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Firestarter Music

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Jack Runaway - Ready To Know You     Rock 18/12/2018
Based in Western Australia's Golden Bay, Jack Runaway envelopes familiar themes in a swirl of melodies and tones that cut across genres, fuelled by a sense of nostalgia,
Written on a plane as a distraction from a fear of flying, 'Ready To Know You' is a heartfelt reflection on a breakup, delivered in a burst of jangling guitars and sing-along vocals. Funnelling life experience into every song, Jack Runaway is a place of raw emotion that taps into childhood memories, current day happenings, and everything in between.

Sydnee Carter - Give It All Away     Pop, Dance 07/12/2018
WAM award winning singer-songwriter Sydnee Carter is progressing in leaps and bounds thanks to her chameleonic abilities. Working with Slumberjack, 360 and more, Sydnee is again releasing superb solo material.
Sydnee Carter's new single Give It All Away ushers in the next phase of what is already a runaway career. Focusing the heightened emotion of love at first sight, Give It All Away is brimming with hope and naivety – energising Sydnee's incredible voice with the irresistible optimism of youth.

Young Robin - Spaces     Pop, Rock 23/11/2018
A band with an innate knack for hooks, Perth's Young Robin craft a beautiful sound that is somewhere between blissful indie and dance floor anthems.
Spaces is a delight for the ears with its perfectly-placed layers of delay-soaked guitar, bass, and effortlessly smooth vocals by both Jed Begho and Ben Teune. Playful and euphoric, Spaces feels like summer in Perth – as if the band have distilled the excitement of their beautiful hometown down into a singular burst of energy.

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Pete Allan - Summer Holiday     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic 17/11/2018
There's always been a natural relationship between Pete Allan's music and the ocean. Effortlessly cool vocals and swaying rhythms are the musical epitome of the paradise he grew up in.
Pete Allan's Summer Holiday summons the inner troubadour, beckoning us to leave our day to day monotony and escape on an adventure. Enticing like a siren, the band create a perfect musical backdrop that is equal parts silky smooth and smoky. Undulating in gentle waves, the song is a perfect intersection of mellow grooves, ambient guitars and heartfelt vocals.

Smiley - Looking Glass     Hip Hop 17/11/2018
Anything about Smiley you can find out from his lyrics. The Perth emcee has always let his music do the talking; communicating in crystal clear, brutally honest terms.
Produced by multi platinum, multi Juno Award winner Rob The Viking, Looking Glass is a near perfect collision of talents featuring Canada's Swollen Members. Nothing has been spared in giving this colossal artistic partnership the spotlight it deserves. Looking Glass has been long-awaited by fans, and their patience has been rewarded.

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Young Robin - U     Pop, Rock 17/11/2018
"When you listen to fresh-faced five-piece Young Robin‘s recorded material, you sense a band who well and truly has it together." Kane Sutton, Music Insight
Taken from 2018's EP Transitions, U is a live favourite and is currently the band's most popular track across digital platforms.

Audio Reign - Betrayal     Metal/Punk, Rock 16/11/2018
Adelaide's Audio Reign are a monster storm of huge, driving guitars, soaring melodic vocals and an unstoppable rhythm section, delivering some of the best hard rock going around.
Betrayal, is a hard rock tour de force. Hard-hitting and relentless, it sets a musical and lyrical tone that is abundant throughout the album: raw emotion and undiluted power. Vivisecting an act of treachery, the song casts a stark light on a shadowy deception, delivered by the unmistakable voice of frontman/guitarist Jake Fleming.

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Foxton Kings - Burn     Rock 16/11/2018
"Foxton Kings pull no punches when it comes to their penchant for dirty riffs and classic sounding hard edged blues." - The Rock Pit
Full of rhythmic swagger, Burn oozes confidence and charm as it delivers a banquet of meaty riffs and catchy melodies. Honing the turbulent, all-consuming emotion of falling in love with a complete stranger, Burn sounds as enchantingly lustful as it should.

The Phazes - Jenny     Rock, Pop 16/11/2018
Sydney up n' comers The Phazes have emerged from the studio with their stunning single Jenny – an explosive, fun romp that further establishes the band as gun indie songwriters.
The first of four EP tracks to get its own spotlight is Jenny, a song deliberately intended to break the mould of modern rock. Groove-laden and fluid, Jenny dances the line between melancholic lament and joyous dance floor burner. Juxtaposing personal, revealing lyrics with proper pop hooks, Jenny is both an ode and a signature tune.

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The Knowgoods - Styrofoam Bones     Rock, Pop 11/10/2018
Sydney's The Knowgoods are a family in the same sense the Ramones were: in spirit, absent blood. They don't take themselves too seriously, but they give everything to their music.
Styrofoam Bones is about deciding not to be with someone because they've hurt you too much and you can’t do it anymore. It’s about the times where you feel vulnerable like you can’t hold the weight - that’s where the styrofoam concept comes from - you look right but you can’t hold the weight and you’re worried you’ll crumble.

