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Dambro - Change     Electronic, Pop 02/11/2018
With Influences from pop, metal, rock, indie, punk, trap, electronica, dance and cinematic music, be taken on an extraordinary journey with Dambro’s highly anticipated début album TIME.
No matter what changes we face in life, we come out of it as better people. Change helps us learn through adapting to new experiences. It shows us our lives from a different perspective and teaches us the value and appreciation of what we have today

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Other tracks by Dambro:  Sleepless Nights  -  What Life Could Be
Hayden James - Better Together feat. Running Touch     Electronic 02/11/2018
Since 2013, Hayden James has found worldwide love and acclaim, producing immense summer house jams with evocative and soulful vocals consistently topping both Australian and international tastemaker blogs
Layered with addictive drum patterns and a smooth house bassline, “Better Together” is yet another infectious tune from the powerhouse producer. Featuring vocal stylings from Running Touch, the track combines a driving pop melody with the classic Hayden James twist on vocals to deliver a hook that will stick with you.

Throwing Shapes - Super Natural     Electronic 02/11/2018
Throwing Shapes is Fox Shannon, an electronic and drum and bass producer from Perth, Western Australia.
The title track from the new release with a hooky 4 on the floor disco beat and some spooky soundtrack layers on the top line.

Other tracks by Throwing Shapes:  2000 People  -  Pretend You're Mine
XMPLA - Sun Goes Down     Electronic, Dance 02/11/2018
Aaron James, aka XMPLA is the upcoming DJ, producer and vocalist, he combines an eclectic beat sequence with the sound of a multitude of vocalists producing a bouncy electro tracks.
It is a compelling track with tight production and a bouncy and eclectic sound, focusing more on the electronic side than his previous track. The song most definitely highlights his creative production and vocal techniques, whilst exploring traditional songwriting structure.

Crooked Colours - Do It Like You     Electronic, Dance 01/11/2018
Crooked Colours are a live electronic trio, creating music that has one foot in the indie genre and one foot in a darker electronic realm.
As the acclaimed three-piece Australian outfit Crooked Colours continue their second major US headlining tour, the band release ‘Do It Like You’ as the second single from their forthcoming LP. A peculiar and experimental follow up to ‘I’ll Be There,’ the new single shows a more inventive side of Crooked Colours as they trade pop chords for mystical cuts.

Tashka - Vacant     Electronic, House, Pop 01/11/2018
Sydney artist/producer Tashka first came to public attention with her feature vocals on Donatachi’s future garage break-out single "Gold". Soon after, she followed up with her self produced single "Taken".
“Vacant” is an exploration of two people finding themselves at the end of a relationship that has been fought for. Featuring elements of dance and house, the vulnerable track discusses the notion of love and loss. This eclectic track showcases Tashka in a new light, demonstrating to her audiences intense personal themes of emotion.

Korky Buchek - Wanna Know     Electronic, Soul, Pop 31/10/2018
Korky Buchek are a duo based in Western Sydney. Drawing inspiration from hip hop, RnB, disco, electro and house. Creating unique music to make people dance.
Working with Dofu, the guys collaborated and created a beautiful work of music. It's the perfect way to rev up for summer and is the perfect balance of pop and creative beauty. With the soulful vocals of Dofu dripping over the top of a beautiful beat. Covered online by Life Without Andy already, it's gaining traction fast.

DIVE BELL - Undercover     Electronic, Rock, Industrial, Dance 30/10/2018
Dive Bell are driven by synths, but also by something deeper and more submerged that that. This is precision and dream-state, all sorts of evocative.
The quartet has already begun to carve a niche for themselves with their unique brand of experimental pop-infused sonic maximalism and transcendent live performances. Entering the studio to commit their first collection of songs to tape. The song “Undercover” was chosen to introduce Dive Bell's particular blend of the intimate and cinematic, the organic and industrial, the intoxicating and elegiac

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Other tracks by DIVE BELL:  SNOW
Luboku - 50 Days     Electronic, Dance, Pop 30/10/2018
Melbourne producer/songwriter Luboku​ creates deep, shadowy production – a swirling haze of harmonies, marked with dark and brooding melodies, crafted into tracks that are both uplifting and melancholic.
Of the inspiration for the track, Luboku says '50 Days is about trying to work through a feeling you’ve been sitting with'.

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MATIAH - You Could've Had It All     Electronic, Goth, Rock 30/10/2018
MATIAH is a singer/songwriter who tells her story through her personal lyrics and haunting melodies and harmonies.
The words in this song come from personal experience of a toxic relationship. Being told one thing and made to believe that the person you loved, loved you back. When in reality it was all lies and deceit.

