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Evergreen Artists

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Admella - Plastic Heart     Alternative, Rock 24/01/2020
Admella are an Alternative Rock act from Mt Gambier, SA.
Admella are masters at blending multiple genres, and this strength shines through on Plastic heart. Plastic Heart opens with a beautifully constructed piano score and is soon joined by a unique guitar performance. The verse hits hard and makes way for an extremely catch chorus with soaring vocals.

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Ratking - Come Out And Play (The Offspring)     Punk, Rock 24/01/2020
In a very short amount of time Ratking have added their own fingerprint to the ever-expanding universe of hardcore.
Ratking's cover of 'Come Out And Play' by The Offspring is absolutely brilliant. They have reinvented a punk rock classic with a hardcore twist. Fans of The Offspring and great Australian Hardcore will love this!

Cirrus Crown - The Hardest Truth     Alternative, Metal, Rock 17/01/2020
Cirrus Crown, a weather phenomenon associated with thunderstorms, is a metaphor that perfectly encapsulates the band's energetic, dynamic, heavy and ambient music.
The Hardest Truth opens with a sinister voice that says "Hear No, See No, Speak No Evil" that sets the tone for the single. A killer guitar riff is accompanied by a rhythmic powerhouse, and makes way for a spacious verse featuring a beautiful vocal take. This single is a master-class in dynamics, and will captivate from start to finish.

Driver - Spacesuit     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/01/2020
Driver are a two-piece Synth/Indie Electronic outfit from Brisbane Australia. The duo creates elaborate synth-driven soundscapes that are laced with an alluring sense of nostalgia.
Spacesuit opens with an ominous synth line that drives it's way into your cerebral hemispheres. The production is impeccable, from instrumentation through to spacey vocals. The song is about letting go of your exterior persona and embracing all sides of ones self.

Other tracks by Driver:  Winter Sun  -  Southern Land
Misha Bear - Lifestyle Lover     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/01/2020
Misha Bear is a multi talented artist based in St Kilda, Melbourne.
Lifestyle Lover opens with beautifully crafted electronic production and is soon accompanied by Misha Bear's intoxicating vocals. Bear sings of her love life in this new single. The song takes an 80's RnB sound when the double-time chorus kicks in and will take you back to times gone by. The perfect song about love and reflection.

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Rivilin - neuroscience     Alternative, Hip Hop 17/01/2020
Brisbane based musician Rivilin creates a dark and progressive brand of alternative rap.
neuroscience opens with luscious electronic soundscapes that leads into a hard-hitting beat. Rivilin tells the story of recovering from a major car accident, and watching his friends leave whilst he was in hospital. Punchy production, killer lyricism and a catchy beats make for a brilliant new release from Brisbane's Rivilin.

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Clouder - Stars & Clouds     Alternative, Rock 03/12/2019
Sydney based Rock outfit Clouder make 90’s inspired Alternative music drenched with an earnest sense of melancholy.
Stars & Clouds opens with a beautiful and spacious guitar progression, accompanied by a perfect rhythm section. The song is almost 'meditative' in it's nature, and the lyrics follow this vibe perfectly. The new single from Clouder will have you contemplating the intricacies of your life, whilst pondering your true purpose. Press play and take an aural journey.

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Ride For Rain - Rules On Envy     Indie, Pop, Punk 03/12/2019
Sydney’s Ride For Rain began to share a passion for their music and a love for ’90s aesthetic culture in early 2015.
Rules On Envy is the bright new single from Sydney Indie Pop band Ride For Rain. The single is catchy as all hell from start to finish! Lush production, mature songwriting and killer delivery. This is the perfect summer jam to forget to troubles and move your body!

Nick Pes - If It’s About Love     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 26/11/2019
Sydney based artist Nick Pes creates an endearing and infectious brand of Indie Electronica.
A synth soundscape makes way for a huge intro verse. Lush production, soaring vocal melodies and lyrical content that grabs your heart by it's strings are key components of the new single from Sydney's Nick Pes. The chorus is absolutely outstanding and will swirl around in your head for days.

The perfect summertime heartbreak jam.

Dreamers Crime - Silence     Rock 22/11/2019
Dreamers Crime are a Hard Rock band hailing from Sydney, Australia.
Silence erupts from the very beginning, with a hard out Heavy Rock riff punching through your speakers. The track is full of artful contrast from start to end. Vocalist Peter shows off his skills with light and sparse verse melodies and soaring chorus lines, similar to that of Chester from Linkin park. Just wait for that guitar solo!

