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Foghorn Records

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Fiona Joy Hawkins - Prelude to Fire (Chopin E minor #4) – arr: Fiona Joy Hawkins     Contemporary Classical 24/02/2020
Fiona Joy Hawkins is an Australian Pianist, Composer and Singer inspired by Mendelssohn, Chopin, Max Richter and Michael Nyman. She is also a member of the Contemporary instrumental group FLOW.
Fiona continues her support of the NSW RFS with this haunting arrangement of the well-known Chopin piece. “I am compelled to help the only way I know how - music. My home has survived to date - as has my village (Kendall NSW) and for that I'm grateful.” - Fiona

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The Mezcaltones - Motorcycle Girl     Blues, Roots 17/02/2020
The Mezcaltones? Guys dressed as cowboys, women dressed like Mexican Senoritas, looks like a Tarantino movie – guitars, bass, drums, a crazy front man and a beautiful dancer and percussionist.
An infectious uptempo and catchy 60’s surf rock tune. The tones of the valve amplifiers blend beautifully with the casually urgent pulse that is the drums and bass. A very retro sounding pop song.

Other tracks by The Mezcaltones:  Dancin'  -  Ellie
Karissa Hambilton - Light At The End Of Darkness     Roots 14/02/2020
After a few years break while getting married and starting a new family Karissa is back with a great new single.
This piano driven track also features full rhythm section with an up-tempo catchy feel. Karissa’s lyrics speak of passion, frustration and loss but resolve into the positive.

Other tracks by Karissa Hambilton:  Utopian Coma
Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch - Fallen Crown     Alternative 10/02/2020
Following two critically acclaimed singles, the debut album Chryse Planitia shows a strong and recognisable musical identity. Kilbey and Koch have forged a sound characterised by fluid movement across genres.
As first track on the album this track really sets the tone with some brilliant guitar work from Koch and the surreal and wonderful lyrical images from Mr Kilbey. With solid drum work and layered backing this uptempo and positive tune will satisfy.

Other tracks by Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch:  The Fatal Hour  -  Lady Ishtar In Her Garden
Fiona Joy Hawkins - Tolling Of The Fire Bell     Contemporary Classical 24/01/2020
Fiona Joy Hawkins is an Australian Pianist, Composer and Singer inspired by Mendelssohn, Chopin, Max Richter and Michael Nyman. She is also a member of the Contemporary instrumental group FLOW.
Fiona presents her sublime effort towards helping the fires relief effort with her haunting Neo Classical/New Age Piano with English Horn (Jill Haley) & Cello (Eugene Friessen). Beautifully recorded in the Blue Mountains. Produced by Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton.

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Tim Walker - Red Velvet Chair     Folk 13/11/2019
After moving back to his hometown of Adelaide earlier this year, ex-Sydney singer-songwriter Tim Walker set to work to record a new album, inspired by a recent trip to Europe.
Folk rock from Tim Walker – acoustic guitar overlays a tight rhythm track, along with some tasteful electric licks and riffs. The vocal is catchy and the chorus has you humming along. Look out for the album next year.

Margaret Anne and the Rock It Man - Soul Laid Bare     Roots 25/10/2019
A traveller and inspirer to live and love life, Margaret Anne continually touches her fans and listeners with her inclusive, warm, heartfelt singing and dynamic stage presence.
Aussie style Americana is making a big impact and this tune truly fits the bill. With some brilliant harmonies and guitar playing this is a true standout and awesome debut- think Sheryl Crow meets Kasey Chambers.

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Toadvine - Stones & Bones     Blues 25/10/2019
Toadvine are a blues-rock outfit hailing from Sydney. Dishing up their own unique blend of blues tinged rock and roll with generous lashings of rockabilly, country and fuzzed-out garage anthems.
The track kicks off with a heavy but catchy guitar riff that keeps the song rocking throughout. Once Mandy's clear and true rock vocals kick in you know you are in for a wild ride of blues rock.

Other tracks by Toadvine:  More Than Anyone  -  Dead Man's Cloths
Adam Jones - The Dark Side Of The Earth     Blues 27/09/2019
Melbourne folk-rock, alt-country and blues singer/songwriter/musician Adam Jones releases his third album The Dark Side Of The Earth on 20 September 2019.
The title track to the new album, harking back to both Dire Straits and Gerry Rafferty, this tune features full band backing and Adam’s engaging story telling vocal.