T Scarlett - Can't See     Electronic 30/10/2018
T Scarlett was born out of my love for sharing experience through music. The music, lyrics and videos chronicle my reflections of life.
Can's See is the debut single from Brisbane-based musician T Scarlett.

upsidedownhead - my cave     Electronic 30/10/2018
‘my cave’ is the new single from mysterious Sydney-based producer upsidedownhead. It’s the second track to surface from his forthcoming EP, complex, out November 23 through Liberation Records.
‘my cave’ follows on from the debut single ‘get low (feat. Ric Rufio)’, which is currently on rotation at FBi Radio and receiving spins on BBC Radio 1 and Amazing Radio. It’s appeared on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Top-Shelf Electronic playlists and Apple Music’s Best of the Week.

FVCELESS - Bury Me     Electronic, Pop 29/10/2018
FVCELESS are an electric, genre scuffing, Alternative Pop band hailing from South NSW. With meaningful Lyrics and catchy melodies to boot.
A track that sets up a mystique and a character. Electronic and kick driven vibes are present alongside melodic breaks to soften the intensity.

Other tracks by FVCELESS:  Keep Singing  -  Anthem
Korky Buchek - Wanna Know     Electronic, Dance, House 29/10/2018
Korky Buchek is made up of two top blokes, Tom & Peter, who one day downloaded a pirated version of Ableton and had a bit of a muck around.
Wanna Know is a collaborative number, coming together through various sit downs over tea and biscuits. At first we didn’t know what would become this track, then we chatted to Dillion (Dofu) about it and decided it was too good to archive. Now it’s a groovy and soulful number that we’re all super stoked with.

Princeloo - Nights Like This     Electronic, Dance, House, Pop 29/10/2018
Born and raised in Haiti, Australian music artist Princeloo welcomes the release of his new single Nights Like This.
Powerhouse Passion

It’s this year’s summer scorcher with its dynamic energy and powerhouse passion. ‘Love and fun inspire me to create music,’ Princeloo says about his writing and production processes.

Georgi Kay - American Psycho     Electronic, Pop 26/10/2018
With a passion for songwriting, the ability to create unforgettable toplines and her unique vocal style, GEORGI KAY is fast becoming one of the most talked about, identifiable female artists
Focus track for Georgi's upcoming album. 'American Psycho’ casts a lyrical tale of a character, affectionately named “Little Miss American Psycho”; a deadly being baring Cheshire Cat teeth. 'American Psycho‘ sets a gloriously unsettling change of pace in the world of modern electronica; conjuring darkened images set among the greats of horror and sci-fi cinema.

Other tracks by Georgi Kay:  Heavenly Gates  -  Valentine
Great rack and an empty club reverb - Can You Not     Electronic, Experimental, Jazz, Live Performance 26/10/2018
Charting the territory between jazz and stand up comedy, an existential tryst between Maria Moles (Mondo Flockard, Jaala), Adam Halliwell (First Baboon Civilization, Mildlife) and Emily Bennett (Gregor, Biscotti).
Okay, let's get this show on the road
Loosen up
Shake it all about
Let your hair hang down
Turn it all around
And if your hairs hang low
Do your boobies wobble to and throw?
Can you tie them in a knot
Can you tie them in abode?

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Other tracks by Great rack and an empty club reverb:  Pushy Pushy  -  It's Just Not Me
A Miner - Did You See The Lights?     Electronic, Electronic, Electronic, Pop 26/10/2018
Depressive ambient ballads carved from minimalistic beats, brooding vocoder and dark-star synths, with sparks of cosmic R&B along the way; think James Blake, Bon Iver and the Stranger Things theme.
Like a modern day take on The Police's 'Every Breath You Take', what on the surface sounds like a declaration of love reveals scratches at its skin to reveal something much deeper.

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Animal Feelings - Moment feat. IRO     Electronic, Downbeat, Chill 26/10/2018
'Falling feat. Thief' has 1.3 million streams. He garnered support from Majestic Casual, DJ Mag and MTV’s show Catfish, with the single ‘Divine Love’ featuring in a Ralph Lauren advertisement.
This track manifests his ability to create infectious melodies, blending with his perfectly crafted electronic grooves. Having first encountered IRO during an NYC busking performance, Oli explained he was instantly captivated. From this, a longtime friendship and musical brotherhood was formed, with ‘Moment’ becoming their first collaboration.

Aphir - The One You Bet On     Electronic 26/10/2018
Aphir is the solo electronic project of songwriter and engineer, Becki Whitton.
"Writing this song, I was thinking about how I’d like to have the resources to be genuinely helpful when the people close to me are scared about the future. It’s hard to get to that point when you’re feeling uncertain about how things are going to turn out for you too - writing this song was therapy for that confusion."