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Firestarter Music

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The Money War - We're Alright     Pop, Folk 02/08/2019
Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper are The Money War, one of Perth's most brightest and seductive indie-pop bands.
"We're Alright is a reassuring song about sticking together through the hard times and troubling confusion. I think a lot of people, myself included, are struggling to figure out where they fit in the world. It really feels like it’s a strange time to be alive." Dylan Ollivierre

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Valley Onda - Foreigner     Electronic, Downbeat, Pop, Atmospheric 02/08/2019
Flawlessly blending electronic and acoustic percussion, synth and strings with deep and baring lyric matter, Valley Onda have crafted their first generation of songs with thoughtful precision.
Depicting fear and a loss of identity, Foreigner views humanity as a funnel, trickling down into one stream – a singularity of consciousness and corporeality that deeply reflects Valley Onda's own philosophies of the eternal.

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Verticoli - So Far     Rock 23/07/2019
Combining unrelenting groove with a passion for heaviness and harmony, Tassie born/Melbourne based three piece Verticoli have supported some of the country's biggest names while becoming headliners themselves.
"So Far is about a relationship coming about at a completely inopportune time. It was written after my girlfriend and I got together at the end of university, just as a fling initially, which then turned into more than that after we'd already accepted jobs on opposite sides of the country."

Indigo - La Luna     Pop, Rock 19/07/2019
Mandurah five-piece Indigo travel the deep waters of moody indie rock while showcasing a love of crafty pop hooks.
From the opening riffs, to the brooding verses, through each iteration of its uplifting chorus; La Luna is as much a powerful journey as it is a pop song. With more than a touch of retro-pop nostalgia in the mix, La Luna is an emotional, often yearning ride, made grand by Kinna's heartfelt lyrics of empathy and humanity.

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IV Dante - Napping In Night Clubs     Pop, Rock 10/07/2019
IV Dante cultivates the perfect middle ground between youthfulness and an old soul – culminating in a banquet of everything from grandiose '80s pop to polished modern indie.
Beaming like incendiary light through the night sky, shimmering with delay-soaked guitars and ethereal, heartfelt vocals with pop-hooks galore, Napping In Night Clubs blends arpeggiated synths and toneful, overdriven guitars – giving two '80s staples a new lease on life.

Ragdoll - Rust     Rock 10/07/2019
Led by the powerhouse vocals of Ryan Rafferty and backed by the shredding guitars of Leon Todd and drum grooves of Cam Barrett, Ragdoll are the definitive hard rock band.
Guitarist Leon Todd: “Rust is simultaneously heavier and more melodic than anything we’ve written before. Working out of Hammerspace has resulted in the most complete performances we’ve ever recorded.”

“Merges the swagger of the Seventies, the anthemic melodies of the mid-Eighties and the sonic intensity of modern times.” Classic Rock Magazine

Carthasy - Connect     Metal/Punk, Rock 02/07/2019
Carthasy's heavy progressive sound is both fluid and crushing – a tsunami of valleys and peaks that come in relentless waves.
Commenting on the overlapping grey area between truth and falsehood, 'Connect' examines what goes through the minds of career politicians, once the cameras are turned off. Inspired by a chance encounter between frontman Garry Dick and former opposition leader Bill Shorten, Connect builds in impenetrable layers of thunderous drums and bass, blistering guitars and soaring vocal melodies.

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Chaos Divine - False Flags     Metal/Punk 28/06/2019
Chaos Divine have carved out an impressive reputation as one of the finest prog-metal acts around thanks to their uncompromising arrangements, crushingly heavy riffs and soaring melodies.
Vocalist David Anderton says of the track, “While False Flags delves into conspiracy theories of clandestine governments attacking the very citizens they're sworn to protect, it also highlights a very real and on-going concern of the extreme privacy concerns and censorship that the people of leading nations today are experiencing.”

The Money War - Life Is Better In Dreams     Pop, Folk, Rock 28/06/2019
Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper are The Money War, one of Perth's most brightest and seductive indie-pop bands.
Life Is Better In Dreams is The Money War at their dreamy, heartwarming best. From its jangly, uplifting chorus to its video clip featuring footage of the duo as youngsters. "We wanted to make a song that felt like one of those strange dreams that you wake up from and think, WTF?.”

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Smiley - War Games (feat Sophie Jane)     Hip Hop 13/06/2019
Colliding skill and tenacity with a staggering array of tricks, Smiley typifies the wave of new artists that are currently ushering in an exciting new era of the genre.
Flaunting another exciting collaboration, War Games is a deliberate change of course – backing off the throttle and injecting danceable pop hooks, courtesy of Perth luminary Sophie Jane. Smiley says of the track "War Games is a personal but relatable tale of a turbulent young relationship struggling with insecurities, commitment and trust."

