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HARRY FOX - Too Far (feat. Xavier Mayne)     Electronic, Hip Hop 16/04/2019
Dance & hip-hop genre-bending producer from Brisbane. Dark, dirty with an undercurrent of something deeper. I make electronic music for late-night drives.
Featuring Xavier Mayne ‘Too Far’ was always about catching a dirty, sexy vibe for FOX. “We all know the feeling of being with someone we shouldn’t be, and against our better judgement we go there anyway. ‘Too Far’ is the painting of the anticipation and anxiety of that moment just before you go down the rabbit hole again.”

Other tracks by HARRY FOX:  Take Time  -  Circles
Pat Carroll - Plateau (Edit)     Electronic, Dance, Downbeat, Experimental 16/04/2019
Pat Carroll has carved a space into the landscape of contemporary music providing a fitting crossroad of electroacoustic sounds from his PHD studies and interest in sci-fi themes and novels.
Branching out from Carroll’s signature cinematic style, his new track ‘Plateau’ commences with a wash of angelic vocal chops and frictionless synths, leading the song into much more intimate territory. The track presents an evolution of space and sounds recorded window.

"'Plateau' is made from field recordings of thunder and hail hitting my window in a heavy Sydney storm."

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Atlas Franklin Alexander - Sonder     Electronic, Downbeat 16/04/2019
After letting us into his noirish and peculiar world on his debut single ‘Valis’ iN 2018, enigmatic electronic artist Atlas Franklin Alexander returns with a compelling new single ‘Sonder’.
Further adding to both his allure and mystery, Atlast Franklin Alexander's 'Sonder' is a collage of vocoder-heavy melodies, synthy soundscapes, and hypnotic beats that masterfully walks the line between hooky dance tune and brooding art piece. Lyrically it centres around the disconnection of the modern world:

Horror My Friend - Turned Loose     Rock, Punk 16/04/2019
Adelaide’s best-loved noisy heroes Horror My Friend, have proven themselves to be one of Australia’s up and coming purveyors of barely controlled noise and fuzz, with ‘Turned Loose’
We definitely tried to rip off a band called Swirlies with this one! They released a bunch of very good albums full of offset guitars, bendy chords and cool melodies! Lyrics are normally an after thought when writing and this song was no different but I guess thematically ‘togetherness’ is a word that could be used to sum it up

Gold Member - Blue Coma     Electronic, Hip Hop 16/04/2019
Gold Member is the lovechild of Azza G, Gus G, and Jesse (Shewy). They are an Electro-skank-hop 3-piece from Sydney they plate up a delicious mix of genres.
This new track brings together the usual Goldie high energised electro/alt hip-hop sound combined with a fresh brassy lick. Azza's sweet, sultry vocals are smoothly complimenting all the soulful sounds made by Gus and Shewy on this track. Gold Member are serving a delicious plate of flavours and sounds with 'Blue Coma'.

striations - i know you know     Electronic, Ambience, Jazz, Experimental 16/04/2019
Striations are the layers of grooves seen in the earth as it takes shape over time."bohemian, beatnik, acid jazz " DJ Mantis
an invitation into Striations beatnik, hyper, surreal world.

Other tracks by striations:  that's enough for me  -  She's Not the One
Mildlife - How Long Does It Take?     Electronic, Funk, Jazz 16/04/2019
Revered Melbourne four-piece who create kaleidoscope jams that walk the interplanetary path between jazz, funk and disco with the perfect amalgamation of cosmic electronics and soulful acoustic instrumentation.
‘How Long Does It Take?’ is a pulsing dark-matter-powered locomotive plowing through the upper atmosphere.

Paul Mac - Flamenco     Electronic 16/04/2019
As Australian dance music royalty, Mac is no stranger to every facet of the nation’s scene, having worked as a composer, songwriter, musician, sound designer and producer over his career.
Inspired by his surroundings, “Flamenco” was born from Newtown’s Diana Reyes Flamenco Dance Studio. Built on a recording made during one of Reyes classes, Mac takes tapping, stamping and clapping samples, twists them through audio treatments to deliver just over four minutes of rave-bleep symphonies, varied tempos and unpredictable electronica. “Flamenco” is another innovative leap for Mac.

Sam Phay - Hell or High Water     Electronic, Downbeat, Chill, Pop 16/04/2019
After finding success on streaming in both Australia and Europe with previous singles, writer and producer Sam Phay returns with his third single ‘Hell or High Water’.
It's the first track I wrote for the Sam Phay project and kind of paved the way sonically for the rest of the tracks. It’s about committing your whole self to someone.

Tora - Morphine     Electronic 16/04/2019
A group of multi-instrumentalists, songwriters and producers from Byron Bay with a wide musical palette, fusing unique and graceful vocals with smoothly layered production and instrumentation.
‘Can’t Buy The Mood’ and ‘Morphine’, showcase the diversity in the Tora sound, one track featuring a heavy production and a pacey beat versus the other track which is stripped back, slower and brooding.

The come from the band's forthcoming second album which will be released on 9 August.

