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Flow and Hustle

Flow and Hustle

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Alba - Walk to 159     Electronic 24/03/2017
Since 'Knokke / Law' Alba have been commanding attention with their rare singles of hazy, analogue house numbers. Building shadowy artworks drawn from abstracted house rhythms, pop vocals and jazz.
Alba release their latest sonic journey in ‘Walk to 159’. After the highly acclaimed 'So Easily' 7" collaboration with Melbourne's Oscar Key Sung earlier this year, fans have eagerly anticipated more of their particular brand of house - at its most mechanical and propulsive.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Annie Bass - Don't Want     Electronic 03/02/2017
The impressive new single from Annie Bass presents an exciting and fresh, feminine voice in Australia’s music scene.
A heady mixture of Annie's now signature swoon-worthy lyricisms, showcasing from contagious chorus to flying falsetto, her true talent lies in her storytelling – channelling the heartfelt melancholy of The Cure, told in an entirely modern manner.

Retro Culture - Fading     Electronic 06/10/2016
Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist and producer Retro Culture.
While it’s easy to imagine the cinematic sounding new single ‘Fading’ as the end credits of a long-lost John Hughes’ extra-terrestrial movie roll, Retro Culture have captured the attention of more contemporary music-lovers with a now signature sound that channels real emotion, expertly captured with the analogue approach to recording.

Moon Holiday - Out of Bounds     Electronic, Pop 01/10/2016
Alex Ward, songwriter, vocalist and producer has taken over ears and airwaves across Australia with her textural, emotive production and soulfully understated vocals.
"Out of Bounds is ballad-inspired, full of space and has sparse instrumentation, leaving it all to the voice and these percussive snaps and twists. It's really about asking someone to break their own rules, that might be imagined anyway.” - Moon Holiday

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

KingIV - No. One     Electronic 28/09/2016
Coming out of the Melbourne’s underground electronic scene with a plentiful attitude, this new artist is ready to take on the airwaves with a forthcoming EP in early 2017.
KingIV's 'No One' carves out a sound that wraps dark beats in polished production and a tenacious lead vocal. Menacing 808s contrast with glitched-out samples and allows ‘No. One’ to blend infectious exteriors into emotional depth, taking listeners into a new and uncharted realm of dark pop.

Au Dre - Watch What You Say     Electronic 28/09/2016
Au Dré deliver the perfect combination of a contemporary ‘banger’ with the sophistication and energy of old school funk and R&B.
Au Dré unleash their fierce new single ‘Watch What You Say’. Inspired by rumours, frustration and ferocious rap, the single’s very existence poses the question: can two ginger jazz musicians from Melbourne, Australia throw down a track that lyrically settles some scores?

Retiree - Continental     Electronic 07/09/2016
Sydney-based trio Retiree have cemented their reputation for unique, 80’s tropical-pop-tinged dance-floor heaters and a textured headphone experience for audiophiles alike, with releases out through Plastic World and Rhythm Section.
Sydney’s Retiree have spent a stint locked in a beach-house somewhere on the east-coast to stretch and ‘Continental’ is the first offering. We hear Retiree's signature danceable warmth, immersive melodies, interlocking live and programmed drums, but also a solemn undertone and depth which is indicative of Retiree's musical trajectory.

Tiaryn - Cement Love     Pop 17/08/2016
With startling pop-sensibilities, poetic delivery of personal experience and an undeniably soaring voice, Melbourne-based newcomer Tiaryn today releases her debut single ‘Cement Love’.
With startling pop-sensibilities, poetic delivery of personal experience and an undeniably soaring voice, Melbourne-based newcomer Tiaryn today releases her debut single ‘Cement Love’.

Tre Samuels - Flying Without You     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop, Jazz 01/06/2016
Introducing Tre Samuels. A well known name on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week, the 17-year-old Melbourne artist is now taking leaps towards establishing himself in the music world.
Recorded in the ‘come-down’ after his whirlwind time in New York and Europe’s Fashion Weeks, Tre Samuels first single ‘Flying Without You’ is an equal part shoulder-brushing R&B anthem and a heartfelt declaration of independence from a young and exciting new Australian voice.

Other tracks by Tre Samuels:  Killer
Chymes - Oracle     Electronic 22/04/2016
Debut Single ‘Oracle’ by Chymes is a lush and lovely lullaby for distinctly tumblr times, flirtatiously combined by textured production and intimate lyricisms.
Chymes’ debut single is like no other circling the Australian airwaves. ‘Oracle’ is a lush and lovely lullaby for distinctly tumblr times, flirtatiously combined by the duo’s textured production and intimate lyricisms.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Other tracks by Chymes:  Grow
Annie Bass - While I'm Waiting     Electronic, Jazz 02/03/2016
Annie Bass is a fresh, new feminine voice in Australia's electronica music scenes from Sydney (via Adelaide)
Annie Bass’ debut single has been a labour of love. While the track, slow-burning and seductive, perfectly setting to melody the sting of sadness from unrequited affection, effortlessly communicates an emotion – Sydney based singer Annabel Weston, and co-writer Matt Morrison have carefully taken their time getting here.