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Hemm - Hair     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Chill 06/02/2019
Hemm are Melbourne-based duo Juice Webster and Robert Downie. Their intimate electronic songs explore the everyday complexities of connection in life and love.
Hair picks up the thread laid by late-2018 single Skin, acting as further evidence of Hemm's quiet transformation into virtuosos of minimalist ambient pop.

It is a breathtaking lesson in minimalism, with every element tuned deliberately to the track’s purposeful narrative. “You are not who you seem to be,” intones Juice, as the track blooms into a sublime choral climax.

PNK FME - Infatuation     Electronic, Pop, RnB 06/02/2019
PNK FME’s mature and contemplative nature, delves deep into the human condition, as an individual wrestles with their mind’s ominous musings.
Infatuation is about how some moments in life can be deceiving and you can slip into feeling infatuated about something that isn't necessarily real or happening but it feels like it.

SLUMBERJACK - Hide and Seek ft. Claire Ridgely     Electronic 06/02/2019
Powerhouse producing duo SLUMBERJACK are releasing new EP SARAWAK on 5 February, with huge national tour to follow in March.
Hide and Seek ft. Claire Ridgely is the third single to be released from the SARAWAK EP.

It features Claire's silky vocals over raw elements, some of which were recorded on ground on Sarawak, Borneo.

Erik Parker - Stolen By Another Lover     Electronic, Jazz, Soul, Experimental 05/02/2019
Erik Parker is a Melbourne based songwriter. His releases are self-produced, recorded and mixed in a garage. In 2018 he released a solo live-looping EP, and a series of singles.
Written with my band, Hopwood, back in 2010. This is a trap inspired experimental version, arranged mostly with samples. Performed, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in a garage in Preston. Produced independently.

Haiku Hands - Dare You Not To Dance     Electronic, Dance 05/02/2019
Haiku Hands are Syd/Melb group that combine hip-hop and pop into high energy punk influenced performances. They have often got the label "art rave collective".
This song is an outcome of exploration between Haiku Hands, Joel Ma (Joelistics) and Angus Stuart (El’ Gusto). A bold manoeuvre made to taunt, provoke and defy. Filled with in your face production and high energy vocals, DYNTD builds and bursts into life with a beat that is sure to put your body into action.

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Craün - Uto     Electronic, Ambience, Experimental, Soundscapes 04/02/2019
Sydney based, ambient electronic musician and sound designer.
Glacial/drone sound synthesis, built upon field recordings and hypnotic violin melodies.

Other tracks by Craün:  Uni  -  Uve
Slag Queens - Real 1     Electronic, Punk, Dance, Gay Alligned 04/02/2019
Regional feminist post-punk
Booty shaking post punk

Other tracks by Slag Queens:  Wear This 4 U  -  Flowers
Autosuggest - Graphic     Electronic, Rock, Industrial 01/02/2019
Autosuggest is the relentless alternative electronic music project from Sydney’s Alec Mallia combining blistering electronic rhythms with post-punk instrumentation and his crooning vocals.
Ripping with crushing sawtooth synths, pulsating bass lines and upfront breathless vocals, Graphic’s loud dynamic energy demands to be heard.

"Between the hugely distorted modern synths with bent, rhythmic funk-like guitar riffs and even an Egyptian Lover style beat breakdown, it’s (Graphic) definitely one of the most outwardly playful tracks in the album," said Mallia.

Dugong Jr - Holding On feat. Austen     Electronic, Dance, Pop 01/02/2019
With each release, visionary producer Dugong Jr continues to build on his polished sound while maintaining the signature complex sonic style that has swept across the internet.
Dugong Jr’s contemporary sonic touch gets more indulgent with each bite, combining soulful beats with vocals that morph and erupt into addictive rhythms. “Holding On” folds echoing synth details with moments of beat-driven bliss and vocal manipulation against a percussive backdrop. Melodies from Brisbane-based singer Austen marry with the producer’s rhythmic pulses to keep the body moving with every listen.

Forrest Run - All We Needed     Electronic, Pop, Hip Hop 01/02/2019
Hip hop producer Judah Winnett, electronic folk instrumentalist Jayke Barnes and indie pop vocalist Ayla (heard on triple j under her own project) make up exciting new trio 'Forrest Run'.
All We Needed is the first taste of the hip-hop/electronica/pop blend that is the trio Forrest Run. The track was created around a riff from multi-instrumentalist, Jayke, which was fleshed out with beats from Judah and production input from both. Indie pop vocalist Ayla then overlaid a heartfelt vocal, with lyrics inspired from a dream.

