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Elefant Traks

Elefant Traks

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Horrorshow - Free     Hip Hop 02/08/2013
Horrorshow emerged on the scene in 2008 with The Grey Space at a time where they linked up with Spit Syndicate and Joyride to form the extended One Day crew.
Introspective on music, creativity and the need to write it down.

"So when you're looking in that mirror what you gonna see? Is it who you are, who you pretend to be? Facing off with your own worst enemy. The same as it's always been, you've gotta set yourself free"

Other tracks by Horrorshow:  Nice Guys Finish Last  -  King Amongst Many
Horrorshow - Did You Hear?     Hip Hop 06/03/2012
Horrorshow have enjoyed an organic rise – they’re not anchored by a passing style or sub-cultural fad, consequently their fanbase is loyal and passionate, selling out shows all over Australia.
‘Did You Hear?’ sees MC Solo paying tribute to some of hip hop’s greats whilst making some irreverent and humorous observations on the local scene. The production sizzles and sparkles under the careful direction of Adit with a little help from a blazing horn section.

Horrorshow - Push (feat. Taj Ralph)     Hip Hop 29/11/2016
Horrorshow are a hip hop duo from Sydney, Australia, comprised of Solo (Vocals) and Adit (Producer). They will release their 4th studio album in early 2017.
Horrorshow explore the bittersweet nature of possibility in their uplifting new single ‘Push’. ‘Push’ gets close to the heart of Horrorshow’s new album (due early 2017), where the transition between young and carefree and growing up and getting real is more pronounced.

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Horrorshow - Eyes Closed     Hip Hop 09/08/2019
Horrorshow are a hip hop duo from Sydney. In ten years they've released four albums; sold-out tours; received nominations for numerous awards, and cultivated one of the most loyal fanbases..
‘Eyes Closed’ sees Horrorshow at their very best, tapping into the bloodline of the emotional banger and making us feel everything all at once. A farewell from the futuristic tones of previous single ‘The Same’, this new song flips the rolodex back in time, reminiscing on teenage mischief and adolescent romance.

Horrorshow - Cherry Blossom     Hip Hop, RnB 29/09/2017
Horrorshow are a hip hop duo, comprised of Solo (Vocals) and Adit (Producer). They've released four studio albums; sold-out tours and cultivated one of the most dedicated fanbases in Australia.
'Cherry Blossom' is the newest instalment from heir 4th studio album, 'Bardo State' and is a Australian love song with a RnB feel to it - a fresh direction again for this Sydney duo.

2018 AIR AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Independent Hip Hop Album (Bardo State)

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Homeward Bound - Sing It     Electronic, Hip Hop 03/05/2019
The Homeward Bound sound may be fresh but the origins of this duo have been bubbling away for years. Homeward Bound is the latest project from Jimblah and partner Georgia.
Sing It combines smooth basslines, soulful guitar licks, and lush keys to deliver a thought-provoking listen that explores our individual responsibility to make a change in the world.

Other tracks by Homeward Bound:  The City  -  Red Dust Plain
Homeward Bound - Island     Electronic, Hip Hop 20/09/2018
Homeward Bound is a duo made up of Jimblah (Blah) and Georgia B (Goji). Their debut single is called 'Island'.
Island represents the isolation you can feel when you refuse to let someone in, and how another persons reflection can change the way you view yourself.

Homeward Bound - Float     Electronic, Hip Hop 04/04/2019
Jimblah & Goji are super friends who make music from a place of ultra light beamingness.Homeward Bound is what it means to be at home within the journey.
'Float' is about rising above the hardships life throws at you, and remembering the privilege you live. Expressing the central message of Homeward Bound as a whole, 'Float' is about travelling through life with positivity.

Homeward Bound - Bless     Electronic, Hip Hop 15/02/2019
Homeward Bound are an electronic duo based in Adelaide, South Australia. Blah (Jimblah) and (Goji) make unique and forward-thinking music, dabbling in pop, hip hop and electronica.
Walking away from the music industry a couple of years ago, Jimblah found himself disheartened and exhausted; missing the spark that ignites a songwriters fire.

‘Bless’ reveals his journey back to music, and how writing with Georgia (Goji, his co-writer and partner) reminded him to find solace and joy once again.

Homeward Bound - Be     Electronic, Rap 28/11/2018
Homeward Bound are an Electronic duo based in Adelaide, comprised of Jimblah and Georgia B. They make music with the intention of spreading happiness.
Homeward Bound ride the wave with their self-affirming soda-pop single, ‘Be’. They flex on the confidence that they have found in each other as artists.

They explain,  “Be’ is what it means to embrace yourself for who you truly are, without being limited by others perceptions of what you can amount to.”

