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Feral Media

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Daniel Jumpertz - Reconnection     Electronic, Britpop 22/02/2019
Daniel Jumpertz is a Melbourne-born producer and songwriter based in Palm Beach, Sydney. Previously with Melbourne band Plankton, he is also a member of NY-based indie rockers Clairaudience.
Reconnection was written in Lismore, NSW after the death of a friend and housemate while Jumpertz was a student at Southern Cross University. Reconnection was recorded and mixed in New York City, where Jumpertz lived between 2010 and 2017. Drums were programmed (and the track was mixed) by Abe Seiferth, an engineer at James Murphy's DFA Studios.

Setec - Cotton Bones     Pop, Electronic, Acoustic, Folk 22/03/2018
‘Atrial Flutters’ is Setec’s most assured statement to date. The result is sonically rich and expertly considered, yet it has come from a dark and disorienting place.
Opening on a minimal piano loop the track recalls the dusty layers of Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House or Four Tet’s early folktronica. There’s a melancholy to ‘Cotton Bones’ which is belied by a breezy chorus. The song blooms into a bright singalong moment.

Other tracks by Setec:  Loose Leaves  -  In Sawdust
Setec - Loose Leaves     Pop, Acoustic 20/03/2018
Setec utilises found-sound percussion alongside looped acoustic instruments, fading voice samples and wailing, cascading layers of his own voice to create a unique, headphone-focused sonic universe
Loose Leaves finds Setec in full flight; scratchy layered percussion, forensically arranged vocal snippets and a breezy chord progression culminates in one of his catchiest efforts to date.

Setec - Cotton Bones     Folk, Electronic, Acoustic 07/06/2017
Setec is Sydney-based solo artist Joshua Gibbs. His music blends the organic with the electronic, melding the fleeting flickers of the past with nostalgia for a future yet to pass
Cotton Bones finds Setec further refining his distinct sound with gentle piano chords and looped percussion providing the foundations for a typically joyous and catchy refrain

Reuben Ingall - Eyelids     Electronic, Experimental 08/10/2015
Reuben Ingall makes music through an array of home-made software patches, iteratively mangling his guitar, voice and other sources to create lonely pop and glitchy, psychedelic soundscapes.
Eyelids is a lonely pop song, all sparse piano and haunting vocals that are threatened to be consumed by glitchy manipulation at any given moment.

Other tracks by Reuben Ingall:  History
Perfume Garden - Varsus     Electronic, Experimental 27/07/2015
Perfume Garden aka Errol Hoffman makes synth-heavy post-punk influenced by sci-fi, anime and post modern electronica
A lo-fi soundtrack to an 80’s sci-fi film set in a future dystopia.

Software Of Seagulls - Sunrise Industry     Electronic, Instrumental, Experimental 09/04/2015
Software of Seagulls aka Australian composer Chris Perren, creates expansive electronic music from tape offcuts, improvisations and found sounds.
A kaleidoscope of processed acoustic sound, undeniably electronic but with the warm ascendancy of post rock

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Other tracks by Software Of Seagulls:  Adelaide St.
Tim Fitz - Gimme Some Love (Super Magic Hats remix)     Electronic, Pop 14/01/2015
Tim Fitz burst is a solo artist from Sydney who creates eclectic & catchy twisted pop tracks
Super Magic Hats’ rework of Tim Fitz's Gimme Some Love retains the pop sensibility of the original, kicking the rhythm up a gear and adding some extra synth warmth.

AFXJIM - Distant (Radio Edit)     Rock, Downbeat, Electronic 19/11/2014
AFXJIM is the work of multi-instrumentalist Travis Baird, whose music draws on elements of indie-rock, sample-based electronica, film score ambience and instrumental post rock.
An understated joy that builds like a soft rain, Distant nestles its way into your heart on the first listen

Other tracks by AFXJIM:  Autumn Diary  -  Huyano
0point1 - Radio Edit     Electronic, Pop 25/08/2014
0point1 is the brain child of Melbourne artist Bob Streckfuss who creates complex DIY dream pop described as ‘a clash of nature & technology’.
A clash of the synthetic and organic; the mechanical and the human

Other tracks by 0point1:  Softism  -  Cryogen
Setec - Lumen Lake     Pop, Folk 14/08/2014
Equally influenced by the complex pop melodies of Joni Mitchell and the cut-n-paste aesthetic of Cornelius or The Books, Setec is the moniker of Sydney-based solo artist Joshua Gibbs
Lumen Lake finds Setec in indie pop mode with its galloping rhythm and infectious singalong energy

Other tracks by Setec:  Water or Concrete
Lower Spectrum - Fall     Electronic 22/05/2014
LOWER SPECTRUM is the alias of Perth-based producer Ned Beckley. LOWER SPECTRUM transmit subtle and epic sonic grandeur.
Inspired by the shifting of balance between night and day and the duality of light and dark as Winter looms. Lower Spectrum has a knack for catchy hooks and motifs, proving that music can contain the grand complexity of a film score and still be suitable for the dance floor.

Bon Chat, Bon Rat - Don't Change     Electronic, Pop 06/05/2014
Bon Chat Bon Rat is Reece Cooper and Russell Smith, whose connection sparked a like minded desire for innovative live electronic music.
A cover of the early INXS classic Don’t Change. The duo took inspiration from the opening synth line of the original, (which they felt was particularly evocative of the Australian summer) giving the track a new lease of life with a dance floor vibe perfect for those long hot nights.

Nakagin - Bloom     Electronic, Chill 06/05/2014
Nakagin is the work of Sydney producer Hugh Luscombe
Nakagin delivers a breezy electronic number with Bloom, which sees the producer basking in the pleasantly down-tempo surrounds that he has become synonymous with.

Nimble Animal - Back N Forth     Electronic 06/05/2014
Nimble Animal is the solo project of Melbourne-based sound artist and composer Dominic Stephens
Electronic beats slowly dissolve into birdsong until the entire space is alive with the hidden sounds of life around you. Frantic rhythms belie the soothing mantra of Stephens’ vocals, allowing the atmosphere to subtly trick your senses, unsure if you are dreaming or awake

Other tracks by Nimble Animal:  Mulled High
Spartak - Nightshift     Electronic, Experimental 30/04/2014
Spartak are a trio who work in the outer reaches of indie rock, improvised jazz, electronic music and modern composition
Blending processed guitars and rhythms Nightshift has a foot in both electronic and indie camps. Vocal parts are traded throughout the track with Shoeb Ahmad's softly sung verses perfectly complimenting Evan Dorrian's richly brazen baritone.

Other tracks by Spartak:  Catch/Control  -  Locked in Three