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Evergreen Artists

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Zac Slater - Dreaming Of You     Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Soul 12/10/2016
Melbourne based singer/songwriter Zac Slater combines upbeat acoustic pop with elements of hip-hop and soul to create his endearing brand of music.
Zac Slater entrances listeners instantly with his catchy, delay-ridden acoustic guitar picking. A soulful lead vocal tells tales of love lost, and leads into one of the catchiest choruses I have head in a long time. Press play, sit back and be enchanted by this talented singer/songwriter.

Other tracks by Zac Slater:  New Beginnings  -  Strange
Wren - Soldiers     Pop 24/01/2015
Wren (Jess Graham) is a composer with unique talent; passion for composition combined with an impressive ability to play a number of instruments, in which she was classically trained.
Light sparse guitars make way for a captivating, dreamy female lead vocal which captures the listener with Wren's soothing timbre. Soldiers highlights Wren's ability to create vast space and dynamics within her tracks whiles taking you on a visionary journey. Another outstanding track from this soaring new comer.


Wren - Here     Pop, Atmospheric, Electronic, World 01/10/2014
Wren (AKA Jess Graham) is a composer with a unique set of talents; a passion for composition combined with an impressive ability to play a number of instruments.
Laden with layer-upon-layer of intricately woven sounds, 'Here' will take you on a dynamic journey that will cleanse your entire being. Wren displays her outstanding skills of composition in this beautiful debut, creating an emotive soundscape that is sure to pull at your heartstrings.

Wren - Alive     Electronic, Pop, Classical 23/01/2015
A self-confessed introvert, she uses music as a vehicle for communication.
Classical-pop with a touch of electronic is not a genre to be underestimated – Wren proves why.Alive comes from a place of modesty, of sensitivity and yet its heartening ways will sweep you away without you realising how or having the desire to question the healing abilities of its creator.

With Confidence - London Lights     Pop, Punk, Rock 26/03/2015
Alternative Sydney rockers, With Confidence are well known in the Australian music industry as rising stars.
For the most part the song combines pop punk vocals, alternative guitars, sincere emotion with new age style. The harder vocal lines coupled with the hastened drums and driving bass surges with energy and brings the track to a dramatic close.

Wish For Wings - Old Ghosts     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock 23/06/2016
Brisbane based Metalcore outfit Wish For Wings are back in full force, having recently announced their new single ‘Old Ghosts’, which will be released on Friday 17th June.
The pounding drum beat at the beginning of this track prepares the listener for an absolutely maelstrom of sound. Old Ghosts hits hard and fast, displaying what WFW do at their finest. Press play and prepare yourself!

White Bay - Jump Into The Wind     Rock 17/04/2019
Sydney based Rockers White Bay create an extremely powerful brand of Rock music.
Jump Into The Wind explodes out the gate with epic rock riffage! Singer Sam Marks has an extremely powerful voice and is capable of some truly soaring melodies. Jump Into The Wind is the perfect balance of sounds from times gone by and contemporary goodness. Press play and get fist pumping!

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White Bay - In My Head     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Punk 18/05/2018
Sydney based Rockers White Bay create extremely powerful and hooky music.
In My Head opens with a powerful riff that is reinforced by a maelstrom of a rhythm section, blasting into the mix. The vocals in this track sound like a combination of Foo Fighters and Sum 41, making for a formidable delivery and timbre. Press play and turn it up!

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Understory - Windbreaker     Rock 24/10/2019
Brisbane newcomers Understory create a truly unique and dynamic brand of Rock music.
Windbreaker bursts right out of the gate with full force, and leads into a beautifully crafted first verse. The chorus is extremely catchy and will be stuck in your head all day long! This is such a strong debut release from the Brisbane based newcomers. For fans of Birds Of Tokyo, Northlane, Dead Letter Circus.

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This Fiasco - Longshot     Rock, Hardcore 23/10/2014
Melbourne west siders This Fiasco are here to inject a much-needed dose of octane into the Post/Hardcore scene; armed with a dynamically impenetrable wall of sound and infectiously catchy choruses.
Longshot packs a punch straight out the gate, displaying the band's ability to craft incredibly fresh, innovative guitar work, whilst conjuring a dynamically impenetrable wall of sound. Beautifully engineered, this track shows a true evolution of This Fiasco. Infectiously catchy hooks, and a break down to end all breakdowns.

