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Foghorn Records

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The Even Stevens - Tape Recorder     Rock 23/08/2014
This Melbourne 3 piece: Jamie Coghill, Gerard Daley and Jo Ward come together to create The Even Stevens.
A full on anthemic alt rock track - you can hear the backstage Melbourne pub venue studio vibe oozing out of every note of this track and yes it really was recorded on a classic two inch tape machine! Fun and exciting and sure to get the kids rockin'.

The Vegetable Plot - Vegetable Plot     Blues/Roots 06/09/2014
Feast your ears on The Vegetable Plot – a “roots musical” for kids, families, foodies and groovies created by Luke Escombe.
This is lyrics for kids but musically far more sophisticated than other children’s music, it’s certainly NOT The Wiggles.

Other tracks by The Vegetable Plot:  Out of The Ground  -  Let's Make A Salad
The Jimmy C - As The Night     Rock 27/09/2014
Jamie Coghill is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who loves the music of the late 60's and early 70's. Some know Jamie from Luxedo, Fez Perez and The Devilrock Four.
The opening track from the album with serious You am I overtones, The Jimmy C nail their own version of a true concept album with this record and it’s the perfect song to kick it off.

Other tracks by The Jimmy C:  The Man Who Never Dies  -  No Man's Hero
Daxton - Highway One     Blues/Roots 03/10/2014
Daxton Monaghan is an Australian musician and singer/songwriter based on the NSW Central Coast.
A classic road trip themed and named tune from blues man Daxton. Exactly what you'd expect: up-tempo blues rhythm, Daxton’s signature southern drawl and bluesy guitar licks.

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Other tracks by Daxton:  Bad Ass  -  I Don't Mind
The Sweet Lips - Ride My Ocean     Rock 03/10/2014
The Sweet Lips single ‘The Second Coming’ is a teaser from their new album Machine of Divine, to be released in 2015.
With an atmospheric lead in and some great solid beats once into the track, this tune is indicative of the bands style and 90's rock influences from Smashing Pumpkins to Muse and Nirvana.

Other tracks by The Sweet Lips:  All That I am
Sunset Blush - Purple On The Inside     Rock 22/10/2014
Sunset Blush is all about blowing the roof off the dump and great music. He isn't a hipster-band, covered in beards, or a poppy young chick-singer.
An eclectic and unusual tune from Melbourne’s alternative underground band, ‘Sunset Blush’. Featuring electric violin, guitar and a great video clip this tune has already found a home at some left of centre radio programming and on the latest issue of SoundsLikeCafe.

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Halfway Homebuoy - Hard Times     Rock 07/11/2014
Halfway Homebuoy swapped the ski fields of Europe for the sunshine of Sydney and have built a solid fanbase through great live shows and consistent quality releases.
This live version certainly evokes the bands hard working ethos. Acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals from writer and front man Jack Davison backed up by the super slick tight rhythm section that has always marked their live show

Other tracks by Halfway Homebuoy:  Back To The Bricks
Michael Cullen - Black Dog     Rock 19/11/2014
True Believer is Michael Cullen’s long awaited follow up to his critically acclaimed first album, Love Transmitter.
Michael Cullen has been consistently releasing quality alternative material for some years now and this new album is by far his best work yet. The opening track Black Dog is reminiscent of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen with an almost spoken delivery.

Other tracks by Michael Cullen:  Nothing Special  -  Black Coffee and Cigarettes
The Hadron Colliders - Bellwether     Rock 19/11/2014
The Hadron Colliders have been described as sounding like a mix of The Cure, The Church, Nick Cave and Bob Dylan.
The most uptempo track on this release from new Sydney band, The Hadron Colliders. You can hear them channelling their heroes, The Go Betweens on this tune.

Other tracks by The Hadron Colliders:  Cherry Blossom Girl  -  Shanghai Lights
Tim Walker - Things I've Seen     Folk 03/12/2014
Singer and song writer, Tim Walker, draws his inspiration from the urban life that surrounds him in the inner city of Sydney.
A fresh uptempo tune from Tim, his signature guitar and lyrical vocal stands out along with some great backing tracks. A foot tapping tune for summer

Dali and The Paperband - Heartless     Reggae/Dub 11/12/2014
The Hobart based trio capture audiences with intriguing originals and improvisations. Drawing influence from Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Keziah Jones, the band integrate Indi, Funk, Dance and more.
A syncopated rhythmic tune with some powerful vocals from Dali Shroj, best known for his reggae and roots work, now heading into different territory with this track but still keeping an organic feel.

