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Foghorn Records

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Luke Escombe - Golden Retriever     Blues/Roots 27/01/2014
Taking an old world roots vibe and giving it a modern, comedic edge, Luke Escombe and the Corporation play music that makes people dance, laugh, think and rock out.
The third batch of radio tunes from Luke’s live sampler with this all-time crowd favourite about parachuting golden retrievers into Iran - a brilliant plan!

Other tracks by Luke Escombe:  Morning Train  -  Twins
The Urban Chiefs - Gotta Rise     Blues/Roots 27/01/2014
The Urban Chiefs (aka Blake Saban 3) are one of the hardest working roots rock bands in Oz. Blues slide guitar driven by insane percussive grooves with whiskey sour vocals.
The new year single for Blake Saban 3 and the first to go out under the new name-The Urban Chiefs. This track captures their enormous live energy but still pulls back to a nice hooky chorus.

Throwing Shapes - A Simple Plan     Electronic, Dance 27/01/2014
Based in Perth, Throwing Shapes are an electronic/rock dance act. They play catchy dance anthems with intelligent melodic grooves.
The new single from this WA dance band who have been compared to Pendulum and Sneaky Sound System. A great pumping tune that will keep the feet tapping on the dance floor.

Other tracks by Throwing Shapes:  Zero Days (featuring Tijana)
Bitzer - Sunshine     Rock 14/02/2014
In the 1970s a new and thunderous sound emerged out of Australia's pubs. Honed by relentlessly touring before tough crowds, pub rock went on to influence generations of musicians
This classic Dragon tune, re-worked by supergroup ‘Bitzer’, needs no introduction. An authentic rendition that captures the spirit and feel of the original and brings back great memories of a great band.

Other tracks by Bitzer:  Run For The Shelter
Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussy's - Fo So Long     Rock 19/02/2014
From the Central Coast Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussy’s have built an enviable reputation as one of the best live rock acts still working pubs and clubs around Australia.
The first single from Mark's 3rd album begins with a huge new sound and a return to Mark’s radio friendly pop tinged with his usual edgy rock vocal. Already receiving commercial airplay in the UK, USA and South Africa this is one to check out.

Lily Duval - Love Is Everything     Folk, Blues 25/02/2014
Based in Sydney, Lily Duval has been performing in blues and folk clubs for many years and has now stepped out of the studio with two original tunes.
This first solo single from Lily Duval harkens back to the late 60's early 70's when The Village in New York was hosting the 'new folk' movement. Having sung the blues all her life this is an authentic sound featuring the acoustic wizardry of Steph Miller from 'Winterstation' on guitar.

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Other tracks by Lily Duval:  I Remember
Urban Chiefs - Little Town     Blues/Roots 07/03/2014
The Urban Chiefs (aka Blake Saban 3) are one of the hardest working roots rock bands in Oz. Blues slide guitar driven by insane percussive grooves with whisky sour vocals.
A softer tune from the rockin' blues dudes featuring some female background vocals and blues harp.

Other tracks by Urban Chiefs:  Slim Dusty Way  -  Black Snake Charmer
The Sweetlips - Love Transmission     Blues/Roots 17/03/2014
Daxton Monaghan is a musician and singer/songwriter based on the NSW Central Coast who has been writing, and playing music since his early teens.
With a big slab of the White Stripes and just a touch of Led Zeppelin the Sweetlips nail this tune with their signature bluesy riffy rock capped off by Daxton’s expressive vocals.

Other tracks by The Sweetlips:  Phoenix Bird  -  Desert Tonight
Yhan Leal - Sail Home     Folk 17/03/2014
The Colombian born, now Bellingen based singer songwriter has just released a new EP ‘Sail Home’.
Sweet folk harmonies and soft melodies from Yhan Leal's title track to his new EP.

Other tracks by Yhan Leal:  Stormy Sea
Daniel Dawes - Me With You     Pop 14/04/2014
Daniel Dawes, formerly of The Winters released his first solo project ‘Strange Things’ in 2009, and is now ready with an impressive follow up ‘Battle Lines’.
Another great uptempo, up vibe, feel good radio track from Daniel’s stunning second album. After selling out Lizottes Sydney and Central Coast he's ready for a big year.

