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Ethnic Multicultural


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Anbessa Gebrehiwot - Salam Ozi     World, African 04/10/2011
Hailing from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, Anbessa Gebrehiwot has been performing traditional Ethiopian music for over 20 years.
Sung in Tigirinya, a song that celebrates peace within Australia

Anbessa Gebrehiwot (masenquo/ kirar/ vocals/percussion), Nicky Bomba (drum, percussion, bass guitar)

Written by Anbessa Gebrehiwot, incorporating lyrics from “Advanced Australian Fair”, produced and mixed by Nicky Bomba

Supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria

Other tracks by Anbessa Gebrehiwot:  Salam Zasella
J-Amaris - Far From Ambasel     Jazz, African, World 04/10/2011
Six-piece Ethio-Jazz instrumental, the J-Azmaris pay tribute to a style of music unique in its sound, skill and scale structure.
Ambasel is a city in Ethiopia and the song is written using the Ambasel scale to express a feeling you get when you are far from your identity, music and culture

Composed by Daniel Atlaw, recorded and mixed by Paul Coyle

Supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria

Macc-Too - Like A Hero     Hip Hop, African 04/10/2011
Australia's first female Rwandan Hip Hop artist
The message of this song is not to judge others on how they look as appearance doesn’t tell the whole story

Macc-Too (vocals), Sista Savage (vocals), Ivan ‘Choi’ Khatchoyan (drums, synth, bass, effects and percussion

Written by Macc-Too, composed, arranged, produced by Ivan ‘Choi’ Khatchoyan

Supported my Multicultural Arts Victoria

Other tracks by Macc-Too:  Why Not
SS Superstar - Nehoo (Maybe)     World, African, Pop 04/10/2011
SS Superstar in bringing South Sudanese afro-pop to the heart of Melbourne
This song is sung in Nuer and is about when you need something good you may get it or you may not

Lang Yearchak (vocals), Ivan ‘Choi’ Khatchoyan (drums, bass, synths, effects and percussion)

Written by Lang Yearchak, composed, arranged, produced and mixed by Ivan ‘Choi’ Khatchoyan

Other tracks by SS Superstar:  Holla Ya!
Jerusalem Gospel Rumba - Nasisi Wanadamu (We Come From Adam)     World, African 04/10/2011
Jerusalem Gospel Rumba, headed by Congolese musician Nestor Omari, represent a unique and lesser known musical style of Congo, The Congolese Rumba
Sung in Swahili, this song says that unfortunately people love money more than their God.

Other tracks by Jerusalem Gospel Rumba:  Tujiandae
Luis Arteaga - Porque Lo Puedes Lograr (Because You Can Achieve It)     World, African 30/09/2011
Luis is a Colombian artist now residing in Melbourne. Drawing on the legendary and political folkloric singers of Latin America, he sings for the people and for freedom and equality
Sung in Spanish, this song is about a decision that needs to be taken between living a solitary life, or creating a new awakening with the person you love.

Written/composed by Luis Arteaga, arranged, produced and mixed by Jake Savona

Supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria

Rarity Five - Stand Together     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Soul 30/09/2011
Some of Melbourne’s finest emerging soul and RnB voices have banded together to form Rarity Five, an all-girl musical collective dedicated to the composing, writing and performing of original songs.
This song is about unity

Mary Napaa (vocals) , Mazna Komba (vocals), Hilma Komba (vocals) , Alyce Masonga (vocals), Hekima Komba (vocals), Jason Heerah (drum programming, drums, bass), Aaron Mendoza (keys programming)

Composed and written by Rarity Five, produced and mixed by Jason Heerah

Supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria

Marvz - i will     Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Rap 22/07/2011
If you want songs for the radio,for the club or about real life then MARVZ is the artist you want to hear..something for everyone :)
This is a song for the radio or cruising in your car,real RNB song with a cool rap to go with it,a real samsh hit

Other tracks by Marvz:  Dream Girl  -  Born 2 Lose
Kafka Pony - Waltz Schmaltz     Jazz, Instrumental 13/07/2011
Guitarist & composer Mastaneh Nazarian creates original pieces for contemporary jazz trio, exploring new forms and textures. Beware of the twisted, the unusual and the quirky!
This piece was composed as a vehicle for trio improvisation in a relaxed swing setting.  It is a jazz waltz with lots of unexpected turns and spins.  The introduction and ending contrast the mood of the rest of the piece and create a frame for viewing the cyclical inner portion.

Other tracks by Kafka Pony:  Day's Work  -  Samba a la Warsaw
Costas Tsicaderis - Beyond Mulamein     Ethnic Multicultural, Instrumental, Soundtrack (Film Related), Australian Indigenous 06/07/2011
Costas Tsicaderis (6 Jan. 1945 - 23 Dec. 2004) was a Greek-Australian singer-songwriter whose love and activism for human rights was reflected throughout his music and lyrical content.
One of Costas' most significant compositions, a reflection of Australia's vast cultural history. Dedicated to all Indigenous Australians. Composed by Costas, inspired by Nikos Ninolakis' poem 'Beyond Mulamein'. Performed by The Costas Tsicaderis Ensemble Costas: classical guitar, Dennis Piskopos: flute, Manolis Galiatsos: bouzouki, George Galiatsos: acoustic guitar, Gnarnarjarra Waitare: Didgiridoo.

