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Ethnic Multicultural


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Oz Harte - Moja, Moja, Moja, Moja, Glavo!     Ethnic Multicultural, Pop, World, Ethnic 25/03/2019
English born Irish Australian. Composer, Songwriter, Video & Record Producer. Composer of original EDM, Shuffle, Reggae, Croatian & Classical music. Member APRA AMCOS.
After years of drinking, the protagonist now accepts the negative consequence of his habit and pleads with others to understand his desire to remain free from alcohol.

He sings of his favourite Croatian drinks enjoyed with family and friends but is now sure he will die if he takes even one small rakija.

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VulgarGrad - Alyosha     Ethnic Multicultural, Jazz, World, Rock 15/03/2019
VulgarGrad arose in Melbourne in late 2004 out of a collaboration between some of Australia’s best musicians in underground ethnic styles.
The story of the titular hero: Alyosha, the hard-drinking, broad-shouldered Odessa thief. VulgarGrad has stolen this obscure song from the repertoire of 1930s Romania-based Russian tango singer Pyotr Leshchenko, but their version is a full brass-band ska riot.

Other tracks by VulgarGrad:  Wolf Hunt  -  The Ballad of an Emperor
VulgarGrad - I Remember     Ethnic Multicultural, Jazz, World, Rock 06/02/2019
VulgarGrad delivers music with style, raucous menace, stripy shirts and grim smiles. Since 2004 they have been stalwarts of the live music and festival scene and amassed a dedicated fanbase.
'I Remember' is a psychedelic Soviet prison ode to dear mama, who always warned them not to hang out with thieves. It's big, bad, brass band sounds with grit, grunt and rowdy swashbuckling vocal vibes to boot. The song also features in the soundtrack of new anarchic Australian movie Judy & Punch, which just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Avi Misra - Usha     Ethnic Multicultural, Electronic, Rock 21/01/2019
Born in Tokyo, Raised in Delhi, Based in Melbourne. Singer-Songwriter-Producer Avi Misra melds east and west, old and new into his own brand of independent music.
The title track of Misra's third is a paean to the Vedic goddess of 'dawn' Usha and paints the different shades of the sky before and after sunrise. A bluesy laid back groove reminiscent of The Doors painting the sky before dawn transitioning into an optimistic dance section at the stroke of sunrise. Cinematic songwriting in Rajasthani electro rock.

Other tracks by Avi Misra:  Ocean  -  Toxic City
Avi Misra - Old Bombay     Ethnic Multicultural, Electronic, Rock, Psychedelic 10/01/2019
Born in Tokyo, Bred in Delhi, Based in Melbourne. Singer-Songwriter-Producer Avi Misra melds east and west, old and new into his own brand of independent music.
Old Bombay is a chilled out track that paints a carved picture of the Art Deco streets of Old Bombay. saxophone smoky sounds meet rustic Rajasthani folksy dhol and alghoza sounds before the intensity changes on the second chorus and the perceived love song changes into a murder ballad.

Avi Misra - Age Of Kali     Ethnic Multicultural, Electronic, Rock, Industrial 08/01/2019
Born in Tokyo, Bred in Delhi, Based in Melbourne. Singer-Songwriter-Producer Avi Misra melds east and west, old and new into his own brand of independent music.
A Rajasthani gypsy folk meets electro-rock anthem that comments on the state of the world as seen through the Indian folk concept of ‘Kalyug’ - an age that has taken what was once pure, pristine and good and corrupted it inside out. Powerful bluesy vocals/guitar on a driving electronic beat meets the hypnotic sounds of the kamaycha, Alghoza and Khartal.

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Zela Margossian Quintet - Ceasefire     Ethnic Multicultural, Ambience, Jazz, Instrumental 29/11/2018
Margossian draws influence from an elaborate range of middle-eastern music, resulting in melodies that juggle speed, calculation and experimentation alongside a sometimes soft, windswept mood.
With bounding progressions and interjecting instrumentals, Ceasefire is the second single off Transition – a richly textured progressive world jazz album with heavy Armenian influences.

Xylouris White - Only Love     Ethnic Multicultural, Folk, Punk 07/02/2018
A passion for exploration comes naturally to Xylouris White, the ruggedly visionary duo formed of Cretan lute player George Xylouris and Australian drummer Jim White (The Dirty Three).
"A rollicking yet passionate stomp of a song featuring White’s propulsive drumming, which gives room for Xylouris’ incredibly dexterous, heavy metal-like lute, an infectious hook, and sonorous baritone, singing lyrics in Greek ... possessing a swooning and urgent passion, the song reveals the duo’s mischievous, free-flowing improvisational-like nature."

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Other tracks by Xylouris White:  Daphne
Apakatjah - Irriti Nyinapayi     Ethnic Multicultural, Australian Indigenous 22/09/2017
From the desert of Central Australia comes Apakatjah, an acoustic duo combining intricate guitar work with ancient languages & stirring harmonies
With a slight hint of “dessert reggae” and their signature acoustic guitar riffs to drive the song home the duo fuse English lyrics and escape with their traditional language to create a contemporary yet ancestry rich masterpiece.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (NT Awards)

The Royal High Jinx - French Quarter     World, Dance, Acoustic, Instrumental 21/03/2017
Original gypsy music for dancing. Inspired by European roots and loved by late night festival-goers for their energy and exuberance.
Fun upbeat gypsy-sounding tune, inspired by dancing on the street in the French quarter of New Orleans.

