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Foghorn Records

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Big Merino - Maybe I Was Sleeping     Blues/Roots 22/02/2019
Big Merino play songs that blur the lines between rock, blues, roots, and soul. Despite their passion for Americana their music also sounds quintessentially Australian, shaped by landscape and stories.
Acoustic Guitar and Vocals begin this mid-tempo closer to the band’s first album. Extravagant but smooth Nashville style production including slide and steel guitar, piano, percussion. Great textures and colours make this a compelling tune to checkout.

Big Merino - Hummingbird     Blues/Roots 15/02/2019
Big Merino play songs that blur the lines between rock, blues, roots, and soul. Despite their passion for Americana their music also sounds quintessentially Australian, shaped by landscape and stories.
Beginning with Stuart’s signature vocals, then into the catchy chorus. The song really gets moving as the band kicks in behind including some tasty Hammond organ adding a new colour to the Big Merino sound. This is a strong radio friendly song that is sure to find lots of support.

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Dis-connect - Cream and Berry     Rock, Punk 08/02/2019
Dis-Connect are a 3 piece band originating in Hornsby Sydney. The band members are Phillip Lambert (lead vocals, bass guitar) Steven Tonge (back vocals, guitar) and Grahame Giles (Drums).
This pop / punk up-tempo tune comes straight out of the box all guns blazing. A great guitar and drum sound punches through underneath a powerful vocal delivery from Phil Lambert: think Green Day Meets Living End.

Other tracks by Dis-connect:  Social Disease  -  My Left Hand
Texas Strangers - River Of Tears     Country 02/12/2018
Central Coast based Texas Strangers are a 5 piece county rock outfit.
Aussie country with a Nashville / Americana edge, this is a great first single from the bands forthcoming album. Acoustics twang, pedal steel and violin slides, Fender Rhodes tinkle, drums shuffle and Steve’s classic Johnny Cash style vocal telling a tale of alcoholism and abandonment but with a happy ending.

Adam Jones - Take Me There     Blues/Roots 19/11/2018
Following a recent move to Melbourne Adam has just released his Anniversary Edition of his 2017 Debut Album -Little Death.
A new fresh take on this song from Adam, all acoustic with some tasteful slide guitar. A good catchy track which is the opener for the album.

Other tracks by Adam Jones:  I Get To Come Home To You  -  Little Death
Big Merino - Sometimes     Blues/Roots 16/11/2018
Big Merino has only been around for 2 years but they sound like a band that's been playing together for much, much longer.
Another great vocal performance from Stuart Davis. This track also features great electric guitar riffs from co-writer Alex Craig. The mid-tempo tune cruises along at a good pace and has plenty of interesting parts to hold your attention.

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Other tracks by Big Merino:  A Day Without You
Fiona Joy - Ceremony Remix     Pop, Chill 16/11/2018
Renown for her Grammy Nominated and Award-Winning solo piano work Fiona has created a new set of themed remixes of some of her favourite songs to suit the 'Chill' Genre
The ‘Ceremony Remix’ is ethereal and fairy-tale inspired but with more punch than the album release. It’s all about the bass with some very deep sub lows. The percussion and loops really build the track and the vocal treatments are lush and spacious, all underpinned by the original grand piano.

Halfway Homebuoy - Burning In The Sun     Blues/Roots 16/11/2018
Halfway Homebuoy have gained a reputation as outstanding entertainers via their high energy performances and gutsy music that make you want to stamp your feet.
Taking one of their title tracks from a previous album the band have reworked this mid-tempo tune into an acoustic classic. Jack’s wrenching vocals really bring the lyric home atop some featured violin and piano work.

Other tracks by Halfway Homebuoy:  The Door  -  Minute More
Joel Leffler - Where You Are     Blues/Roots, Acoustic 16/11/2018
What once stood as the fairway on the old New Brighton Golf Club’s front nine, now sits 300 brand new homes nestled amongst the colorful greenery of Brighton Lakes.
This is a song about a songwriter and his struggle through a love/hate relationship with the music industry.

Other tracks by Joel Leffler:  Home To Me (Caledonia)  -  Speed Of Light
Throwing Shapes - Super Natural     Electronic 02/11/2018
Throwing Shapes is Fox Shannon, an electronic and drum and bass producer from Perth, Western Australia.
The title track from the new release with a hooky 4 on the floor disco beat and some spooky soundtrack layers on the top line.

