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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Classical :: Ensemble Offspring - Tardigradus

Ensemble Offspring - Tardigradus

Ensemble Offspring - Tardigradus
Ensemble Offspring is Australia’s pre-eminent adventurous new music group, with a reputation for original programming at the highest level. EO pursues an agenda of directly shaping the music of our time. The ensemble is based on the philosophy of promoting artistic integrity, open-mindedness and challenging the way artists and audiences think about music.

Based in Sydney, EO is led by acclaimed percussionist and founding member Claire Edwardes, and features a core line-up of six of Australia’s most well-regarded musicians: Lamorna Nightingale (flute), Jason Noble (clarinet), Véronique Serret (violin), Blair Harris (cello), Bree van Reyk (drum kit & percussion) and Zubin Kanga (piano). Outside of EO, members might be found performing with choirs, collaborating with singer-songwriters, joining dancers on stage or performing concertos with world class orchestras.

With the creation of new work at the heart of EO’s activities, the group constantly commissions composers through its Noisy Egg Creation Fund and works regularly with emerging and established Australian composers such as Andrea Keller, Mary Finsterer, Matthew Shlomowitz, Michael Smetanin and Kate Moore and international composers including Michael Norris, Simon Steen-Andersen, Louis Andriessen, Michael Finnissy and Genevieve Murphy. In 2017 the group presented a full year of works by female composers.

About this track...

The Tardigrade (meaning slow stepper), also known as a water bear or moss piglet, is a microscopic animal that can survive in extreme environmental conditions, including the vacuum of space. They are the most resilient animal known to exist. The Tardigrade can survive without food or water for more than 30 years and continue living and reproducing once re-hydrated.

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Number Of People In Act 6 Piece
State/Territory Artist Is Based In NSW
City/Town/Region Artist Is Based In Sydney
Taken From The Release Titled Offspring Bites 2
Copyright Holder's Name Ensemble Offspring
Media Servicing Date 2019-06-14
Main Genre Classical
Genre 2 Experimental
Genre 3 Instrumental
Contains explicit lyrics or themes that may offend some listeners No
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