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Hey Geronimo - Waste Yourself     Indie, Rock 21/11/2019
Since their inception, Hey Geronimo developed as a fixture on the Australian festival circuit before releasing two critically acclaimed albums Crashing Into The Sun (2016) and CONTENT (2018).
Waste Yourself opens with a cruisy drum beat accompanied by an infectious keys progression. A smooth vocal soon enters, making way for a chorus that will get stuck in your head for days! The perfect summertime driving jam. Another banger from Hey Geronimo!

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Driver - Sin City     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 20/11/2019
Driver are a two-piece Indie Electronic outfit from Brisbane Australia. The band creates elaborate synth-driven soundscapes that are laced with an alluring sense of nostalgia.
Sin City opens with a luscious synth driven soundscape that makes way for a powerful beat that will take you back to the golden years of Indie Electronica. Singer Damion has a very diverse range and paints a dynamically beautiful lyrical/melodic picture. An absolute cracker of a single from the Brisbane newcomers. Press play and enjoy!

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Tu P - Save Our Seas (feat. Mark Sickmind & Mei Lee)     Hip Hop 20/11/2019
Tu P (AKA Tu Pham) is a multi-talented rapper based out of Brisbane, Australia.
Save Our Seas is a brilliant commentary on protecting the sovereignty of Southeast Asia. Rapper Tu P teams up with feature artists Mark Sickmind and Mei Lee to deliver this absolute banger. The track opens with a beautiful soundscape that is soon accompanied by a luscious hip hop beat. Fire from start to finish!

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Understory - Paradigm     Rock 20/11/2019
Brisbane newcomers Understory create a truly unique and dynamic brand of Rock music.
Paradigm bursts straight out the gate with heavy riffage and a powerhouse rhythmic section. The vocals provide a beautiful contrast as they enter along with the verse. The band have absolutely nailed minor/major transitions in this track and feature a chorus that will get stuck in your head all day long.

Other tracks by Understory:  Enigma  -  Static World
Big Red Fire Truck - I Don't Love You     Rock 24/10/2019
Sydney based outfit Big Red Fire Truck create an unforgiving brand of high-octane Rock music.
I Don't Love You opens with a powerful and upbeat guitar riff that will instantly take you back to the glory days of Rock! A driving rhythm section soon enters, along with singer Digby's outstanding vocal. The minor/major chorus transition is brilliant and is reminiscent of an anthemic KISS chorus. High octane Rock at it's best!

Other tracks by Big Red Fire Truck:  Rumble In Harlem
Dream Cities - Angel's Call     Alternative, Rock, Hip Hop 24/10/2019
Dream Cities is a collaboration of Sydney Hip Hop recording artist Ello C with the trio of musicians Andrej Trbojevic (guitarist), Alex Solo (bassist, electronics) and Mike Solo (drummer).
Angel's Call opens with a spacious soundscape, that makes way for MC Ello C's first verse. The lyrical content is very consciously written, and all instrumentation is very dynamic. MC Ello C tells of the struggles of dealing with personal trauma and waking up to your own personal power. Inspiring, powerful and catchy as hell. Press play now!

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Understory - Windbreaker     Rock 24/10/2019
Brisbane newcomers Understory create a truly unique and dynamic brand of Rock music.
Windbreaker bursts right out of the gate with full force, and leads into a beautifully crafted first verse. The chorus is extremely catchy and will be stuck in your head all day long! This is such a strong debut release from the Brisbane based newcomers. For fans of Birds Of Tokyo, Northlane, Dead Letter Circus.

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Flaskas - Songbird     Blues, Roots, Rock 11/10/2019
Flaskas have evolved into one of Australia's most exciting live acts.
Songbird opens with a beautifully crafted harmonica section, accompanied by a gorgeous acoustic guitar progression. Singer Chris Flaskas enters, telling tales of hope and love. Songbird displays Flaskas' signature sound, described as 'Earth Rock'. Flaskas aim to inspire their audience with positive lyrics. The single will leave you feeling full of energy and ready to spread good vibes all around!

Jack Biilmann - Shade     Blues, Roots, Rock, Pop 10/10/2019
Hailing from the gorgeous Far South Coast of NSW, Jack Biilmann has been surrounded by inspiration his whole life.
Once every now and then an artist comes out with a truly brilliant song - enter Jack Biilmann with his new single 'Shade'. The song is blues at it's finest. Biilmann possesses an outstandingly powerful voice that evokes the spirit of greats such as Chris Cornell, and will eave you in awe. The perfect driving/contemplation song!

Misha Bear - Stories     Pop, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 10/10/2019
Misha Bear is a supremely talented artist based in St Kilda, Melbourne.
Stories is the title track from Misha Bear's new EP. The single opens with a spacious soundscape that makes way for a lush electronic beat that is soon accompanied by Bear's stunning vocals. Bear conjures sounds from the past and effortlessly blends them with modern production values. Electronic Pop at it's finest!

Other tracks by Misha Bear:  Friends  -  Keeper