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Firestarter Music

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Citizen of the World - Deep Blue Eyes     Rock, Folk, Pop 16/04/2019
Citizen Of The World have developed a sound that finds itself untethered and free. Sincere and heartfelt, the band have evolved from a more folk-based sound to fully-fledged modern indie.
"All our songs are inspired by things that happen to us. Deep Blue eyes is about what we all hope to achieve: the thrill of discovering the person we know will be the one. It’s a good thing we wrote this song rather quickly, turns out the person the song was written about wasn’t the one after all…!"

Smiley - Stick Up Kids     Hip Hop 16/04/2019
Perth emcee Smiley has always let his music do the talking; From his philosophies to his politics, Smiley raps in crystal clear, brutally honest terms.
Produced by multi platinum, multi Juno Award winner Rob The Viking, Stick Up Kids is quintessential Smiley – viciously and relentless – giving him all the room he needs to spit with precision and impunity. Dark and shady as only Smiley can do it, Stick Up Kids is raw, real and sinister.

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Rick Webster - We'll Never Be Them     Rock, Pop 11/04/2019
On his new EP 'Long Story Short', Perth's Rick delivers some of his finest songs to date, intertwining his rich guitar playing with the alluring voice of Sophie Foster.
“We’ll Never Be Them was written whilst travelling around Australia with my now wife, when we found ourselves in a very expensive upmarket bar. The bartender actually asked me “Do you want a cheap drink or a good drink?” I thought it was hilarious and immediately wrote it down to turn into a song!”

Black Stone from the Sun - Pseudocide     Rock, Grunge, Punk 09/04/2019
Perth grunge-punk duo Black Stone from the Sun deliver impassioned chunky rock with a massive dose of melody. For fans of DZ Deathrays, Polish Club and huge riffs and sing-alongs.
"Pseudocide came about from tales of people faking their own deaths. Fans of these celebrities like to make up stories about how their favourite musician survived their illness or accident, when in reality they’re either creating a scapegoat to avoid sadness or tailoring a story that will give the world some hope of a Second Coming of these legends."

Sun Salute - No More     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Hip Hop 01/04/2019
Sun Salute are a collective that draw inspiration from nature, travel and community. Their philosophy is both simple and infinitely complex: to use the power of music for change.
Featuring local Indigenous custodian Ken Dodd, 'No More' lends its voice to the original owners of this land and to all people around the world whose cultural values, sacred protocols and ancient voices have been silenced by corruption and misinformation.

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Ratking - Cruel Intent     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Punk, Rock 20/03/2019
Born in the blistering heat and surf of Perth, Ratking have emerged as one of the most exciting and dedicated hardcore bands around.
"Cruel Intent is about the state of mind that can seize society to do brutal things, bring on moral panic and eventually lead to societal collapse. A curse that follows you wherever you go, placated by our vices, the very vices we use to turn a blind eye towards the curse."

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Foxton Kings - Gold     Rock 20/03/2019
Perth's Foxton Kings play a brand of no-bullshit smouldering rock n' roll. Full of rhythmic swagger and oozing confidence, the band delivers a banquet of meaty riffs and catchy melodies.
“Gold was written while I was involved in a toxic relationship. Dumbing down the ego should be an enlightening and humbling experience, but I was hoping for some reciprocation. Once I reached my threshold, my ego gave out...Ultimately, it captures the resentment I felt towards a relationship that went sour, and the liberating feeling of breaking free of it.”

Oh White Mare - Goodnight and Goodbye     Rock 20/03/2019
Perth three piece Oh White Mare produce epically catchy, riff-filled indie rock packed with impeccable hooks and soaring melodies.
Harking back to the days when alternative radio was the oracle of quintessential music, Goodnight and Goodbye has every component it needs to set airwaves ablaze. Packed with impeccable hooks, singer Ross Wood's soaring melodies are perfectly espoused to his lyrics of romantic foreboding, carried by the kind of thick, fuzzed-out guitars that are indie rock's indelible signature.

Julie Kember - Lived a Million Lives     Country, Folk, Roots 20/03/2019
Built around the gorgeous timbre of her voice, Julie Kember's songs are majestically poetic, cinematic and relatable – providing her with a passport to tour the world.
As the title Lived a Million Lives implies, Julie Kember has woven her experiences throughout her music, documenting her trials and triumphs over the years through honeyed melodies and honest yet inviting lyrics. Wonderfully autobiographical, Lived a Million Lives is a musical retrospective diary. Driving the song is the same power that fuels all of Kember's work: love.

The Phazes - Control My Radar     Rock, Pop 12/02/2019
The Phazes bring a summery twist to what would be a more traditionally New York rock sound; delivering a quintessential banquet of searing riffs, stomping beats and huge, sing-along hooks.
New single Control My Radar is a perfect slice of upbeat indie rock that allows the full personality of the band to burst through. With its irresistible guitars and boisterous chorus, it is a pitch-perfect modern classic, tailor-made for today's demanding radio listener.

