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Elefant Traks

Elefant Traks

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Hermitude - OneFourThree feat. Buddy and BJ The Chicago Kid     Hip Hop, RnB 31/07/2019
The hermitude story is one marked by stark creative evolution, diversifying music styles and a hunger for constant elevation.
‘OneFourThree’ featuring Buddy and BJ The Chicago Kid, takes us in a groovy direction and luring us to drop everything for the beat, “This is for all the girls and all the boys, to the dance floor”. BJ The Chicago Kid croons with so much soul, while Buddy hits verses that remind us why we fell in love with him.

Horrorshow - Eyes Closed     Hip Hop 09/08/2019
Horrorshow are a hip hop duo from Sydney. In ten years they've released four albums; sold-out tours; received nominations for numerous awards, and cultivated one of the most loyal fanbases..
‘Eyes Closed’ sees Horrorshow at their very best, tapping into the bloodline of the emotional banger and making us feel everything all at once. A farewell from the futuristic tones of previous single ‘The Same’, this new song flips the rolodex back in time, reminiscing on teenage mischief and adolescent romance.

Horrorshow - Rescue     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop 15/08/2019
Horrorshow are a duo from Sydney, Australia. With Solo on the mic and Adit on the fader, they have been making music together for over a decade.
Cinematic and dangerous, ‘Rescue’ heralds a new and exciting direction for the duo with their catchiest song to date. Adit flexes his innovative and polished production, bedded in a dancehall rhythm that Solo artfully completes with a madly infectious song of desire.

Jimblah - Black Paint     Hip Hop 17/09/2019
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist based in South Australia. Hailing from the Larrakia Nation in Top End Northern Territory.
am not afraid of my truth no more, I’ve spent 33 years of my Life unpacking what it means to be a First Nations person of this Land - now I know what to do with all of that. Suppressing that reality isn’t an option for me anymore. That’s what Black Paint is about.

Jimblah - No Clapstick     Hip Hop 17/09/2019
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist based in South Australia. Hailing from the Larrakia Nation in Top End Northern Territory.
Putting exoticism, cultural stereotyping and sexism under the microscope, Jimblah’s sentiments are cheeky but extremely relevant. A Larrakia, Bardi, Yanyuwa man, he uses his platform to tell it how it is, calling out the appropriation of Blak culture in Hip-Hop.

L-FRESH The LION - Born To Stand Out     Hip Hop 17/09/2019
L-FRESH The LION is renowned for his powerful presence and thought-provoking hip hop lyrics. The Western Sydney artist has gone from underground events to national tours.
Following on from his recent comeback single ‘Alchemy’ L-FRESH The LION today returns with ‘Born To Stand Out’, a track carrying a powerful message to ‘find strength in the mirror.’ Tracing his own personal journey on finding self-acceptance, FRESH takes a moment in the breakdown to reflect on how it all began.

OKENYO - Eyes To The Sky     Hip Hop 30/10/2019
OKENYO is an enigmatic vocalist based in Sydney whose beautifully poised and deeply evocative storytelling is enriching the waters of neo-soul and pushing the boundaries of pop music.
Bringing her signature swag to the table ‘Eyes To The Sky’ is OKENYO at her best, oozing with style and carrying an empowering message. This track made in one day with Sydney producer Tasker accompanies OKENYO’S effortless flow, yet again establishing her as one of Australia’s most talented rappers.

Coda Conduct - Lying To Myself feat. Kinder     Hip Hop 21/11/2019
Coda Conduct's music combines their love of rap and hip hop with pop, dance and electronic influences, delivered with their trademark humour and intelligent lyricism.
‘Lying To Myself’ is a summery, windows-down singalong featuring upcoming duo Kinder. It’s the ultimate collaboration between rappers Sally and Erica and dance/pop party starters Briony and Savannah, who recently all toured together for Listen Out. The song is about ignoring self-doubt and self-criticism, and instead putting your trust in the people who are ready to cheer you on.

Other tracks by Coda Conduct:  Can't Be There
Jimblah - House N***er     Hip Hop 21/11/2019
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist hailing from the Larrakia Nation in Top End Northern Territory.
Conceptually, the track addresses the problematic situation that many First Nations people experience by being within the discussion but at the same time being apart from it. Jimblah elaborates, "Ultimately it's about decolonisation - spaces and minds, not just the spaces we operate in physically."

Jimblah & Ellie May - Black Life Matters     Hip Hop 09/12/2019
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist based in Adelaide. Hailing from the Larrakia Nation in Top End NT, influenced by different artists and genres, his main being hip hop
Overwhelmed with pain and sadness following the shooting of Kumanjayi Walker, Jimblah put pen to paper and channelled his grief into creating a powerful new single with a loud message. Turning the track around in just 2 swift days with Ellie May, ‘Black Life Matters’ hammers home that enough is enough.