The Silencio - This Cannot Die     Rock, Acoustic, Grunge 23/08/2017
The Silencio formed in 2014 as an evolution of a solo project that singer songwriter Jan Nicholas Blom started in his early teens. .
This Cannot Die punches you in the face with a wall of sound form the get go. An artful combination of hard-hitting acoustic rock and alternative grunge vibes.

Other tracks by The Silencio:  Anathema
The Silencio - Been There All Along     Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Grunge 24/06/2017
Gold Cost based Alternative band The Silencio create truly unique Acoustic Rock that provides a breath of fresh air to the scene.
Been There All Along is a dark acoustic track that will keep you guessing from start to finish. A true musical journey that shows the bands ability to effortlessly combines multiple genres.

The Settlement - The Feast     Folk, Roots, Country 26/03/2015
A five-piece rare alternative/folk outfit, sticking to their southern stomp roots. Their journey is to develop and spread an Australian folk/roots sound, never to be pigeon holed.
The Feast is a track that exhibits the energetic yet rustic folk sounds of The Settlement. The lyrics and roar melodies paint a grainy picture of compassion for honest life values. Catchy chorus lines have a strong foot stomping element that makes the song memorable and endearing.

The Dead Love - Zombie Ghost Town     Rock, Punk, Grunge 25/02/2015
Based out of Sydney, The Dead Love are an explosive combination of rock, grunge and punk. Their debut album ‘Transitions’ (2014) received acclaim across national Australian, N.Z and U.S radio.
Dominated by classic modern rock guitars and drums, grunge punk vocals combine to form a hard hitting driving tune. The energy and tempo is consistent giving the track an anthem feel, reinforcing the droning zombie theme that is a metaphor for sleepy country towns.

The Dead Love - Wastelands     Rock, Grunge, Pop, Garage 15/01/2016
Sydney based Grunge Power-Pop band The Dead Love can be described as nothing less than incendiary.
90's Grunge/Power-Pop at it's finest. The Dead Love have produced a truly unique and infectious track, highlighting the best of old and new. You will be singing the chorus hook in your head for weeks.

The Dead Love - Summer     Pop, Grunge, Rock 12/08/2016
Sydney based grunge band The Dead Love can be described as nothing less than incendiary.
Drenched in melancholia, the new single 'Summer' from Sydney's The Dead Love encapsulates 90's grunge and power-pop vibes. Chorus lead line 'Summer has gone again' will be stuck in your head for weeks. 'Summer' is the latest single from the band's upcoming album 'So Whatever' (out Friday September 9th)

The Dead Love - Love Drugs     Rock, Pop, Garage, Grunge 11/03/2016
Sydney based Grunge Power-Pop band The Dead Love can be described as nothing less than incendiary.
Love Drugs is a true reincarnation of 90's Power Pop/Grunge. Extremely catchy, drenched in melancholia and packing a healthy dose of Garage/Rock, this track displays the new direction of The Dead Love perfectly. Press play and enjoy!

The Daily Chase - The Fear     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 11/05/2018
The Daily Chase are a 5-piece metalcore outfit from regional South Australia.
'The Fear' is a melodic step-up for the guys in The Daily Chase. The track opens up with a soundscape reminiscent of bands like The Amity Affliction and slams into an epic and melodic chorus that will get stuck in your head instantly. A true metalcore powerhouse.

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The Daily Chase - Void     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 27/04/2018
The Daily Chase are a 5-piece metalcore outfit from regional South Australia.
Void is a huge step up for the boys in The Daily Chase. The track opens with killer guitar work accompanied by a maelstrom of a rhythm section. Powerful screams tell of self reflection and lead into a soaring clean chrous. Keep an eye fixed on these guys.

The Daily Chase - Never Change     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 17/02/2017
The Daily Chase are a 5-piece metalcore outfit from South Australia.
Never Change hits like an absolute heavyweight from the beginning. The singer's low screams are very powerful and well mixed. The bands brutality is very well complimented by soaring chorus clean melodies. From heavy breakdowns to catchy choruses, this track has it all.

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