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Firestarter Music

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Blue Child Collective - Golden     Roots, Folk 23/01/2020
Recently crowned West Australian Music’s Best Regional Act for 2019, Margaret River's conscious roots collab Blue Child Collective has powered into 2020 with their mesmerising new single 'Golden'.
Written on a Mt Maunganui sunrise while on tour in NZ, Golden sees BCC blending elements of indie-folk and roots in a similar vein to Crosses by Jose Gonzalez and Bon Iver’s Holocene. Featuring a solid percussion bed, baritone vocals and a singalong of “Harmony with everything, harmony, we all can sing in.”, it's arguably the Collective at their finest.

Dear Willow - Happy     Indie, Pop, Folk, Alternative 14/11/2019
Dear Willow originated as the creative voice of Em-J Dau. Since then Dear Willow has transformed from poet to solo act to full-band, embracing a love of all things indie-rock.
"I wrote Happy at a time when a couple of people in my immediate circle were going through divorces/separations. It made me question why we put ourselves out there and risk so much? But then I also saw those same people put themselves out there again despite the heartbreak. Love is scary as hell but we do it anyway."

Valley Onda - Turtle     Alternative, Indie, Experimental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 14/11/2019
Valley Onda are a highly evolved animal. Combined, the band's studio prowess and their organic musicality form something bold and unique that finds its power in subtlety, delicacy and tastefulness.
Turtle is a loose metaphor for a complex love song - a hard shell with a soft centre, retraction and self-protection, wisdom and self-belief - a slow and steady number about getting to know someone who seems so far away but is yearning to be touched.

Verticoli - End of Days     Rock, Alternative 14/11/2019
Combining unrelenting groove with a passion for heaviness and harmony, Tassie born/Melbourne based three piece Verticoli are one of the must-see rock acts on the rise.
"End of Days is about the feeling of being lost in your own life and looking outwards for a sense of direction and purpose, but that world outside your window is one of immense uncertainty and bleakness where it’s probably more difficult that an ever to know how to live your life."

CJ Stranger - Strange One     Blues, Rock, Alternative, Folk 13/11/2019
A singer-songwriter through and through, CJ Stranger's captivating voice, tell-all lyrics and natural feel for finger-picking work together in perfect synchrony.
Describing lead single Strange One as a “stream-of-consciousness ramble of a day living in the inner-west,” CJ carves out contemporary Australian music akin to present day greats like Courtney Barnett, filled with occurrences like electric shocks, technology failing, having a tunnel dug under your house, and tryin' to pay rent. “After a strong coffee,” he notes, “things feel better.”

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The Goldhearts - Road To Roam     Indie, Rock, Pop, Alternative 13/11/2019
The Goldhearts blend the best aspects of 90's heritage into a modern sound that balances the perfect amount of grungy indie with blissful coastal pop.
Road To Rome is a slice of laid-back jangly indie-rock that blends 90s-esque hooks with a modern sonic palette. More importantly the track is part of an EP that's a celebration of overcoming the challenges that life presents the band as individuals and as women who write and play music.

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Brandon Poletti - Too Long     Easy Listening, Pop, Folk, Rock 08/11/2019
On his sophomore EP 'Words From Within', Brandon Poletti takes listeners on a laid-back voyage through intricate musicianship, colourful wordplay and effortlessly smooth vocal delivery.
Backed by some of Perth's best musicians, singer-songwriter Brandon Poletti's new single 'Too Long' floats laid-back vocals with subtle instrumentation atop a gentle, breezy rhythm.

Other tracks by Brandon Poletti:  Find My Way Through
The Money War - Let Love In     Indie, Pop 14/10/2019
With their penchant for warm melodious songwriting, Carmen Pepper and Dylan Ollivierre are The Money War, one of WA's most impressive indie-pop acts.
"Let Love In is written from the point of view of trying to navigate a friend out of a dark place. We wanted to write something that naturally and musically felt uplifting, even though the subject matter stemmed from a somewhat bleak space. It was certainly new ground for us to cover and is now a fave in our set."

Duncan Saige - Under the Weather     Indie, Pop, Rock 11/10/2019
Sounding like some kind of hybrid to Jeff Buckley and Supergrass, Duncan Saige glows with infectious vocal melodies enveloped in indie-pop and stripped back folk.
Under the Weather is about how Henry Clarke gradually came out of the trough and learnt some valuable life lessons along the way. "It’s extremely satisfying to know that some hard times can make you ‘upgrade into someone better’, as I reference in the chorus, and believe that everything can work itself out eventually."

Yo Yo Sun - Dark of Night     Folk, Indie 11/10/2019
Yo Yo Sun is the Fremantle-based duo of Jamie Tan and Andrew Miller. Filled with uplifting songs that dance the tightrope between happiness and heartache that's honest and beautifully delivered.
"Dark of Night is about that space when hopelessness could envelop you but there's a sense of hope too; waiting on one moment to turn things around. We casually played it right after a long night of recording when all the mics were still on. Little did we know we'd end up using what we captured as the one take."'

