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Elefant Traks

Elefant Traks

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L-FRESH The LION - Born To Stand Out     Hip Hop 17/09/2019
L-FRESH The LION is renowned for his powerful presence and thought-provoking hip hop lyrics. The Western Sydney artist has gone from underground events to national tours.
Following on from his recent comeback single ‘Alchemy’ L-FRESH The LION today returns with ‘Born To Stand Out’, a track carrying a powerful message to ‘find strength in the mirror.’ Tracing his own personal journey on finding self-acceptance, FRESH takes a moment in the breakdown to reflect on how it all began.

L-FRESH The LION - Alchemy     Hip Hop, Rap 28/06/2019
Prowling the Australian scene, Western Sydney artist L-FRESH The LION has quickly become renowned for his powerful presence, inspiring live shows and thought-provoking lyricism
Alchemy is a nod to L-FRESH The LION’S ability to use his voice to empower others. Opening with traditional Punjabi sounds and L-FRESH The LION’S hard-hitting flow, Alchemy immediately stops you in your tracks. The bassline will have you moving as soon as it drops and the hook will stay with you long after listening.

L-Fresh the Lion - 1 in 100,000     Hip Hop 21/04/2016
L-Fresh the Lion is a Punjabi rapper, from Western Sydney. A hip hop artist filled with optimism, the Fresh in his name stands for - Forever Rising Exceeding Sudden Hardships.
‘1 in 100,000’ is a call to arms—the listener is given the signal in one huge gee-up of a drop! Produced by Michael McGlynn at Vienna People, he introduces L-Fresh the Lion to a completely new sonic territory, while still staying true to his roots.

NOMINEE 2017 AIR AWARDS - Best Independent Hip Hop Album


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

Other tracks by L-Fresh the Lion:  Get Mine feat. Parvyn Kaur Singh  -  Black and White
Joelistics - The Shining     Hip Hop, Electronic 06/03/2012
Growing up in Sydney, offspring of a Chinese-Australian father and an Anglo-Australian mother, playing drums in punk/funk groups, but drawn to hip-hop with its outspoken politics and adhoc sonic cannibalism.
The Shining picks up where Joelistics left off, forging ahead and pushing his sound further outside the realms of hip hop, into a land of pulsing electro and lush electronica.

Joelistics - Say I'm Good     Hip Hop, Pop 29/05/2014
Joelistics is an MC, singer and producer best known for fronting Melbourne's TZU.
Say I'm Good rattles the cage in protest whilst maintaining a sense of fun, helped along by the raucous Victorian Roller Derby Girls.

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Joelistics - In The Morning     Hip Hop, Rock, Pop 25/03/2014
Joelistics’ great gift is the crafting of common language into evocative turns of phrase. His latest single 'In The Morning' is so much more than a leftfield indie rap anthem.
‘In The Morning’ is so much more than a leftfield indie rap anthem. Drawing on influences from ‘80s- era English post punk and ‘90s grunge through to hip hop, the MC, producer and singer offers us a ride into his trademark excursions into the human psyche.

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Joelistics - Days     Hip Hop, Folk, Electronic 01/04/2011
Joelistics is the charismatic frontman for TZU. 'Days' is the first taste of his debut solo record, written whilst travelling the globe on a laptop and a set of headphones.
Joelistics first single ‘Days’ is an uplifting post-travel come down jam: a celebration of doing what you love, only truly realized once it’s questioned.

Jimblah - No Clapstick     Hip Hop 17/09/2019
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist based in South Australia. Hailing from the Larrakia Nation in Top End Northern Territory.
Putting exoticism, cultural stereotyping and sexism under the microscope, Jimblah’s sentiments are cheeky but extremely relevant. A Larrakia, Bardi, Yanyuwa man, he uses his platform to tell it how it is, calling out the appropriation of Blak culture in Hip-Hop.

Jimblah - House N***er     Hip Hop 21/11/2019
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist hailing from the Larrakia Nation in Top End Northern Territory.
Conceptually, the track addresses the problematic situation that many First Nations people experience by being within the discussion but at the same time being apart from it. Jimblah elaborates, "Ultimately it's about decolonisation - spaces and minds, not just the spaces we operate in physically."

Jimblah - Fireproof     Hip Hop 11/12/2013
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist from Adelaide, South Australia. He is influenced by a wide range of different artists and genres, his main passion being hip hop.
Fireproof is the second single from Jimblah's second album "Phoenix". Utilising a sample from Yothu Yindi's song "Fire", Jimblah gives this track spark and power in only the way that he can.