Julie Kember - Undone     Blues/Roots, Country, Rock, Pop 09/10/2018
Built around the gorgeous timbre of her voice, Julie Kember's songs are majestically poetic, cinematic and relatable – providing her with a passport to tour the world.
Written under the storm cloud of anxiety, Julie took the emotion of her struggles as an artist and from them created a metaphor we can all relate to. It is a representation of both the dark tunnel of mental illness, and the light that exists at the end of it. Summoning strength and determination, 'Undone' is the voice of encouragement.

As I Destruct - A Question of Faith     Metal/Punk, Metal 24/09/2018
As I Destruct continue Adelaide's legacy for producing world class heavy music. Stepping out of the shadows, the five-piece have produced a near-flawless debut in From Fear To Oblivion.
Technical yet catchy, focused yet relentless, A Question of Faith is executed with consummate precision. From its infectious opening riff to its pummelling finale, it is the perfect summary of From Fear To Oblivion – and a definitive introduction to As I Destruct.

Dan Howls - Mary Lou     Blues/Roots, Rock 20/09/2018
Dan Howls is an appropriate name for an artist with such a bellowing roar. Big, gritty and acidic, it's a voice that belongs to the blues...
Relentlessly steaming forward like a stolen train, Mary Lou is a fantastical crimson-soaked murder blues number and is
Dan Howls at his foot-stomping best. Needing nothing more than a guitar and a tambourine around it, his voice drives a grim narrative of death and dirty deeds, accompanied beautifully by the bittersweet vocals of Julia Weller.

Sam Carmody - Shadow in the Dream     Pop, Folk, Atmospheric 20/09/2018
Recalling the experimental Antipodean pop of Nick Cave, The Go-Betweens and Crowded House, Sam Carmody has been active as a writer across various projects and formats.
A propulsive, hook-laden ode to lost love, Shadow in the Dream shimmers with jangly guitars and haunted plaintive vocals, along with Carmody's unadorned lyrics.

"Polished and lyrical. I've been trying to lucid dream. If this is the Shadow in the Dream that's great by me." 4.5/5 Stacy Gougoulis, triple j Unearthed

Slow Culture - Pig     Rock, Atmospheric, Grunge 20/09/2018
Juxtaposing the complexities of jazz, the hypnotic rhythms of psychedelia and the effective simplicity of alternative rock, Sydney's Slow Culture have poured an ocean of imagination into their debut EP.
Vocalist Jack O'Neale says of Pig, "We were trying to piece together all these conflicting influences, when I stumbled on the chords to what is now the chorus. From its first inception it really became a reference point for how we could incorporate our different influences into one song."

The Milkmen - State of Mind     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Country 20/09/2018
Driven by the gritty vocals of Conor Mcloughlin, The Milkmen tap a vein of dirty acoustic rock with masterfully layered songs that delve deep into the heavier realities of life.
Conor says of the track, "State Of Mind is one of the quickest songs I've ever written and was done months after the initial tracking of the album, so it was the last song recorded. Usually when I write love songs they are very personal. State Of Mind is more universal, a song of hope for people looking for love.”

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Yalla Yalla - Not Ordinary     Rock, Metal, Atmospheric 10/09/2018
A musical vanguard that is part immovable object, part irresistible force, Yalla Yalla are a sonic meteor storm of technical syncopated beats, inspired riffs and powerful, captivating vocals.
Vocalist Dave Watkins says "Not Ordinary touches on my will to flex and stretch social norms. It delves into that dizzy feeling I get, y'know a cut above the traditional romantic model that relationships follow. There's also an angle of vulnerability, like hiding behind somebody as a barrier of safety to the big wide world that you both don't understand."

Licy Be - Be The Change (feat CASS and WYLD)     Hip Hop, Pop, Dance 27/08/2018
Devoted rapper, poet, motivational speaker, suicide prevention and mental health awareness advocate - Licy Be is a Gold Coast based artist on a mission.
“We wrote this song to speak to a generation struggling with suicide. We believe it's everyones responsibility to 'Be The Change' and reach out to those in our lives that are struggling with life, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and mental health challenges. Whatever it may be, there is hope.”

The Peppermint Club - Passing Through Your World     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic, Easy Listening 22/08/2018
Formed by Chris Chen, The Peppermint Club has evolved from an aspiring studio project into a stunning band, threading lush, airy vocals through a textured fabric of ethereal, neo-psychedelic rock.
Scratching your neo-Beatles, psychedelic soul itch with a just hint of digital-age shimmer, Passing Through Your World is the stunning Harrison-esque finale to their debut album.

Dear Willow - I Was Young     Folk, Pop 17/08/2018
Dear Willow is the creative voice of Sunshine Coast based artist Em-J Dau, transforming from poet to a solo acoustic act and now embracing her sound through a full band.
Beckoning tales from the past, I Was Young explores feelings of being trapped within situations similar to that of a somewhat manic pixie dream girl character. It bares the raw truth of consequences when breaking down that bubble.