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Elefant Traks

Elefant Traks

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The Herd - Better Alive Feat. Thundamentals and Sky'high     Hip Hop 22/03/2012
In an unconventional set-up, The Herd perform with two MCs, two singers, an acoustic and an electric guitar, bass, piano accordion, clarinet, laptops and MPC 1000s. It’s big!
Better Alive is a celebration of The Herd's "A Thousand Lives" tour happening across Australia this March and April. The Herd have released an exclusive track featuring their friends, and fellow touring artists, Thundamentals as well as Elefant Traks newest artist, Sky'high.

The Herd - A Thousand Lives     Hip Hop 06/03/2012
In an unconventional set-up, The Herd perform with two MCs, two singers, an acoustic and an electric guitar, bass, piano accordion, clarinet, laptops and MPC 1000s. It’s big!
A Thousand Lives’ nostalgic narrative sees The Herd at their story-telling best. The uplifting track is taken from the critically adored fifth album Future Shade. The new video is a ‘to camera’ piece utilising a projector to juxtapose the members’ previous lives.

Other tracks by The Herd:  Clash And Collide
Sky'high - Let's Just     Hip Hop 06/03/2012
One of the most compelling artists emerging from the local hip-hop scene. Tough as nails; Raw and aggressive; her disarming smile hints there is much more than meets the eye.
True to the live fast die young mentality of her youth, ‘Let’s Just’ could be another empty song about cutting loose; but as usual with Sky’High, it goes high but cuts deeper.

Sky'High - Death Row     Hip Hop, Rap 17/05/2012
Sky’high is not the softly-spoken female you’re expecting. Uncompromisingly tough and endearingly cheeky, Sky’high’s invigorating talent will disarm you and challenge your perceptions.
A blunt and hard hitting track from the latest signing on Elefant Traks. Death Row showcases Sky'high's lyrical finesse which dances effortlessly with the beats from New Zealand's P-Money.

Other tracks by Sky'High:  Nuclear Love
Sietta - What Am I Supposed To Do?     Electronic, Soul 06/07/2011
Sietta are an electronic soul duo from Darwin, made up of producer/instrumentalist James Mangohig and vocalist Caiti Baker.
Sietta's lead single, a fiery bit of electronic soul.

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Sietta - The Birds Pt 1 (The Weeknd cover)     Hip Hop, RnB 01/06/2012
Sietta are an electronic soul duo from Darwin, made up of producer/instrumentalist James Mangohig and vocalist Caiti Baker.
The Weeknd's arrival on the music scene excited Sietta. He excited them so much, they were unable to hold back on covering one of his songs. This is For The Birds (Part One).

Sietta - Let It Go     Electronic, Atmospheric 21/02/2014
Sietta – born from a love for soul and pulsating beats and production; bred from the madness of the Darwin heat.
"From the roaring soul of Caiti Baker’s vocals to the all-encompassing visceral instrumentation of James Mangohig, don’t be surprised if you envision yourself on a mountain cliff looking out over a vast valley whilst this song explodes into your subconscious”
- Hillydilly (CA)

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Other tracks by Sietta:  Carry feat. 5th and Dubs  -  The Hunted
Sietta - Dark Passenger (Haunting Version)     Funk/Soul, Acoustic, Chill 22/03/2012
Sietta take an inspired sidestep in creating the hauntingly beautiful Dark Passenger EP, reimagining versions of their debut album, The Seventh Passenger (2011)
Dark Passenger (Haunting Version) is an amazing display of emotion and raw honesty. Caiti's voice lays bare the heart and soul of Sietta in this track.

Other tracks by Sietta:  No Longer Hurt (Dark Ballad Version)
Ozi Batla - Put it on Wax     Hip Hop 20/04/2010
Ozi Batla is a Sydney-based MC who is known for his work with acclaimed hip hop groups, The Herd and Astronomy Class.
First single: upbeat throwback golden-era type track with a modern twist.

Other tracks by Ozi Batla:  1000 Drummers  -  Joyride
Okenyo - Woman's World 2.0     Hip Hop, RnB 07/12/2017
OKENYO is an up-and-coming artist making new hip hop / Rnb.
OKENYO reveals, "I wanted to create a new version of the song that didn't just feature an artist but gave the song more agency and relevance. With the three of us it's power in numbers, individual voices standing together strong."

