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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Punk :: Flangipanis - Getting S**t For Free

Flangipanis - Getting S**t For Free

Flangipanis - Getting S**t For Free
Brisbane's lovable pop-punks Flangipanis formed in 2008 and have been delighting and offending audiences ever since. The 4 piece are renowned for good times, partial nudity, singalongs, fast songs and questionable titles such as My Period is Late and I'm Drunk, So What, F**k You - voted number 1 single of 2013 by 4ZZZfm listeners (another Flange song was bumped down to number 2 in 2014 to the one and only Violent Soho).
With a swag of national and international supports, studio releases and tours under their belt, The Flange are always looking to venture out of their home town, touring most recently to promote the brand new album Gouge Out Your Eyes which hit the stores in September 2015.
Flangipanis tsk-tsk the term a “female-fronted” band, and prefer the label “male-backed” band. The music is catchy and the live shows are always energetic. The quirky lyrics snag your attention and the guitar driven riffs easily keep you interested. After 7 years of constant gigs and recordings, the band have the Aussie punk rock sound nailed. If you don’t love it, then deductive logic concludes that you hate fun.

About this track...

This song is about people who get s**t for free; people who coast through life and put in little to no effort, and always expect everyone else to put in the hard work for them. They feel like the world owes them shit because they deserve it- they feel entitled.


Other tracks by Flangipanis: By Midnight I Should Be Naked  -  Happier Than You
Number Of People In Act 4 Piece
State/Territory Artist Is Based In QLD
City/Town/Region Artist Is Based In Brisbane
Taken From The Release Titled Gouge Out Your Eyes
Copyright Holder's Name Flangipanis
Publisher Flangipanis
Media Servicing Date 2015-10-26
Main Genre Metal/Punk
Genre 2 Punk
Genre 3 Rock
Genre 4 Garage
Contains explicit lyrics or themes that may offend some listeners Yes
Artist Official Web Site
Artist Social Network Page
Online Store Page 1
Tour Start Month 2016-12-03
Tour End Month 2016-12-31
Touring Locations SA/VIC/NSW/QLD
Content Provider Amrap CD Mailout