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Zapéd - Still Need U     Electronic, Downbeat, Ambience, RnB 05/04/2019
Originally the bedroom project of Australian producer Jordan De Pas, Zapéd is an exploration in melody and rhythm.
The eerie RnB infused melodics on new single ‘Still Need U’ follow the inner dialogue of someone trying to come to terms with the end of a relationship and the constant back and forth between heart and head.

Homeward Bound - Float     Electronic, Hip Hop 04/04/2019
Jimblah & Goji are super friends who make music from a place of ultra light beamingness.Homeward Bound is what it means to be at home within the journey.
'Float' is about rising above the hardships life throws at you, and remembering the privilege you live. Expressing the central message of Homeward Bound as a whole, 'Float' is about travelling through life with positivity.

jayteehazard - Mirror feat. Meezy     Electronic, Hip Hop 04/04/2019
jayteehazard is a writer/producer with a unique style—dance floor friendly but maintaining a depth that is unusual for the genre.
Creating a mood always high on the agenda, jayteehazard brings something a little different to the table with his new single 'Mirror feat. Meezy478'. This lofi hip hop track is soaked in melancholy, with the use of clicking percussion, harp and flute to build up a sense of self-reflectiveness.

Boox Kid - It's Just a Dream, Wake Up     Electronic, Chill, Instrumental, Australian Indigenous 04/04/2019
Visionary electronic indie pop. Melodic, banging hooks and unique instrumentation.
An atmospheric chilled beat, utilising unique electronic instrumentation. Featuring samples of Jarred's daughters describing their dreams, from Ponies to Unicorns and all that goes through the mind of a 4 and 6 year old, the songs design allows for the listener to be taken on a journey,

anti lag - Super Subway Stage: Turbo Yokohama     Electronic, Experimental, Ambience, Psychedelic 02/04/2019
anti lag produces electronic beats and sounds, using the finest hardware from the last 40 years to craft unique and compelling works.
Super Subway Stage: Turbo Yokohama is the lead single from Yaw Control. It evokes sounds of rich analog synths and pulsing basslines not heard since Terminator 2 was in theatres. Assembled in studios across the Western suburbs with executive producer Max Planck, it's a song that brings modern techniques to bear on the decade that created the personal computer.

Other tracks by anti lag:  Sand Guardian
Luude - Hurricane (Feat. Great News)     Electronic, Psychedelic, Dance 29/03/2019
Perth producer Luude is continuing to blaze his own sonic trail, unveiling a daring new single in ‘Hurricane’, featuring Norwegian daze-pop act Great News, signed to Sydney-based label Risqué.
The Soundcloud breakout (real name Christian Benson) smashes the alien worlds of electro and psych rock together in his hypnotic new bop, channelling the kind of stacked 60’s-inspired vocals and woozy vintage synth tones you’ve come expect from acts like Tame Impala or The Flaming Lips, and twisting them with his trademark percussive EDM flair.

KESMAR - Up To You (Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Funk 25/03/2019
KESMAR is the new chapter for Central Coast singer-songwriter, Nathan Hawes. Trading his acoustic guitar for swirling synths, introducing a more disco-oriented chapter of his career.
The track was co-written with Tim Ayre and Tobias Priddle and plays between down-tempo verses and irresistible sing-along refrains. When creating the remix, KESMAR says, “I love remixing, there’s something about not having to write lyrics and themes that can free up a lot of creativity for me, solely just thinking about the music and production!"

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Atlamer's Muse - Make You Cry     Electronic, RnB, Pop 22/03/2019
Atlamer's Muse are an electronic/pop duo from the Gold Coast consisting of couple Naia Neith & James Arrowsmith. Together they produce raw, heartfelt music.
This track powered along by a military style drum with various synth sounds fading in and out. Lyrically the song is about that stage after a breakup which some may call the 'rebound stage'. The juxtaposition of the outro with Naia singing in a whispery voice over a piano melody adds contrast to the rest of the track.

Other tracks by Atlamer's Muse:  Let Me In  -  Lover's Calling
Crooked Colours - Hold On     Electronic 22/03/2019
Australian 3 piece, Crooked Colours create diverse and layered productions from a breed proving themselves as one of Australia’s hottest rising acts in electronic music today.
'Hold On' is a dynamic and dreamy follow up to 'Do It Like You' and it is the third single taken from Crooked Colours sophomore album 'Langata'.

Matt Stillert - Volume Weirdo     Electronic, Experimental, Instrumental, Dance 22/03/2019
Historically known for his unique take on blues/rock/folk music, Matt Stillert is back after a three year hiatus, armed with a mixbag of self-produced/recorded, experimental sounds guaranteed to blow minds.
Volume Weirdo is composed of many strange sounds collected by Matt Stillert on his travels around South East Queensland. Conbining all kinds of rhythms and textures to take the listener on a very psychadelic journey. The vocal sample from Terence McKenna articulates Stillert's intention with his new experimental approach to musical production. A taste of things to come.

