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Amongst Myselves - Ediacara     Experimental, Instrumental 27/03/2020
Amongst Myselves' composes ambient, landscape and space music. Quasi melodic landscapes to convey you from the cold abyss of outer space to the distorted recollections of your inner world.
The slowly morphing shapes of the first multicellular animal life on Earth.

Other tracks by Amongst Myselves:  On The Margins  -  I'd Hoped There'd Be Stars
Diimpa - Soft Machine     Experimental, Contemporary Classical, Instrumental 27/03/2020
Avant composer, soundscape weaver, sonic wizard
Analog synth sequences in 13/8 + organ flourishes

Cissi & Yanni - Foley & Voltage Pt. 1     Experimental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental 24/03/2020
When modular meets field recordings. When Melbourne meets Perth.
Like something is chasing you.

Other tracks by Cissi & Yanni:  The River Lethe's Taste Is Bitter  -  Water Mountains
Daggy Man - A Reliable Figure     Experimental, Indie, Folk 07/02/2020
Thomas Calder, AKA Daggy Man, has released A Reliable Figure; the latest chapter in his story chronicling dramatic highs, and incredible lows struggling through a debilitating battle with mental illness.
Thomas Calder, AKA Daggy Man, has released A Reliable Figure; the latest chapter in his story chronicling dramatic highs, and incredible lows struggling through a debilitating battle with mental illness which has seen him at times close himself away.

A Reliable Figure explores Thomas’ sense of self and deconstructs the idea of how words can be used to define us.

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Anna Shelley - The High Priestess (Selected Remix)     Experimental, Contemporary Classical, World 31/01/2020
Anna Shelley is known for her ambient meditative music. She weaves her signature dreamy tones through her music.
This is the song of the High Priestess walking the Earth in her sovereignty, the Mother looking after her lands and children, the Earth Warrior standing in their truth with strength and peace. Featuring Anna Shelley's signature dreamy flute weaving its way through the frequencies of humanity.

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Tobacco Rat - Dissolution     Experimental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Instrumental 30/01/2020
Tobacco Rat, a.k.a. Jake Steele, has established himself as one of the most unique and distinct voices in the underground Australian electronic music scene.
The underground journey continues into an intricate alien lair filled with pulsing tentacle-like walls. Throbbing bass and razor-sharp synths build into a mutation of sounds.

Other tracks by Tobacco Rat:  Redistribution  -  Indeterminate
Ground Patrol - Quake     Experimental, Instrumental, Psych 23/01/2020
Geophone reunites guitarist Kyle Sanna and drummer Alon Ilsar for six ambitious tracks, ranging from 15-minute-long improvisational jams with rich textures and instrumental interplay, through to moody looped riffs.
Quake is the first single from Geophone. Despite being one of the shorter tracks on the record, there’s no less excitement on the track – Quake stands as a great example of Ground Patrol’s ability to cover a journey’s worth of genre experimentation within a short period of time.

Anna Shelley - The Trip (Selected Remix)     Experimental 20/01/2020
Anna Shelley is known for her ambient meditative music. She weaves her signature dreamy tones through her music.
The Trip is that liminal space in time on a long solo train journey, in foreign airport lounges, in the backseat of the car as a child - where the trip is the introduction to the unfamiliar destination.

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Ghosts of Electricity - The Fabled Isle     Experimental, Instrumental, Psych, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/01/2020
“Ghosts of Electricity” is an experimental/soundscapes/ambient/hauntronica collaboration between Dean Richards (Disturbed Earth, Whirlywirld, Equal Local) and Michael Plater (solo artist, GhostShips, Northern Lighthouse Board, Cornish Wreckers)..
The tentative first steps on the shore of a new land. The tree line just beyond the low dunes.

Other tracks by Ghosts of Electricity:  The Lost Crew of the Zebrina  -  Cannards Grave
LSA - Fordbidden Fruit     Experimental, Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 13/12/2019
Sean Lillico, Swami Adima and Liliya Grigorova all have specialised in their own music, as LSA they enjoy pushing boundaries to create music that is fresh and transforming.
Forbidden Fruit is a chamber-psych adventure, adorned with intoxicating textures that takes great delight in challenging norms.

