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Ethnic Multicultural


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Taqi Khan - Atish     World 25/10/2013
Taqi Khan's 'Atish' on Visible Volume 8. The Visible compilation series is an initiative of Multicultural Arts Victoria.
Sung in Hazaragi this love song is about a man saying to his lover that her eyes are so beautiful that fire burns in his heart when he looks at her.

'Atish' was recorded for Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Visible Mentoring Program with Taqi Khan’s mentor and producer Ivan “Choi” Khatchoyan

Yirrmal - Deep Blue Sea     Indigenous, Folk 25/10/2013
Yirrmal's 'Deep Blue Sea' on Visible Volume 8. The Visible compilation series is an initiative of Multicultural Arts Victoria.
Sung in a mix of English and Bukalatjipi Matha this song tells the story of the Octopus, a creation spirit, living beneath the sea

It was recorded as part of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Visible Mentoring Program with Yirrmal’s mentor Carlo Santone (Blue King Brown) and producer Craig Pilkington (Archie Roach)

Yoseph H. Bekele ft. Jackson Jackson - New Directions     Pop 25/10/2013
Yoseph H. Bekele ft. Jackson Jackson's 'New Directions' on Visible Volume 8. The Visible compilation series is an initiative of Multicultural Arts Victoria.
Sometimes in life, everything changes, and you have to learn how to go walking in new directions

The track was recorded as part of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Visible Mentoring Program with Yoseph H. Bekele’s mentor Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire) and producer Jan Skubiszewski (Jackson Jackson)

Deborah Kayser - I Long For My Home     Classical, Ethnic 23/09/2013
Deborah Kayser performs in areas as diverse as ancient Byzantine chant, French and German Baroque song and classical contemporary music, both scored and improvised. She regularly tours Australia and internationally
Leyb Rozental wrote the lyrics to this song whilst interned in the Vilna Ghetto, Lithuania during WWII. It describes the torment of longing for one’s home. The original composer of the music is unknown, this version is a recomposition by Joseph Giovinazzo.

Deborah Kayser - Drowsing Birds     Ethnic Multicultural 23/09/2013
Performs in areas as diverse as ancient Byzantine chant, French and German Baroque song and classical contemporary music, both scored and improvised. She tours regularly in Australia and overseas.
Leah Rudnicki wrote this lullaby while caring for an orphan in the Vilna Ghetto, Lithuania during WWII. Set to the melody of a well known Yiddish song, it describes a woman comforting a child and explaining what has happened to the child’s parents and that they will return no more.

Michael Kieran Harvey - Mrs Zuben     Classical 23/09/2013
Michael Kieran Harvey is one of the foremost interpreters of contemporary piano music of his generation. He has performed with Australia's leading contemporary music ensembles and orchestras.
Mrs Zuben is a survivor of the Vilna Ghetto and move to Melbourne, Australia after the war. Her story was captured by Steven Spilberg’s Shoah Foundation, a non-profit organization that archives filmed testimony of Holocaust survivors. Both Mrs Zuben and her brother appear in The Songs They Sang feature documentary.

Snowny - You Call Me     Pop, Dance, World 26/07/2013
I am a singer, songwriter, producer and actor. I spend most of my time creating beats and writing songs.
When people are in love, in the beginning things run smoothly but when they allow other people to interfere with their relationship. Result to chaos. This song reminds lovers that what about those good times we had, where are they?

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Other tracks by Snowny:  No More  -  Doesn't Matter How
Rafa Godoy - Mulata     World, Folk 22/07/2013
Venezuelan/Australian singer songwriter Rafa Godoy, brings together a fusion of folk, rock and world music in his exciting new album.
This track was inspired by a mulata girl I once knew. It features vocals, nylon guitar, accordion and cajon.

Other tracks by Rafa Godoy:  Mi Problema  -  A Bit Of Coffee
Future Destin - Raise Him     Hip Hop, Christian, Rap 10/06/2013
In 2009 Future became a solo artist playing Gospel rap / Hip hop where and now is about to release his first album Power of Three - Trinity.
The song Raise him is from the upcoming album with collaboration with Christina Laloata

Judex Rose - Round About     Funk/Soul, Soul, Easy Listening, Jazz 24/04/2013
Judex Rose born in Mauritius, is a music composer, songwriter, living in Melbourne Australia. Afro-Soul Power is a blend of soul music, influenced by the the power of native music.
This track is influence by the Neo-Soul sound and the smooth-Jazzy Loungy Atmosphere.

Other tracks by Judex Rose:  Mr DJ  -  Riviere Des Creoles
The Lyrical - Rule The World     Reggae/Dub, Acoustic, Blues, Hip Hop 22/03/2013
Take a dash of Franti, a hint of Harper, a twist of John Butler, with a drop of Marley and you have "The Lyrical".
This track depicts all the things that are wrong but fixable in the world in regards to environment, xenophobia and religious undertones. It is a call to love the place that we are in ... Earth!

