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Firestarter Music

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Black Stone from the Sun - Smile In A Daze     Rock 18/04/2018
Perth grunge-punk duo Black Stone from the Sun deliver impassioned chunky rock with a massive dose of melody. For fans of DZ Deathrays, Polish Club and huge riffs and sing-alongs.
Spearheaded by new single Smile In A Daze, arguably their heaviest but most melodious track yet, Dreamalysis demonstrates the band’s evolution since their 2015 EP Death Threats and Cigarettes, showcasing a refined songwriting approach that delves into darker lyrical territory whilst retaining their raucous, bone-shattering, chaotic sound.

King of the Travellers - Señor Oxido     Rock, World, Punk, Roots 18/04/2018
Intertwining layers of Romani, Balkan and Celtic folk into a punk-fuelled tornado, King of the Travellers summon the musical ghosts of yore from every corner of the globe.
On their fierce new single Señor Oxido, Fremantle 7-piece King of the Travellers ride into new territory with a heavy gallop. While the song's lyric is a playful ode written upon the departure of former bandmate Rusty, Señor Oxido is a powerful orchestration of the band's impressive ensemble.

Alex Arpino - Space Ghost (In a Puppet)     Rock, Pop 05/04/2018
After a decade fronting indie-pop purveyors The Autumn Isles, Alex Arpino now sets out on a solo escapade, showcasing not only his songwriting prowess, but his skills as a producer.
Written and recorded in his studio, Space Ghost (In a Puppet) features Alex Arpino on all instruments and vocal duties with Malcolm Clark (The Sleepy Jackson) on drums. Alex has pieced together an infectious saturated synth hook gem that balances the line between new wave and psych pop.

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The Milkmen - Pirate Boy     Rock, Acoustic 20/03/2018
The Milkmen tap a vein of dirty acoustic rock, striking gold with masterfully layered songs that delve deep into the heavier realities of life.
Driven by the gritty vocal style of Conor Mcloughlin, The Milkmen's spine-tingling first single Pirate Boy taps a vein of dirty acoustic rock. Raw and honest, the lyrics at the heart of Pirate Boy match the intensity with which they are sung.

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Simone & Girlfunkle - Girls     Folk, Pop 19/03/2018
Perth Avant-folk darlings Simone & Girlfunkle are pleased to announce the arrival of their sophomore album Hold On, the much-anticipated follow up to 2013’s Hurry, Harry.
With new single and album opener 'Girls', a self-described war cry declaring that their gender-equal band won't be stepped on, Simone & Girlfunkle have once again proven they're a band with many strings in their multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist bow.

Citizen of the World - Free To Go     Folk, Rock 13/03/2018
Building upon their more folk-based background, Sydney's citizen of the World are now producing sonically huge modern indie, captured perfectly in each heartfelt note of new single Free To Go.
Citizen Of The World's latest single Free To Go marks a definitive chapter in the band's unfolding story. Building upon their more folk-based background, the Sydney five-piece are now producing sonically huge modern indie, captured perfectly in each heartfelt note of Free To Go.

Almond Soy - I Could Be The One     Rock, Pop 15/02/2018
Formed at the end of 2016 and lead by brothers Brandon and James Stockbridge, Almond Soy have developed at an unbelievable pace resulting with debut EP 'Social Misfit'.
While there is no definitive 'Perth sound' to speak of, new single I Could Be The One is a beat-driven and swaying affair; awash in an ocean of synth and reverb that has certainly encapsulated the mood of the city.

In Capital - Little Architect     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 15/02/2018
Overflowing with '80s synthpop hooks and irresistible beats, In Capital's debut album Human Is bridges the space between ambitious studio project and dance floor masterpiece with effortless stride.
Opening with mesmerising ambience, the gentle, rising strings of first single Little Architect is a brooding introduction to the vast sonic palette of Melbourne duo In Capital.

Ratking - Vote4Me     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal 15/02/2018
Born in the blistering heat and surf of Western Australia, Ratking are emerging as one of the most exciting hardcore bands around.
Drawing upon elements of punk, hardcore and thrash, Vote4Me is a tornado of blitzkrieg drums, powerful riffs and the acidic, reverb-laden howls courtesy of vocalist Josh Reeves.

Jack's Band - Sharks     Rock 01/02/2018
Sydney's Jack’s Band both capture and obliterate the joyous angst inherent in being a twenty-something millennial without a clue via indie-rock in the vein of Ball Park Music and Custard.
Written by singer Rohan Pank in his university days, Sharks captures the anxiety and uncertainty of early 20’s life and where that life may lead. Self-produced, the slice of indie-rock had been in the works since 2013, being recorded between Pank’s parents’ garage and a Surry Hills apartment.

