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Antony & Cleopatra - Why Don't You Just Call Me     Electronic 03/05/2019
Antony and Cleopatra’s two primary members, Alexander Burnett and Anita Blay have a signature sound that draws you in through repetition, rhythm and subtle melodies, leaving you craving for more.
This new track is something new for A&C, sliding away from the house music they’ve built their reputation on over the last few years, instead slipping into a sparkling disco ball banger that is purely reminiscent of classic ’90s UK dancefloor hits.

Cool Explosions - Glass Jars     Electronic, Soul, RnB, Pop 03/05/2019
Hardwired in Melbourne, Cool Explosions venture out from their home city’s pulsing underground landscape of glitchcore electronica, RnB reboots & late night neo-soul jams with a grinding, uncompromising ultra-pop.
From the outset, 'Glass Jars' catapults into a citadel of frenzied samples and involuntary 8-bit outbursts. Immediately we are aware of our new surrounds – the beat is a driving insurgency of trip hop neurosis, punctuated with bolts of restless step-sequencing. Amidst tumbling whorls of synths, lead singer Elle Young's vocal delivery keens and beguiles with an effortless, nascent soul.

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Other tracks by Cool Explosions:  Barbarossa  -  Leftover Prayers
du0 - It's OK     Electronic, Dance 03/05/2019
Brisbane-based artist, du0, has just unveiled the exciting follow up track in ‘It’s OK’ – mixed and produced by the musician himself.
‘It’s OK’ is a brooding slice of eclectic electronica, that draws influence from the likes of future-bass luminaries TOKiMONSTA, What So Not and San Holo. The emotive cut is led by a constant and slow burning groove, which boasts titanic beats, twisting walls of synths and hypnotic vocals.

Froyo - Blue     Electronic, Pop, Soundscapes 03/05/2019
As Shakespeare once wrote: “it ain’t easy being cheesy”. Walking that fine line between cool and cringe is FROYO – the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie that never happened.
This is about calmly living with a problem and being content with doing absolutely NOTHING about it (which is bad, obviously). You know that comic strip of the yellow dog sitting in a room which is on fire, and then he calmly says "this is fine"? Yep. It's basically the same thing. Except here, we're happily singing about clinical depression.

Other tracks by Froyo:  Out There  -  Time To Trade
Hayden James & NAATIONS - Nowhere To Go     Electronic, Pop, Dance 03/05/2019
Hayden James has been producing immense summer house jams with soulful and evocative vocals ever since he burst onto the Australian music scene in 2013.
Driven by an addictive bassline, “Nowhere To Go” is another exceptional creation from Hayden. Mastering moments of softly-focused synths, groove-laden bass and electronic pop melodies, audiences will once again be moved by the Hayden James method. Collaborating with NAATIONS (Nicky Night Time & Nat Dunn), “Nowhere To Go” champions Dunn’s powerful vocals as their own instrumental force, leaving fans hooked.

Homeward Bound - Sing It     Electronic, Hip Hop 03/05/2019
The Homeward Bound sound may be fresh but the origins of this duo have been bubbling away for years. Homeward Bound is the latest project from Jimblah and partner Georgia.
Sing It combines smooth basslines, soulful guitar licks, and lush keys to deliver a thought-provoking listen that explores our individual responsibility to make a change in the world.

Other tracks by Homeward Bound:  The City  -  Red Dust Plain
Joan Banoit - Bill     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 03/05/2019
Joan Banoit’s influences are eclectic and tilted towards the work of outsiders, finding inspiration in avant-garde electronic artists such as Burial or Arca, art rock contemporaries, and even modern composition.
Wicked Child writers: ‘Bill’ is a fine exhibition of experimental electronic pop, starring racing instrumentals that captures the heart of the track.

Juno Disco - Darlin'     Electronic, Dance, Pop 03/05/2019
Melbourne duo creating interstellar soundscapes culminating in pop synthesis - FFO: Hot Chip, Harvey Sutherland, Giorgio Moroder
Glistening synths that channel the distinct modulations of Giorgio Moroder's finest dancefloor polishers culminate into a starburst of pop perfection.

Laura Hyde - Falling Into You     Electronic, Pop 03/05/2019
Creating an ethereal experience, Laura Hyde meshes her inspirations, taking the classical and acoustic styles and reimagining them through an electronic prism with quirky alt-pop sensibilities.
Falling Into You delves into a wantedness of being grounded. Hyde quotes: "I always believed if you write about yourself, then you’re most likely writing about someone else. Falling Into You was the result of feeling like I had to go out of my way to find support, realising it was closer than I knew”.

MDWS - Fire     Electronic, RnB 03/05/2019
Callum Meadows pairs sultry and haunting vocals with lush soundscapes to create hypnotic and soulful electronica as MDWS (pronounced “Meadows”)
Fire is an accumulation of haunting vocals and explosive synths in MDWS new electronic/r&b jam that’ll leave you with a feeling of hope and despair all at once. The song is a slow burn with a chorus is full of glittery synths, the song also has an unexpected finish. MDWS production and songwriting skills shine in this new genre bender.