Other tracks by Adam Jones:  Quit While I'm Behind  -  Small Stuff
Jessie-May Kitchen - Star Child     Alternative, Pop 27/09/2019
Jessie-May was born in Hobart and grew up on the NSW Central Coast. She started writing songs at five and Performing Arts became her escape from a tough family life.
A sweet and ethereal up-tempo indie pop tune from young Jessie-May Kitchen. Superb production from ARIA winner Peter Holz featuring some tasteful keyboards, with guitar and drums fleshing out the track. Jessie’s her voice is treated with some spacey modern fx to drive the tune along.

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Black Aces - Never Change     Rock 20/09/2019
Formed in rural Australian town Bendigo by singer-guitarist Tyler Kinder, Black Aces set about forming a set of songs influenced by the greats of Aussie rock.
There’s no mistaking what this track is all about - straight ahead Aussie rock, think Jet, ACDC, Airborne. Totally rocking right from the get-go, this up-tempo catchy killer tune will have them headbanging in their bedrooms.


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Iron Jack - Simply The Best     Rock 13/09/2019
Iron Jack are a Rock n Roll band from Sydney’s Inner West, who strive to entertain their audience with energy and the age old story of Rock n Roll.
A rocking take on this classic number 1 hit. The male vocal fits better than expected and all the backing both recreates and enhances the vibe of the original.

Other tracks by Iron Jack:  Sell My Soul  -  Take Me Away
The Blind Pilots - Tell Me I'm Wrong     Blues 28/08/2019
A description of The Blind Pilots is simple: explosive four-piece Australian Roots, Rock and Blues outfit from the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
This track starts with distorted slide guitar and by the time the whole band kick in you know this one will be great. Up-tempo, great lyrics and vocals, a modern flavour over the top of classic sounds keeping to the blues rock swamp ethos of these hard working boys.

Other tracks by The Blind Pilots:  Telephone  -  Howling At The Moon
Apsara - Know All Things     Classical 14/08/2019
Apsara is created by classically trained musician and opera singer Michaele Archer.
Beginning with a string section backing, this medieval classical piece by Apsara vocalist, Michaele Archer, is inspired by a poem and sayings of the Buddha dating from around 580BC.

Other tracks by Apsara:  Galatea  -  Dido and Aeneas
Adam Jones - Shining Car     Blues/Roots 09/08/2019
Shining Car is the second single release from the upcoming album The Dark Side of The Earth by Melbourne folk-rock, alt-country and blues artist, Adam Jones.
With a hooky riff intro and a rocking band Adam’s distinctive voice adds the crucial element of the story and melody. Think Ted Mulry’s classic 70’s anthems about girls and cars rendered in a modern soft rock format with plenty of catchy elements.

Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel - Elegy     Classical, Instrumental 02/08/2019
‘The Lightness of Dark’ by Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel is an ethereal and collaborative journey into the depths of loss and recovery.
A hauntingly beautiful melody begins this exquisitely performed piece and continues to entrance the listener as it progresses through various movements.

Other tracks by Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel:  Finding The Way Out  -  Empty Moments
Big Merino - I Lay Me Down     Blues/Roots 26/07/2019
Big Merino play songs that blur the lines between rock, blues, roots, and soul. Despite their passion for Americana their music also sounds quintessentially Australian, shaped by landscape and stories.
Swampy earthy tones and fell start this radio friendly up-tempo tune from Big Merino, before exploding into a massive chorus. Imagine the deep south, not unlike Creedence but with an Americana twist.

Other tracks by Big Merino:  I Watched The Light  -  Living In The Past
Coen Cashin & Mark Cashin - Move Your Body     Rock 12/07/2019
NSW Central Coast musician, Mark Cashin, has recorded the last song his son Coen was working on before his tragic passing.
Some classic synthy 80's disco starts this track before Mark's voice picks up the vibe with a summer reggae/pop feel and back to retro disco for the chorus. Some signature funky electric guitar rounds this out so as not stray far from Mark's roots.

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Team Utopia - Addiction     Rock 12/07/2019
Building on the success of the singles and videos of Strips Off My Soul and Calling Out To The Masses, Brisbane's Team Utopia release their new double A Side.
Classic hard paced up-tempo rock from this dynamic Brissy outfit. Taking a leaf from their popular live set you can almost hear the punters singing along and moving on the dance floor to this tune.

Other tracks by Team Utopia:  Waiting For You
Big Merino - Sweet Little Angel     Blues/Roots 28/06/2019
Big Merino play songs that blur the lines between rock, blues, roots, and soul. Despite their passion for Americana their music also sounds quintessentially Australian, shaped by landscape and stories.
Some tasteful acoustic guitar starts this brilliant new single - the title track to the band’s sophomore album. Stuart’s accomplished voice then comes in on the catchy chorus straight up, some electric guitar and drums complete the picture as the tune moves ahead. Reminiscent of ballads from the Stones and Neil Young.

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Other tracks by Big Merino:  Ohio