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Marét - Perfectly Imperfect     Electronic, Pop 16/11/2018
Mercurial, magnetic and a creative maverick: this is Marét. Armed with a manifesto to explore creative freedom and a surprising sonic palette while being fearless yet vulnerable, grounded but ambitious.
The anthemic, joyful and track was inspired by a strong reaction to being overwhelmed at the thought of having to be ‘perfect’. She laughs, “Being imperfect is the one thing we can all nail, so why not embrace it? It’s important to keep focused on striving to be great, but it’s time to openly celebrate the struggles and unexpected bumps."

Nama Saya - Laburnum Street     Electronic, Chill, Breaks, Experimental 16/11/2018
Nama Saya creates texture oriented electronic music.
Laburnum Street mixes various reverb treated instruments with an urgent sounding beat, bass and synth combination.

Other tracks by Nama Saya:  Sentient Laptop  -  Exposure
NIK NAVY - Keep You Safe     Electronic, Pop, Gay Alligned 16/11/2018
Influenced by artists like James Blake, Gwilym Gold and SOHN, a love for bold and honest storytelling is at the forefront to produce his intimate and unique sound.
Teaming up again with Becki Whitton (Japanese Wallpaper & Anatole) on mixing and mastering, NIK NAVY’s self-written and produced track is another example of his powerful lyric writing and vocal prowess. “Keep You Safe” is the second single from his debut EP, due for release in 2019, and further explores his intriguing and captivating sound.

Steven North - Going Dumb     Electronic, House 16/11/2018
Steven North is a passionate music creator and his expression of love can be heard through all of his creations.
After three months of travelling the US and returning the Australia, the feeling of being dumb as trying to get through jet lag needed a song to be created. This Vibrant, Upbeat, House, Tech House sounding track explores that feeling.

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Other tracks by Steven North:  Going Dumb (Extended Mix)
Leisure Centre - You Don't Want To Be With Me (Horatio Luna Remix)     Electronic, House, Techno, Dance 15/11/2018
Leisure Centre is the result of many years of soul searching for songwriter/drummer/singer Hugh Rabinovici and his right-hand-lady, vocalist Audrey Powne.
Leisure Centre in collaboration with Horatio Luna have somehow flipped the slow jam tempo of the original into a bouncing piece of altered house music 30bpm faster. All the elements of the original track are still there - flipped, clipped and reconstituted into an entirely new piece of music.

Jeremy Conlon / Cooperblack - Cloud Potential     Electronic, Experimental, Classical, Soundtrack (Film Related) 11/11/2018
Australian composer, DJ and electronic artist JEREMY CONLON aka Cooperblack releases ‘The Degradation Suite’, a six-track meditation on ‘the end of the world’.
Cloud Potential
Rolling clouds, odd shaped and strange colours, the first indication something is wrong, something has happened.

Other tracks by Jeremy Conlon / Cooperblack:  3 Part Human  -  Beautiful But Dangerous
Tofu Mountains - Diamonds     Electronic, Dance, Experimental, Goth 10/11/2018
Melbourne electronic music producer mixing the sounds of the club with the sounds of volcanoes, heartbeats and trashcans.
Gothic music via the queerest and sweatiest of no attention span dancefloors

Other tracks by Tofu Mountains:  Call Waiting  -  Gemini
Bajillionaire - Empty feat. AJ King     Electronic, Pop, Dance 09/11/2018
Somewhere on the salty fringes of Sydney’s northern beaches, Bajillionaire is brewing certified ear candy with a zesty kick.
Bajillioniaire's latest single ‘Empty’ is a testament to his signature sound; a forlorn bop comprised of light, tropical melodies and chunky drops, all pulsing over a futurebass undercurrent - and it’s this sound that’s had ears perking across the globe since his debut in 2016.

Feels - Assemble (feat. ZĀN)     Electronic, Pop 09/11/2018
Feels is a collaboration between Perth based classically trained percussionists and producers Elise Reitze and Rosie Taylor.
The A-side is a unique pairing of Feels’s intricate production with the powerful, RnB pop vocals of queer Desi-Australian vocalist ‘ZĀN’ - the result being one of their most accessible releases to date. Feels loves to work with vocalists who have something to say and ‘Assemble’ is no exception.

Other tracks by Feels:  Binary Bounce
Hermitude - Stupid World feat. Bibi Bourelly     Electronic, Pop 09/11/2018
Hermitude are an electronic duo from the Blue Mountains consisting of Luke Dubs and Elgusto. They have found global success, and continue to be one of Australia's most beloved acts.
Stupid World is the first taste of a brand new project from Hermitude, after the success of their #1 album ‘Dark Night Sweet Light’.

Bourelly's lyrics are about taking control of a bad situation, illuminating the way ahead.

Bibi Bourelly co-wrote Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’, Mariah Carey's 'GTFO' and has featured on tracks by Lil Wayne and Usher.

