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First Love Publicity

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Luke Brennan - Lovers Leap     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 22/12/2017
What moments would you be without if you didn’t take a chance? Luke Brennan seeks his answer in what will no doubt be one of the songs of the year.
Showcasing his skill of melding traditional folk sensibilities with touches of modern stylings, Luke Brennan's new single ‘Lovers Leap’ tells the story of love on the precipice, an ode to the dreamer and a solemn cry to would-be romantics.

Luke Brennan - One True Love     Country, Folk 31/05/2017
A romantic whirlwind in the vein of Van Morrison's Astral Weeks, Luke Brennan re-images a timeless theme with the lyrical finesse of Cass McCombs on his single ‘One True Love’
A romantic whirlwind in the vein of Van Morrison's Astral Weeks, Luke Brennan re-images a timeless theme with the tenderness and lyrical finesse of Cass McCombs on his upcoming single ‘One True Love’

Other tracks by Luke Brennan:  When I Was Yours
Young Hysteria - Never Gonna Learn     Pop, Soul 03/11/2016
Musically diverse and otherworldly, Young Hysteria produces music that's cinematic — a love letter to the history of pop music, written from the lineages of dream pop, electronica and lo-fi.
“Never Gonna Learn” is that rare song that relaxes you, causes you to lose your breath momentarily, and transports you to another place. Beautiful and brilliant." — The Revue.

Other tracks by Young Hysteria:  No Time
The Cherry Dolls - Fire     Rock, Pop 13/09/2016
With a thirst for straight up, no nonsense rock'n'roll, Melbourne's, The Cherry Dolls are excited to announce the new single 'Fire' from their forthcoming EP, Lone Palm.
'Fire' follows on from previous single, ‘Wasted’ which garnered airplay on Triple J and community radio. On this new offering, The Cherry Dolls take their sound across the globe to L.A to record with Dan Horne (Cass Mccombs). Mixed by Alex Markwell from 'The Delta Riggs', Mastered by Jimmy Hawk.

Other tracks by The Cherry Dolls:  Endless Party
Young Hysteria - Dancing On The Sheets     Pop, RnB, Psychedelic 29/07/2016
Young Hysteria delivers a strangely infectious record, where orchestrated ’60s psych-pop and 80’s synth-pop melds into a kaleidoscopic canvas akin to McCartney II, Tears for Fears and Marvin Gaye.
‘Dancing On The Sheets,’ explores themes of boredom, sex and love as an explanation for human weirdness and patterns we can all relate to (or at least understand), all under the guise experimental pop. At the root of it, this character of obsession—or idiosyncrasy.

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The Cherry Dolls - Wasted     Rock, Garage, Pop 16/03/2016
The Cherry Dolls deliver a new party anthem 'Wasted' from their forthcoming EP 'Lone Palm.'
The band have teamed up with L.A producer, Dan Horne (Cass McCombs, Ben Kweller) and mix engineer, Chris ‘Frenchie’ Smith (The Darkness, Dandy Warhols, Jet) to deliver a track gleaming with infectious joy. Underscoring its hedonistic reference, 'Wasted' is ultimately a song about, innocence in entertaining adolescent fashion.

William van der Vliet - Lay Above You     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 02/03/2016
William van der Vliet provides a sublime insight into lust and love. Drawing on 60’s influences with contemporaries Beach House and Wild Nothing, William transports you to that warm place.
Aquatic in feel and old school in sound, 'Lay Above You' fuses fuzzed out guitars and saw toothed synthesisers through a pulsating back beat to transport to a world of broken love.

Other tracks by William van der Vliet:  Driveway  -  This Time
Cope and Drag - Start Again     Rock, Pop 10/02/2016
Cope and Drag delivers awe-inspiring, slack-jawed lyrical humdrum. Headed by songwriter Nic Dupleix-Pyke (Big Smoke) and rhythm section Jackie Wilson (The Sugarcanes) & Thomas Van Der Vliet (The Cherry Dolls).
Cope and Drag's 'Start Again' on the wordy irreverence of Bob Dylan with the street smart narratives of Lou Reed. The record draws comparisons to seminal pioneers such The Stooges the Velvet Underground and contemporary favourites such as Cass McCombs and Kurt Vile.

Other tracks by Cope and Drag:  Guilty of Everything  -  Bliss Born
The Cherry Dolls - Who The Hell     Rock, Pop 23/01/2016
With a thirst for straight up, no nonsense rock n roll, The Cherry Dolls deliver a new EP of swaggering fire power for their debut EP for First Love.