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Other tracks by Matt Stillert:  The Right To Cannibalize  -  White Lord
Moonbase - Everyday Raver (Feat. Eyez)     Electronic 21/03/2019
‘Everyday Raver’ is the first time we’ve heard from Moonbase since his 2018 grime crossover, ‘Rebound’.
a fast, dark and bass-filled track that rolls together influences from grime, hip-hop and future bass to create one huge *excuse the pun* raving track. Moonbase describes that, “Everyday Raver is my spin on a bassline sound. I started to experiment with a 4/4 vibe listening to a lot of music from producers like Royal-T, Champion and Mr Virgo”.

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Midnight Pool Party - With You     Electronic, Dance, RnB, Pop 20/03/2019
Over the last few years Australian duo Midnight Pool Party have been crafting addictive electronic dance music that is infused with a rich palette of dance, electro & RnB influences.
Australian duo Midnight Pool Party give us another taste of their upcoming MOTIONS EP this week with a silky smooth late-night groove called ‘With You’.

hedfog - Mine     Electronic, Pop, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Breaks 20/03/2019
hedfog is an electronic-pop solo project based in Brisbane, forming in 2017 and occasionally collaborating with local and interstate artists from previous bands.
hedfog’s first single ‘Mine’, from the upcoming EP ‘Race To The Bottom’, has a poke at selfishness, entitlement, and wall-building. Mine overlays the petulance of sandpit conflicts with old-enough-to-know-better reflections on how little seems to change from sandpit to boardroom. The sometimes-difficult task of growing the f*ck up is a central theme.

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Sam Joole - Queen of the World     Electronic, Dub, Reggae, Pop 20/03/2019
Sam Joole is a Sydney Singer songwriter. These new tracks are part of his 4th release. Cyclones which is being released as a multi media art and music show
QOTW was originally a poem to Jenifer Lopez written back in 2001 sitting outside the MTV building in London. It's a dub reggae influence with a hip hop-egyptian blues vibe.

It features Jani from Rastawookie on BVs and a knee slaying freestyle rap she came up with. It's been likened to gorillaz but it has its own thing going on.

Other tracks by Sam Joole:  FRIENDZONE
Martika - How Did I Get Here     Electronic, Soul, Pop 20/03/2019
The enigmatic Martika has today announced her debut single How Did I Get Here, a thoughtful, soulful track that explores the difficulties of chasing dreams, out March 15.
How Did I Get Here is a mellow, contemplative track, with an undeniable groove and stunning, eclectic vocals. Gentle yet driving percussion percolates underneath a constant, melodic bassline, as organ and synthesisers swirl together with unexpected and satisfying harmony. Fans of Aurora and Massive Attack will love Martika’s incisive style.

UNOMI - The Death of Fear     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 20/03/2019
Long-time frontman of Sydney's Slumberhaze - Sash Mishevski - offers up the masterful debut single from his new project UNOMI, the astonishing electronic and visual mini-masterpiece 'The Death of Fear'.
‘The Death of Fear’ is the first single to emerge and, while you might listen and marvel at its assurance and blatant cleverness, the song was no walk in the park for the sophisticated songwriter. It’s an electronic mini-masterpiece that channels the greats and features hefty lyrics of mortality.

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Aquila Young - Closer     Electronic, Pop 20/03/2019
Aquila Young's sound can be described as ambient – swept up in rolling drums, resonant vocals and dreamlike synths. Her name itself translated in Latin to ‘the eagle’.
‘Closer’ explores sonic textures through vibrant synths and eastern percussion, gritty hip hop drums and a soundscape suggestive to the opening credits of a James Bond film. Fusing elements of hip-hop and R&B with world instruments, ‘Closer’ represents a new phase for Aquila Young, bolder and braver than before.

Hermitude - Every Day feat. Hoodlem     Electronic, Pop 20/03/2019
Hermitude are an duo originally from the Blue Mountains in NSW. They make a unique brand of electronic music inspired by hip hop, pop and sampling culture.
From the moment ‘Every Day’ begins, a sense of intrigue sets in. The synth swells, Hoodlem’s vocals step lightly and new flavours may challenge what you expect from the Blue Mountains duo. But when the chorus hits and the beat drops through the floor it is unmistakable. No one does it quite like Hermitude.

Keelan Mak - Warm Blooded     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Downbeat 20/03/2019
Emerging from the smoky late nights of Brisbane’s humid streets, Keelan Mak is a singer, songwriter, and producer creating a unique and sultry palette of electronic sounds.
Keelan seamlessly blends indie and electronic genres and combines them with his smooth, honeyed, emotional vocals and heartfelt personal storytelling.

“Warm Blooded” plays on the contrast meaning of being ‘cold blooded’, and that sometimes people think they are good and warm, and have the best intentions… but everyone has a dark side, whether they know it or not.

Luke and Sarah-Rose - Sleep it off     Electronic, Pop 20/03/2019
Brother-sister duo, Luke and Sarah-Rose bring you the latest single from their debut album 'The Wild' due for release mid-2019. Sleep it off is chaosand harmony of melody and rhythm.
Sleep it Off is a song laced with percussive samples of old furniture and friend's pianos; there are sonic textures remnant of old sci-fi’s, and the lyrical exploration of growing pains mixed with the fragility of being a person. It is the strange lands explored in the deepest parts of sleep that mirror the startling realities of our days past.

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