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Jimblah & Ellie May - Black Life Matters     Hip Hop 09/12/2019
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist based in Adelaide. Hailing from the Larrakia Nation in Top End NT, influenced by different artists and genres, his main being hip hop
Overwhelmed with pain and sadness following the shooting of Kumanjayi Walker, Jimblah put pen to paper and channelled his grief into creating a powerful new single with a loud message. Turning the track around in just 2 swift days with Ellie May, ‘Black Life Matters’ hammers home that enough is enough.

Jimblah - Black Paint     Hip Hop 17/09/2019
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist based in South Australia. Hailing from the Larrakia Nation in Top End Northern Territory.
am not afraid of my truth no more, I’ve spent 33 years of my Life unpacking what it means to be a First Nations person of this Land - now I know what to do with all of that. Suppressing that reality isn’t an option for me anymore. That’s what Black Paint is about.

Jayteehazard - Ugh.100     Electronic 09/10/2018
Jayteehazard is a super producer and world class DJ, based in Newcastle, NSW. 'Ugh.100' is the first taste of a big new project from him.
Much like fellow producers M-Phazes, Joji, and Young Franco, jayteehazard has worked tirelessly to move into a new lane of production, approaching new wave hip hop and downbeat rnb with a new resolve. ‘Ugh.100’ has the key characteristics of a jayteehazard production; scattered with signature instrumentation, harmonic movement and vocal pops that will make you rise from their chair.

Jayteehazard - Red Shift     Electronic 26/02/2015
Jayteehazard is an in-demand producer and DJ, hailing from Newcastle. Jayteehazard’s great gift is a wide knowledge of pop culture and a finely-tuned ear to the pulse of the dancefloor.
'Red Shift' is unique electronica that develops from Jayteehazard's roots in hip hop - opening with a catchy vocal loop, he builds tension with arpeggiated synths and heavy beats; releasing it again with subtle piano and unwinding percussion - characteristic of Jayteehazard's individual production style.

jayteehazard - Mirror feat. Meezy     Electronic, Hip Hop 04/04/2019
jayteehazard is a writer/producer with a unique style—dance floor friendly but maintaining a depth that is unusual for the genre.
Creating a mood always high on the agenda, jayteehazard brings something a little different to the table with his new single 'Mirror feat. Meezy478'. This lofi hip hop track is soaked in melancholy, with the use of clicking percussion, harp and flute to build up a sense of self-reflectiveness.

jayteehazard - Flight     Electronic, RnB 15/02/2019
DJ, Producer Jaytee has been making beats and playing to crowds for over a decade.
'Flight' is chill electronica on a cool chillwave. With a sharp clap that leads the pace, the smooth vocals of Meklit Kibret (New Venusians) keep it floating with ease. This song is smooth af caramel and will take you to another world.

jayteehazard - Ahh.200     Electronic, RnB 13/06/2019
jayteehazard is a writer/producer with a unique style that is dance floor friendly with depth. Jayteehazard has worked with the likes of Hermitude, Hilltop Hoods and Haiku Hands.
Taking things down a notch the shimmering synths in Ahh.200 will transfix you from the get-go, transporting the listener to a dreamy mellow world, but not for long. Soon after an unassuming baseline slowly builds momentum towards a drop that is guaranteed to have you moving.

Jane Tyrrell - Wild Waters     Rock, Electronic 08/08/2014
Jane Tyrrell is a dynamic vocalist and performer. Her cinematic songwriting has a strong emphasis on the link between visual and aural imagery—a refreshing approach to musical tone and texture.
Wild Waters' is the captivating first offering from Jane Tyrrell's forthcoming solo debut. Meticulously crafted around Jane's smoky timbre, 'Wild Waters' is hypnotic: an ebb and flow of understated melodies set against crashing waves of percussion, guitar drone and synth.

Horrorshow - Rescue     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop 15/08/2019
Horrorshow are a duo from Sydney, Australia. With Solo on the mic and Adit on the fader, they have been making music together for over a decade.
Cinematic and dangerous, ‘Rescue’ heralds a new and exciting direction for the duo with their catchiest song to date. Adit flexes his innovative and polished production, bedded in a dancehall rhythm that Solo artfully completes with a madly infectious song of desire.

Horrorshow - If You Know What I Mean     Hip Hop 11/08/2016
Horrorshow are a hip hop duo from Sydney, Australia, comprised of Solo (Vocals) and Adit (Producer). In eight years they’ve released three studio albums and sold-out a stack of tours.
‘If You Know What I Mean’ finds Horrorshow in a great place; ambitious and confident, yet honest and direct; it’s an ode to giving yourself permission to feel good about yourself and your achievements.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)