Moniker - Look for the Sun     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 03/05/2019
Elctro pop project with a roster of exciting collaborations. Look for the Sun features Georga Mooney from All My Exes Live in Texas
Happy writes: There’s something strangely captivating about the music of Moniker. It’s simultaneously immersive and unsettling. Moniker continues to grow as one of Aussie music’s most unique musical acts.

Paul Mac - Redfern Address (In Memory Of Vision)     Electronic 03/05/2019
As Australian dance music royalty, Paul Mac is no stranger to every facet of the nation’s scene, working as a composer, songwriter, musician, sound designer and producer over his career.
Taking a political sidestep, “Redfern Address (In Memory Of Vision)” features Paul Keating's iconic 1992 speech delivered in Redfern Park. A fierce ally and loyal advocate for social justice, Mac was conscious of not speaking on behalf of Indigenous communities, so edited the speech to only include pertinent moments. Sonically the speech remains untouched and soundtracked to emphasise Keating's powerful words and intentions.

Phoenix Manson - Blame It On My Game (feat. Mareya)     Electronic, RnB, Hip Hop, Pop 03/05/2019
Phoenix Manson is a young Melbourne beat maker. Fusing hip hop drums and jazz chords with smooth top lines, he delivers a modern take on an old school sound.
A collaboration between Melbourne-based producer Phoenix Manson and singer/songwriter Mareya, ‘Blame It On My Game’ is a sassy RnB track about self love, empowerment and desire in a time when popular music needs an uplifting message.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios Australia, this single has a modern sound inspired by the ​new wave of soulful Hip Hop/RnB​.

PNAU - Solid Gold     Electronic 03/05/2019
Australian dance music legends PNAU return with their new single 'Solid Gold', the first release of 2019 for trio Nick Littlemore, Peter Mayes and Sam Littlemore.
With ‘Solid Gold’, PNAU set out to capture the hypnotic, everlasting rhythm of old disco records. The song was inspired by Nick Littlemore’s explorations into world music and the sun drenched energy of Australia, incorporating live instrumentation to create a richer, fuller sound. It’s a banger built to soundtrack good times and also “the love of a best friend".

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Skinnyfish Sound System - Nguddja     Electronic, Dance, Indigenous, Australian Indigenous 03/05/2019
Skinnyfish Sound System is a collective of artists around the Skinnyfish eco system that brings a dance energy through collaborations, reworkings, remixing and more.
Nguddja is a statement on the diversity of language in the top end of Australia.

"Lyrics speak of the wind that brings the words, the ancestors spirits and the languages across the land whilst the chorus explains that whilst we call out in our different languages we all sit down together on this country," says keyboard and vocalist, Patricia Gibson.

Renaissance Bird - Back To You     Electronic, Punk, Experimental, Pop 01/05/2019
The 3 piece band brings a fun, original and energetic performance. "A genuine pleasure listening!" "Beyond categories and still rockin'... !" A mad mix of music but good mad !TIA
Growing up with mundane commercialism, and its effects on modern society. Does the human race stand a chance against this existential crisis that we call reality?
Sweet, smooth and happy music implies the comfort of the modern zeitgeist. While the lyrics refer to the stalemate of our own social hierarchies (Corporate greed, Social injustice, Destruction of our planet).

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Other tracks by Renaissance Bird:  Still Look
The Quiet Room - In An Unknown Language     Electronic, Ambience, Chill, Pop 01/05/2019
The Quiet Room is where lush soundtrack sits beneath moody abstract poetics and darkly sparse instrumentation. It is late night music for smoky rooms.
The Voynich Manuscript, an unknown language. Can it help us on our search for deeper meaning.

Other tracks by The Quiet Room:  A Conversation With You  -  Manuscript
Kloake & Knightfall - Oil & Fire (ft. Oblviiun)     Electronic, Dance 30/04/2019
Following his 2017 debut ‘Bridges’, we are very excited to have the next instalment from the enigmatic producer KLOAKE this time alongside KNIGHTFALL
Laying out a full heavy grind, low slung industrial techno production sound countered by a sweet and subtle vocal performance form OBLVIIUN, this new tune really packs a punch in dynamics but also listenability. The hook rings through and the instrumental provides just the right amount of energy to take it home.

Hayden Calnin - Coward     Electronic 26/04/2019
By the time the self-taught, multi-instrumentalist had graduated from film school, a major in sound design had set the scene for Hayden to take an interest in music production.
A multi single release and reworking from Melbourne's own Hayden Calnin

STARA - I Like Being Alone,     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Hip Hop 26/04/2019
Sydney based artist STARA artfully blends elements of Electronic, Hip Hop and Dance music to forge her unique sonic.
'I Like Being Alone,' opens with a dark and trippy electronic soundscape that is accompanied by STARA's intoxicating voice. The song builds slowly from start to finish and takes you to a whole other hemisphere of perception. STARA artfully blends elements of Electro, Dance, Hip Hop and Pop to forge this brilliantly unique new song. Enter STARA's world.

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