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Foghorn Records

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Daniel James - Keep The Sky     Blues/Roots 16/05/2015
Growing up in Western NSW. Daniel has maintained his focus on his music through all the highs and lows that life can throw at you.
Another eclectic, genre defying tune from Daniel James. With some excellent vocals to match the great multi vocal and backing, this song is sure to garner interest from a wide audience.

The Vegetable Plot - Rockit Lettuce     Blues/Roots 08/06/2015
Rockit Lettuce/ Ru Barb is the new single and B-side from Luke Escombe’s child-friendly roots music act The Vegetable Plot.
A rockin' bluesy number that the parents will relate to as well as the kids, with a great female vocal story about a travelling lettuce stuck in Paris.

Other tracks by The Vegetable Plot:  Ru Barb
Yhan Leal - Widerness     Folk 18/06/2015
Yhan Leal, the Colombian born, now Bellingen based singer dedicates his waking hours to honing his craft, doing so in the most humble way, busking in his local community.
Yhan's new album was written in an old shed at the back of his Bellingen property and the earthy, indie folk vibe clearly comes through on this title track. Comparisons to Surfjian Stevens and Jeff Buckley abound for this track and its’ easy to see why.

Other tracks by Yhan Leal:  El Camino
Calling Mayday - Kaos     Rock 03/07/2015
Calling Mayday began touring the music scene in 2008 and quickly developed their own hard rocking style, drawing influences from The Living End, The Ramones, Children Collide and Green Day.
Starting with a classic riff this uptempo radio tune picks up where the last EP left off, but with far more developed sound and song writing.

Other tracks by Calling Mayday:  Fire  -  Say Goodbye
Sunset Blush - Sweet Barbwire     Rock 08/07/2015
Sunset Blush is all about blowing the roof off the dump and great music. He isn't a Hipster-band covered in beards or a poppy young chick-singer.
On the eve of a new tour, Melbourne's Sunset Blush, release a new single ‘Sweet Barbwire’. Features rock drums and the signature Hendrix like guitar overlaid with down to the bone inner city lyrics.

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Lily Duval - I'm Sorry Baby     Folk, Blues 04/09/2015
Based in Sydney, Lily Duval has been performing in blues and folk clubs for many years and has now stepped out of the studio with two new original tunes.
Sticking to her successful formula, Lily gives us a contrite and heartfelt breakup tune. The simple acoustic guitar backing highlights her emotive lyrics and strong vocals. There’s a nice little tambourine that come along for the guitar solo that holds the listeners interest as well.

Other tracks by Lily Duval:  That Kind Of Love
Bob Pigott - The M1     Country, Blues 12/10/2015
Singer/songwriter Bob Pigott again puts our hectic, crazy life to words and music with the first single ‘The M1’ from his new album, ‘Peak Hour’.
A fast foot tapping tune from Bob, already receiving spins on the ABC, this one has great lyrics that many commuters will relate too, perfect for that drive show – Aussie country blues at its finest here.

Hussy Hicks - That Old Heartache     Country, Blues 13/10/2015
When you think of ‘The South’, its bluegrass and country. When you think of the Gold Coast it’s surf. Hussy Hicks combine the best of both with ‘That Old Heartache’.
A tune of love lost from this Queensland duo with all the right sounds in the background, slide guitar, acoustic, electric, laid back bass and drums all topped with Leesa's distinctive vocals. In the country tradition, but with a healthy dose of blues.

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Tailor Birds - Winters' Fall     Folk, Experimental 22/10/2015
With electric violin at the core of the sound, this is music that soothes the soul and warms the spirit. Experimental, electric act, Tailor Birds release their single, Winters’ Fall.
An extremely interesting textured track from this Melbourne act who are already carving a name on the European festival and tour circuit. The soaring violin is the perfect foil to the vocals and percussion and it’s easy to be carried away to a new place listening to this tune.

Luke Escombe - Devil     Blues/Roots 05/11/2015
Taking an old world roots vibe and giving it a modern, comedic edge, Luke Escombe and the Corporation play music that makes people dance, laugh, think and rock out.
Some great blues guitar on this more sombre live version of one of Luke’s most popular songs. Recorded live at The Promethean for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Other tracks by Luke Escombe:  Peppermint Tea  -  Tool Shed
Kinsky - I Am The Mountain     Reggae/Dub 19/11/2015
After their critically acclaimed debut album Sunset On The Good Fight, Sydney soul reggae band Kinsky are back with a new 6 track EP slated for release in early 2016.
In true Kinsky fashion this new track (mixed in Tokyo no less) combines Ernie Garland's typical smooth vocals with their signature solid backing vocals and classic reggae mid-tempo back beat. A laid back but catchy and powerful tune for the dance floor or the hammock.