Israel Carter - Leave It All Behind     Electronic 09/11/2018
My name is Israel Carter and i’m a music producer/songwriter/sound engineer/DJ from Melbourne Australia
Israel Carter, Saskia.W- Leave It All Behind

Pines - Speak     Electronic 09/11/2018
PINES is Adam Dormand and James Kenneally, an Adelaide-based electronic duo. PINES’ sound blends electronic, hip hop and indie music, with organic and synthesised sounds with big beats.
‘Speak’, the latest single from PINES sees the duo shift up a gear with an irrefutable dance track that is both soulful and club-ready. Expanding the sonic universe of PINES, ‘Speak’ combines atmospheric synths, glitchy melodies and mesmerising vocals. A driving four to the floor beat and dark, bassy undertones provide the foundation for this hypnotic gem.

Set Mo - Afterglow ft. Thandi Phoenix     Electronic, Dance 09/11/2018
Set Mo have this year proven themselves one of Australia's hardest working artists, with a flair for classic house sounds and infectious body-moving beats making for instant dance floor burners.
Like a delectable 10 course feast, Set Mo’s track-a-month series continues to leave fans wanting more. Written in their hometown studio, “Afterglow” is a club-worthy triumph, electrified via rolling beats that shimmer and dance before the soulful, honeyed vocals of Sydney’s Thandi Phoenix come into play - invigorating with every swirl of synth.

Two People - In The Garden     Electronic, Pop 09/11/2018
Two People’s sound is guided by bold visual cues, DIY principles and an emphasis on the empty space between notes as much as the notes themselves.
Positioned as the second of nine tracks, it has one of the grittiest grooves on the album. Phoebe Lou’s voice sounds defiant as she details a relationship in which she was starved for space. “It’s about gaining my power back for the first time and the clumsiness in that”, she says.

Yoste - Blue     Electronic, Ambience 09/11/2018
Yoste is the solo project of Brisbane based ambient electronic producer Kurt Sines.
"Blue" is the second single from Brisbane ambient electronic producer Kurt Sines debut EP, TRY TO BE OKAY due out early 2019 on Akira Records.

"Blue" sees Yoste confidently combine his signature dreamy electronica with modern pop sensibilities as he takes his introspection further.

Peach Body - Dream     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Downbeat 08/11/2018
Peach Body is a Melbourne based musician who works in edges, pops and clicks, threading them into dirty cut up collages which canvass traditional pop beats and patterns.
‘Dream’ chooses to take shelter from the hard edges of reality, finding home in the safe haven of the clouds.

With respite found both in it’s swirling haze of synth pop rhythms, P.B. effortlessly pads down the soft bed for Hyara’s luminous vocals to shine through.

The result; a fluid bop to distract from the monotony of the waking world.

Daiju - Experience (Album Mini Mix)     Electronic, Dance, Techno, House 05/11/2018
Explore the possibilities inherent with: Smooth, Dreamy Minimal, Edgy, Driven Techno, Lush, Organic Electronica & Eccentric, Indulgent Progressive House. Welcome to the House of Daiju.
Experience (Album Mini Mix) was performed and recorded live in Daijus’ home studio, Melbourne, Australia. Using Ableton Live, various hardware controllers and custom developed fx racks, Experience (Album Mini Mix) contains 8 tracks from his official 2018 release, the Experience Album.

Ajax - I'm Hot     Electronic, Dance 02/11/2018
Ajax - one of the most renowned, respected, loved, and influential DJs of the Australian dance community.
There was one track sitting in our music library, and on the occasion of the 10 years of Sweat It Out, it's time for this one to be released. We hope the family & friends of Adrian “Ajax” Thomas, hear in this track what we have, a lively personality, sense of humour, and most of all, pure unadulterated shtick.

BEHIND YOU - Peach Meats     Electronic, Punk, Hip Hop, Industrial 02/11/2018
Behind You: A fevered, wild duo firmly planted at the intersection of Punk, Hip Hop and Electronic Music. Harrowing barks and guttural bars spat over pummelling distorted beats and guitars.
Firmly planted at the intersection of Punk, Hip Hop and Electronic Music, Behind You's 4th single "Peach Meats" is a rapid crash of beats, throbbing and pulsing like a fever dream. It's rhythm is part moshpit, part club dancefloor, and its lyrical haze will have you listening again hoping to catch something you didn’t hear on first listen.

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Collarbones - A,I,     Electronic 02/11/2018
Collarbones is Adelaide’s Travis Cook and Sydney’s Marcus Whale. Pairing mechanics of club music with confessional balladry, Collarbones’ sound is a playful yet dark navigation of popular and obscure genres.
Collarbones' first track in two years, A.I. details the tortured power dynamics of a futuristic love story, and draws from the anonymous interactions on which Whale and Cook were raised during the shadowy, pre-social media age of the internet. Foreshadowing further offerings in 2019, 'A.I.' is the beginning of a new phase in the duo’s longstanding interstate collaboration.