OKENYO - WOMAN'S WORLD     Hip Hop, Soul, RnB 28/07/2017
OKENYO is a new and up-coming artist based in Sydney, Australia. Signing to Elefant Traks last year, she has just dropped her biggest song yet 'WOMAN'S WORLD'.
With power, truth and vulnerability, OKENYO gives you the unapologetic ‘WOMAN'S WORLD’. Its wry wit and complex wordplay ignites a movement; addressing the hypocrisies that women should try and fit into a man’s world, and calls upon the camaraderie of the female force.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW), Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Okenyo - Utopia     Funk/Soul, RnB 18/05/2018
OKENYO is a powerful and soulful artist based in Sydney, Australia. She writes music based on experience, and often refers to her lived experience as a queer woman of colour.
'Utopia' captures OKENYO's debut EP 'THE WAVE' perfectly. It describes 'the letting go' of a past fault, passing the lows and rising above.

Other tracks by Okenyo:  Demons  -  Come Through
OKENYO - ISO     Hip Hop, RnB 15/02/2018
OKENYO is a Sydney based artist, who pushes the boundaries of hip hop, soul and rnb. Releasing her anthem WOMAN's WORLD in 2017, she brings us 'ISO' from forthcoming EP.
ISO is about finding the light in the darkness. It follows the inner dialogue of the heartbroken, and narrates those moments you've got to tell yourself to move on. OKENYO croons 'It's a conversation I had to have with myself'. Taken from OKENYO's forthcoming EP 'THE WAVE' (out in April)

OKENYO - HANG YOUR HAT     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 09/10/2018
OKENYO is a unique and bold new artist, who pushes the boundaries of rnb and challenges the very idea of hip hop. Known for her 2017 banger, 'Woman's World'.
"This song is a burst of expression, much like the way it was made. It’s a rolling energy, a dominant lift of the chin and a big cheeky grin.” Keeping her momentum going as an artist who challenges pop norms, and pushes the limits of hip hop, OKENYO is in the midst of writing a new body of work.

OKENYO - Eyes To The Sky     Hip Hop 30/10/2019
OKENYO is an enigmatic vocalist based in Sydney whose beautifully poised and deeply evocative storytelling is enriching the waters of neo-soul and pushing the boundaries of pop music.
Bringing her signature swag to the table ‘Eyes To The Sky’ is OKENYO at her best, oozing with style and carrying an empowering message. This track made in one day with Sydney producer Tasker accompanies OKENYO’S effortless flow, yet again establishing her as one of Australia’s most talented rappers.

OKENYO - Buckle Up     Hip Hop 17/05/2019
Packing her music with unashamed confidence, poignancy and intrigue, delivering it with exuberance and flair, Sydney musician OKENYO is an artist whose musical journey is one of constant evolution.
Empowered by a sexy bassline and fierce lyricism, OKENYO brings us Buckle Up; an ode to dancefloor hook-ups and bold flirting. A courageous comeback for this multifaceted artist, the track sees OKENYO with more conviction than ever before proudly wearing her queerness on her sleeve.

Okenyo - 20 / 20     Funk/Soul, RnB, Hip Hop 11/05/2018
OKENYO is a powerful and soulful artist based in Sydney, Australia. She writes music based on experience, and often refers to her lived experience as a queer woman of colour.
Araw and telling manifesto, laying her flaws bare - her vulnerabilities are inescapable while the viewer witnesses a powerful and relatable performance of letting someone go. We watch on as OKENYO rides the wave deep, the music her saving grace.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

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Okenyo - 10 Feet Tall     Funk/Soul, Electronic, RnB 06/05/2016
Okenyo is a neo-soul artist, who burst onto the scene last year with the catchy single, Just A Story. Now signed to Elefant Traks, Okenyo is on the rise!
'10 Feet Tall' is about women empowerment and encouraging women to believe in themselves. Produced by Badcop (Mario Spate), this is the debut track for Okenyo released on Elefant Traks.

Mista Savona - Feat. Burro Banton - Clean Air Clean Country     Reggae/Dub, Dub, Hip Hop, Electronic 12/03/2010
Mista Savona is a Melbourne based producer/engineer /songwriter and keyboardist specialising in cutting edge new sounds and heavy vintage roots music. Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Roots Reggae and Dub is his speciality.
Pure Fire! Huge dancehall/reggae track.

Other tracks by Mista Savona:  Feat. Sizzla - Why Does The World Cry (acoustic)  -  Feat. Junie Platinum - Stumble & Fall (Enemies Scatter mix)
L-FRESH The LION - Our World     Hip Hop 18/10/2017
The new single OUR WORLD touches on issues of xenophobia, hate speech and extremism. OUR WORLD is a reflection of L-FRESH's family's migration story to South West Sydney and his place in the world as he sees it.


2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Hip-Hop Live Act of the Year (National Awards)

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