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Elefant Traks

Elefant Traks

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Joelistics - In The Morning     Hip Hop, Rock, Pop 25/03/2014
Joelistics’ great gift is the crafting of common language into evocative turns of phrase. His latest single 'In The Morning' is so much more than a leftfield indie rap anthem.
‘In The Morning’ is so much more than a leftfield indie rap anthem. Drawing on influences from ‘80s- era English post punk and ‘90s grunge through to hip hop, the MC, producer and singer offers us a ride into his trademark excursions into the human psyche.

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Sietta - Let It Go     Electronic, Atmospheric 21/02/2014
Sietta – born from a love for soul and pulsating beats and production; bred from the madness of the Darwin heat.
"From the roaring soul of Caiti Baker’s vocals to the all-encompassing visceral instrumentation of James Mangohig, don’t be surprised if you envision yourself on a mountain cliff looking out over a vast valley whilst this song explodes into your subconscious”
- Hillydilly (CA)

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Other tracks by Sietta:  Carry feat. 5th and Dubs  -  The Hunted
Urthboy feat. Josh Pyke - Someone Else's House     Hip Hop 14/02/2014
Urthboy is an award-winning hip hop artist from Sydney and 3 x nominee of the Australian Music Prize. He manages the Elefant Traks label and fronts acclaimed group The Herd.
Urthboy and Josh Pyke have joined forces with young people in care through not for-profit organisation Life Without Barriers to record Someone Else's House, a haunting song that draws on the experiences of children and young people living in foster or residential care.

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Jimblah - Fireproof     Hip Hop 11/12/2013
Jimblah is a producer, MC and vocalist from Adelaide, South Australia. He is influenced by a wide range of different artists and genres, his main passion being hip hop.
Fireproof is the second single from Jimblah's second album "Phoenix". Utilising a sample from Yothu Yindi's song "Fire", Jimblah gives this track spark and power in only the way that he can.

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Horrorshow - Free     Hip Hop 02/08/2013
Horrorshow emerged on the scene in 2008 with The Grey Space at a time where they linked up with Spit Syndicate and Joyride to form the extended One Day crew.
Introspective on music, creativity and the need to write it down.

"So when you're looking in that mirror what you gonna see? Is it who you are, who you pretend to be? Facing off with your own worst enemy. The same as it's always been, you've gotta set yourself free"

Other tracks by Horrorshow:  Nice Guys Finish Last  -  King Amongst Many
The Tongue - Drums     Hip Hop 09/03/2013
Widely regarded as one of the country’s most imaginative MCs—with a natural charisma that sets him apart from the horde of anonymous rappers vying for your attention.
Drums’ packs major punch with The Tongue’s trademark sharp flows and cheeky wordplay. The sophisticated new-school production comes courtesy of Cam Bluff (Vegas Aces), showing why peers rate him as one of local hip hop’s most exciting producers.

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Urthboy - The Big Sleep Feat. Alex Burnett     Pop, Rock 19/02/2013
Urthboy is a Sydney-based hip hop artist. His music career has spanned four critically acclaimed solo albums. He fronts 8-piece hip group The Herd & manages independent label Elefant Traks.
'The Big Sleep' recounts the moving story of Natalie Woods, a reclusive elderly lady whose body was found in her Surry Hills home 8 years after she had passed away. It features the beautiful soaring vocals Alex Burnett (Sparkadia).

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Other tracks by Urthboy:  Knee Length Socks
The Last Kinection - Balooraman (JayTee Remix)     Indigenous, Hip Hop 05/07/2012
The Last Kinection (TLK) have established themselves as an empowering lyric-driven group with melodic production and progressive hip hop feel, led with Indigenous heart and soul.
Elefant Traks is proud to be reissuing a deluxe version of TLK's debut album Nutches (Noo-chez) for NADIOC week. Dubbed a 'classic' by the ABC, it contains the beautiful single Balooraman which has been remixed by JayTee - core member of the group.

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Sietta - The Birds Pt 1 (The Weeknd cover)     Hip Hop, RnB 01/06/2012
Sietta are an electronic soul duo from Darwin, made up of producer/instrumentalist James Mangohig and vocalist Caiti Baker.
The Weeknd's arrival on the music scene excited Sietta. He excited them so much, they were unable to hold back on covering one of his songs. This is For The Birds (Part One).

