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Ethnic Multicultural


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Dyan Tai - C.O.O.L.     Pop, Electronic, Dance 10/04/2012
Malaysian-born singer/songwriter Dyan Tai releases his debut single and music video C.O.O.L. featuring his infamous disco-ball keytar.
Song written about embracing your inner geek and be cool no matter you're a try hard hipster, flaming gay, an ethnic stereotype - can still be cool.

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Other tracks by Dyan Tai:  Part Time Lovers
Tatu Rei - Forte     World, Jazz, Classical 26/10/2011
Tatu Rei are a 6 Piece Brazilian Jazz, Bossa and Samba outfit from Melbourne playing some of the hottest world music currently coming out of Australia.
'Forte' is the title track off Tatu Rei's second album. Featuring a string quartet comprising players from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Victorian Chamber Orchestra. Fusing Bossa Nova with an inspiring classical performance from some of Australia's best, this song represents the Worldly appeal of this Melbourne based group.

Other tracks by Tatu Rei:  Não Quero Prozac, Cadê Meu Buddha!  -  Pra Que Vingança?
Fula Band - Rutun Beladena (Crying for My Homeland)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Jazz, Funk 17/10/2011
Lead by Sudanese born artist Eshak Awi, The Fula Band are a story tellers backed by African guitar styles fused with Sudanese, Eastern Africa, Jazz and Funk influeneces.
The song ‘Rutun Beladena’ translates to – “Crying for My Homeland”
A man cries ‘Mama am I growing old and I havent’ seen my homeland’.
The Fula Band are:
Eshak Awi (vocals/ lead guitar), Onda Mefumi (vocals/ bass guitar), Sidney Langa (drums).

Tabura - Mambo Simbo (Where are you Son?)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Live Performance 17/10/2011
The word ‘Tabura’ comes from the Wasior word ‘cone-shell’ found at West Papau’s coastline. ‘Tabura’ is a group of talented WestPapuans, passionate about their traditional Melanesian culture/song/dance and language.
Mambo Simbo (Where Are You Son?)
A mother calls out to her son to come home before dusk.

Airi Ingram (percussion), Donny Roem (vocals/ percussion), Ronny Kareni (vocals), Lea Rumwaropen (vocals), Rosa Rumwaropen (vocals), Petra Rumwaropen (vocals), Sixta Mambor (vocals).

Written by Arnold Ap, produced and mixed by Airi Ingram.

Angeezy & Choi - Why Not     Ethnic Multicultural, Hip Hop, African, Funk 17/10/2011
Melbourne’s first and only female Rwandan hip hop artist 'Angeezy' (aka Angelique Nzabanita) comes together with Melbourne’s finest funk drummers and beat producers Choi (aka Ivan Khatchoyan) for Visible5.
21 year old Angeezy (aka Angelique Nzabanita ) was immersed in American hip hop and since the age of 9 has been free-styling and rapping with the dream of one day recording and performing her own music. She has quickly realized this dream and established herself as one of Melbourne's prominent female Rwandan hip hop artists. In Visible 5 (2010) she has collaborated with Choi (aka Ivan Khatchoyan), one of Melbourne’s finest funk drummers and beat producers on her first ever track: 'Why Not' - No matter how hard life is, we can all rise above and look to a brighter future

Aminata Doumbia and Jake Savona - Mimi Wako (I am Yours)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Hip Hop, Reggae 17/10/2011
Diverse singer/songwriter Aminata Doumbia teams with Dancehall, Reggae/Hip Hop producer Jake Savona (aka Mista Savona) to bring a great song for Visible 5 titled Mimi Wako (I am Yours).
Mimi Wako (I Am Yours)
Sung in Swahili, God is the only solution to all our problems and the only way.

Aminata Doumbia (vocals) Jake Savona (bass/ programming), Anita Larkin (balafon/ percussion), Chiko Henderson (guitar).

Written by Aminata Doumbia & Jake Savona, produced and mixed by Jake Savona.

Akoma Beat - Saa (Like that... Life, is like that)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Funk, Soul 17/10/2011
Akoma Beat is a Melbourne-based Highlife band playing sweet and funky Ghanaian Highlife music from the 6os and 70s. Dancing is a pleasure, and they aim to please!
Written by Chris Lesser and Paa Brown, produced/mixed by Michael Pollard. This is Track 1 from the Visible 5 CD:
Saa (Like That)
Sung in Fanti, most of us face similar problems no matter who we are or where we are in the world – life is like that.

