person lingers and the very thought of them excites you. When those emotions turn, your head cools and calm returns. That's The Come Down."-Robbie Miller

Damien Johnson - Nobody Else But You (Feat. Lucy Korts)     Folk, Roots, Indie, Easy Listening 07/10/2019
A published author, artist and trained baptist minister, Damien Johnson is a born storyteller.
This song encapsulates the innocence and naivety of love.

GraceJean - Back Home     Folk, Easy Listening, Pop 07/10/2019
With a warm, honest sound, GraceJean is an award-winning folk duo whose rich harmonies, intricate guitar lines, heartfelt storytelling and cheeky stage presence leaves audiences glowing with excitement.
What do you do when you’ve followed all the advice and self help remedies for a break up, and your heart is still broken? Write a tongue and cheek song about not being able to sleep, that's what. Back home is a light, anti-romance about realising that even if a decision is right, it isn’t always easy.

Other tracks by GraceJean:  Take It From Me  -  Too Close
Lucas Jones - Losing My Grip     Folk, Roots, Indie, Pop 07/10/2019
Lucas Jones is an indie folk singer/songwriter from Perth, WA. Delicate, melancholic songs about life, love and loss, rich in harmony.
Losing My Grip tells the story of a failing relationship, and the feeling of holding on to hope when everything seems to be falling apart.

Alison Newman - Strength in Numbers - live at Palomino Nights     Folk, Easy Listening 04/10/2019
Alison is a singer songwriter from South Australia. She has forged a career as a covers artist for 25 years. Heart Songs is her debut album of original work.
Recorded live at Palomino Nights, at the Glencoe Woolshed, as part of the launch of Heart Songs album. This song was written about Alison's Nana who passed away from cancer when Alison was 10 years old.

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Dave Norman - Future Generations     Folk, Easy Listening, Country, World 04/10/2019
Environmental singer / songwriter specialising in EnviroFolk
This song is dedicated to children from all around the world calling for climate action. It came from a dream about what future generations would say to us about climate changes. The words of this song are from that dream and feature a Children's choir.