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Elefant Traks

Elefant Traks

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Urthboy - Naïve Bravado feat. Daniel Merriweather     Hip Hop 01/06/2012
Urthboy is label manager of Elefant Traks, and has facilitated its growth from a handful of releases to beyond fifty – as well as a boutique touring company.
The concept of 'naïve bravado' is like a lamb with a lion's heart, a broken down car needing a jump start. It's not false courage if it leads you out of the mess. Teaming up with Daniel Merriweather, Urthboy sidesteps peers whilst exhibiting his trademark sharp flow and songwriting talents

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Sietta - The Birds Pt 1 (The Weeknd cover)     Hip Hop, RnB 01/06/2012
Sietta are an electronic soul duo from Darwin, made up of producer/instrumentalist James Mangohig and vocalist Caiti Baker.
The Weeknd's arrival on the music scene excited Sietta. He excited them so much, they were unable to hold back on covering one of his songs. This is For The Birds (Part One).

The Last Kinection - Balooraman (JayTee Remix)     Indigenous, Hip Hop 05/07/2012
The Last Kinection (TLK) have established themselves as an empowering lyric-driven group with melodic production and progressive hip hop feel, led with Indigenous heart and soul.
Elefant Traks is proud to be reissuing a deluxe version of TLK's debut album Nutches (Noo-chez) for NADIOC week. Dubbed a 'classic' by the ABC, it contains the beautiful single Balooraman which has been remixed by JayTee - core member of the group.

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Urthboy - The Big Sleep Feat. Alex Burnett     Pop, Rock 19/02/2013
Urthboy is a Sydney-based hip hop artist. His music career has spanned four critically acclaimed solo albums. He fronts 8-piece hip group The Herd & manages independent label Elefant Traks.
'The Big Sleep' recounts the moving story of Natalie Woods, a reclusive elderly lady whose body was found in her Surry Hills home 8 years after she had passed away. It features the beautiful soaring vocals Alex Burnett (Sparkadia).

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Other tracks by Urthboy:  Knee Length Socks
The Tongue - Drums     Hip Hop 09/03/2013
Widely regarded as one of the country’s most imaginative MCs—with a natural charisma that sets him apart from the horde of anonymous rappers vying for your attention.
Drums’ packs major punch with The Tongue’s trademark sharp flows and cheeky wordplay. The sophisticated new-school production comes courtesy of Cam Bluff (Vegas Aces), showing why peers rate him as one of local hip hop’s most exciting producers.

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Horrorshow - Free     Hip Hop 02/08/2013
Horrorshow emerged on the scene in 2008 with The Grey Space at a time where they linked up with Spit Syndicate and Joyride to form the extended One Day crew.
Introspective on music, creativity and the need to write it down.

"So when you're looking in that mirror what you gonna see? Is it who you are, who you pretend to be? Facing off with your own worst enemy. The same as it's always been, you've gotta set yourself free"

Other tracks by Horrorshow:  Nice Guys Finish Last  -  King Amongst Many
Jimblah - Fireproof     Hip Hop 11/12/2013
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist from Adelaide, South Australia. He is influenced by a wide range of different artists and genres, his main passion being hip hop.
Fireproof is the second single from Jimblah's second album "Phoenix". Utilising a sample from Yothu Yindi's song "Fire", Jimblah gives this track spark and power in only the way that he can.

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Urthboy feat. Josh Pyke - Someone Else's House     Hip Hop 14/02/2014
Urthboy is an award-winning hip hop artist from Sydney and 3 x nominee of the Australian Music Prize. He manages the Elefant Traks label and fronts acclaimed group The Herd.
Urthboy and Josh Pyke have joined forces with young people in care through not for-profit organisation Life Without Barriers to record Someone Else's House, a haunting song that draws on the experiences of children and young people living in foster or residential care.

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Sietta - Let It Go     Electronic, Atmospheric 21/02/2014
Sietta – born from a love for soul and pulsating beats and production; bred from the madness of the Darwin heat.
"From the roaring soul of Caiti Baker’s vocals to the all-encompassing visceral instrumentation of James Mangohig, don’t be surprised if you envision yourself on a mountain cliff looking out over a vast valley whilst this song explodes into your subconscious”
- Hillydilly (CA)

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Other tracks by Sietta:  Carry feat. 5th and Dubs  -  The Hunted
Joelistics - In The Morning     Hip Hop, Rock, Pop 25/03/2014
Joelistics’ great gift is the crafting of common language into evocative turns of phrase. His latest single 'In The Morning' is so much more than a leftfield indie rap anthem.
‘In The Morning’ is so much more than a leftfield indie rap anthem. Drawing on influences from ‘80s- era English post punk and ‘90s grunge through to hip hop, the MC, producer and singer offers us a ride into his trademark excursions into the human psyche.

