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First Nations


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Marcus Corowa - She's The Kinda Girl     Pop, Australian Indigenous, Soul, Rock 15/03/2013
Drawing on his Aboriginal and South Sea Islander roots, Marcus Corowa combines elements of blues, jazz and funk to create a soulful, soothing sound that is distinctly his own.
A fun and energetic song about a girl I know.

Other tracks by Marcus Corowa:  The Greater You  -  It's Alright
Caper - Bright Lights     Hip Hop 14/03/2013
Caper has a unique and uplifting sound to deliver to the hip hop scene. Rapping insightful lyrics inspired by the highs and lows of life
Bright Lights tells a story of Caper’s journey working towards for filling his dreams of making it rapping. Bright Lights is an infectious up-beat sounding introduction to Caper’s lyrical style that will have you on your feet and dancing.

Lil' Del and DJ Matty - Come on Everybody (Everythings' Gonna Be Alright)     Pop, Australian Indigenous, Hip Hop 22/02/2013
Lil' Del and DJ Matty are a young musical duo from a very remote desert community. The pair bring life in the bush closer than ever before.
Dynamic Wingellina duo, Lil' Del and DJ Matty, have worked hard to put together this uplifting new track. Featuring the vocals of local songstress, Hinerangi, this song celebrates life and is set to be the next big party hit this year!

Jacinta Price & Colin Lillie - Night & Day     Indigenous, Folk 21/02/2013
Jacinta Price & Colin Lillie's 'Night & Day' on the Amrap funded Snapshot 2 Compilation, developed by CAAMA.
Jacinta Price & Colin Lillie's 'Night & Day' on the Amrap funded Snapshot 2 Compilation, developed by CAAMA.

Stewart Gaykamangu - Lorrpu     Indigenous, Folk 21/02/2013
Stewart Gaykamangu's 'Lorrpu' on the Amrap funded Snapshot 2 Compilation.
Stewart's homelands are Ramingining & Amata His song in language is about "I am the Lorrpu, I am Bandikan, worrying and crying for the sun is setting down and disappearing

Koahlition - Mary     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Reggae, Blues 20/02/2013
Koahlition is a band from Far North Queensland with indigenous and non-indigenous musicians.Their music represents the region well with songs about social and political issues we can all relate too.
Mary is about gambling addiction and the consequences.Yet it is also hopeful and supportive. The message is there are much more important and meaningful things in life.And these addictions carry through families.

Other tracks by Koahlition:  This Land  -  High Life
Ken Lawson - Brought Up Rough     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 25/01/2013
A true to the bone country artist who tells the stories of the people.
This is a song about a young girl who is brought up on the land and is rough and tough.

Other tracks by Ken Lawson:  The Man In Black Is Dead  -  Tara Qld
Classik Nawu - How We Live     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, Australian Indigenous 09/01/2013
Hip-hop + RnB + jazz + reggae = Hipfunkfresh, the vibrant style of Classik Nawu. This five-piece burst onto the scene with cultural diversity and creativity that sets them apart
An arresting groove from the opening stanzas.
Emcees, Swilo & Au Bala flow with the precision of BDT’s seasoned slap bass...
The listener then free-falls into a refrain which, if not for the unmistakable R&B harmonies, could be mistaken for a GRP or Bluenote masterpiece.

Ken Lawson - Australian Voices     Country, Australian Indigenous, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 08/01/2013
A true to the bone country artist who tells the stories of the people.
Song for the Indigenous Australian people.

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Dewayne Everettsmith - It's Like Love     Pop, Easy Listening 19/10/2012
Chosen as the soundtrack to Tourism Australia’s latest campaign, "It's Like Love" took Dewayne Everettsmith from Aboriginal health worker to being the voice of one of 2012's most talked-about tracks.
As seen on "The Morning Show" and "Ten Breakfast", It's Like Love is fast becoming the wedding song of the year.

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Archie Roach - Song To Sing     Indigenous, Roots, Roots, World 08/10/2012
Archie is Australia’s beloved, respected and admired Aboriginal singer/songwriter with a voice and sensibility that is this country’s most important songline.
Taken from the new album; drawing from soul, gospel and rollicking country ‘n’ western.