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Sun Salute - Hold On     Blues/Roots, Reggae, Soul, Roots 13/06/2019
An international collective that draw inspiration from nature, travel and community, Sun Salute's philosophy is both simple and infinitely complex: to use the power of music for healing and change.
"In a world of super consumerism, Hold On shares a story of faith in the bond between mother and child. We, the children of our mother earth must act now and do all we can take less and start increasing our giving back to nature."

IV Dante - #800080     Rock, Pop 28/05/2019
Swirling in a loop where talent and ambition fuel one other, Melbourne's IV Dante culminate in a banquet of everything from grandiose '80s pop to polished modern indie.
Named after the hexadecimal code for a particularly vivid purple, #800080 further plays to IV Dante's love for the pseudonymic. Its lyrics are layered with ambiguity and hidden meaning, taking universal staples of love, heartbreak and redemption, and gifting them with depth and texture beyond their simple truths.

Tempest Rising - Ghosts     Metal/Punk 21/05/2019
Shifting from soaring melody to sheer brutality in a heartbeat, Tempest Rising display a jaw-dropping fluency in heavy music.
Engineered and mixed by Chaos Divine's Simon Mitchell, 'Ghosts' is an absolute pinnacle of songwriting, performance and production - complexly rich in crushing power and virtuosity, yet somehow immovably simple and uplifting.

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Yo Yo Sun - Wish I Was Brave     Folk, Blues, Acoustic, Easy Listening 16/05/2019
Yo Yo Sun is the Fremantle-based acoustic duo of Jamie Tan and Andrew Miller, specialising in uplifting songs that dance the tightrope between happiness and heartache.
Jangly and ambling, Wish I Was Brave highlights Yo Yo Sun's impressive capacity to make music that puts a smile on your face. As its delightful groove immediately find its way to your hips, repeat listening reveals an underlying depth that delves into themes of love, vulnerability and yearning for courage.

Duncan Saige - Music Sounds Better with You     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Pop 10/05/2019
Thriving in a solo setting when not fronting his four-piece band, WA's Duncan Saige concocts an infectious blend of alt-indie-folk in the vein of Crowded House and Ball Park Music.
Featuring a Tommy Emmanuel-like guitar solo and a ukulele to emulate the big octave guitar chugs in the original song, Duncan says of Music Sounds Better with You, “I’ve always loved this song. One day I sat down and tried to learn it and discovered that despite being a dance track, a solo singer-songwriter could possibly arrange and play it."

Valley Onda - Relentless     Electronic, Downbeat, Pop 10/05/2019
Flawlessly blending electronic and acoustic percussion, synth and strings with deep and baring lyric matter, Valley Onda have crafted their first generation of songs with thoughtful precision.
Exploring themes of mortality and severed relationships, Relentless builds through tense musical and vocal passages before erupting into a joyous awakening. The band's studio prowess and their organic musicality form something bold and unique that finds its power in subtlety and tastefulness; a place where the heavier lyrical concepts wash up against a shore of delicate keys and ethereal vocals.

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Citizen of the World - Deep Blue Eyes     Rock, Folk, Pop 16/04/2019
Citizen Of The World have developed a sound that finds itself untethered and free. Sincere and heartfelt, the band have evolved from a more folk-based sound to fully-fledged modern indie.
"All our songs are inspired by things that happen to us. Deep Blue eyes is about what we all hope to achieve: the thrill of discovering the person we know will be the one. It’s a good thing we wrote this song rather quickly, turns out the person the song was written about wasn’t the one after all…!"

Smiley - Stick Up Kids     Hip Hop 16/04/2019
Perth emcee Smiley has always let his music do the talking; From his philosophies to his politics, Smiley raps in crystal clear, brutally honest terms.
Produced by multi platinum, multi Juno Award winner Rob The Viking, Stick Up Kids is quintessential Smiley – viciously and relentless – giving him all the room he needs to spit with precision and impunity. Dark and shady as only Smiley can do it, Stick Up Kids is raw, real and sinister.

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Rick Webster - We'll Never Be Them     Rock, Pop 11/04/2019
On his new EP 'Long Story Short', Perth's Rick delivers some of his finest songs to date, intertwining his rich guitar playing with the alluring voice of Sophie Foster.
“We’ll Never Be Them was written whilst travelling around Australia with my now wife, when we found ourselves in a very expensive upmarket bar. The bartender actually asked me “Do you want a cheap drink or a good drink?” I thought it was hilarious and immediately wrote it down to turn into a song!”

Black Stone from the Sun - Pseudocide     Rock, Grunge, Punk 09/04/2019
Perth grunge-punk duo Black Stone from the Sun deliver impassioned chunky rock with a massive dose of melody. For fans of DZ Deathrays, Polish Club and huge riffs and sing-alongs.
"Pseudocide came about from tales of people faking their own deaths. Fans of these celebrities like to make up stories about how their favourite musician survived their illness or accident, when in reality they’re either creating a scapegoat to avoid sadness or tailoring a story that will give the world some hope of a Second Coming of these legends."