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Flash 89 - Body Talk     Electronic, Dance 16/08/2019
Adelaide’s own Flash 89 is very obviously, a young gun on the rise. Having already relocated to London due to demand, he’s quickly becoming a leading producer in his scene.
"‘Body Talk’ is the idea of talking to your inner monologue and building the courage to go in on the dance floor and do your thing with no worries or cares for what's around you. 'Gotta be cool, just relax, I'm ‘bout to go in, make my body jack". – Flash 89

Kilter - No Time feat. Muki     Electronic, Downbeat 16/08/2019
Kilter is adored by listeners from all corners of the internet and festival goers alike for his euphoric, energetic mix of left-field hip hop and sunny electronica.
"I wanted to transport everyone to a dancehall rave in the dystopian near-future with ‘No Time’, illuminating sounds normally restricted to dark warehouses with a warm tropical glow,” explains Kilter. “Muki and I had been working together a lot recently on another project and I thought her futuristic take on pop music would be the perfect voice for the song.”

POOLCLVB - Space     Electronic, Downbeat 09/08/2019
Beating to it’s own drum of positive vibes & all round fun times is POOLCLVB. Defined not by a sound but more so a feeling reminiscent of Venice Beach bike-rides.
"I don’t know if it was the overcast day, or the fact that we had both just been through some real-life sh*t, but we really connected on this melancholic vibe, the end result being “Space”. It’s little different for me and the first step in a new direction, hope you like it," says POOLCLVB about writing 'Space' with Muki.

The Goods - Peach     Electronic, Funk, Soul 09/08/2019
Bringing a sound that reaches into the realms of spaced out synth funk, crooked lean R'n'B and lowslung house, The Goods' flavour is both wild and eclectic yet sharply focused.
'Peach' delivers a playful message of sexual desire wrapped in a funk groove - " hope is that it becomes a fun feel good anthem for sexual liberation. Freedom from shame is after all about opening yourself up to the world and the act of vulnerability breaks down walls and allows us to come together," explains vocalist Black Tree.

Luboku - Forget     Electronic, Downbeat 08/08/2019
With over 1 million collective streams, Melbourne-based artist Luboku (Luis Kennett) endeavours to make people feel something -“I want people to be emotionally affected by my music."
Luboku's effervescent new single ‘Forget’ veers toward a warmer sound, in stark contrast with his often dark and melancholic style. It’s about anxiety and fear which he finds to be recurring obstacles, “I like the analogy of throwing your thoughts into the waves of the ocean, letting them pass, and hopefully gaining some clarity through that process," he explains.

Doolie - Attention feat. China Roses     Pop, Electronic, RnB 02/08/2019
Blending pop, R&B and electronica, 21-year-old Queensland singer-songwriter Doolie (Doolie Shadforth) delivers ‘Attention’ featuring South Australian electronic pop-rap singer/songwriter China Roses and production by Gold Coast rapper/producer GXNXVS.
As playful as this song is, it’s so true. Doolie wanted every line in this song to be relatable; it’s all about that person you're trying to reach and just can’t quite catch.

Doolie says, "having China Roses feature feels like that obsessive back & forth my girlfriends and I would have about someone we liked."

Airwolf - Be Free     Electronic, Dance, House 19/07/2019
Airwolf is a Melbourne based house music DJ and Producer who has supported the likes of FISHER, Duke Dumont and Jax Jones.
‘Be Free’ combines inspirational memos about freeing yourself from the judgement of others, with a hint of sass for good measure and the right amount of slamming garage house.

San Mei - Something Good     Pop, Rock, Electronic 11/07/2019
San Mei is enamoured with the transportative nature of music, her guitar heavy, delay-ridden, dreamy pop explores the hyper-blaze of existence and the intricacies of the in between.
“I wrote Something Good when I had a revelation about a situation in my life where I was taking things for granted,” says San Mei. “It's about the beauty of hindsight and hoping that I'd woken up in time to rescue this thing and let it grow into something beautiful.”

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Donatachi - Taste     Electronic, Pop, Gay Alligned, Dance 09/07/2019
Shaping a genreless musical utopia, Donatachi creates plush soundscapes which burst with hypercolour sound design and forward thinking club beats, all with an optimistic and un-ironic love of pop.
“This beat started out as a bootleg of a Britney Spears deep cut, ‘Anticipating’, which I loved so much but couldn't seem to finish. I had this idea of creating a song that literally sounded like bubblegum pop, and it ended up fitting perfectly with Genes' topline. It's about us being lactose intolerant and longing for triple cream brie.”

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Other tracks by Donatachi:  DDR
Little Fritter - Higher     Electronic, Dance, House 09/07/2019
If a rising tide lifts all boats, then Gold Coast house producer Little Fritter is the first mate to Captain Fisher.
Open hats, booming kicks and a twisted square bassline make ‘Higher’ a peak time house stormer topped off with a nostalgic rave sample. Already off to a racing start with support from Loco Dice, Nic Fancuilli, Melé and Mason Maynard Little Fritter’s percussive, pacific-flavoured tech-house is finding fans from LA to Ibiza.