Future Destin - I wanna Thank you     Hip Hop, Christian 14/10/2011
I am emerging gospel artist. I am originally from the Congo (DRC) and I am currently studying Engineering at University. these three songs are some of my five songs album.
As an opening track, This song is to thank the Lord for his loving-kindness.

Other tracks by Future Destin:  What you left behind  -  The Light
Afro Habesha Band - Wolayta     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, World 13/10/2011
Afro Habesha is an 8 piece band performing Ethiopian traditional and contemporary music and dance (it is a 10 piece with dancers!) It is soulful, vibrant, visually and aurally beautiful.
Wolayta is the name one of one of the ethnic groups of Ethiopia.
The melody exudes Ethiopian traditional music. Vocals: Seble Girma, musical arrangements/keyboardist Daniel Atlaw, Nicky Bomba on Drums and Percussion, Kirar Baei Sahele on Saxaphone, with backing vocals by Daniel and Abei.

Daniel Atlaw Seifu - My Beauty     Ethnic Multicultural, Instrumental, Experimental, Jazz 13/10/2011
After many incarnations through various bands nationally and internationally, accomplished Ethiopian Jazz musician Daniel Atlaw Seifu, transcends from own band Afro Habesha, to his own solo work.
My Beauty: A song admiring beauty based on a traditional Ethiopian melody.

Daniel Atlaw Seifu (piano).
Written by Daniel Atlaw Seifu, produced and mixed by Lochie Bradfield (aka Ah! Puch!)

Anbessa Gebrehiwot - Bahlina (My Tradition)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Live Performance 13/10/2011
Ethiopian Singer/Composer/Musician Anbessa Gebrehiwot has been performing traditional Ethiopian music for over 20 years mastering the country’s most iconic traditional instruments – the masenko (one string violin) and kirar (lute).
Bahlina (My Tradition)
Sung in Tigirinya, this is a traditional song about Tigray life - a region and culture that extends from northern Ethiopia to Eritrea.

Anbessa Gebrehiwot (masenko, kirar, vocals), Nicky Bomba (bassguitar, guitar, drums, percussion).

Arranged by Anbessa Gebrehiwot, recorded and produced by Nicky Bomba at Noah’s Ark.

Landid Sound - Dunia Tani (Another World)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Reggae, Pop 13/10/2011
Four-piece African/Pop band “Landid Sound” sing in English/Sudanese/Arabic, their songs written in the spirit of unity for all people’s, drawing on diverse influences of Congo’s soukous music and western/contemporary music
Dunia Tani (Another World)
Written by Simon Landid and sung in Sudanese Arabic, this song encourages newly arrived communities to participate in the life of their new multicultural home Australia.

Simon Landid (lead guitar/lead vocal), Nicky Bomba (drums/bass/rhythm guitar), Emmanuela Degery (backing vocals), Flora Bambo (backingvocals), Achol Mabeng (backing vocals).

Muhanamwé West African Percussion and Dance Ensemble - Tiriba     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Live Performance 13/10/2011
Muhanamwé, means Culture, and is one of Australia's exciting West African percussion and dance ensembles with compelling rhythms, raw vocal harmonies, rippling balafon melodies, stunning costumes and superhuman dance moves.
Sung in Sussu, this is a traditional Guinean piece that praised the king of the ancient Mandinka empire, Almamy Samoure Toure.

Aliou Sylla (djembe/ vocals), Mohamed Camara (djembe/ vocals), Anna Camara (balafon/ dun duns).

Arranged by Muhanamwe, recorded and produced by Nicky Bomba and Michael Pollard at RMIT University.

One Africa - Lumba     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Pop, Acoustic 13/10/2011
“One Africa” is Lamine Sonko (lead vocals/guitar), King Marong (boucarabou/ djembe/vocals) and Rebecca Matthews (kora (WestAfricanHarp/vocals). They play hypnotically soulful songs originating from traditional WestAfrican culture and contemporary Australian influences.
Lumba (Visible 4 – track 6)
Sung in English and Mandinka this is a song about a big day of love.
Written by Lamine Sonko, lyrics by King Marong and Lamine Sonko
One Africa Line Includes:
Lamine Sonko (lead vocals/ guitar), King Marong (boucarabou/ djembe/ vocals), Rebecca Matthews (kora/ vocals).