Urthboy - Naïve Bravado feat. Daniel Merriweather     Hip Hop 01/06/2012
Urthboy is label manager of Elefant Traks, and has facilitated its growth from a handful of releases to beyond fifty – as well as a boutique touring company.
The concept of 'naïve bravado' is like a lamb with a lion's heart, a broken down car needing a jump start. It's not false courage if it leads you out of the mess. Teaming up with Daniel Merriweather, Urthboy sidesteps peers whilst exhibiting his trademark sharp flow and songwriting talents

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Sky'High - Death Row     Hip Hop, Rap 17/05/2012
Sky’high is not the softly-spoken female you’re expecting. Uncompromisingly tough and endearingly cheeky, Sky’high’s invigorating talent will disarm you and challenge your perceptions.
A blunt and hard hitting track from the latest signing on Elefant Traks. Death Row showcases Sky'high's lyrical finesse which dances effortlessly with the beats from New Zealand's P-Money.

Other tracks by Sky'High:  Nuclear Love
Sietta - Dark Passenger (Haunting Version)     Funk/Soul, Acoustic, Chill 22/03/2012
Sietta take an inspired sidestep in creating the hauntingly beautiful Dark Passenger EP, reimagining versions of their debut album, The Seventh Passenger (2011)
Dark Passenger (Haunting Version) is an amazing display of emotion and raw honesty. Caiti's voice lays bare the heart and soul of Sietta in this track.

Other tracks by Sietta:  No Longer Hurt (Dark Ballad Version)
The Herd - Better Alive Feat. Thundamentals and Sky'high     Hip Hop 22/03/2012
In an unconventional set-up, The Herd perform with two MCs, two singers, an acoustic and an electric guitar, bass, piano accordion, clarinet, laptops and MPC 1000s. It’s big!
Better Alive is a celebration of The Herd's "A Thousand Lives" tour happening across Australia this March and April. The Herd have released an exclusive track featuring their friends, and fellow touring artists, Thundamentals as well as Elefant Traks newest artist, Sky'high.

The Herd - A Thousand Lives     Hip Hop 06/03/2012
In an unconventional set-up, The Herd perform with two MCs, two singers, an acoustic and an electric guitar, bass, piano accordion, clarinet, laptops and MPC 1000s. It’s big!
A Thousand Lives’ nostalgic narrative sees The Herd at their story-telling best. The uplifting track is taken from the critically adored fifth album Future Shade. The new video is a ‘to camera’ piece utilising a projector to juxtapose the members’ previous lives.

Other tracks by The Herd:  Clash And Collide
Sky'high - Let's Just     Hip Hop 06/03/2012
One of the most compelling artists emerging from the local hip-hop scene. Tough as nails; Raw and aggressive; her disarming smile hints there is much more than meets the eye.
True to the live fast die young mentality of her youth, ‘Let’s Just’ could be another empty song about cutting loose; but as usual with Sky’High, it goes high but cuts deeper.

Joelistics - The Shining     Hip Hop, Electronic 06/03/2012
Growing up in Sydney, offspring of a Chinese-Australian father and an Anglo-Australian mother, playing drums in punk/funk groups, but drawn to hip-hop with its outspoken politics and adhoc sonic cannibalism.
The Shining picks up where Joelistics left off, forging ahead and pushing his sound further outside the realms of hip hop, into a land of pulsing electro and lush electronica.

Horrorshow - Did You Hear?     Hip Hop 06/03/2012
Horrorshow have enjoyed an organic rise – they’re not anchored by a passing style or sub-cultural fad, consequently their fanbase is loyal and passionate, selling out shows all over Australia.
‘Did You Hear?’ sees MC Solo paying tribute to some of hip hop’s greats whilst making some irreverent and humorous observations on the local scene. The production sizzles and sparkles under the careful direction of Adit with a little help from a blazing horn section.

Hermitude - Speak Of The Devil     Electronic 06/03/2012
Hermitude have developed a dedicated following for their pumping live shows employing synths, decks and samplers creating a monstrously positive vibe each gig.
With its contorting synth lines, hopelessly fun chorus and slamming drums, it perfectly captures the energy and joy of a Hermitude live show. It’s an ode to shaking off self-awareness; being dragged on the dancefloor and finding it’s exactly what you need.

Other tracks by Hermitude:  HyperParadise
The Tongue - Two Girlfriends     Hip Hop 27/09/2011
Widely regarded as one of Australia’s most imaginative MCs, The Tongue has just released his third mixtape 'The Sextape' for FREE. It features single 'Two Girlfriends'.
'Two Girlfriends' is an entertaining take on polygomy, human desire and much more.

The Herd - Signs of Life     Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock 15/07/2011
The Herd are a culturally diverse expression of modern Australia, but they bring with them that grand Aussie tradition of storytellers ready and willing to question authority.
Signs of Life is inspired by the human spirit, amongst the upheaval of natural disaster