Luke Fox - Reasons     Pop, Roots, Folk 01/02/2018
Luke Fox delivers an honest, laid-back swagger deriving from his regional small town upbringing. His sunny disposition, breezy feels and distinctive vocal tones are definitively Western Australian...warm and inviting.
Reasons is a huge creative leap from Luke Fox's humble acoustic beginnings to fully fledged songwriter, incorporating pulsating production to compliment his melodic indie-roots inclinations. Lyrically, Reasons is a story driven by feelings of stress and anxiety from poor decision making in life that often plagues us all.

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Dave Power - Close Behind     Blues/Roots, Country, Rock 01/02/2018
Brisbane's Dave Power has cemented himself as a world-class songwriter with a distinct and unique artistic fingerprint, typified by the new soulful-blues number 'Close Behind'.
The sacredness of family has been a recurring theme throughout Dave Power's work. Envisioning the future of his daughter as she grows from a child to a parent, Close Behind takes Dave on a journey from father to grandfather, as he paints a vivid picture of the preciousness of life.

Almond Soy - Happy Ever After     Rock, Pop 31/01/2018
Starting out as a bedroom project and lead by brothers Brandon and James Stockbridge, Almond Soy has evolved into a five piece indie band now touring nationally.
"Addictive melodies, dark undertones and infectious grins..." - Pilerats

“A stunning aptitude for lo-fi, summer burners with vocal hooks for days.” - Happy Mag

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Ratking - Gotta Light?     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 31/01/2018
Born in the blistering heat and surf of Perth, Ratking are emerging as one of the most exciting hardcore bands around.
Complete with powerful riffs, the acidic reverb-laden howls of Josh Reeves and delivered with a gargantuan sonic weight, Gotta Light? is the crushing new single from Perth hardcore specialists Ratking.

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Blue Child Collective - Sailor's Song     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic 07/12/2017
Fronted by Dan White, an enthusiastic collaborator, multi-instrumentalist and fingerstyle artisan, Blue Child Collective are a fluid groove n' roots outfit based in and out of Margaret River.
"Evoking the gentle rhythms and roaring freedom of Australia’s seaside" (Happy Mag), Blue Child Collective's 'Sailor's Song' is a folkier selection in Dan White's cannon of roots inspired songwriting. Taken from the album 'Saturn Saw The Seaside', the single accompanies BCC's new documentary that captures the recording process in Corsica.

Foreign Architects - Talk To A Scientist     Rock, Pop 06/12/2017
Indie pop-rockers Foreign Architects started as Perth singer-songwriter Matt Burke and his drummer cousin, Andrew Barnett, before recently expanding the lineup to include accomplished instrumentalists Callum Morrisson and Dylan Geiles.
Finding the perfect balance between intricate melodies and pop hooks, Foreign Architects have put forward their latest slice of indie rock with single Talk To A Scientist. Both radio-friendly and ready to ignite the stage, Talk To A Scientist is impeccably crafted with the charm of Matt Burke's soulful voice.

The Peppermint Club - Everything Is Changing     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 06/12/2017
Like their namesake, The Peppermint Club's songs are refreshing, a little sweet and fit comfortably in your pocket. Refracting nostalgic, golden-age songcraft through layers of summer haze and bittersweet melancholia.
‘Everything Is Changing’ deploys a pitch-perfect blend of crunchy guitar, mellotron strings, handclaps and sea-breeze vocals to leave the impression of a pensive Perth sunset in under three minutes.

Olive - Senseless     Pop, Soul 17/11/2017
Perth singer-songwriter Olive manages to capture sunshine in everything she does... even a darker, more personal tune like new single Senseless.
Senseless finds Olive traversing the shadows of a deep, slow-burning indie blues – drenched in Olive's personality and the enchanting timbre of her world class voice with more than a satisfying pinch of Motown.

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Holly Hunta - Used To     Electronic, Pop 15/11/2017
Burgeoning electronic writer, performer and producer Holly Hunta is one of Brisbane's best kept secrets and has just released her debut single 'Used To'.
Placing her tingling vocal hooks atop a cloud of synths, Used To marries blissful ambience with racing, energetic rhythms – ebbing and flowing in intensity as it journeys past each exquisite chorus. Touching on themes of love and desire, Holly Hunta's debut is suitably uplifting.

Simone & Girlfunkle - Gary Song     Folk, Pop 09/11/2017
Indie-folk darlings Simone & Girlfunkle were born on one of North Perth's sun-drenched afternoons. With a mesmerising combination of three-part female harmonies and delightful arrangements, they produce shimmering winsome pop-folk.
In her ever-so poetic and enthusiastic demeanour, vocalist Bridget Turner says of the new single "Gary Song is inspired by the upbeat-meets-melancholy vibe of bands like Alvvays. It’s an ode to our dead best friends – our pets specifically, one very loving and loved, yet guitar-phobic feline: Gary."