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Monsoon Moon - Just Friends     Electronic, Pop, Rock 25/06/2019
Monsoon Moon presents a new facet of his artistry with this new project. Self-aware and open, Monsoon Moon produces music with evocative strength in its production and insatiable delivery.
Self-aware and open, Monsoon Moon produces music with evocative strength in its production and insatiable delivery. The result, a wicked cut of indie-electronic in the same vein as Everything Everything and Alt-J that takes in feelings of regret, vulnerability and longing.

The Kite String Tangle - KILLING TIME     Electronic 25/06/2019
The Kite String Tangle is the solo project of ARIA Award nominated alternative electronic artist and producer, Danny Harley.
Fans at his recent sold out shows were gifted a mysterious artwork print containing a hidden clue, and today we can reveal that the next single from The Kite String Tangle is ‘KILLING TIME’ ft. Eliott.

Featuring glitchy moments, dark notes, and a staccato beat, the lighter vocals provided by Melbourne’s Eliott give the track a perfect balance in tone.

Digital Trackz - Don't Sweat It     Electronic, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Jazz 24/06/2019
Digital Trackz is a beat maker and producer from Sydney.
"Don't Sweat It"

Laid back hypnotic instrumental by Digital Trackz

Other tracks by Digital Trackz:  New York City
Feels - Circles     Electronic, Pop, Dance 21/06/2019
Two dynamic women, one four-octave electronic xylophone, 11 drum pads, six sticks hitting the triggers– meet Feels, the boundary-pushing, award-winning artists, producers, label founders & gender equality ground breakers.
“Circles is about two people trapped in a prison that they’ve built themselves. This ‘prison’ is the representation of a broken down relationship where all light has turned to shadow, and they stay trapped because they’re hiding in patterns and habits they’ve formed”. - Grace (feature singer from Joan & The Giants)

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Mild Joy - Waves     Electronic, Chill, Ambience, Dance 21/06/2019
Mild Joy is a collaborative electronic side-project based out of FNQ with composer Tristan Barton (Producer, Co-Writer) at the helm. Has currently released two singles. "Blurr" (2017) and "Waves" (2019).
Waves is Mild Joy's second single release. It is a chilled-out ambient number thats is reminiscent of Petite Biscuit and Shallou. Its debut, on the 14th of June 2019, saw it being added to Spotify's Best New Indie Arrivals Playlist, and New Music Fridays AU & NZ.

Nikkita Ra - 747     Electronic, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 21/06/2019
Described by others as “Bjork meets Pussy Riot”, Nikkita Ra defines her music as ‘Trip Disco’ - Trip Hop you can get sweaty to.
747 opens with a slick, futuristic beat and soundscape that prepares you for the journey that Nikkita Ra is about to take you on. Nikkita's smooth flowing rap kick in for a killer verse, followed by an entrancing chorus. Sit back, press play and enjoy the ride!

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SPOD - Make Things Right     Electronic 21/06/2019
SPOD is Australia's biggest creative genius, and most un-celebrated national hero.
'Make Things Right' is a track about late nights, cold city streets, headlights spread through the fog, sirens splashing on the empty brick walls. Out on the streets, looking for your only son who’s old enough to make his own decisions, but young enough to not respect the consequences

the little hand of the faithful - Dark Digestive     Electronic, Soundscapes 21/06/2019
Solo project of Mitchell Jones from post / industrialists Scattered Order. 'the little hand of the faithful' blends guitars, beats, synths, found sounds into disarming instrumental slabs of sound.
Glitchy beats, sampled bass, guitars and spoken word samples.

Other tracks by the little hand of the faithful:  A more perfect kind of escape
What So Not & Diablo - OOGAHDAM!     Electronic, Dance 21/06/2019
Chris Emerson is the Australian DJ and producer behind What So Not who's worked with some the biggest artists such as Skrillex, Slumberjack and Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns.
OOGAHDAM! is a collaboration between What So Not and Diablo, it's a super fast-paced dance track which starts off with an infectious vocal then quickly transitions to a more glitchy, electronic beat.