Other tracks by Throwing Shapes:  2000 People  -  Pretend You're Mine
Kaijin Solo - Republic     Blues/Roots 31/10/2018
Kaijin Solo is a contemporary singer/songwriter based on the NSW Central Coast with a blues rock influence.
Up-tempo and catchy, with some political lyrics about a potential Australian Republic - a modern take on retro blues rock.

Other tracks by Kaijin Solo:  Spirit on the Wind  -  Sunshine
The Jimmy C - Baby Blue Sky     Rock 31/10/2018
Humorous, up-beat, catchy, power/pop/psychedelic/rock. Melbourne based ‘The Jimmy C’ opens a can of earworms that burrow deep and leave you smiling.
Listen to Do You Remember Walter by The Kinks, then Mr Blue Sky by ELO. I think the former is a blueprint for the later and it’s also a blueprint for this. Jangly guitars, tight drums and a catchy chorus.

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Other tracks by The Jimmy C:  Born Without A Brain  -  Driving Cross Town
Jessie-May Kitchen - Teen Love     Pop 23/10/2018
Jessie-May was born in Hobart and grew up on the NSW Central Coast. She started writing songs at five and Performing Arts became her escape from a tough family life.
Starting with an innocent acoustic guitar and voice intro the song turns into catchy indie band track. Some tasteful and hooky electric and subtle keyboards and harmonies fill out the arrangement to make this another great indie radio tune from young Jessie. Already receiving good plays on Triple J Unearthed

John Kennedy - Brisvegas     Blues/Roots 23/10/2018
John Kennedy has released Second Best a compilation featuring key album tracks from 8 albums.
John penned this track back in 2007 but it still sounds fresh and gets a well-deserved new lease of life as track one of the new album. Some hooky guitar riffs, foot tapping rhythm track and the 'ode to Brisbane' lyrics where even the Go Betweens get a mention.

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Other tracks by John Kennedy:  Is This Not Paris  -  Sun King Rising
Team Utopia - Calling Out To The Masses     Rock 23/10/2018
Having gone through the necessary evolution and experimentation all the best bands go through, singer, songwriter and guitarist Dan Nebe can now proudly say, will you please welcome Team Utopia
A second rocking tune from this Brisbane band, featuring Bob Spencers iconic guitar and a great message in the lyrics. This song rocks along right from the start, big drums, bass and electric guitar but with a contemporary modern rock flavour.

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Team Utopia - Strips Off My Soul     Rock 21/09/2018
Having gone through the necessary evolution and experimentation all the best bands go through, singer, songwriter and guitarist Dan Nebe can now proudly say, will you please welcome Team Utopia
A modern alternative rock track from this Brisbane band, featuring two guys and two girls. The song is well crafted and catchy, with great sounds and a radio friendly chorus.

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Gareth Koch + Peter Bonner - Don't Tempt Me     Blues/Roots 17/09/2018
What happens when the musical worlds of an ARIA Award winning classical guitarist and a rock singer collide? The answer, in this case, is the EP Don’t Tempt Me.
Starting with a strong rhythm track intro the song gets underway and with powerful vocals. The title track and first single from the EP resonates with the superb guitar playing of Gareth Koch creating a bridge from his classical work to contemporary blues rock.

Other tracks by Gareth Koch + Peter Bonner:  Jakes Blues
Diana Anaid - Leaving Town     Rock 12/09/2018
Diana's new single from the My Queen album, is out this month. An East Coast tour follows from October taking in festivals such as Airlie Beach along the way.
A softer mid-tempo song from Diana this time, with a smooth and catchy chorus. The full instrumentation, including a melodic riffy guitar solo, her engaging lyrics and delivery cap off another top single.

Fiona Joy - Grace Chill Remix     Pop, Chill 05/09/2018
Fiona Joy Hawkins - her name resonates in acoustic music circles as one of this generation's top contemporary solo piano artists.
A fully loaded chill track from Fiona for this new release, rather than her solo piano work. The tune features her vocal, as well as an impressive list of musicians on: percussion, guitar, bass and piano that creates a huge that really adds to the appeal of this catchy tune.

Tailor Birds - Ashen     World, Folk 05/09/2018
"Where Will We Go to Break Free of the Crows” Tailor Birds newest album is music that soothes the soul, warms the spirit, and ignites your passion.
The most uptempo piece on the new Tailor Birds album with some strong percussive elements to keep the floaty, soundscape piece moving along nicely. A huge full sound from this tune with many instruments combining to add to the lushness.

Other tracks by Tailor Birds:  Rosemary and Thyme