Licy Be - Grown     Pop, Electronic, Rap 05/02/2019
Devoted rapper, poet, motivational speaker, suicide prevention and mental health awareness advocate - Gold Coast based via Perth via NZ, Licy Be is a an artist on a mission.
Highlighting the issue of comparison issues across social media, Licy says "I think a lot of us are trying to 'make it' or get somewhere with our dreams and along the way lose ourselves with the dangerous influences of social media. It's easy to go down a path of forgetting who you are in an attempt to be 'grown'."

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Duncan Saige - Thoughts of You Without Me     Folk, Rock, Roots 15/01/2019
A regular on the WA touring circuit, indie-folkster Duncan Saige has been busy releasing, garnering widespread airplay (inc triple j) and festival appearances (inc. Falls and Freo Folk and Nannup).
Kicking off 2019 with some excellent laid-back summery feels, Margaret River's Duncan Saige is pleased to announce his new single Thoughts of You Without Me. A universal love song about the transition of going through a break-up, the track is a first taste of Duncan's new EP due out this year.

Laurie Luke - Seventeen     Rock, Grunge 15/01/2019
Growing up on a healthy diet of Hendrix, Beatles and 90's alternative, songwriter and producer Laurie Luke has rolled his influences into a dynamic brand of Aussie rock.
“Seventeen is a nostalgic story about looking back to some of my more fond memories of youth. I used to hang out and surf with an older crew in the northern Perth suburb of Mindarie, which at that time was just bushland around a marina where emus ran around dirt roads. It was a fun-rough-and-tumble-teenage-life sans police or security guards.”

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Jack Runaway - Ready To Know You     Rock 18/12/2018
Based in Western Australia's Golden Bay, Jack Runaway envelopes familiar themes in a swirl of melodies and tones that cut across genres, fuelled by a sense of nostalgia,
Written on a plane as a distraction from a fear of flying, 'Ready To Know You' is a heartfelt reflection on a breakup, delivered in a burst of jangling guitars and sing-along vocals. Funnelling life experience into every song, Jack Runaway is a place of raw emotion that taps into childhood memories, current day happenings, and everything in between.

Sydnee Carter - Give It All Away     Pop, Dance 07/12/2018
WAM award winning singer-songwriter Sydnee Carter is progressing in leaps and bounds thanks to her chameleonic abilities. Working with Slumberjack, 360 and more, Sydnee is again releasing superb solo material.
Sydnee Carter's new single Give It All Away ushers in the next phase of what is already a runaway career. Focusing the heightened emotion of love at first sight, Give It All Away is brimming with hope and naivety – energising Sydnee's incredible voice with the irresistible optimism of youth.

Young Robin - Spaces     Pop, Rock 23/11/2018
A band with an innate knack for hooks, Perth's Young Robin craft a beautiful sound that is somewhere between blissful indie and dance floor anthems.
Spaces is a delight for the ears with its perfectly-placed layers of delay-soaked guitar, bass, and effortlessly smooth vocals by both Jed Begho and Ben Teune. Playful and euphoric, Spaces feels like summer in Perth – as if the band have distilled the excitement of their beautiful hometown down into a singular burst of energy.

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Pete Allan - Summer Holiday     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic 17/11/2018
There's always been a natural relationship between Pete Allan's music and the ocean. Effortlessly cool vocals and swaying rhythms are the musical epitome of the paradise he grew up in.
Pete Allan's Summer Holiday summons the inner troubadour, beckoning us to leave our day to day monotony and escape on an adventure. Enticing like a siren, the band create a perfect musical backdrop that is equal parts silky smooth and smoky. Undulating in gentle waves, the song is a perfect intersection of mellow grooves, ambient guitars and heartfelt vocals.

Smiley - Looking Glass     Hip Hop 17/11/2018
Anything about Smiley you can find out from his lyrics. The Perth emcee has always let his music do the talking; communicating in crystal clear, brutally honest terms.
Produced by multi platinum, multi Juno Award winner Rob The Viking, Looking Glass is a near perfect collision of talents featuring Canada's Swollen Members. Nothing has been spared in giving this colossal artistic partnership the spotlight it deserves. Looking Glass has been long-awaited by fans, and their patience has been rewarded.

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Young Robin - U     Pop, Rock 17/11/2018
"When you listen to fresh-faced five-piece Young Robin‘s recorded material, you sense a band who well and truly has it together." Kane Sutton, Music Insight
Taken from 2018's EP Transitions, U is a live favourite and is currently the band's most popular track across digital platforms.

Audio Reign - Betrayal     Metal/Punk, Rock 16/11/2018
Adelaide's Audio Reign are a monster storm of huge, driving guitars, soaring melodic vocals and an unstoppable rhythm section, delivering some of the best hard rock going around.
Betrayal, is a hard rock tour de force. Hard-hitting and relentless, it sets a musical and lyrical tone that is abundant throughout the album: raw emotion and undiluted power. Vivisecting an act of treachery, the song casts a stark light on a shadowy deception, delivered by the unmistakable voice of frontman/guitarist Jake Fleming.

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