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Elefant Traks

Elefant Traks

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Urthboy - Crushing Hard     Hip Hop 16/12/2016
Urthboy (Tim Levinson) is an award-winning hip hop artist from Sydney, Australia, who dropped his fifth studio album in March. His newest single 'Crushing Hard' is out now.
'Crushing Hard' is about the impatient intensity that leads up to enduring love. It's also about not having the emotional maturity to come out and simply tell the person you like that you have a crush on them.

Horrorshow - Push (feat. Taj Ralph)     Hip Hop 29/11/2016
Horrorshow are a hip hop duo from Sydney, Australia, comprised of Solo (Vocals) and Adit (Producer). They will release their 4th studio album in early 2017.
Horrorshow explore the bittersweet nature of possibility in their uplifting new single ‘Push’. ‘Push’ gets close to the heart of Horrorshow’s new album (due early 2017), where the transition between young and carefree and growing up and getting real is more pronounced.

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B Wise - Risk it     Hip Hop 23/09/2016
There’s a new wave of local MC’s making noise and amongst them stands B Wise, an African-Australian artist with a different story to tell.
'Risk it' is a party track about getting loose on the weekend and doing things you may regret in the morning. Enjoy your life!

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by B Wise:  Drugs and Drama  -  Smile
B Wise - No Questions     Hip Hop 17/08/2016
There’s a new wave of local MC’s making noise and amongst them stands B Wise, an African-Australian artist with a different story to tell.
The first taste of the EP is ‘No Questions’, a hard hitting introspective joint on which Wise reflects those moments in his life that made all this shit happen. He is honest, direct and possesses a level of story-telling skill beyond his years.

Horrorshow - If You Know What I Mean     Hip Hop 11/08/2016
Horrorshow are a hip hop duo from Sydney, Australia, comprised of Solo (Vocals) and Adit (Producer). In eight years they’ve released three studio albums and sold-out a stack of tours.
‘If You Know What I Mean’ finds Horrorshow in a great place; ambitious and confident, yet honest and direct; it’s an ode to giving yourself permission to feel good about yourself and your achievements.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Hermitude - Vibration     Electronic 08/07/2016
Hermitude are an electronic duo hailing from the Blue Mountains, NSW. Releasing their #1 charting album, Dark Night Sweet Light last year, they are now taking the world by storm.
'Vibration' is a track that was written in the 'Dark Night Sweet Light' session, but never made it onto the record - so it is technically old. This song is a big feature in their live show and has been played all around the world.

Other tracks by Hermitude:  Gimme feat. Tayla Parx
Okenyo - 10 Feet Tall     Funk/Soul, Electronic, RnB 06/05/2016
Okenyo is a neo-soul artist, who burst onto the scene last year with the catchy single, Just A Story. Now signed to Elefant Traks, Okenyo is on the rise!
'10 Feet Tall' is about women empowerment and encouraging women to believe in themselves. Produced by Badcop (Mario Spate), this is the debut track for Okenyo released on Elefant Traks.

L-Fresh the Lion - 1 in 100,000     Hip Hop 21/04/2016
L-Fresh the Lion is a Punjabi rapper, from Western Sydney. A hip hop artist filled with optimism, the Fresh in his name stands for - Forever Rising Exceeding Sudden Hardships.
‘1 in 100,000’ is a call to arms—the listener is given the signal in one huge gee-up of a drop! Produced by Michael McGlynn at Vienna People, he introduces L-Fresh the Lion to a completely new sonic territory, while still staying true to his roots.

NOMINEE 2017 AIR AWARDS - Best Independent Hip Hop Album


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

Other tracks by L-Fresh the Lion:  Get Mine feat. Parvyn Kaur Singh  -  Black and White
Urthboy - The Arrow feat. Timberwolf     Hip Hop 09/03/2016
Urthboy's music career spans over two decades with 10 albums released, including his work with group The Herd. Urthboy has just dropped his 5th solo album.
The Arrow feat. Timberwolf is taken from Urthboy's 5th solo album, 'The Past Beats Inside Me Like A Second Heartbeat' and was produced by Nic Martin and Styalz Fuego. The song is about being a musician and the moments he has experienced with his artist run record label, Elefant Traks.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by Urthboy:  Daughter Of The Light feat. Kira Puru  -  Running Into The Flames feat. B Wise
Urthboy - Second Heartbeat (feat. Sampa The Great & Okenyo)     Hip Hop 29/01/2016
‘Second Heartbeat’, featuring Sampa The Great & Okenyo is Urthboy's follow-up single to ‘Long Loud Hours’, and it’s an autobiographical charmer, delivered with the warm charisma of summer.
Second Heartbeat featuring Sampa The Great and Okenyo is Urthboy's follow-up single to 'Long Loud Hours', and it's an autobiographical charmer, delivered with the warm charisma of summer. There's something so easy and undeniably bright about this song.

