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Foghorn Records

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Joel Leffler - Love Thirsty     Pop 10/11/2016
Inspired by his Dad, who would burst into his room playing guitar and singing blues songs he made up about going to school, music has become Joel’s passion.
A strong debut for Sydney's Joel Leffler. Combining modern electronic backing with organic guitar, bass and vocals this is a foot tapping ‘four-on-the-floor’ track that will have everyone bopping away.

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Mama K and the Big Love - Moth To The Flame     Blues/Roots 06/02/2017
Hailing from Australia’s “deep-south” (Hobart, Tasmania), Mama K and the Big Love is a band with attitude and substance.
This track and accompanying video is about a stripper and her loyal flock of followers (who hang off her every move), and a priest with his loyal flock of followers (who hang off his every word). Classy female vocals, sax, Hammond and backing you'd expect to hear in New Orleans.

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Hussy Hicks - Pirate Flag     Blues/Roots 10/02/2017
Winners of the 2016 GCMA Award for Artist of the Year, Hussy Hicks have just returned from 3 months playing the European summer festival circuit.
Starting out with Leesa's distinctive voice this new single quickly develops into an up-tempo smash with the two girls superb voices combining in beautiful harmonies for the chorus. The drums and bass rock along and keep everything together in this great new track, their first single for 2017.


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Other tracks by Hussy Hicks:  3 Rainbows  -  Lucky Joe's Wine
Joel Leffler - Atmosphere     Pop, Rock 13/02/2017
Inspired by his Dad, who would burst into his room playing guitar and singing blues songs he made up about going to school, music has become Joel’s passion.
The opening song on the debut EP, this is a great up-tempo acoustic pop tune mixing electro elements with live acoustic guitar and vocals. Joel’s well-honed vocals and catchy melodies dominate and this is surely one to find a home on many playlists.

Other tracks by Joel Leffler:  Run With The Wolves
Lily Duval - Who Knows Where The Time Goes     Folk 13/02/2017
Lily Duval comes out the box for 2017 with two classic covers that have inspired her own song writing for many years.
Classic retro from Lily Duval, her own version of this timeless tune backed by a full band for the first time. The backing features drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars and Lily's distinct vocals.

Other tracks by Lily Duval:  Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Luke Escombe - Punctuation Blues     Blues/Roots 17/02/2017
‘Skeleton Blues’ is the new record from singer/songwriter/guitarist Luke Escombe. Recorded live, this raw and revealing session combines the sound of primal electric blues with Luke’s distinctive wit and wordplay.
Luke goes back to his roots on this first single from ‘Skeleton Blues’. As the title implies: just his resonant voice and electric guitar are all he needs on this captivating and lyrically very clever tune which harks back to the days of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Son House.

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Mark Cashin & The Lil' Hussys - Rack It Up & Let It Roll     Rock 03/03/2017
Mark Cashin and is band the Lil Hussys are set to release their new album Sugar Baby.
Some fun up-tempo tuneful rock’n’ roll from Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys. Rocking out for another great album of anthemic songs that lives up to Mark’s well known style and opens the record perfectly.

Other tracks by Mark Cashin & The Lil' Hussys:  Destiny
Mama K and The Big Love - The Right Time     Blues/Roots, Soul 10/03/2017
Hailing from Australia’s “deep-south” (Hobart, Tasmania), Mama K and the Big Love have released their debut album ‘Blind’.
A smooth radio track from Mama K and The Big Love. Sultry female vocals, warm up-tempo band backing with a great groove, a no brainer crowd favourite!

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Other tracks by Mama K and The Big Love:  Nothing Left To Say
Joel Leffler - In My Pocket     Pop 31/03/2017
Inspired by his Dad, who would burst into his room playing guitar and singing blues songs he made up about going to school, music has become Joel’s passion.
A happy, up-tempo acoustic pop tune from Sydney's Joel Leffler. Produced by ARIA nominee Peter Holz this tune has some great contemporary beats, bass and keys with Joel’s signature bright and percussive acoustic guitar and soulful lyrics.

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The Hollerin Sluggers - Nothing You Haven't Tried     Blues/Roots 07/04/2017
The Hollerin Slugger’s second album in as many years, Gypsy Mojo is an exciting new release that builds on the foundation of their debut.
New Orleans meets Narrabeen. This sexy groove draws on the devilish mind of a barfly proudly boasting of his upstairs sinful conquests. Infectious percussion and blistering guitar solos with sinister vocals that will get your hips shaking and feet tapping to the Sluggers’ twist on the Bo Diddley feel.

