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Evergreen Artists

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Dubarray - Catching My Breath     Funk/Soul, House, World, Electronic 10/04/2018
Dubarray combine a fusion of world music that infuses trip-hop, drum & bass, house, reggae, funk, dancehall and tribal grooves layered on a bed of electronic ambience and organic undertones.
Catching My Breath opens with a light and spacious electronic soundscape that is accompanied by a beautiful lead female vocal. Dubarray fuse elements of house, funk and electronic music to form this catchy and uplifting single that takes you on a colourful aural journey. Taken from forthcoming album 'Inner Sanctum'.

Grave Places - Lighthouse     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 20/03/2018
Brisbane based newcomers Grave Places create dynamically rich Metalcore music.
Lighthouse opens with a progressive pop/punk intro that transitions into a heavy metalcore verse section. The band effortlessly drift between singing and screaming, much like A Day To Remember. A very strong and hooky single from the newly formed Brisbane outfit. Press play and enjoy!

Emecia - Sleepers     Rock, Hardcore, Metal 17/03/2018
Adelaide band Emecia are an independent powerhouse to be reckoned with.
Sleepers blasts through your speakers from the get-go with a dose of post-hardcore goodness! The ferocious verse leads into a powerful melodic chorus, that Emecia typically do so well. This is one epic track filled with all the right ingredients for an epic post-hardcore banger!

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A Gentlemen's Agreement - Truths And Secrets     Rock, Metal 22/02/2018
Sydney based 3 piece A Gentlemen’s Agreement create explosive music that combines elements of Rock, Metal and Alternative.
Truths And Secrets opens with a hard-out Prog Rock progression that leads into a punchy verse. This single captures the true essence of AGA: Brutal, unforgiving and in-your-face. Lead singer paints a picture of deception in his firey lyrics, which are backed up by a rhythmic wall of sound.

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Other tracks by A Gentlemen's Agreement:  Fear Of The Black Abyss
Colour & Shade - The Path     Rock, Hardcore 22/02/2018
Melbourne based newcomers Colour & Shade create a soaring brand of Alternative Rock that provides a much needed breath of fresh air.
The Path opens with an epic post hardcore riff accompanied by a powerful rhythm section. The pre-chorus hits like a tonne of bricks with screaming vocal line "Shutup! Shutup! Get out of my head!" and opens up am extremely catchy chorus. These lads have a perfect song formula.

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Emecia - Victims     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock 22/02/2018
Adelaide band Emecia are an independent powerhouse to be reckoned with. The band combines elements of Post-Hardcore and upbeat Punk Rock to create their gutsy Rock sound.
Victims opens with the powerful line "I wanna thank the knife for always having my back" and busts into an epic post hardcore verse. The song touches on the heartbreaking topic of suicide and hits home with a strong message. This is Emecia at a new level. Press play.

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Grave Places - XXXX Bummer     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock 22/02/2018
Brisbane based newcomers Grave Places create dynamically rich Metalcore music.
XXXX Bummer opens with a beautiful and spacious soundscape that is followed by a brutal metalcore verse. The band contrasts effortlessly between hardcore screams and beautiful clean vocals. This is a very promising debut from Grave Places - press play and get all up in the feels.

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Scarlet Drive - Ceto     Rock, Pop, Funk 22/02/2018
Drawn together by a shared passion for Alternative Rock, West Australian band Scarlet Drive have become a firm fixture on Perth’s live music scene.
Ceto is a flawless display of Scarlet Drive's ability to mesh together a plethora of engaging genres. The single opens with a funk laden reggae verse that leads into a driving and catchy chorus.

Screaming Eagle - Ride The Tiger     Rock 01/02/2018
Central Coast based Rockers Screaming Eagle create high-energy music that has captivated audiences across New South Wales.
Ride The Tiger is classic Rock at it's very best. Laden with face melting riffs, soaring lead vocals and a fist pumping rhythm section like no other. Press play, sit back and be taken on a mind blowing journey through the ages of Rock.

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Other tracks by Screaming Eagle:  Let Me Out  -  Right Down
Kings Within - Feel The Rain     Rock 11/11/2017
Adelaide newcomers Kings Within draw from a broad range of influences including Alternative, Melodic Hardcore and Progressive Rock to forge their powerful and unique sonic.
Feel The Rain is an extremely strong debut from Adelaide newcomers Kings Within. The song hits hard from the get go and features a powerful rhythm section accompanied by a soaring lead vocal. The single displays dynamic maturity as well as an infectious chorus hook. Alt Rock at it's finest.