Stella - Non je ne regrette rien     World, Ethnic 14/03/2013
Stella is a Melbourne based,Mauritian born artiste who performs contemporary English, French and Creole/Sega songs. She loves passionate songs that tell a story and let her connect with her audience.
My own take on this classic Piaf number. It talks of letting go and having no regrets. Starting afresh with a new love . New beginnings.

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Other tracks by Stella:  Ne me quitte pas  -  Coucouroucoucou Paloma
Omid Zohourian - The Fire of Love (Atash-E-Eshgh)     Ethnic Multicultural, Rock 23/02/2013
Omid Zohourian (born 22 October 1984) is a Persian singer, songwriter and guitarist who has recently moved to Australia in late 2012.
Using ancient Sufi and Persian instruments such as 'ney' (wind instrument) and 'daf' (percussion) combined with acoustic guitar with an intense rhythm, with mystic lyrics from one of the best Iranian poets from 200 years ago. The poem talks about spirituality and the hypocrisy of religious leaders.

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Other tracks by Omid Zohourian:  Believe It (Bavar Kon)  -  Empty Love (Eshgh-e-Aroosaki)
Lily & King - Drinking Song     Blues/Roots, Live Performance, Folk, Roots 31/01/2013
Lily & King recorded by 3MDR.3MDR Mountain District Radio 97.1fm is a community station nestled in the forest covered Dandenong Ranges, 35km east of Melbourne.
The song is about extracting every little bit of enjoyment out of life. It is a party song - a celebration. Recorded live at Selby Festival 2012 by 3MDR 97.1fm.

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Daramad - Dashti     Ethnic Multicultural, Jazz, Instrumental, World 23/11/2012
Daramad explores the confluence of the music of the middle east and improvised jazz, drawing on their diverse cultural backgrounds and improvisational skills to perform predominantly original repertoire.
Composed by Reza Mirzaei

Other tracks by Daramad:  Isfahan  -  Galactica
Esscay - Holiday feat. Phil Pyne & Czarina     Hip Hop, Funk, Rap, Pop 16/11/2012
Concieved in Bali, born in Sydney and raised in Byron, Esscay now travels Australia writing and performing. One would never guess that his father's a Prince in his homeland, Java.
Esscay - Holiday feat. Phil Pyne & Czarina
(Produced by Styalz Fuego)
Holiday is a fun, happy summer song Produced by Aria Award Winner Styalz Fuego. It's light hearted and positive & Guaranteed to put anyone who hears it in a great mood.

Other tracks by Esscay:  Sunshine feat. Phil Pyne  -  Grown Kid
Grey Bull - Go Down     Hip Hop, Dance, Rap, Hardcore 30/07/2012
Music is my passion and an important source of happiness in my life. I love people and having fun.
Go Down is a high energy track with a special melodies that stimulates your mind and make you want to put it on replay and never get bored. People like the introduction a lot and lyrics match the instrumentals as well.

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Other tracks by Grey Bull:  Pills of the Dancing  -  Know About You
Blackbirds - Chebo     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Folk 03/05/2012
Hailing from Byron Bay, Blackbirds is a talented trio of international musicians. The warm vocals, ukulele and percussion bring to mind sweet island melodies as they recreate classics.
This traditional song was taught to Renee while in Zambia working in remote communities. The song means "all worldly things shall pass but our souls will always remain so this is where to focus". With Blackbirds, Renee produced an interpretation of the song including sound bites from her trip.

Other tracks by Blackbirds:  Want You Bad  -  Just Be Good To Me
Exodus - Nina Limu (Lets gather together in Love)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Reggae, Jazz 23/04/2012
Exodus is: Emmanuel Alias (vocals), James Latar (vocals), Vincent Likambo (lead guitar), David Quirino (bass guitar), Joshua Tower (drums), John Jolet (vocals), Moses Olaa (vocals), Election Otongolo (vocals).
'Nina Limu' meaning Let’s gather together in the love of God.
Transcending borders, it brings together African Diaspora who fled to Egypt as refugees from Sudan, ending in Melbourne to create 'Exodus'..
Written by Emmanuel Alias & James Latar (lyrics), Vincent Likamba & David Quirino (music), produced/mixed by Ivan Khatchoyan.

Anbessa - Mimi Wako (I Am Yours)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Hip Hop, Reggae 23/04/2012
Diverse singer/songwriter Aminata Doumbia teams up with acclaimed Dancehall, Reggae and Hip Hop producer Jake Savona (aka Mista Savona) to present their offering 'I am Yours' on Visible 5 CD.
Mimi Wako (I Am Yours)
Sung in Swahili, God is the only solution to all our problems and the only way.

Aminata Doumbia (vocals) Jake Savona (bass/ programming), Anita Larkin (balafon/ percussion), Chiko Henderson (guitar).

Written by Aminata Doumbia & Jake Savona, produced and mixed by Jake Savona.