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DISCOJESUS - Breathe Your Obsession     Electronic, Rap, Dance, Jazz 25/04/2019
DISCOJESUS is a hard-hitting, quasi-electronic, super group from Melbourne, Australia. The group melds aspects of Drum and Bass, Pop, Jazz, and EDM in its search for badass sonic possibilities.
"Breathe Your Obsession" is off the debut DISCOJESUS album 'SWIM'. The track features, Joel Trigg (piano), One-Z (rap), Mike Rivett (Saxophone).

Other tracks by DISCOJESUS:  It's Never  -  I Love You But
Circle Pitt - Cemetery Dreams (feat. Circle Pitt)     Electronic, Goth, Chill, Experimental 24/04/2019
Circle Pitt is a producer, songwriter and mix engineer working primarily in the underground electronic scene.
Cemetery Dreams is a mid-west emo inspired love song dedicated to past lover. It features smooth guitars, heartfelt vocals and subtle yet booming trap production.

Ducks! - Delivery     Electronic, Pop, Experimental, Dance 24/04/2019
Ducks! make electronic music for dancing and dreaming, influenced by Disney and disco, combining synthesiser and vocal loops with found sounds and field recordings.
Delivery is an explosion of noisy xylophones, busy shakers and joyous singing and shouting, a weird disco party whose mood starts out great and gets better. It could be an ode to getting stuff in the post. But what 'delivery' are these things supposed to offer; the kind that arrives in your mailbox, or the kind that saves your soul?

Other tracks by Ducks!:  Lung  -  Green Meadow Yellow Meadow
Memphis LK - Speak Honestly     Electronic, House, Garage 24/04/2019
Memphis LK (of SAATSUMA) combines her signature honeyed, haunting vocals with her love of analogue synthesizers and the club.
This song is a simple message to be true oneself. To clear and let go of what holds us back from acceptance and authenticity. To find clarity and connection, allowing the unfiltered essence of oneself to shine through.

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N.Y.C.K - Wild Streak     Electronic, Pop 24/04/2019
N.Y.C.K is an electronic duo from Melbourne that tell stories about the human form; about our proclivity as people to be vicious and beautiful, kind and cold, chaotic and orderly.
‘Wild Streak’ documents a night out in visceral detail. Two friends in a local bar on a night that gets way out of hand, in all the ways they knew it would before they started. It is the push and pull on every big night out. The searching for limits.

Simona Castricum - The Half Light     Electronic, Pop 24/04/2019
Simona Castricum is an electronic musician, DJ and producer from Melbourne. Her songs blend intimate synth-pop with stadium techno, mixing cardio elements of vocals and electronic percussion.
'The Half Light’ is that moment scrolling endlessly through your social media; watching all your friends and followers lives—people you know, people you knew, and people you don't—wishing you were with them, wondering how you could be closer; only to realise you're trapped in this cruel paradox of being 'connected' to so many people yet feeling so alone and detached.

Koh-dee - Watch You Go     Electronic, Dance 22/04/2019
Koh-Dee is an electronic music producer & composer from Hobart, Tasmania. He releases a mixture of indie electronica, future bass and trap music as Koh-Dee.
She left me when I wanted her the most,
I made this song while daydreaming about her.

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Other tracks by Koh-dee:  Falling for You  -  Blowin' It Up
Fletcher Kirkman - Real Friends     Electronic 19/04/2019
Gold Coast DJ/Producer
A blend of house and trap with a catchy vocal, Real Friends is an upbeat electronic track with some serious groove and a huge bass line.

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Angus Dawson - Ngurra     Electronic, Ambience, Chill, Downbeat 17/04/2019
Angus Dawson is a producer/singer-songwriter writing introspective and reflective music set against ambient production. Placed in between the honest, rawness of folk and the unique, uninhibited environment of electronic production.
Angus Dawson releases his delicate new single ‘Ngurra’ and it is a poignant and introspective reflection on his knowledge of Australian history and culture after working with Western Australia’s remote Indigenous communities. Ngurra, in many different languages and dialects of Indigenous people, roughly translates to ‘home’

Anna Lunoe & Wuki - What You Need     Electronic, Dance 17/04/2019
Anna Lunoe is a household name in the dance music world, known for her production work, remix EP curation and cultivating a fanbase from all corners of the world,
Fresh from the dusty and magical Coachella grounds, Anna Lunoe is back with the release of 'What You Need', a collaboration with Wuki out Wednesday 17th April on Mad Decent and Sweat It Out. 'What You Need' is a proper funky house track, complete with a bumping bassline and catchy vocals.

