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DINLEY JONES - Fire (Brandon Laze Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Funk, Pop 17/07/2019
Dinley Jones is an eccentric and electric performer who bounces around the stage like a bag of Popping Candy! Visually intriguing. His pop is sweet, it’s funky, smooth and classy.
Dinley Jones’ recent release ‘Fire’ has had an MJ style makeover with this remix. Producer, Brandon Laze is emerging as someone to watch on this remix scene!

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Sir Winston - Everybody Must Dance (David Bowie Eyes Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Pop 17/07/2019
“Its LCD, Death From Above and Gerling-esque rockin' beats will whip you into a dancefloor frenzy in a New York minute” Scenestr
"This remix pays homage to the amazing greatness of David Bowie. We wanted to create something that was deep and sexy to start, with a euphoric moment with the crowd cheering and then driving home with bigger beats and shouting ‘David Bowie’ in a celebration.” Sir Winston

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Other tracks by Sir Winston:  Everybody Must Dance (Nadi Remix)  -  Everybody Must Dance (Refascinated Remix)
Bouclette - She Dreams of Flying     Electronic 16/07/2019
Bouclette is the solo project of Ben Crook, a drum and synth songwriter. Genre is Synthwave dreampop. The single 'She Dreams of Flying' is now released with a music video.
She Dreams of Flying is a song about the euphoric feeling of lucid dreaming. Using the Juno synthesizer as the rich sonic palette, the song juxtaposes energetic rhythms and arpeggios with pensive and slow moving chords as an expression of the dream state.

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Lost Few - Bound Many Eyes     Electronic, Experimental, Ambience 16/07/2019
Lost Few is a visceral collision of atmosphere and destruction, exploring arid, uninhabited corners with processed instrumentation and greyscale electronics.
Bound Many Eyes

Other tracks by Lost Few:  Meek  -  Quietly We Wish For Silence
Luke Million x Asta - Heard It On The Radio     Electronic, Pop 16/07/2019
Luke Million’s 2017 EP "Come Together" solidified his standing as one of the country’s most prominent and innovative producers and artists.
‘Heard it On The Radio’ - a collaboration between the Adelaide based producer, Touch Sensitive and the incredible Asta.

"The track was born in Touch Sensitive's studio. We had been jamming on a disco tip for an hour and then decided to drop the bpm and head into the synth wave realm" says Luke.

Wave Racer | Kwame - Summer Rain     Electronic, Hip Hop, Rap 16/07/2019
Wave Racer, a 64-bit freak speeding through the horizon, straight for the unknown
[PIAS] Partners with Australian Management & Touring Company on new Co-Op Label: Introducing Astral People Recordings, Wave Racer Announced As First Signing, Listen To 'Summer Rain (Feat. Kwame)'

BANTA. - Kohaku (with Arzenn)     Electronic 14/07/2019
Australia’s BANTA. are an Electro Pop Duo who craft their music to Dark or Light shades with no inbetween.
Kohaku which translates from Japanese as ‘amber’, was inspired by the visual imagery of clouds and leaves of an autumn sunset. Kohaku was created to express the line between reality and a state of dreaming, to daydream or to be in an ethereal state, with a willingness to take in the colors of nature and truly create with no limitations.

Rhys Tolhurst - Paradise     Electronic, Chill 13/07/2019
Originally from Cairns, based in Melbourne, Rhys is a Singer/Songwriter/Producer.
I penned 'Paradise' in nostalgia relating to when I was living in Cairns, 21 years old, itchy to move to Melbourne but the time wasn’t right. The universe had something else for me to accomplish up there before I fully took the plunge to dive head first into my journey as an artist.

Chase City - Temptation     Electronic, Punk, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Dance 12/07/2019
Chase City are a dance punk band based in Hobart Tasmania. Their music showcases their unique blend of electronic
Chase City wrote new track Temptation by accident. Tarik & Tim were taking a break from another track and were mucking around on their synth’s when they happened on the main riff. The song was inspired by 90’s drum and bass and Chase City wanted to blend their brand of DFA style dance punk with a D&B groove and aesthetic.

Clovr - Say So     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Chill 12/07/2019
Eclipsed behind the alias ‘Clovr’ – Mackay based beatmaker/ creative is saturating the tropics of North Queensland with his classically futuristic, slinky upbeat pop-electronica.
It was a time when things were a little less bright, unable to speak my mind in fear of the repercussions it may have on the people closest to me. The idea was to have very warm emotional chord progression with these punchy distorted drums to shift the mood to a more confused nostalgic feeling.