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Other tracks by The Royal High Jinx:  Wheel of Poor Choices  -  Wine and Dine Waltz
Marguerite Montes - All The Time In The World     Jazz, World, Country 14/03/2017
Marguerite's songs will spirit you away to warm and beautiful places as the sun after a long cold winter... Peter Urquhart’s passionate and sublime violin is the prefect accompaniment.
All the time in the world is a beautiful song which took shape in the studio. It was improvised on the spot in the recording session. What you hear is what happened in the moment.

Other tracks by Marguerite Montes:  Navegar  -  Big Beautiful smile
Amanaska - The Only Way     Ethnic Multicultural, Electronic, World, Chill 26/10/2016
Amanaska create an unforgettable, immersive journey around our multicultural world. 
The Only Way was inspired by and quotes Simon read somewhere about the way adults lose their sense of wonderment and the ability to enter imaginary worlds and truly dream - like they did as a child.

Other tracks by Amanaska:  Run From It  -  Nothing In This World
mistery + Werd - Family Matters     Hip Hop, Rap, Ethnic 03/10/2016
Sydney based MC mistery is one of the godfathers of Australian hip-hop. From his involvement with Brethren to his graffiti work, his music is straight and true to the elements.
Family Matters is an assertion of hip-hop music with respect for your heritage. mistery and Werd deliver a track that has a positive energy and beat, with conviction in their voices.

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The Shabbab - We Keep Coming     Rock, Punk, Ethnic 05/08/2016
“The Shabbab are gloriously unhinged onstage, an exhibition of all that is rock and roll and right with live music” – BMA Magazine
'We Keep Coming' is the first single from The Shabbab's debut LP Garlic. Garlic builds and strengthens on the themes Melbourne’s favourite wogs have made themselves known for. Including themes of Australia's inherent racism towards refugees and indigenous land rights to songs about love and addiction.


Other tracks by The Shabbab:  Big Brother
Hui Fei Ngoo - Mimosa Pudica     Pop, Rock 25/03/2016
20-year-old Melbourne based Mandarin Pop/Rock singer-songwriter/producer. Specializes in music & lyric composition, mixing & mastering and performance. He sings, plays piano and guitar.
The people who criticize you often do not know you, don't try to be someone else, be yourself~ Hope you like this original song "Mimosa Pudica", and I hope you can share it out and support original music! :)

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Juliana Areias - Flecha ( Arrow)     Jazz, World, Ethnic, Roots 29/07/2015
The Bossa Nova Baby, Juliana Areias, has been compared to Bebel Gilberto, the genre’s golden girl. Now this Sao Paulo-born singer is the toast of Perth’s jazz scene." The Australian.
A fast and energetic samba song inspired by Rio de Janeiro to celebrate its 450 years as a city. The city's full name is St Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro. St Sebastian usually is painted holding arrows in his hands. Also arrows analogies to The cupid Love Angel, Greek Centaurs.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016:Best World Music Act

Other tracks by Juliana Areias:  Night in Takapuna  -  Mare Cheia ( Full tide)
Avi And The Uprising - Wahe Guru     Folk, Rock, Ethnic, World 17/04/2015
A golden bass baritone voice, infectiously hummable choruses, distinct and original lyrical imagery, innovative world fusion arrangements and critically acclaimed videos have powered singer songwriter Avi's musical uprising.
A runaway hit on BalconyTv, this song has an infectious chorus, lush acoustic world sounds with rich esraj (a cross between the violin and the sitar) harmonies layered to perfection, powerful bass baritone vocals and a message of keeping the faith in this crazy world delivered with wit and passion!

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Other tracks by Avi And The Uprising:  Boom Boom Shiva  -  Tamasic Electric Tools
Society Of Beggars - Hyena     Rock, Ethnic, Psychedelic 23/03/2015
Society Of Beggars combine rock, soul, Greek & Balkan, classic rock and heavy blues. They fashion these different styles into something new, genuine and deeply humanist.
Debut single from Society of Beggars. Alternative Rock & Roll band from Melbourne, Australia. Produced by Rob Long and Mastered by Lindsay Gravina at Birdland Studios. 2015.

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Mzaza - Ghosts     Ethnic Multicultural, Folk, Ethnic 12/03/2015
With first single ‘Enfants du Chemin (Children of the Road) nominated for Best Song [World] in the upcoming Queensland Music Awards, anticipation is growing for Mzaza’s second LP Ghosts.
A song about the haunting memories of an unlived life, ‘Ghosts’ is the title track from Mzaza's second LP.

Ann Leung - Mahatma     Ethnic Multicultural, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, World, Gay Alligned 03/12/2014
in search of beautiful….Ann seeks to create “insanely beautiful spaces” through the energy and healing power of music. Honest, evocative, inspirational, and quirky. Come, share the journey.
Organic tribal rhythms, tabla drums, chanting, psychedelic sitars, vintage electrics - an uplifting tribute celebrating the teaching and spirit of Mahatma Gandhi

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Other tracks by Ann Leung:  Mia's Song  -  Sky Meets Land