Hermitude - Vibration     Electronic 08/07/2016
Hermitude are an electronic duo hailing from the Blue Mountains, NSW. Releasing their #1 charting album, Dark Night Sweet Light last year, they are now taking the world by storm.
'Vibration' is a track that was written in the 'Dark Night Sweet Light' session, but never made it onto the record - so it is technically old. This song is a big feature in their live show and has been played all around the world.

Other tracks by Hermitude:  Gimme feat. Tayla Parx
Hermitude - Through The Roof feat. Young Tapz     Electronic, Dance 24/01/2015
Hermitude Are El Gusto & Luke Dubs, An award-winning duo based in Sydney, Australia.They’ve released four albums to date, most recently the Australian Music Prize-winning album HyperParadise.
Through the Roof is the lively new single from Hermitude, a contrast of light and dark– a dancefloor tune with a monstrous personality. The festivities begin with a rewired Mariachi section sounding the horns before descending into a powerful synth riff set to swinging drums.

Hermitude - The Buzz     Electronic, Dance 04/05/2015
Hermitude are an award-winning electronic duo based in Sydney, Australia.
‘The Buzz’ briefly drifts before breaking into a thousand jolting synths and a euphoric drop. The electronic duo siphon all the tension and energy into an anchor of cracking drums and it gets hectic.

Hermitude - Stupid World feat. Bibi Bourelly     Electronic, Pop 09/11/2018
Hermitude are an electronic duo from the Blue Mountains consisting of Luke Dubs and Elgusto. They have found global success, and continue to be one of Australia's most beloved acts.
Stupid World is the first taste of a brand new project from Hermitude, after the success of their #1 album ‘Dark Night Sweet Light’.

Bourelly's lyrics are about taking control of a bad situation, illuminating the way ahead.

Bibi Bourelly co-wrote Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’, Mariah Carey's 'GTFO' and has featured on tracks by Lil Wayne and Usher.

Hermitude - Speak Of The Devil     Electronic 06/03/2012
Hermitude have developed a dedicated following for their pumping live shows employing synths, decks and samplers creating a monstrously positive vibe each gig.
With its contorting synth lines, hopelessly fun chorus and slamming drums, it perfectly captures the energy and joy of a Hermitude live show. It’s an ode to shaking off self-awareness; being dragged on the dancefloor and finding it’s exactly what you need.

Other tracks by Hermitude:  HyperParadise
Hermitude - OneFourThree feat. Buddy and BJ The Chicago Kid     Hip Hop, RnB 31/07/2019
The hermitude story is one marked by stark creative evolution, diversifying music styles and a hunger for constant elevation.
‘OneFourThree’ featuring Buddy and BJ The Chicago Kid, takes us in a groovy direction and luring us to drop everything for the beat, “This is for all the girls and all the boys, to the dance floor”. BJ The Chicago Kid croons with so much soul, while Buddy hits verses that remind us why we fell in love with him.

Hermitude - Northern Lights feat. Soaky Siren and Vory     Electronic, Dance 19/06/2019
Since the early 2000s Elgusto and Luke Dubs have been exploring the wide sonic territory formed by their influences and remained one of Australia’s most endearing and popular acts.
Returning with a daring new single which feels completely new and irresistibly familiar all at the same time. ’Northern Lights’ will lure you in with its light and intricate production steeze, pull you under with its earth-shattering drops and spit you out the other side. Joining the Hermitude on the track are the smooth vocals of Soaky Sirens and Vory

Hermitude - Get In My Life     Electronic, Hip Hop 15/11/2010
Hermitude are a world-class beats production duo based in Sydney.
Hermitude return with their unique brand of world-class beats.

Hermitude - Every Day feat. Hoodlem     Electronic, Pop 20/03/2019
Hermitude are an duo originally from the Blue Mountains in NSW. They make a unique brand of electronic music inspired by hip hop, pop and sampling culture.
From the moment ‘Every Day’ begins, a sense of intrigue sets in. The synth swells, Hoodlem’s vocals step lightly and new flavours may challenge what you expect from the Blue Mountains duo. But when the chorus hits and the beat drops through the floor it is unmistakable. No one does it quite like Hermitude.

Coda Conduct - The Monologue feat. Nyxen     Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic 04/04/2019
Coda Conduct is comprised of Erica and Sally.Their music combines their love of hip hop with pop, dance and electronic music, delivered with fast-paced humour and intelligent lyricism.
Announcing their signing to Elefant Traks only this week, Coda Conduct have delivered a whole new feeling of magic to their repertoire with latest single ‘The Monologue feat. Nyxen’. The song calls out the mirror talkers, the narcissists, those people in your life who just can’t bring themselves to care as much for your answers as their own.