The Tongue - Mercy ft. Jeswon     Hip Hop 04/12/2015
A clear talent driven by a great imagination; this Sydney battle MC Champion has released 4 studio albums, toured nationally and collaborated with national and international artists.
'Mercy' features Jeswon (from the Thundamentals), a very close frined of The Tongue's. The song is about finding your inner purpose and was produced by Papertoy.

Other tracks by The Tongue:  The Rule  -  Proud
The Tongue - Never Going Down ft. Ngaiire     Hip Hop 10/11/2015
The Tongue is a man on a mission; to create a classic hip hop album. In 2015 the people will decide if that moment has arrived.
“I’m feeling like the future...” —the opening lyric sets the scene for the slick new tune from The Tongue. An artist that is constantly growing in his creative endeavours, this song is about persistence and the strength of self-belief.

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Urthboy - Long Loud Hours feat. Bertie Blackman     Hip Hop 20/10/2015
Urthboy (Tim Levinson) is an award-winning hip hop artist from Sydney, Australia, on the verge of dropping his fifth studio album (in addition to five albums with The Herd).
Urthboy delivers his first single in three years.‘Long Loud Hours’ is a true story and one for the ages: perhaps the wildest, most reckless gesture of love in modern Australian history. Featuring Bertie Blackman and produced by Hermitude and Pip Norman.

2017 APRA MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE - Urban Work of the Year

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The Tongue - You Got Me feat. Mataya     Hip Hop, Rap 17/09/2015
The Tongue is widely regarded as one of the country’s most imaginative MCs—with a natural charisma that sets him apart from the horde of anonymous rappers vying for your attention.
The first offering from his forthcoming album, ‘you got me’ draws on temptation, seduction and losing yourself to the enchantment of love. With energy, momentum and a hint of urgency, the tongue spins a tale of desire and amorousness, a universal concept within a modern sounding banger.

Hermitude - The Buzz     Electronic, Dance 04/05/2015
Hermitude are an award-winning electronic duo based in Sydney, Australia.
‘The Buzz’ briefly drifts before breaking into a thousand jolting synths and a euphoric drop. The electronic duo siphon all the tension and energy into an anchor of cracking drums and it gets hectic.

Jayteehazard - Red Shift     Electronic 26/02/2015
Jayteehazard is an in-demand producer and DJ, hailing from Newcastle. Jayteehazard’s great gift is a wide knowledge of pop culture and a finely-tuned ear to the pulse of the dancefloor.
'Red Shift' is unique electronica that develops from Jayteehazard's roots in hip hop - opening with a catchy vocal loop, he builds tension with arpeggiated synths and heavy beats; releasing it again with subtle piano and unwinding percussion - characteristic of Jayteehazard's individual production style.

Hermitude - Through The Roof feat. Young Tapz     Electronic, Dance 24/01/2015
Hermitude Are El Gusto & Luke Dubs, An award-winning duo based in Sydney, Australia.They’ve released four albums to date, most recently the Australian Music Prize-winning album HyperParadise.
Through the Roof is the lively new single from Hermitude, a contrast of light and dark– a dancefloor tune with a monstrous personality. The festivities begin with a rewired Mariachi section sounding the horns before descending into a powerful synth riff set to swinging drums.

Jane Tyrrell - Wild Waters     Rock, Electronic 08/08/2014
Jane Tyrrell is a dynamic vocalist and performer. Her cinematic songwriting has a strong emphasis on the link between visual and aural imagery—a refreshing approach to musical tone and texture.
Wild Waters' is the captivating first offering from Jane Tyrrell's forthcoming solo debut. Meticulously crafted around Jane's smoky timbre, 'Wild Waters' is hypnotic: an ebb and flow of understated melodies set against crashing waves of percussion, guitar drone and synth.

Joelistics - Say I'm Good     Hip Hop, Pop 29/05/2014
Joelistics is an MC, singer and producer best known for fronting Melbourne's TZU.
Say I'm Good rattles the cage in protest whilst maintaining a sense of fun, helped along by the raucous Victorian Roller Derby Girls.

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Astronomy Class - Four Barang In A Tuk-Tuk     Hip Hop, World 20/05/2014
Astronomy Class are a "unique hybrid of the Australian musical landscape" (The Music). The trio is made up of producers Chasm, Sir Robbo and vocalist Ozi Batla.
First single taken from Mekong Delta Sunrise feat. Srey Chaanthy (The Cambodian Space Project)