Alex Bowen - The Book of Life     Blues/Roots, Rock 06/03/2015
Following his successful debut release ‘Feather In The Ground’, Alex has been back to the studio to deliver a new single ‘The Book Of Life’.
Alex Bowen's new single 'The Book Of Life' focusses on the subject of social media, such as Facebook & Instagram, and how we have become emotionally involved with these 'social outlets'.

Tony Romeril & Varoius Artists - What You Say (featuring Peter Cupples)     Rock, Cover Version 09/03/2015
Tony Romeril and Ted Mulry first met in 1970, they had both scored chart topping hits at the time: Ted with ‘Julia’ and Tony, with his band Autumn, ‘Yellow River’.
An amazing soulful performance from Peter Cupples.

Other tracks by Tony Romeril & Varoius Artists:  Rain (featuring Ashley Morse)  -  Julia
Luke Escombe & The Corporation - Drink More Coffee     Blues/Roots 12/03/2015
‘Creeper Vine’ is the new record from singer-songwriter/guitarist Luke Escombe.
Coffee: the drug of the city. The fuel that powers commerce, politics, friendships, law and the arts. It gives you fast energy, long days and bad sleep. A classic rock and roll vibe here with maybe just a hint of the Black Keys and about 1 per cent Huey Lewis.

Other tracks by Luke Escombe & The Corporation:  Creeper Vine  -  30 Year Old Woman
Dali and The Paperband - Too Good To Be Good     Rock 30/03/2015
Dali and the Paper Band of Hobart, recently completed a new EP titled ‘Island’. A collection of the songs written and performed by the band over the past few years.
The lead track from the EP this one comes straight out of the box with a catchy uptempo feel sure to grab attention.

Other tracks by Dali and The Paperband:  Island  -  Insane Train
Jesse Morris Band - You Are Not Alone     Reggae/Dub 30/03/2015
Byron Bay's very own Blues, Roots & Reggae troubadours the Jesse Morris Band are bursting across the country on a national tour sharing their soul music and emanating positivity.
A powerful reggae tune with classic dub drums, brass lines to die for and fantastic vocals from Jesse and his band.

Other tracks by Jesse Morris Band:  No Sleep  -  Sunday Morning
Lily Duval - Sound The Bell     Folk 30/03/2015
Based in Sydney, Lily Duval has been performing in blues and folk clubs for many years and has now stepped out of the studio with two new original tunes.
The new lead single features some very well played Blues Harp and a truly authentic vocal delivery from Lilly. The acoustic guitar completes the picture for this great piece of work.

Other tracks by Lily Duval:  Hunger
Daxton - Hell Rider     Blues/Roots 18/04/2015
Daxton Monaghan is an Australian musician and singer/songwriter based on the NSW Central Coast. He has been writing, producing and playing music since his early teens.
Daxton was asked to play at Lizottes at the Central Coast on one of the last shows in the venue and together a terrific solo slide blues set. This tune nails the genre and Daxton’s rough and ready live ethos -

Other tracks by Daxton:  Ball & Chain  -  Just A Little
Bob Pigott - Grandad's Violin     Country, Rock, Folk, Blues 25/04/2015
On Granddad's Violin, Sydney troubadour and Foghorn Music signing Bob Pigott pays tribute to his grandfather and four uncles who fought at Gallipoli.
A well wrought and fitting tribute by Bob, with excellent quality song writing and production to match.A fulkl backing band including Violin of course and Bob's story telling vocals and acoustic guitar.

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Andrew Barnum - Paper Car     Pop 01/05/2015
Andrew Barnum, was born in Greenwich Connecticut USA, relocating to Sydney as a boy. Singer-Songwriter and guitarist, this distant relative of the great PT Barnum is a long-blooming, original artist.
Acoustic guitar over the top of garage indie drums makes this a really interesting sounding tune. With some keys and bass to round it out not unlike early Elvis Costello.

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