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Astronomy Class - Four Barang In A Tuk-Tuk     Hip Hop, World 20/05/2014
Astronomy Class are a "unique hybrid of the Australian musical landscape" (The Music). The trio is made up of producers Chasm, Sir Robbo and vocalist Ozi Batla.
First single taken from Mekong Delta Sunrise feat. Srey Chaanthy (The Cambodian Space Project)

Joelistics - Say I'm Good     Hip Hop, Pop 29/05/2014
Joelistics is an MC, singer and producer best known for fronting Melbourne's TZU.
Say I'm Good rattles the cage in protest whilst maintaining a sense of fun, helped along by the raucous Victorian Roller Derby Girls.

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Jane Tyrrell - Wild Waters     Rock, Electronic 08/08/2014
Jane Tyrrell is a dynamic vocalist and performer. Her cinematic songwriting has a strong emphasis on the link between visual and aural imagery—a refreshing approach to musical tone and texture.
Wild Waters' is the captivating first offering from Jane Tyrrell's forthcoming solo debut. Meticulously crafted around Jane's smoky timbre, 'Wild Waters' is hypnotic: an ebb and flow of understated melodies set against crashing waves of percussion, guitar drone and synth.

Hermitude - Through The Roof feat. Young Tapz     Electronic, Dance 24/01/2015
Hermitude Are El Gusto & Luke Dubs, An award-winning duo based in Sydney, Australia.They’ve released four albums to date, most recently the Australian Music Prize-winning album HyperParadise.
Through the Roof is the lively new single from Hermitude, a contrast of light and dark– a dancefloor tune with a monstrous personality. The festivities begin with a rewired Mariachi section sounding the horns before descending into a powerful synth riff set to swinging drums.

Jayteehazard - Red Shift     Electronic 26/02/2015
Jayteehazard is an in-demand producer and DJ, hailing from Newcastle. Jayteehazard’s great gift is a wide knowledge of pop culture and a finely-tuned ear to the pulse of the dancefloor.
'Red Shift' is unique electronica that develops from Jayteehazard's roots in hip hop - opening with a catchy vocal loop, he builds tension with arpeggiated synths and heavy beats; releasing it again with subtle piano and unwinding percussion - characteristic of Jayteehazard's individual production style.

Hermitude - The Buzz     Electronic, Dance 04/05/2015
Hermitude are an award-winning electronic duo based in Sydney, Australia.
‘The Buzz’ briefly drifts before breaking into a thousand jolting synths and a euphoric drop. The electronic duo siphon all the tension and energy into an anchor of cracking drums and it gets hectic.

The Tongue - You Got Me feat. Mataya     Hip Hop, Rap 17/09/2015
The Tongue is widely regarded as one of the country’s most imaginative MCs—with a natural charisma that sets him apart from the horde of anonymous rappers vying for your attention.
The first offering from his forthcoming album, ‘you got me’ draws on temptation, seduction and losing yourself to the enchantment of love. With energy, momentum and a hint of urgency, the tongue spins a tale of desire and amorousness, a universal concept within a modern sounding banger.

Urthboy - Long Loud Hours feat. Bertie Blackman     Hip Hop 20/10/2015
Urthboy (Tim Levinson) is an award-winning hip hop artist from Sydney, Australia, on the verge of dropping his fifth studio album (in addition to five albums with The Herd).
Urthboy delivers his first single in three years.‘Long Loud Hours’ is a true story and one for the ages: perhaps the wildest, most reckless gesture of love in modern Australian history. Featuring Bertie Blackman and produced by Hermitude and Pip Norman.

2017 APRA MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE - Urban Work of the Year

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The Tongue - Never Going Down ft. Ngaiire     Hip Hop 10/11/2015
The Tongue is a man on a mission; to create a classic hip hop album. In 2015 the people will decide if that moment has arrived.
“I’m feeling like the future...” —the opening lyric sets the scene for the slick new tune from The Tongue. An artist that is constantly growing in his creative endeavours, this song is about persistence and the strength of self-belief.

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The Tongue - Mercy ft. Jeswon     Hip Hop 04/12/2015
A clear talent driven by a great imagination; this Sydney battle MC Champion has released 4 studio albums, toured nationally and collaborated with national and international artists.
'Mercy' features Jeswon (from the Thundamentals), a very close frined of The Tongue's. The song is about finding your inner purpose and was produced by Papertoy.

Other tracks by The Tongue:  The Rule  -  Proud