Other tracks by The Cherry Dolls:  Take a Ride
Geno Carrapetta - The Guru     Rock, Psychedelic, Soul 13/09/2015
Hailing from Sydney currently based in London, Geno Carrapetta makes retrofuturistic low-fi pop, beyond the 3rd dimension.
The Seductive Sound. The Prophetic Vision. The Grand Designs. The Guru.

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Other tracks by Geno Carrapetta:  Black Rain
Big Smoke - Lately     Rock, Folk, Pop 30/06/2015
Big Smoke creates music that dances its way through the history of rock ‘n’ roll. With pop and country sensibilities, Big Smoke journeys towards its true north, the classic song.
‘Lately’ from Big Smoke’s forthcoming EP sees Slattery‘s vocals croon over ominous percussion, reverberating guitars and driving bass — delivered with the electricity of the band playing in a room. It’s a rollicking jam, lovelorn yet anthemic, one to be sung along to from festivals to living room kick-ons.


Big Smoke - Try A Little Love     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 12/02/2015
Like a forgotten lennon/McCartney gem, Melbourne’s Big Smoke create a sound that dances its way through the history of rock ‘n’ roll; pop, folk, country and soul sensibilities.
‘Try A Little Love’ is a glimmer of earnest folk-pop steeped in melody and melancholy. Emerging from vignettes of romance and heartbreak, the hopeful refrain is reminiscent of a forgotten gem from the Lennon/McCartney songbook.

Young Hysteria - One Young Lover     Pop, Electronic 28/01/2015
With their fleeting sounds, laconic vocals and instantly memorable melodies, Young Hysteria conjures a world lost in translation, yet ultimately romantic and blissful.
'One Young Lover' is a pulsing r'n'b infused jam that is equally as dreamy as it is intricate and introspective.

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Geno Carrapetta - Éternité     Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic 14/03/2014
Geno Carrapetta makes music from another time and place.
Éternité is the lead track from Privé, Geno Carrapetta’s latest album. It’s hypnotic & sexy with a dark & ominous undertone. A cyclical and nostalgic slow burner, it’s the perfect soundtrack for late night adventures.

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Other tracks by Geno Carrapetta:  Privé
Young Hysteria - This Is Not A Love Song     Pop 09/12/2013
Young Hysteria is the new dreampop project of Jimmy Hawk and Thomas Van Der Vliet. Think anthemic jams of Tears for fears coupled with the sublime croon of Chris Isaak.
Young Hysteria’s debut single, ‘This Is Not A Love Song’, is a soul-sonic pocket symphony, as much cinematic in its scope as it is a love letter to the history of pop music, written from the lineages of indie, electronica and lo-fi.

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Jimmy Hawk - Yana Homme     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 10/08/2013
With a penchant for melody and expressive lyricism; Hawk’s musical dreamscapes have endeared him to indie aficionados and has seen him performed alongside acts Cold War Kids & Temper Trap.
All clever songs possess a sense of reverie and cathartic release. Jimmy Hawk’s new single, ‘Yana Homme’ exudes just that, with its confessional-pop & romance. Its instrumentation gives it a folk-country tinge, but its attitude is unmistakably indie, filled with a sense of warmth, conjuring nostalgia whilst still being contemporary.

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Brave Face - Any Other Love     Pop, Rock 27/04/2013
Brave Face play songs for a day dream nation. Their music is dream filled, coupled with luscious reverb drenched guitars and sweet melodies.
Any Other Love is the first single from Melbourne's Brave Face. Unashamedly raw and honest in vibe, the track evokes images or like something out of a John Hughes film.

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Joel Sarakula - I Will Deliver     Pop, Rock, Dance 27/08/2012
An artist who makes the most of the stage, excitedly playing the keys like a mod Jerry Lee Lewis... chirpy sharp rock with a 60s vibe and some killer trousers.
Joel Sarakula releases his new single ‘I Will Deliver’ through Art Parade Records. The track is the follow up to ‘Bohemian’, released earlier this year, and sees multi-instrumentalist Joel trade folk pop guitars for a sleazy, disco-esque piano hook. The track was recorded in Sydney with long-term producer David Skeet.

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Geno Carrapetta - Night Moves     Pop, Experimental, Retro 27/04/2012
Geno Carrapetta is an experimental pop artist, who makes music from another time and place.
Night Moves the debut single from Geno Carrapetta is an Astral-Pop ballad of obsession, guilt & regrets.

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Brave Face - Something Old Something New     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Pop 22/03/2012
A flexible and unrestricted ensemble whose sound is reinforced with influences ranging from the likes of Sixto-Rodriguez and the Kinks to more recently acclaimed acts such as Deerhunter and girls.
Brave Face's debut single "Something Old Something New" delivers 1950's nostalgia with luscious reverb drenched guitars and melodies. This song will take you back to your high school dance.