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George Maple - Magic Woman     Pop, Electronic, RnB, Chill 28/06/2019
Australian songwriter, producer, vocalist and multi-media artist George Maple is more than a popstar with a vision; she is a force.
‘Magic Woman’ sees George Maple draw inspiration from the end of a relationship and rise triumphantly into an empowered new woman. “At an immediate and visceral level, this song was born from the co-dependency of love, sadness and rage. When I look back I was finding my voice, making mistakes, struggling and touching on the truth I'd been hiding from.”

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Donatachi - Crush On U feat. Slayyyter     Electronic, Dance, Gay Alligned 25/06/2019
Sydney producer Donatachi is shaping a genreless musical utopia,creating plush soundscapes which burst with hypercolour sound design and forward thinking club beats, all with an un-ironic love of pop.
Donatachi unveils a standout collab with US star-on-the-rise Slayyyter. ‘Crush On U’ combines Donatachi’s signature experimental pop sounds with Slayyyter’s lyrics of teenage fantasies and summer crushes. Donatachi says “Slayyyter and I met on SoundCloud and immediately bonded over wanting to live out our teenage fantasies online and produce big budget pop from our bedrooms.”

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The Goods - Let's Roll feat. Touch Sensitive     Funk/Soul, RnB, Electronic, Easy Listening 19/06/2019
Bringing a sound that reaches into the realms of spaced out synth funk, crooked lean R'n'B and lowslung house, The Goods' flavour is both wild and eclectic yet sharply focused.
"Let’s Roll" marks an evolution in sound for The Goods, introducing an energetic live element on top of the unique brand of futuristic club-oriented soul the band are known for. The swinging groove is augmented by lush vocal harmony arrangements, live drums and guitar, and features the electric bass prowess of long-time friend of the band acclaimed musician Touch Sensitive.

Kilter - Tmper     Electronic, Dance, Instrumental 21/05/2019
Sydney producer Kilter has built a reputation for being a weapon in the studio as well as a festival favourite.
Kilter says “These two tracks are a testament to perseverance. Both developing over time and often taking a back seat to other music I have been working on. They are a great bridge between my existing and yet to be released works as they capture a lot of the frenetic energy of my last year.”

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Other tracks by Kilter:  One In Hand
FISHER - You Little Beauty     Electronic, Dance, House 16/05/2019
Paul Fisher, better known as FISHER, has gone from former WQS surfer to one of the most in-demand DJs in the world in the span of a year.
The guy behind the second Hottest song of 2018, ‘Losing It’, has backed it up with another huge club banger called 'You Little Beauty'. FISHER says "The vocal is so amazing; all I wanted to do was just put my FISHER charm to it really. It's one of my favourite ones to play."

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George Michelle - Keep Me Waiting     Electronic, Dance, Pop 15/05/2019
Member of post-punk band Death Bells and founding member of label Burning Rose, George Michelle is a nostalgic house producer from Sydney.
George Michelle has teamed up with US duo Separate Ways for upbeat indie house single ‘Keep Me Waiting’; evoking feelings of nostalgia, with Separate Ways’ groove-led instrumentation and bright vocals paired with George Michelle’s signature ‘90s house synths.

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PNAU - Solid Gold     Electronic 03/05/2019
Australian dance music legends PNAU return with their new single 'Solid Gold', the first release of 2019 for trio Nick Littlemore, Peter Mayes and Sam Littlemore.
With ‘Solid Gold’, PNAU set out to capture the hypnotic, everlasting rhythm of old disco records. The song was inspired by Nick Littlemore’s explorations into world music and the sun drenched energy of Australia, incorporating live instrumentation to create a richer, fuller sound. It’s a banger built to soundtrack good times and also “the love of a best friend".

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Kilter - Overdrive feat. Yorke     Electronic, Dance, Pop 11/04/2019
Sydney producer Kilter has built a reputation as a weapon producer. His unique approach to music is what makes him an exciting part of the burgeoning Australian electronic music scene.
FavKilter kicks off 2019 with ‘Overdrive’ featuring Byron Bay vocalist Yorke. ‘Overdrive’ explores the edges of pop while still conveying the emotion and fresh edge that fans have come to know and respect from Kilter. “’Overdrive’ is a nod towards my earliest influences as an artist,” explains Kilter, "accumulating in the drums, bass and hyperactive synths, combined with Yorke's vocal".

Doolie - 2:20 feat. Charlie Threads     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Chill 09/04/2019
Queensland singer/songwriter Doolie shares a silky blend of pop, R&B and electronica. Doolie is riding high after featuring on releases from Paces & POOLCLVB and performing live around the country.
2:20 tells the story of late night texts, rendezvous and the vulnerability of relationships early stages, with Doolie’s vocal sliding over brooding beats. Music to DM to, this track is an anthem for anyone up at 2:20 in the morning with someone on your mind. Joining Doolie for 2;20 is producer GXNXVS and Melbourne rapper Charlie Threads.

Donatachi - Do What I Want feat. Evangeline     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Gay Alligned 05/04/2019
Sydney producer Donatachi creates plush soundscapes which burst with hypercolour sound design and forward thinking club beats, all with an optimistic and un-ironic love of pop.
Donatachi says “’Do What I Want’ is so special to me, it captures a time in my life where I was very DIY as an artist and really had no support other than my boyfriend. It's a pure pop expression of embracing my queerness as an artist”. Joining Donatachi is Melbourne's Evangeline, bringing a sugary-sweet vocal to Donatachi’s signature production.