Other tracks by Archie Roach:  Mulyawongk  -  We Won't Cry (featuring Paul Kelly)
Shane Howard - Solid Rock - Puli Kunpungka     Rock, Pop 24/09/2012
Shane Howard is one of Australia's most important and influential writers and singers. With a deep understanding of poetic and musical folk traditions he captures the nations spirit in song.
With the original version embedded in the national psyche for 30 years, comes this new version - a great symphony created with new voices for a new generation (including children from the APY Lands). Feat: Archie Roach, Amy Saunders, Natalie Pa'apa'a, Emma Donovan and Myra Howard.

Microwave Jenny - You Me Backseat     Pop, Folk 20/09/2012
A charismatic duo who delve in blissful pop/folk that is infectious, melodic and will have you feeling euphoric as you absorb every note.
An uptempo, fell good song about find ing love and being spontaneous, in of course the backseat of a car!

Caper - Freedom Writer     Hip Hop 23/08/2012
Up & coming Hip Hop artist Caper’s new single titled ‘Freedom Writer’. Caper has been nominated for ‘Most promising Talent in Music ‘award at the ‘2012 Deadly Awards’
Freedom Writer is a soulful and catchy introduction to Caper’s style and lyrical intentions. Caper writes poetry to free himself of pain, Freedom Writer encapsulates the process Caper goes through when writing and creating music. It is delivered in an aggressive, razor sharp pace.

The Last Kinection - Balooraman (JayTee Remix)     Indigenous, Hip Hop 05/07/2012
The Last Kinection (TLK) have established themselves as an empowering lyric-driven group with melodic production and progressive hip hop feel, led with Indigenous heart and soul.
Elefant Traks is proud to be reissuing a deluxe version of TLK's debut album Nutches (Noo-chez) for NADIOC week. Dubbed a 'classic' by the ABC, it contains the beautiful single Balooraman which has been remixed by JayTee - core member of the group.

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Irrunytju Band - Kalkanya Puli     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Australian Indigenous 01/07/2012
From the very heart of the Western Desert comes Irrunytju Band, an amazing unearthing of incredible talent from a community where language and culture stand strong and proud.
Kalkanya Puli "kalka-nah-pulley"
A massive anthem throughout the NG Lands, Kalkanya Puli tells the story of a traveller on a long journey, he arrives at the big rocks of "Kalka" community and knows he is getting close to home - Irrunytju. This makes him happy. A song about arriving home.

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Other tracks by Irrunytju Band:  Drinking in Town  -  Ukiri Wanti
Yung Warriors - Standing Strong     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Pop, Hip Hop 22/06/2012
Yung Warriors, Australia’s rising Indigenous hip-hop outfit. Fresh supporting Hip Hop heavyweights D12 and recent US showcase’s in NY & LA, Yung Warriors have released their second album “Standing Strong”
Yung Warriors is brothers Tjiimba and DBoy. Together they’ve supported the likes of Akon, 50Cent, The Game and Outlawz, whilst maintaining a regular presence in hometown of Melbourne. With the albums lead single already added to triple j rotation, the duo are gearing up for a huge 2012.

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Yabu Band - Petrol, Paint and Glue     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous 27/04/2012
3 piece indigenous band from WA. 2009 Deadly Award winners for Most Promising New Act, Yabu sing in English and Wongutha language and address confronting related to indigenous people.
Sweetest-saddest powerful ballad confronting the desperation of the indigenous people affected by substance abuse and the effects it has on their family and community.

Gabriel Nodea - I'll never forget my country     Indigenous 20/04/2012
Gabriel Nodea recorded by PAKAM's - this project features 48 original songs from remote Kimberly communities.
Warmun community is surrounded by amazing red mountains, big boulders and white gums, Spinifex grass, creek beds and abundant birdlife, unforgettable. The country is loved and its stories and songs are alive in the culture of the local people.

Other tracks by Gabriel Nodea:  Teach The Young People  -  Weninunggoo
Stan Rogers - He Came A long Way     Indigenous 20/04/2012
Stan Rogers recorded by PAKAM's - this project features 48 original songs from remote Kimberly communities.
Its a long way from Looma to anywhere and the friendly locals will welcome you and show you great swimming and fishing spots in the Fitzroy River. Stan’s gentle voice and manner is reflected in this favourite local gospel song.