Trysett - Keep Me Dancing     Pop 20/11/2015
A classically trained pianist turned singer-songwriter; Trysette grew up on the northern rivers of NSW beginning a journey that led her to become a consummate entertainer and international touring artist.
Starting with a simple acoustic intro this tune builds nicely into a full band track with Trysette’s signature warm and smooth vocals.

Other tracks by Trysett:  Feel So Pretty  -  Under My Skin
Mike Caen - Beeps     Blues/Roots 20/11/2015
Having spent years being the consummate session player/composer Mike has recorded an album that surprises with diversity but not with its accomplishment. The songs are sincere and beautifully put together.
A new single from Mike's warmly received album that touches on the more alternative side of the album but maintains a very catchy verse/chorus structure.

Other tracks by Mike Caen:  Long Gone  -  Ache
The Jimmy C - Christmas Morning     Blues/Roots 23/11/2015
The Jimmy C should have been a treasured, long lost band of a bygone era, from a time when mods in Sgt. Pepper moustaches wore paisley overcoats and flared pants.
A festive tune for the season rendered in 60's style - think The Small Faces, Beatles and Easybeats in all their glory.

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Other tracks by The Jimmy C:  Merry Xmas Everynoddy  -  Shchedryk (Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas)
The Vegetable Plot - Spanish Onion     Blues/Roots 11/12/2015
Ladies and gentlestems, bulbs and girls, give your earbuds a feast of peas, love and music with “Season One”, the debut album from Sydney’s award-winning musical conspirators: The Vegetable Plot.
‘Spanish Onion’ is one of the most musically ambitious servings on The Vegetable Plot album. Moving from a Phantom of the Opera style opening into a roadhouse-rattling rock-tango. The epic track was written by Escombe and sung by piano player Michael McGlynn. Funny, rocking and a little bit dark

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Other tracks by The Vegetable Plot:  Melon Collie  -  Avocado
Daniel James - Leave Us Alone     Blues/Roots 19/01/2016
Following on from the ‘Secular’ EP and series of well received digital singles to radio and itunes the new album features 8 new original tracks from this Narrabri Singer Songwriter.
A new up tempo tune from Western NSW singer/songwriter Daniel James. His intricate rhythms and heartfelt vocals struck a chord on his December single "I Am What I Am" and this tune is very much along the same lines.

Other tracks by Daniel James:  I Am What I Am  -  Rich Man's Justice
Alex Bowen - Time To Talk     Rock 29/02/2016
In the lead up to his much anticipated new record, Alex Bowen is back with a second single, ‘Time To Talk’.
A high quality mid-tempo single from Newcastle based singer songwriter Alex Bowen. A catchy chorus and full instrumentation makes this song a worthy follow up to his previous work.

Other tracks by Alex Bowen:  Back To Me
The Jimmy C - Pale Blue Dot     Rock 15/04/2016
The Jimmy C is Jamie Coghill, a musical mad scientist who plays all the instruments and sings all the songs.
The first single from the new EP. “Pale Blue Dot,” is an upbeat, light-hearted tune with strong guitars and a fun whistle melody. An eclectic mix of quirky and retro, everything you would expect from The Jimmy C.

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Other tracks by The Jimmy C:  Eighteen Again
Keyring Jeans - Sideline Rain     Rock 20/04/2016
Beginning as a recording project for singer Steve Coull, Keyring Jeans have become a formidable live act.
Sideline Rain begins as a traditional alternative song, with a fun melody, strong guitar, and insightful lyrics. The instrumental solo in the middle of the song slows it down without losing the energy, while also preparing you up for a strong finish.

Other tracks by Keyring Jeans:  Headlow
The Dirty Earth - Down to the River     Rock 28/04/2016
The Dirty Earth release their second album, ‘Ascendancy’, featuring a cool retro-rock vibe saturated in blues infused rock n roll with a dash of fuzzy, stoner-psych on the side.
This up-tempo tune starts with a Jack White style guitar riff and continues to rock along throughout.