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Central Rain - We All Know What We Want     Electronic, Pop 15/04/2019
Central Rain is the antidote to autotune: no-frills, melody-drenched indie pop/rock that Blurs The Church, REM and The Go-Betweens. Solo project for Melbourne’s Luke Thomas (The Pictures, Deserters).
Given an exciting electronic treatment by multi-award-winning producer Jan Skubiszewski, "We All Know What We Want" starts with a slow build and then takes off like a rocket, a punchy drum track powering the song along until it parachutes back down at the end.

Hayley Jensen - Next Big Thing (Transient Park Remix)     Electronic, Pop, Techno 15/04/2019
Hayley Jensen's musical journey has been eclectic, bursting onto the scene through Australian Idol, but ultimately returning to the genre that launched her career - country.
Fun fact: Next Big Thing was originally written by Hayley Jensen as an electronic pop track before being transformed into a rockier release on her ‘Turning Up The Dial’ album. The production team (Paul & Divy) had never heard the original demo, but the song lent itself beautifully to this incarnation. A truly lux, dynamic and moody electronic pop production.

Sakr - Lost Steps     Electronic 12/04/2019
Sakr is the solo project of Sydney producer - Sam Sakr, who has worked previously on the other side of the desk with acts such as Dua Lipa.
Lost Steps is written about my relationship with anxiety and the way I let it take hold of me. The struggle of feeling alone in those anxious moments, hours, days, weeks, months and years. Where you feel like your whole body and consciousness is laying still on thin ice and even the slightest pressure shatters it.

Alison Wonderland - Peace     Electronic, Dance 11/04/2019
Alison Wonderland claims the spotlight once more with new single and video, ‘Peace’.
Alison Wonderland's 'Peace' coincides with a fashion collaboration with Forever 21 & Pepsi.

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Autosuggest - Lose Me     Electronic, Industrial, Rock 11/04/2019
Under the alias Autosuggest, Alec Mallia's latest single "Lose Me" was forged out pure frustration leaving behind an outraged attitude, describing the very essence of his debut album 'Tame Harm'.
"LOSE ME" is the third single from Autosuggest's upcoming debut album, 'Tame Harm' — a sonic train-wreck of distorted electronic rhythms and cascading guitar work within short, sharp pop frameworks.

Dust of Us - The Swans     Electronic, Rock, Folk, Pop 11/04/2019
Co-produced/mixed by Matt Neighbour (The Avalanches, Matt Corby, Sky Ferreira), 'The Swans' is the evocative debut single from Dust of Us - aka Sydney brothers Edward and Lloyd Prescott.
“[4 stars] I can’t stop listening to it.” - Claire Mooney, triple j
“[4 stars] Beautiful.” - Zan Rowe, Double J
“[4 stars] One to sink into.” - Declan Byrne, triple J
“[4 stars] You beauties.” - Max Quinn, triple J
“A brilliant start for this brotherly duo… warms every crevice with its comforting glow.” - Mick Rad, 2SER/Lunchbox

HYPERCONFIDENCE - We Are Freedom feat Nigel Featherstone     Electronic, House, Dance, Techno 11/04/2019
Independent Sydney music producer with a wide palate for all forms of modern electronic music. We aim to get you dancing (or at least tapping your fingers!)
Combining muscular beats, emotive chords and spoken word, and mixed by Darren Ziesing who has worked with Rufus du Sol and Flight Facilities, ‘We Are Freedom’ unashamedly celebrates the wild adventure and risky intimacy that comes from house parties.

Kilter - Overdrive feat. Yorke     Electronic, Dance, Pop 11/04/2019
Sydney producer Kilter has built a reputation as a weapon producer. His unique approach to music is what makes him an exciting part of the burgeoning Australian electronic music scene.
FavKilter kicks off 2019 with ‘Overdrive’ featuring Byron Bay vocalist Yorke. ‘Overdrive’ explores the edges of pop while still conveying the emotion and fresh edge that fans have come to know and respect from Kilter. “’Overdrive’ is a nod towards my earliest influences as an artist,” explains Kilter, "accumulating in the drums, bass and hyperactive synths, combined with Yorke's vocal".

Kinder - No Sleep     Electronic, Dance, Pop 11/04/2019
Over the last 12 months, electronic sister duo Kinder have been expanding their musical offering; from spinning records to creating their own unique style of music.
Whilst Kinder's “No Sleep” might be their most danceable jam yet, it's also a love letter to Sydney. Behind the infectious beat and bass line, there's a story of the city that once thrived with nightlife. Due to various circumstances it's now all but closed down, but that magic and emotion still exists when you enter the surviving clubs.

Resin Moon - Bullet     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 11/04/2019
Resin Moon aka Dave Crowe, is a multi-award winning producer, songwriter, composer and musician living in Alice Springs, in Australia’s Northern Territory. He makes stunning, sophisticated electronic alt-pop.
'Bullet' opens with hypnotic tape-machine pulses and a cheeky, cartoon-like synth hook, before exploding into Resin Moon's lush vocal. There's bold experimentation with electronic sounds, samples and live string textures, all painstakingly layered in Resin Moon's Alice Springs studio. The haunting chorus "Love is the bullet that never slows down", sets up a rollercoaster ride of philosophical, experimental pop.