Ajak Kwai - Bukgo Looi (For the Youth of Sudan)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Reggae, World 30/06/2011
Ajak Kwai is an internationally renowned, award-winning Sudanese-Australian singer/songwriter who arrived in Australia as a refugee over ten years ago. Her performances are filled with musical story-telling from her homeland.
Bukgo Looi is track translating as reminder for the Youth of Southern Sudan, it is a special song for present day consequences to the elections and the independance of south sudan... the lyrics sing to the youth ~ "don't forget that home is waiting for you"

Other tracks by Ajak Kwai:  Yin Nhiar (I Love You)  -  Yin niar Ku tiomda Kush (I love my land)
Kojo Saffu - Fiyah     Hip Hop, Dub, World, Ethnic 30/06/2011
Nomadic lifestyle and myriad of cultures from a young age play an integral role in the music of Kojo Saffu who delivers a future roots infused blend of Hip Hop!
"FIYAH! You better sound the alarm; Australian Ghanaian flaming through dropping them bombs!"
Up beat track announcing the arrival of a proud Ghanaian Australian... More FiYAH!

Other tracks by Kojo Saffu:  I Can  -  Dreams
Masta One - Homeless     Hip Hop, Hip Hop, RnB, RnB 30/06/2011
I am a very happy person.Music is my passion. I love to meet new friends and am happy to work with different people. I am very calm and respect others.
This song is based on my life experienced through the Sudan civil war. The song talks about how I’ve been displaced in my own country, becoming a refugee. It’s about struggling with life and the hardship I have been through without my mum and dad.

Mia Muze - Storm feat. Tats     Hip Hop, World, Rock, Soundscapes 22/06/2011
Mia Muze is a Tokyo born, half Jap-Latin raised in Sydney, Australia and now located in the Gold Coast.
Beachside living and association with water and the beautiful nature of a storm. A lyrical storm conveying nature at its purest.

Watch video

Other tracks by Mia Muze:  Boom  -  Nunca Otra Vez feat. Pedro
Tenzin Choegyal - Tayatha Heart Suttra     World, Pop, Live Performance 27/05/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2010 Drawing on inspiration from his traditional Tibetan roots is Tenzin Choegyal, as recorded by Radio Adelaide during "Live Music Fest 2010."
Cantering rhythms, extraordinary vocal ability and flute come together to create uniquely beautiful music that draws on Tenzin Choegyal’s traditional Tibetan roots.

Pavlos Andronikos / Katrina Mpaloukas - On Your Balcony     Ethnic Multicultural, Folk, World 26/05/2011
“In a Strange Land” is an honest, contemporary, varied collection showcasing the innovative ways in which Greek Australians have engaged in the creation of music in their “strange” new land.
A song which evokes Greek folk song, but also blends synthesiser sounds with traditional instruments. Archie Argyropoulos offers an energetic and convincing vocal interpretation, and is joined by Helen Sinis in the last verse so that, with the two singing alternate lines, a happy ending is suggested despite the lyrics.

Meyhane - Andra Thelo     World, Dance, Ethnic, Soundtrack (Film Related) 18/05/2011
Meyhane: wine house/tavern of the Old Balkan/Anatolian World, where musicians performed for live audiences. Our instruments and musical style typify this tradition, whilst including sounds of the wider Eastern Mediterranean.
Greek traditional Karsilamas dance in 9/8 beat, from the island of Marmaras, in the Sea of Marmara (Propontis). A love song about a woman who wishes to marry a handsome big-spender, who will be loyal to her. Otherwise she is happy to remain single and party her life away!

Other tracks by Meyhane:  Otan me yennas mana mou  -  Mihanikos
Acequia - Sendero     World, Folk 10/05/2011
Acequia infuse traditional Andean instruments with contemporary and complex rhythms characteristic of their homeland Bolivia
Original composition representing the complex Andean rhythms characteristic of Bolivia.

Other tracks by Acequia:  Rosarito  -  Huari
Madre Monte - La Voz     Reggae/Dub, World 10/05/2011
9-piece Latin Reggae collective Madre Monte infuse the indigenous Cumbia rhythm of Colombia with reggae grooves.
Latin and reggae rhythms infused with lyrics filled with Colombian mythology

Other tracks by Madre Monte:  Vicente  -  The Same
Oh Mercy and Nadia Omar - Hands Will Cradle     World, Pop 01/11/2010
Nadia Omar is from Pakistan, she is singing a song written by Alexander Gow of Oh Mercy.
Nadia Omar is from Pakistan, she is singing a song written by Alexander Gow of Oh Mercy. The song is the crux of a newly formed friendship between the two. The song sounds effortless but was in fact one of the hardest songs Alexander has ever written.