Wilga - Chasing the Sun     Electronic, Dance, Chill 21/06/2019
Wilga makes electronic music for human feelings.
Chasing the sun is about that feeling that brings you light.

Chief Street - Feel Me     Electronic, Dance, Dubstep 20/06/2019
Chief Street is an Adelaide based bass music producer.
Feel Me starts with an ominous melody that quickly dives into a vocal hook that surely means business, with a build up to what can be described as a surprising yet pleasantly satisfying melodic drop before getting back to the bass. Feel Me is Chief Street's debut release on local Adelaide independent label Global League.

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Yuto. - Lost Love     Electronic, Chill, Ambience, Downbeat 20/06/2019
A self-proclaimed electronic chill project, was born four years ago from a pure love of music production, a fascination with Deadmau5 and inspiration from Flume, Odesza and Rufus Du Sol.
Lost Love was born after brothers Daylan and Coben McDonald fell back in love with the chords of an old demo. The track was given a makeover with vocals added to become an electronic chill track that stands as the duo’s fifth single release

Ashley Seeven - to be loving you     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 19/06/2019
Forming sounds & voice to connect & join a taste into an experience that connects to feelings belonging to the true
A ballad

Atalein - Crash Pad     Electronic, Industrial 19/06/2019
Atalein is the solo project of Melbourne based artist Laura Hopkins. Her music incorporates industrial, brutalist textures.
Crash Pad was inspired by my friend Jac Meddings and their fearless attitude to be authentically themselves. It’s about a wild night out and watching the sunrise surrounded by your best mates!

The single was released on a compilation by Synth Babes featuring electronic artists from all over the world.

Ci-Phonic, David Carso - Antarctic Heart     Electronic, Dance, House 19/06/2019
This collaboration between up and coming Ci-Phonic and David Carso is a summer edm anthem, capturing the vibe of their contemporaries before them, these two producers join CARZi on vocals.
David Carso and Ci-Phonic had been listening to a range of festival style tracks and wanted to make something with the same energy. "We made the track and showed it to CARZi, after a 5 minute session at Northern Sound System she had free styled the lyrics you hear on the release and put an amazing twist on the tune."

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Hermitude - Northern Lights feat. Soaky Siren and Vory     Electronic, Dance 19/06/2019
Since the early 2000s Elgusto and Luke Dubs have been exploring the wide sonic territory formed by their influences and remained one of Australia’s most endearing and popular acts.
Returning with a daring new single which feels completely new and irresistibly familiar all at the same time. ’Northern Lights’ will lure you in with its light and intricate production steeze, pull you under with its earth-shattering drops and spit you out the other side. Joining the Hermitude on the track are the smooth vocals of Soaky Sirens and Vory

Joan Banoit - Clerical     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 19/06/2019
Sparking inspiration from the likes of Jlin, Arca, Burial and Autechre alongside classic synth pop, art rock and modern composition, Joan Banoit finds a sound nestled in between artistic niches
'Clerical' is the title track from Joan Banoit's debut album. ‘Clerical’ is an album for those that believe contemporary musical, and in particular, electronic music, is most relevant when dealing with the new, the innovative and the dangerous.

M4SONIC - Illumination     Electronic, Dance, Techno 19/06/2019
Known for 100+ million views on YouTube for Launchpad videos. Maker of all things music and co-founder of an indie record label called Global League.
Illumination is a big room, psy trance tune destined for club and festival dance floors. A slight change for M4SONIC from the more recent commercial vocal tracks he's been creating, for those who are looking for something a bit harder.

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M4SONIC - Krankt     Electronic, Dance, Techno 19/06/2019
Known for 100+ million views on YouTube for Launchpad videos. Maker of all things music and co-founder of an indie record label called Global League.
Krankt is an energetic club collaboration with up and coming EDM producer Midtown Jack. This Melbourne bounce turned electro house club tune is perfect for the Saturday night drive to town.

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Philippe - Train of Thought     Electronic, House, Atmospheric 19/06/2019
I'm a house artist from Perth in WA. I try to make music that's a little thought provoking.
This tune dictates a train of thought; a combination of calm, searching, and moments of clarity.

Other tracks by Philippe:  Velvet Moon