Other tracks by One Africa:  Allah
Blak Roots - Running to the Mountain Zion     Ethnic Multicultural, Reggae, African, Funk 13/10/2011
Blak Roots is a unique mix of artists from India/Mauritius/Africa and Australia. Their original repertoire boasts African/Reggae, fusing upbeat reggae rhythms, sweet soulful vocals, and jazz/soul/funk with African inspired harmonies.
Visible 4 CD - Track 3- Running to Mountain Zion
Sung in English, Swahili and French - "we are all running for peace in our lives" Written by William Kadima, arranged by Blak Roots - A unique brand of African/Reggae fusing upbeat rhythms of jazz/soul/funk fused with African inspired harmonies.

Other tracks by Blak Roots:  Waniua (You Kill My Heart)
Kankelay - Bi Nya Lui Mahugbay     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Acoustic, Folk 13/10/2011
Kankelay are a group of Sierra Leonean Refugee women who have come together since 2007, to sing and dance their traditional cultural repertoire whilst delighting Melbourne audiences in the process!
Bi Nya Lui Mahugbay - led by Soeguah Sannoh
Momoh Sannoh (djembe)
Sung in Mende language, a mother forced to leave her child with another to raise.. "Take care of my child as if it were your own. Inspite of everything, look after it as well as you do yours."

Other tracks by Kankelay:  Nandaka  -  Laughter
Kundalia - Dai     Ethnic Multicultural, Acoustic, African, Folk 13/10/2011
Kundalila's unique sound reflects melodies of peace to thunderous calls for social justice. Lyrics are heart warming, thought provoking reflections, lamenting on the human condition and rejoicing life's everyday blessings.
Dai (If Only)
Sung in English and Shona, this song follows the story of a woman from the joy of her wedding day to the lies and deceit that bring with it HIV, a broken home and parentless children.
Written by Rurumayi Makombeshamu and Rene Sephton.

Other tracks by Kundalia:  Hatina Musha (We Have No Home)
Paul Mbenna featuring Nicky Bomba - Nakutamani (I Am Longing For You)     Ethnic Multicultural, Funk, Soul, RnB 13/10/2011
Paul Mbenna is an exciting talent from Tanzenia, already enjoying chart topping and television success there! He joins the Visible CD series with his sultry soothing vocal style of Afro-funk-soul-RnB-Zouk-Swahili.
Award winning Tanzanian born singer/songwriter Paul Mbenna is featured on vocals, and with Nicky Bomba on drums, bass, guitar, percussion.
Written by Paul Mbenna & Nicky Bomba, lyrics by Paul Mbenna, recorded/produced by Nicky Bomba at Noah’s Ark.

Other tracks by Paul Mbenna featuring Nicky Bomba:  Malaika Wa Moyo Wangu (Angel of My Heart)
Afro Habesha band - Tawusha Enure     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Jazz, Live Performance 13/10/2011
Afro Habesha mix outstanding local& Ethiopian born talent performing unique arrangements of popular traditional Ethiopian songs. They combine high energy live performances with traditional Ethiopian music, dance, jazz styles& instrumentation.
"Tawusha Enure" is a popular traditional Gurage Ethiopian love song.
Musicians include: Daniel Atlaw (keys/ vocals), Seble Girma (lead vocals), Duncan Foster (bass guitar), Nicky Bomba (drums), Ray Pereira (djembe), Leo Dale (alto saxophone/ baritone saxophone), Paul Coyle (trumpet/ trombone). Written by Abonesh Adenew, arranged by Daniel Atlaw.

Abdi Mohamen Abdi - Husus     World, African, Electronic 04/10/2011
Abdi Mohamed Abdi, also known as "Eidle" and "The Man With Ten Hands", is a respected musician and song writer, originally from the southern Somali port of Kismayo.
A love song, sung in Somali- “I love you and even if you forget me know, you’ll remember me later”

Abdi Mohamed Abdi (vocals/ keyboards/ guitar/ bass guitar), Ivan ‘Choi’ Khatchoyan (drums & percussion).

Written by Abdi Mohamed Abdi, produced and mixed by Ivan Khatchoyan.

Supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria

Other tracks by Abdi Mohamen Abdi:  Ajab (What's Going On)