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Midnight Pool Party - Slow Down     Electronic, Dance, House 01/02/2019
Midnight Pool Party are crafting addictive electronic dance music, that is infused with a rich palette of dance, electro, r&b and hip-hop influences.
Midnight Pool Party are excited to give us another little taste of their upcoming ep with the infections disco-house sound of ‘Slow Down’.

‘Slow Down’ starts with a warm enticing beat, smooth whispery vocals & a charmingly seductive groove that builds into a grinding infectious display of sounds.

Alpha Street - Best Days     Electronic, Pop, Dance 31/01/2019
Super shiny electro pop!
Best days and neon light nights.

Electric Fields - 2000 and Whatever     Electronic, Australian Indigenous, Pop 31/01/2019
Multi-award winning Electric Fields are two feminine brothers who are uniting ancient Anangu culture with modern electronic music.
Brooding and bangin, this New Years anthem is a message stick to our current generation -sung in English and Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara. Its first ever performance was during the new year’s countdown to 2019 at the Woodford Amphitheatre to over 20,000 festival goers. It’s second performance will be on live television as a finalist for Australia’s next Eurovision entry in 2019.

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Ivori - The Moment     Electronic, Pop 31/01/2019
Ivori is an indie-electronic artist from Wollongong. Launching her project in 2018, she combines her piano roots with catchy hooks and electronic production.
‘The Moment’ showcases Ivori's stellar vocals with stripped back verses developing into emphatic choruses with breathy vocal layers and a house inspired beat. The Moment expresses the final moments before a relationship break up and the struggle between letting someone go or giving them one last chance. Ivori has booked in Wollongong and Sydney shows for the release.

KLP - Under The Influence     Electronic, House, Dance 31/01/2019
KLP, real name Kristy Lee Peters, is a talented force of the Australian music industry, with credentials that cement her reputation as a multi-faceted industry heavyweight.
‘Under The Influence’ is the first new DANCE music from KLP in 2019. The new single sees KLP return to her house music roots for a driving thumper, produced and written with producers Kilian and Jo in Berlin. This is also the first new music from KLP since leaving her role as House Party host on triple j.

Adult.Films - School.Night     Electronic, RnB, Jazz, Hip Hop 30/01/2019
Emerging independent R&B duo from Melbourne quickly gaining an underground following in Aus with the success of their first single School.Night from their inaugural E.P Faux.Real.
School Night investigates the theme of what risks we will take for love, and how sometimes restrictions can encourage intention rather than hinder it. Smokey Vocals and a slinking bass line drive the song forward as the lascivious lyrics retell past exploits of sneaking out to meet a lover.

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Ambientronic - 109 Rev     Electronic, Instrumental, Dance, Chill 30/01/2019
Ambientronic are Dean Jones (Australia) & Roman Shk (Russia). Formed in 2014 from a chance encounter online, the duo blend individual skills and experiences to create a wholly transcendent sound.
109 Rev, a-nearly 11 minute aural experience is an ever-shifting reflection of Bali itself. Simultaneously melancholic, upbeat, and reflective, it conjures images of crystal clear waters and misty, vast mountain slopes.

Other tracks by Ambientronic:  Interlude  -  Poisoned
Andrew Arnold - Cold Hands     Electronic, Folk, Pop, Rock 30/01/2019
Andrew remains still, watching reality swirl past his window as he writes and sings and tries desperately to resist the temptation of the new.
Cold Hands is a brooding about protecting what you love and need. It is the only track on Andrew's EP 'What's Inside's Outside that uses only electronic sounds and takes the listener on a journey from the dark and out into the light.

Other tracks by Andrew Arnold:  Seasons  -  Plans
LO'99 - Sometime     Electronic, Pop, House 25/01/2019
‘Sometime’ is the latest from LO’99, with his impressive catalogue of both originals and remixes aired globally on BBC Radio 1, 1xtra and triple j, quickly accumulating into four Beatport #1s in the process.
Australian dance luminary LO’99 unleashes his latest offering ‘Sometime’, enlisting Owl Eyes, adding her vocals to his rolling production.
Sitting perfectly on an afternoon mixtape as it would a late night dance floor, ‘Sometime’ truly is a standout from LO’99. The slow build gives way to his signature deep bass juxtaposing with Owl Eye’s smooth light melodies making for a truly infectious pop dance anthem.

mobil avenue - just a storm     Electronic, Hip Hop, Dance 25/01/2019
Just a nervous misfit morphing life and it's problems into an energetic show of catharsis
just a storm is a reminder that that the low times are only temporary. a little bit electronic, a little bit hip hop, a little bit indie.