Other tracks by Daniel Dawes:  Battle Lines  -  Listen To The Radio
Leroy's Layabouts - Smokin' In Bed     Blues/Roots 16/04/2014
Starting out as Leroy’s Layabouts in Sydney’s inner west, from the mid 1970s till the late 1980s, The Layabouts became institution around the pubs, wine bars and campuses of Sydney.
As one of the bands all time media quotes says ‘it’s hard to imagine the Sydney live scene without Leroy's Layabouts', honest old time Rhythm and Blues a la The Blues Brothers, timeless and sure to get the feet tapping.

Other tracks by Leroy's Layabouts:  I'll Do The Same  -  Unstoned Blues
Daniel James - The River     Blues/Roots 28/04/2014
Growing up in Western NSW. Daniel has maintained his focus on his music through all the highs and lows that life can throw at you.
Harking back to Daniels early days, this tune is reminiscent of Jeff Lang and Xavier Rudd including some strong instrumentation and a catchy chorus.

Other tracks by Daniel James:  Fool You
Lily Duval - Where Is The Love     Folk 28/04/2014
Based in Sydney, Lily Duval has been performing in blues and folk clubs for many years and has now stepped out of the studio with two new original tunes.
A well crafted track that embodies a quint essential singer/songwriter. You will experience a laid back acoustic guitar and strong vocal melody that ties in with lyrical themes associated with questioning where the world is today and why things have become so overcomplicated.

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Other tracks by Lily Duval:  Love It Gets You
Bob Pigott - XU1     Blues/Roots 02/06/2014
Growing up in the western suburbs of Sydney and working for wages on the local council has turned out to be the perfect training ground for singer songwriter Bob Pigott.
Holden fanatics mourning the loss of car manufacturing will devour XU1, which pays homage to the great Aussie car that made Peter Brock a household name.

Other tracks by Bob Pigott:  Nor'easter
Tim Walker - Newcastle Ships     Folk 16/06/2014
Singer and song writer, Tim Walker, draws his inspiration from the urban life that surrounds him in the inner city of Sydney.
A truly authentic Australian folk tune from original singer songwriter Tim Walker. With his signature guitar Tim has added strings and mandolin to add to the tale.

The Jimmy C - He's Superseven     Rock, Soundtrack (Film Related) 17/06/2014
‘The Adventures of Superseven’ is an award winning US web series with over 3 million YouTube views. A hilarious pastiche of 60’s classics like Get Smart and Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Here is a real interesting soundtrack selection for the Web TV Series from Melbourne based, The Jimmy C. With spaghetti western / surf guitar sound effects, reminiscent of Ennio Morricone, these uptempo tunes are sure to please.

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Other tracks by The Jimmy C:  Sandra West Theme  -  Superseven A-Go-Go
Halfway Homebuoy - No Word     Rock 18/07/2014
Halfway Homebuoy swapped the ski fields of Europe for the sunshine of Sydney at the end of 2010 and have release a new EP ‘Dust Yourself’.
Pushing all the buttons of a signature Halfway Homebuoy track, this song is currently being put on film for an eye-poppin’ video.

Other tracks by Halfway Homebuoy:  Dust Yourself Off (Rock Mix)  -  One Night Stand
Slipsta - Temptation     Rock 30/07/2014
Ben Slip aka ‘The Slipsta’, lit his musical fire in the red centre of Australia and continues to play pubs and bars travelling across the country to perform.
With a skippy drum beat and hooky guitars, Ben Slip’s new project Slipsta is sure to bring new fans to this hard working Northern Territory artist.

The Dirty Earth - Girl On Top     Rock 01/08/2014
That moment when guitars, drums and vocal hit together, the world lights up and the experience leaves you with a manic grin. The Dirty Earth do that, it’s their mission.
This tune comes right out of the box, a great introduction to this awesome live band. A totally pumping chick rock classic and the lead single from the album.

Other tracks by The Dirty Earth:  Not The Rose  -  Dance With The Devil
Fleur Wiber - For I Once Was A Child     Folk 09/08/2014
Drawing influence from artists such as Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, Fleur harnesses her passion for music to a genre, best descibed as 60’s folk style with a psychedelic flavor.
The new single from Melbourne songstress Fleur Wiber features her guitar work as well as a Tom Waits esq accordion. The song has a wonderful old world soundtrack feel and haunting vocals and lyrics.