Other tracks by The Hollerin Sluggers:  Hush Hoggies Hush  -  Going Up The River
Tim Walker - Back To The Beach     Folk 16/05/2017
Tim Walker is a Sydney-based singer-songwriter in the folk-scene with occasional forays into pop and even jazz.
A beachside tune as a final reminder of summer as winter sets in. Some catchy backing with combined electric and acoustic instruments along with Tim's signature electric guitar work and insightful lyrics.

The Dirty Earth - Cheating Heart     Rock, Blues 16/05/2017
Start off with some ‘70s-inspired rock, add in some female bravado on vocals, a dash of blues style guitar solos and what you have is The Dirty Earth.
Starting with a classic retro rock guitar riff, by the time Tenille’s voice and the band kicks in you are already in the pocket for this epic rock single full of catchy riffs, melodies and killer female vocals.

Other tracks by The Dirty Earth:  Coming Home
Keyring Jeans - Start Stutter     Rock 31/05/2017
It’s refreshing that there’s still bands out there who wanna get together, bang out some noise, press record on a tape machine and put out a record.
Start Stutter jumps out of the blocks with a riff that wouldn’t be out of place on X-Aspirations before the drums drop like a kilo of heavy explosives, it’s one of those tunes that manages to sound loose and tight at the same time.

Other tracks by Keyring Jeans:  Pinecone
Fiona Joy - Through Cloud     Classical, World 08/06/2017
Fiona Joy’s latest release on Blue Coast Records, ‘Into The Mist’, epitomizes the art of contemporary solo piano recording in todays market.
Fiona's use of the 1885 Steinway Grand and the evident super high resolution recording of this tracks make it an absolute joy to listen to.

Other tracks by Fiona Joy:  Galloping
Tania de Jong - Flying Free     Classical, World 02/08/2017
Tania de Jong is an acclaimed soprano who presents magical performances across classical, music theatre, contemporary, spiritual and world genres.
The song is a delightful classical crossover piece featuring the beautiful soprano voice of Tania de Jong and the Piano work of Anthony Barnhill. The full orchestral backing adds the richness and depth the song deserves.

Diana Anaid - Can't Apologise     Rock 12/08/2017
Alternative singer / songwriter Diana Anaid returns with the highly anticipated new single ‘Can't Apologise’ from the forthcoming album ‘My Queen’.
Starting out with a retro alternative rock back beat this tune quickly develops into a hooky smash with great relationship based lyrics and even a killer ‘woo-hoo’ sing along chorus.

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The Stress Of Leisure - I Wanna Be Adult     Rock 26/08/2017
The Stress of Leisure proudly present the first single from the forthcoming album, ‘Eruption Bounce'. The new album finds the group essentially more bonkers, and more right on.
With a catchy 80's Devo-esque synth line starting the tune, then straight into the chorus, this is a single for sure. The rest of the band contribute guitar bass, drums and vocals with gusto to make this song rock along.

Tania De Jong - The Everlasting Light     Classical 02/09/2017
Tania de Jong is an acclaimed soprano who presents magical performances across classical, music theatre, contemporary, spiritual and world genres.
The Everlasting Light is a high quality recording of a beautiful classical crossover piece featuring the powerful soprano voice of Tania de Jong and the piano work of Anthony Barnhill. One of the originals from her new album, Tania's voice soars above the strings and orchestra creating a wonderful ambience.

Lily Duval - Hold My Hand (Mere)     Folk 22/09/2017
Based in Sydney, Lily Duval has been performing in blues and folk clubs for many years and has recently recorded two new original tunes.
A heartfelt tune dedicated to her Mother. Lily has used some classic acoustic guitar and simple percussion to get her message across. You can really hear her early influences such as: Joni Mitchell, Phoebe Snow, Janis Joplin, Harry Nilsson and Leon Russell.

Other tracks by Lily Duval:  I Heard The News Today
Joel Leffler - Auburn Hair     Pop 27/09/2017
Joel Leffler launches his new single 'Auburn Hair' in Orange on September 30 to coincide with the Guinness Book Of World Record attempt for most Red Heads in one place.
An engaging and up-tempo pop tune from Joel’s forthcoming EP. Some solid loops, bass and keys keep this song moving along and the hooks just keep on coming from the vocals to the licks.