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Etch Music

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Mill Dread Piece - Assim Fusion 0.9     Hip Hop, Experimental, Psychedelic 20/08/2015
Mill Dread Piece is one man band MDP, rapper and noise maker, exploring culture shock and the introduction of a new communication method provided for a future generation.
Brazilian turned Australian MDP demonstrates his creative and daring use of the english language. Questioning the real using words of the unreal and climbing to the edge of sanity to form a better understanding of the unknown, this is a formidable hit of the future Australian experimental hip hop sound.

Planktan Sanquin - Too Much Halo     Electronic, Experimental, Ambience, Psychedelic 19/12/2014
Minimal glitch music from the Australian seabed
A love song for a forgotten one. A beauty too difficult to handle

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Nhomea - Is Land Man     Metal/Punk, Experimental, Blues 14/02/2013
ExperiMENTAL music from the underground Sydney urban jungle. Musicians fly in, sing, and fly out when they please, to the dismay of songwriters everywhere.
One take improvisation by Aemon Webb (vox), Jack Dibben (guitar), David Sullivan (bass) and Josh Isaac (drums). This song reveals a verse-chorus side to Nhomea's usual chaotic, cathartic approach. For fans of energetic rock music

Other tracks by Nhomea:  Walkabout  -  Well Come
Planktan Sanquin - Lull     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Experimental 11/10/2012
Planktan Sanquin declares only the most esoteric creations of electronic music. Psychedelic journeys in song to tread with an open mind, light footing and a smile
"Lull" is a manifestation of soothing restraint. The song sounds like futuristic warfare, but coolly imagined from a digital heaven and with nano-sized weapons. The song is a tranquil exploration of glitch-ambient.

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