Güs - Sun's Bright     Electronic, House, Ambience, Chill 12/07/2019
Güs is the solo project of Brisbane-based producer Angus Hayes. Inspired by Nick Murphy/Chet Faker, Rüfüs du Sol, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Güs will leave you wanting more.
Sun's Bright was composed while living in rural Western Queensland. It was recorded in the closet of the house I was living in. It is the story of a girl who leaves a boy only to realise that she has flown too close to the sun and now misses him.

Gold Member - Worth It     Electronic, RnB 12/07/2019
Sydney's Alt-RnB cosmonauts, Gold Member, is the lovechild of 2 producers and a singer- songwriter. Self-produced, the 3 piece swings between the palms and the party, shooting sultry and soulful.
‘Worth It’, inhales the sultry 70’s soul sounds and pumps them through a party recovery filter. The 70’s soul, Sunday 5am burn, if you will. It’s a kick start and a recovery in one track.
Swinging in the space between the palms and the wild, blue galaxy, launching sultry and soulful, sample soaked songs into the solar system.

JVLY - me&her     Electronic, RnB, Pop 12/07/2019
JVLY is a producer/musician/vocalist from Newcastle Australian who makes chilled Electro-R&B music that can be likened to a mix between FKJ, River Tiber & Galimatias.
Off the back of recent single ’tacenda’, Australian artist JVLY now delivers the next taste of his upcoming second ep with the smooth electro/R&B sounds of ‘me&her’, it features some co-production from Swiss producer DRKTMS and it’s also the next release for Mammal Sounds Records.

Perto with Kah-Lo - Bad Maybe Good     Electronic, Hip Hop 12/07/2019
17-year old Australian producer Perto has teamed up with GRAMMY-nominated, Nigerian born vocalist Kah-Lo (of Rinse & Repeat / Fake ID notoriety) to deliver a monster dance-floor track.
The party-starting Bad Maybe Good (which was recorded while Kah-Lo was on tour in Australia earlier this year) blends Kah-Lo’s distinctive soulful tones and effortless energy with the young prodigy’s infectious, hip-hop-infused electronic sound.

Various Artists - Hannah Rosa - River City     Electronic, Downbeat, Experimental 11/07/2019
Growing the music careers of young regional women is the focus of creative mentoring program BIG SKY GIRLS, which is making its return in 2019.
This stunning track talks about moving to the city - the river - the lights and the dream of being there.

Other tracks by Various Artists:  K-La - Guilty Pleasure  -  Meg Beth - All We Want
HYPERCONFIDENCE - Big In Japan     Electronic, Dance, Techno, Pop 11/07/2019
A Sydney producer mostly focused on alternate dance music. Influences include Moderat, Pnau, Severed Heads and Cabaret Voltaire
Quirky, fast, loud and fun dance track, with a nod to Mario Kart and Japanese vocals : I love the way you look. I love the way you walk. I love the way you speak. I love the way you smile. I love the way you breathe. i love the way you laugh. I love everything about you.

Steven North - Introspection     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Chill, World 11/07/2019
Based in Perth, Steven North loves all things to do with music and has devoted research into creating music for the betterment of Mental Health.
Introspection is defined as the examination of one's own mental and emotional process. A process that all of us do when we are going through big changes in life. The song introspection explores the nature of Introspection with various sounds playing out as elements within the process.

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Alice Ivy - In My Mind (Feat. Ecca Vandal)     Electronic 10/07/2019
Released her debut album I’m Dreaming last year and has performed with Flight Facilities, Vera Blue & The Jungle Giants, SXSW 2018, Falls Festival and Splendour In The Grass.
Featuring Ivy’s signature atmospheric and other-worldly production style – combined with the chameleon-like vocals Vandal brings to everything she touches, ‘In My Mind’ captures both artists at their electrifying best, elevating their games to a whole new realm and producing a track that is mesmerising from start to finish.

Forces & Fury - Watch It Burn     Electronic, Rock, Garage 10/07/2019
Forces & Fury are an indie-electro duo from Sydney, made up of musicians Kat Ayala and Astrid Holz. Together, they make striking and exciting music, driven by textured soundscapes.
An honest and direct representation of the duo’s strength as musicians and production minds, ‘Watch It Burn’ may be the band’s darkest single yet, however the jamming nature of the song exemplifies the ease of which Holz and Ayala sit in the pocket when they bounce music off one another.

Kilter - Limitless featuring Espacio Dios     Electronic 10/07/2019
Kilter is the moniker for Sydney, Australia-based rising star Ned East. Having amassed over 40 million streams online and with his debut LP Through The Distortion (2017) receiving extensive praise
Kilter’s record Limitless is out via Kitsune Musique and we'd like to share it with you. The vocalist, Espacio, is from OkayAfrica’s Top 25 Rappers under 25 list and the pair also picked up a Billboard feature on their first collab in South Africa.