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Colour & Shade - Composure     Rock 21/10/2017
Melbourne based newcomers Colour & Shade create a soaring brand of Alternative Rock that provides a much needed breath of fresh air.
Composure is the first single from Melbourne based Alt Rockers Colour & Shade. The single features lush production values and is an outstanding debut. The song is a perfect balance of soaring clean vocals and piercing screaming.

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Rivilin - Nicotine     Electronic, Rap 20/10/2017
Brisbane based musician RIVILIN pens a dark and progressive brand of alternative rap.
Nicotine opens with a fresh electronic sample and descends into a dark electronic rap landscape. The single touches on the loss of a dear friend to suicide, and had a dark and grimy undertone. RIVILIN pens a truly unique and progressive brand of alternative rap - press play.

A Gazillion Angry Mexicans - Jonah & The Whale     Rock, Grunge, Psychedelic 07/10/2017
Melbourne based outfit A Gazillion Angry Mexicans create high-octane music that effortlessly molds elements of 90’s Grunge, Garage and Stoner Rock into a truly unique sonic.
Jonah & The Whale bursts out the speakers in all it's grunge-soaked, riff-filled glory and smashes you in the face. The grunge-rock verse transcends into an almighty psychedelic chorus that will adequately blow your mind. The guitar-work on this track is next-level, and displays the bands constant sonic progression.

Adaptors - Gossamer     Rock, Psychedelic, Funk 29/09/2017
Sydney based Rock outfit Adaptors blend elements of post-punk and psychedelic-pop to create their unique and compelling dynamic.
Gossamer opens with funk-laden guitars and soothing post-punk vocals, transitioning effortlessly from smooth psychedelic verses to soaring rock choruses. Adaptors have the ability to combine many genres effortlessly in their music, and Gossamer is no exception. Press play and enjoy the beautiful dynamics of Gossamer.

Grasshole - Fragile     Rock, Grunge, Garage 01/09/2017
Melbourne based three-piece Grasshole combine elements of Grunge, Rock and Punk to create their endearing and progressive sonic.
Fragile is grunge rock perfection from the get-go. Taken form their forthcoming debut album, the track displays all that the band do best. Grasshole have an innate ability to transition from hard-out garage drenched riffs to soaring pop rock choruses that hook you in.

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The Silencio - This Cannot Die     Rock, Acoustic, Grunge 23/08/2017
The Silencio formed in 2014 as an evolution of a solo project that singer songwriter Jan Nicholas Blom started in his early teens. .
This Cannot Die punches you in the face with a wall of sound form the get go. An artful combination of hard-hitting acoustic rock and alternative grunge vibes.

Other tracks by The Silencio:  Anathema
Aspirations - Calamity     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Electronic 18/08/2017
Adelaide based Electronic Hardcore outfit Aspirations weave together multiple genres to create their unique and endearing sonic.
Calamity displays what this band does best; Hard hitting post-hardcore meshed together with ridiculously hooky electronics. The band transition between brutal scream-laden verses and soaring clean chorus effortlessly. Press play and enjoy this heavy banger!

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The Achilles - Matches     Pop, Folk 18/08/2017
The Achilles are a family band based in the small country town of Oakey in Southeast Queensland.
The new single from The Achilles is absolutely stunning. A combination of beautiful female melodies with eloquent arrangement and you get Matches. The chorus will be stuck in your head for weeks - this band can do no wrong! Press play and enjoy.

I, The Divide - Sinking Ships     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 28/07/2017
Brisbane based band I, The Divide create high-octane Metalcore that draws influence from the likes of The Ghost Inside, Architects and Northlane.
Sinking Ships opens with a fat guitar riff that will have you headbanging instantly! A perfect balance of brutal screaming and soaring clean melodies, Sinking Ships displays this young bands talent clearly.

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Izabelle - Sunrise     Pop, Soul, Blues, Jazz 11/07/2017
Brisbane based singer/songwriter Izabelle gracefully combines alternative rock, soul, blues and electronic elements to create an enchanting dynamic.
Every now and then a song comes along that shines above the rest in all elements. Sunrise holds true to this in every way. Izabelle's enchanting vocals project a chorus that will get stuck in your head for weeks. Lush production and a soaring vocal range will stay with you.