Bad Decisions - Escape Plan     Electronic, Dance 17/04/2019
Bad Decisions have quickly established themselves on the international stage and in Australia. They are known for their highenergy and ability to entertain, whether it’s the club or a festival.
Flipping the script and delving deeper into their darker, more experimental side, Bad Decisions deliver a late-night, wavy new heater on ‘Escape Plan’. Complete with their trademark drops, innovative production and hazy vocals, ‘Escape Plan’ is an all-out assault on the senses and highlights a solidified sense of identity for the duo.

Basenji - Perfect Blue feat. Erthlings     Electronic, Pop 17/04/2019
Young visionary and master of the bright dance floor beats, Basenji is one of Sydney’s most exciting producers on the rise.
A master of electronic pop ballads, “Perfect Blue” continues to solidify Basenji as one of Australia’s rising production stars. Melding tender piano melodies alongside tightly placed percussion, the track emulates a signature Basenji sound of momentous hooks and blissfully smooth drops. Featuring label mates Erthlings, “Perfect Blue” not only showcases Basenji’s soul-stirring production, but also the dreamy vocals of Erthlings.

Illstrtd - What I Need ft. Mansa The Legend     Electronic 17/04/2019
llstrtd creates future beats inspired by electronic artists like Hudson Mohawke, Tokimonsta, Katranada and Cashmere Cat, while also taking influences from Hip Hop and R&B music.
This song effortlessly oozes hot-n-heavy late night dancehall influence with a refreshingly restrained energy. The production here is executed perfectly to encapsulate and showcase the emotion of Mansa’s vocal performance, which has plenty of charisma to have the listener hooked and reeled in by the final refrain.

LÂLKA - Cursed Crown 2.0     Electronic, Pop, Experimental, Gay Alligned 17/04/2019
Compared to SOPHIE, "Björk with a sledgehammer" and Charli XCX who she supported last year, LÂLKA makes fiercely idiosyncratic pop with a DIY approach, recently playing FOMO & Laneway BNE.
A dizzying sugar rush of self-affirmation, 'Cursed Crown 2.0' delights in its own candy-coated weirdness from the first intentionally misspelled: "I am a bitch: B-I-C-T-H" , clanging and soaring over PC beats. Reworked from Brisbane producer DEATH CLUB 7's original, 2.0 "is about knowing you’re the shit even when you don’t feel like it (“this is MY crown”). - LÂLKA

Oz Harte - Breathe Deep     Electronic, Dance 17/04/2019
Faster than a speeding snail. Able to leap lego buildings in a single bound. Look up, it's a bird, no it's a plane. It's not Oz Harte, that's for sure!
Take a deep breathe and let your imagination take you wherever you want to go...

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Other tracks by Oz Harte:  Raoul  -  Fragile as Glass
Soft Touch - Touch     Electronic, Pop, Experimental, RnB 17/04/2019
Soft Touch is a first cousin to Grace’s main project, Rebel Yell. Distancing itself from the latter’s industrial techno, Soft Touch embraces warm, delicate synths and a more lo-fi aesthetic.
"A markedly different sound than the system-shock immediacy of Rebel Yell, Soft Touch is a gentler outlet – one that revels in a slower vibe-y seep without the harsh, propulsive dissonance Rebel Yell famously employs." - Weirdo Wasteland

Other tracks by Soft Touch:  Glass
Steven North - Dance of Light     Electronic, House, World 17/04/2019
Steven North is an electronic artist from Perth, Western Australia that creates not just dance music but also meditation music for the improvement of health & wellness.
With the inspiration from international sounds, this song is a mixture of electronic styles and the various beautiful cultures we share around the world that makes this world a unique and extraordinary world to be.

This song is devoted to 'dancing' and creating a happy vibe that in a world of being busy, we can stop & bust a move!

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Steven North - Warm Embrace     Electronic, House 17/04/2019
Steven North is an electronic artist from Perth, Western Australia that creates not just dance music but also meditation music for the improvement of health & wellness.
Warm Embrace is about how a man is in love and is asking whether his partner misses his warm embrace. It is an exploration through the emotions of love and happiness.

Do you miss my warm embrace?

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Washington - American Spirit (Julian Hamilton Acid Rework)     Electronic, Dance, Techno 17/04/2019
Washington is a platinum-selling and ARIA award winning musician.
Julian Hamilton (The Presets) emailed WASHINGTON asking if he could do a remix of her single “American Spirit” – and the result was his “Acid Rework”.

World Champion - Nevermind     Electronic, Soul, Psychedelic, Funk 17/04/2019
Sydney psych-soul-electronic outfit World Champion (Will Campion, Julian Sudek and Reg Harris) have made a triumphant return after a three-year hiatus with their warm synth-pop ahead of upcoming EP Skyline.
A chugging acoustic beat with tambourine accents reminiscent of 70s psychedelia, “Nevermind” plays out over Campion’s airy falsetto in a colourful anthemic haze and quintessential ode to laid back grooves.