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Exist. Recordings

Exist. Recordings is an independent record label releasing carefully curated
music from gifted artists. Interested mostly in the more delicate shades of
electronic music infused with pop sensibilities, Exist’ roster boasts untouchably
creative and sleek acts and exhibits the vision of Danny Harley, who releases
music under the moniker 'The Kite String Tangle’.

Official Website // Instagram // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Exist. Recordings

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Borderland State - Say It     Electronic, Chill, Ambience, Dance 17/07/2019
Combining his love of ambient music with a more beat-driven style, Borderland State creates a unique, engaging spin on electronic music.
Borderland State was inspired to write ‘Say It’ by a relentless melody he couldn’t stop playing every time he picked up his guitar. After deciding it had to become something more, it all came together effortlessly. The incredibly smokey vocals of one of his close friends, Akacia was the perfect addition.

Hylander - Indigo Child (ft. DENNIS.)     Electronic, Ambience, Chill, Pop 16/05/2019
From Sydney, Australia Connor McLeod is a classically trained pianist that started experimenting with synths in his second year of university and now write ambient electronic pop.
With ‘Indigo Child’ Hylander was trying to articulate sonically, the feeling of ‘Yearning’. Lyrically, the song perfectly embodies a version of that, following the internal struggle of someone chasing a romantic relationship that will never work again. It's a self-imposed limbo we sometimes find ourselves in, with a period of denial or indecision.

Angus Dawson - Ngurra     Electronic, Ambience, Chill, Downbeat 17/04/2019
Angus Dawson is a producer/singer-songwriter writing introspective and reflective music set against ambient production. Placed in between the honest, rawness of folk and the unique, uninhibited environment of electronic production.
Angus Dawson releases his delicate new single ‘Ngurra’ and it is a poignant and introspective reflection on his knowledge of Australian history and culture after working with Western Australia’s remote Indigenous communities. Ngurra, in many different languages and dialects of Indigenous people, roughly translates to ‘home’

Zapéd - Still Need U     Electronic, Downbeat, Ambience, RnB 05/04/2019
Originally the bedroom project of Australian producer Jordan De Pas, Zapéd is an exploration in melody and rhythm.
The eerie RnB infused melodics on new single ‘Still Need U’ follow the inner dialogue of someone trying to come to terms with the end of a relationship and the constant back and forth between heart and head.

Close Counters - TIP OF MY TONGUE (ft. Laneous)     Electronic, Pop, Jazz, Dance 14/03/2019
Close Counters are known for their electrifying fusion of electronic, disco and jazz and their signature dense synths and driving basslines.
The new single from Melbourne electronic funk duo, Close Counters features fellow “scene” local Laneous on vocals and is everything we have come to love from the boys. It’s trendy, it’s soulful, and it has a slick bass by Paul Bender of Hiatus Kaiyote that will have you groovin’.

Lamalo - Real Love (ft. Kim Ven)     Electronic, Pop, Soul 01/03/2019
Lamalo is an electronic music duo formed by Michiya Nagai and Yossi Cascun during their studies at the Sydney Con.
Packaged playfully with Lamalo's distinct soulful, upbeat production, the catchy and curious feature vocals of Kim Ven explores the relationship between love and lust, as well as the difference between telling someone you love them and really meaning it. This song ultimately uncovers whether to protect one’s heart or to fall in love.

Reynier - Lukewarm (feat. KESMAR)     Electronic, Chill, Pop 22/02/2019
Reynier is the moniker of Jordan Burns, an adventurous, Gold Coast free spirit writing music that captures the soul of his life.
Reynier's sunny production throughout ‘Lukewarm’ challenges some of the denser lyrical themes in the track and gives it an overall lightness and hopeful disposition. In contrast, the charismatic vocals of feature vocalist KESMAR speaks of a tired relationship, fading love and when to let go.

Brayden Sibbald - Compass     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Downbeat 15/02/2019
Brayden Sibbald is a 23yo songwriter from the coastal town of Dunsborough, WA. He writes soulful, beautifully crafted tracks using beats, synths, loops, samples, guitars and his unmistakeable vocals.
'Compass' by Western Australia’s Brayden Sibbald is a heartfelt track about losing sight of the horizon and getting lost in the fear of making the wrong choice. Brayden's hypnotic vocals pull you under with overwhelming desperation, calling out for direction whilst treading water amidst the unknown. It's a delicate production that soundtracks the transition into the arms of fate.

Reynier - Armour (feat. New Haven)     Electronic, Chill, Atmospheric, Pop 23/11/2018
Reynier is down-tempo electronic music built on a foundation of emotive chords and organic drums that will inspire your next adventure...
The expansive first single from Reynier titled ‘Armour (feat. New Haven)’ is a tantalising debut from Gold Coast producer Jordan Burns. The track is skilfully built on a foundation of emotive chords and organic drums that provide a sense of gravity against the ethereal feature vocals from New Haven that threaten to whisk you away.

Close Counters - WAY OUT ft. Au Dré     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Soul 17/11/2018
With a background in jazz, Close Counters have moulded their sound into an electrifying fusion of electronic, hip-hop and soul with a healthy dose of dense synths and driving basslines.
"WAY OUT ft. Au Dré" is a gooey, disco-soul track by Close Counters about societies desire for a messiah-like figure to “save” us, in this instance a Queen. It’s an upbeat exposé on the unrealistic expectations bestowed upon that person, complete with soulful vocals, dancefloor-worthy synths and a bassline hook that's guaranteed to get you grooving.