The Phazes - ISLA     Rock, Indie 04/10/2019
Based in Sydney's famed northern beaches, The Phazes bring a unique, summery twist to what would be more traditionally a New York rock sound
ISLA is a perfect slice of upbeat indie rock that allows the full personality of the band to burst through. With its irresistible guitars and boisterous chorus, it is a pitch-perfect modern classic, tailor-made for today's demanding radio listener.

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Young Robin - Tropical Punch     Indie, Pop, Rock 01/10/2019
Young Robin have earned their place in Perth music's upper echelon of live acts. Aside from their deft songwriting, Young Robin bring an electrifying presence that connects deeply with audiences.
Upon listening to the latest Young Robin single, it is instantly apparent why it gained the working title of Tropical Punch. With its calypso rhythm, breezy vocals and a guitar line that could happily moonlight as steel drums, the song is blissfully warm and summery.

Yo Yo Sun - Universes     Folk 27/08/2019
Yo Yo Sun is the Fremantle-based acoustic duo of Jamie Tan and Andrew Miller who craft uplifting songs that dance the tightrope between happiness and heartache.
Following on from the jangly and ambling, Wish I Was Brave, Universes highlights Yo Yo Sun's impressive capacity to make music that puts a smile on your face. With a more gentle and folky approach, repeat listening reveals an underlying depth that marries bittersweet lyrics with catchy, unforgettable melodies.

The Money War - We're Alright     Pop, Folk 02/08/2019
Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper are The Money War, one of Perth's most brightest and seductive indie-pop bands.
"We're Alright is a reassuring song about sticking together through the hard times and troubling confusion. I think a lot of people, myself included, are struggling to figure out where they fit in the world. It really feels like it’s a strange time to be alive." Dylan Ollivierre

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Valley Onda - Foreigner     Electronic, Downbeat, Pop, Atmospheric 02/08/2019
Flawlessly blending electronic and acoustic percussion, synth and strings with deep and baring lyric matter, Valley Onda have crafted their first generation of songs with thoughtful precision.
Depicting fear and a loss of identity, Foreigner views humanity as a funnel, trickling down into one stream – a singularity of consciousness and corporeality that deeply reflects Valley Onda's own philosophies of the eternal.

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Verticoli - So Far     Rock 23/07/2019
Combining unrelenting groove with a passion for heaviness and harmony, Tassie born/Melbourne based three piece Verticoli have supported some of the country's biggest names while becoming headliners themselves.
"So Far is about a relationship coming about at a completely inopportune time. It was written after my girlfriend and I got together at the end of university, just as a fling initially, which then turned into more than that after we'd already accepted jobs on opposite sides of the country."

Indigo - La Luna     Pop, Rock 19/07/2019
Mandurah five-piece Indigo travel the deep waters of moody indie rock while showcasing a love of crafty pop hooks.
From the opening riffs, to the brooding verses, through each iteration of its uplifting chorus; La Luna is as much a powerful journey as it is a pop song. With more than a touch of retro-pop nostalgia in the mix, La Luna is an emotional, often yearning ride, made grand by Kinna's heartfelt lyrics of empathy and humanity.

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IV Dante - Napping In Night Clubs     Pop, Rock 10/07/2019
IV Dante cultivates the perfect middle ground between youthfulness and an old soul – culminating in a banquet of everything from grandiose '80s pop to polished modern indie.
Beaming like incendiary light through the night sky, shimmering with delay-soaked guitars and ethereal, heartfelt vocals with pop-hooks galore, Napping In Night Clubs blends arpeggiated synths and toneful, overdriven guitars – giving two '80s staples a new lease on life.

Ragdoll - Rust     Rock 10/07/2019
Led by the powerhouse vocals of Ryan Rafferty and backed by the shredding guitars of Leon Todd and drum grooves of Cam Barrett, Ragdoll are the definitive hard rock band.
Guitarist Leon Todd: “Rust is simultaneously heavier and more melodic than anything we’ve written before. Working out of Hammerspace has resulted in the most complete performances we’ve ever recorded.”

“Merges the swagger of the Seventies, the anthemic melodies of the mid-Eighties and the sonic intensity of modern times.” Classic Rock Magazine

Carthasy - Connect     Metal/Punk, Rock 02/07/2019
Carthasy's heavy progressive sound is both fluid and crushing – a tsunami of valleys and peaks that come in relentless waves.
Commenting on the overlapping grey area between truth and falsehood, 'Connect' examines what goes through the minds of career politicians, once the cameras are turned off. Inspired by a chance encounter between frontman Garry Dick and former opposition leader Bill Shorten, Connect builds in impenetrable layers of thunderous drums and bass, blistering guitars and soaring vocal melodies.

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