Stalking Like Candy - Fat Man Smokes Cigarettes     Experimental, Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 02/12/2019
Stalking Like Candy is lead by multi-instrumentalist Dr J and his ensemble. They impart their projects with a joyous uncertainty, twisting amongst multiple perspectives and matching together sonic impressions.
Frenetic, racing and set to a Drum 'n' Bass tempo, Fat Man Smoking Cigarettes explores the folly of humanity.

Other tracks by Stalking Like Candy:  Black Samba
Great Sage - The Faceless     Experimental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Psych, Alternative 28/11/2019
The Faceless

Jim Ottaway - Birth of a Violet Quasar     Experimental, Instrumental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 26/11/2019
Jim Ottaway is an international award-winning Australian musician and composer of original instrumental music covering many genres including electronic, ambient, new age and space music.
'Birth of Violet Quasar' is one of the hypnotic ambient tracks on Jim Ottaway's epic space ambient album BEYOND THE PURPLE SUN. There is even a hint of Berlin School electronic music there to add an extra dimension to the track.

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Cloud Tangle - Thinking Of Myself     Experimental, Alternative, Indie 08/11/2019
Cloud Tangle is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Amber Ramsay, which combines video art and composition to evoke a mood equally devastating and beautiful.
Thinking of Myself is the first single from debut album Kinds of Sadness due for release in March 2020. The song is a gritty dream pop depiction of the emotional turmoil of moving on from a relationship and looking out for your best self.

Fanfickk - Late Vanilla Boy     Experimental, Alternative, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 08/11/2019
Upbeat melancholy synth pop, with a dash of riot grrrl, and cameo appearances by Dumpling the cat.
Kiwi musician Bittercup describes the sound as “a montage of something mechanical, that turns out to be a daydream you were having while driving, which in turn was just a daydream you were having while sunbathing on a cruise”. Or, more succinctly: “puzzle game chill”. Rather than singing on the track, Fanfickk features the Mandarin spoken word of a friend.

Other tracks by Fanfickk:  Pure  -  Sun Damage
GodFire - Worldwide Marriage Encounter     Experimental, Instrumental, Metal, Jazz 08/11/2019
GodFire is an improvising noise duo that releases every piece that it performs. It consists of Oliver Maiolo (bass, misc.) and James Wingard (drums, misc.)
Worldwide Marriage Encounter is an aggressive, eclectic, free-form improvisation packed into the duration of a pop song. Bombastic, nonsensical drums underpin the bass' crushing feedback. A moment of tense stillness towards the beginning, and an impromptu groove section at the end intersperse the chaos.

Timothy Fairless - Pollen (Killawarra)     Experimental, Contemporary Classical, Instrumental, Easy Listening 17/10/2019
Sparse grand piano sits atop treated field recordings. Solo violin weaves a melody through competing waves of electric guitar. Equal parts post-rock, free-jazz, drone and ambient.
"Pollen (Killawarra)" is made of delicately intertwined grand piano and violin. The magic in this piece is in the space between the notes.

"Pollen (Killawarra)" references a place of familial significance. The Killawarra region is where my grandfather made honey in his later years, labelled "Killawarra Honey". This song is part of a suite investigating adaptation and hereditary traits.

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Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - No Surprise     Experimental, Pop, Rock 10/10/2019
Melbourne Chameleons Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird are indie rock experimentalists, who specialise in making music that is infectious, uplifting and original.
Described by The Music as a "tender disco jam", ‘No Surprise’ is a pop number that shows off Cousin Tony's exquisite experimental nature.

Endrey - Insane     Experimental, Pop 10/10/2019
Endrey is an experimental pop artist. The talented multi-instrumentalist and producer works widely and is always motivated to dissect, reflect and share.
Insane celebrates the vulnerable rearrangement that comes with falling in love.

It's a personal one, with Endrey playing the full Steinway grand piano, drums and 1970s synths.

But it really found its best form with a soaring vocal feature from national wrestling champion Nick Delatovic and a gentle sample of Canadian psychologist Dr Sue Johnson.

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Hidden Sky - Lately     Experimental, Contemporary Classical 01/10/2019
Hidden Sky create music to fall asleep to, a soundtrack for studying, music for the bath or a long train trip.
'Lately' is a seven minute journey through immense emotional landscapes. It is peering out into an endless expanse, an unseasonably cool summer evening, wrapped in a flannel blanket.

Other tracks by Hidden Sky:  Waking Up  -  Night Sky