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Camikaze - Rush     Electronic, Atmospheric 03/08/2018
Following a year long hiatus from releasing music, WA-bred producer Camikaze returns with a brand new melancholic anthem ‘Rush’, available everywhere July 13th.
Rush, which is driven by an oozing synth and mellow vocal, delivers a hypnotic atmosphere that feels like a dreamy fusion of James Blake and Mike Posner. Diversifying his catalogue, this single also features vocals from himself rather than a feature artist showcasing his deeply emotive and metaphoric lyrical style.

Jupiter Project - Show Love     Electronic 03/08/2018
Making the move from New Zealand, electronic R&B duo, Jupiter Project, match their soulful vocals with a brave, genre defying palette of production.
Teaming up with self-taught producer SYSYI, the pair are set to make waves with the release of their new single “Show Love".

This single is a soulful and emotive melody alongside a stunning lyrical palette, ”Show Love” ponders the desire for affection and is a metaphor to remind us that we all need love and need to show it.

Nina Las Vegas - I Know How It Goes feat. Vera Blue & Ecca Vandal     Electronic, Dance 03/08/2018
Leading Australia’s electronic scene, Nina Las Vegas has fused her unique club sounds with otherworldly pop vocals and heavy-hitting beats, all while maintaining NLV records and her relentless touring schedule.
Hard hitting as a dance track, with energetic beat work and co-produced with Swick across studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Red Bull London, "I Know How It Goes" is a testament to thumping club tunes and a reminder from Nina that "although elements of the music scene can suck, you can just be tough and roll with it".

Other tracks by Nina Las Vegas:  Zagazig  -  Thursdays feat. Ninajirachi
Skrybe - I'm Your Reckoning     Electronic, Dubstep 03/08/2018
Cinematic Electronic, using cinematic elements to add emotion to hard hitting electronic
A Dark cinematic track with lush vocals and hip hop elements.

Sunday - Perfect Place     Electronic 03/08/2018
Extremely impressive career to date, touring with Empire Of The Sun, Crystal Fighters, Phoenix and collaborating with artists such as George Maple and Goldroom, whilst a member of Miami Horror
'Perfect Place' dabbles between indie songwriting and moodier electronic beats by opening with a chilled alternative production before delving into light punchy beats. Combining this aesthetic with his own sultry vocals, ‘Perfect Places’ dreamily encapsulates Sunday's own unique realm of indie electronica.

Confidence Man - Try Your Luck     Electronic 02/08/2018
A portable party that’s levelled dancefloors and flattened festival crowds as it’s rolled out worldwide, Confidence Man are a machine custom designed to make you dance and lose your cool.
If Confidence Man was a country, 'Try Your Luck' would be the national anthem. So hats off, hands on hearts and asses on the dancefloor.

Aidan Maizels - San Graal     Electronic, Experimental, Psychedelic, Rock 01/08/2018
Producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist interested in fusing styles and exploring the limits of popular music.
A cosmic trip: vocoder narration guides us on a speedy flight over different landscapes created by complex synth and guitar textures, before departing and leaving us with a mind-blowing finale that can only be described as brutal psychedelia.

Before listening be sure to sit down, turn off all distractions, and feel the weight of known humanity fall away underneath you.

Christopher Port - Find A Way     Electronic, House 01/08/2018
The enigmatic Melbourne producer, Christopher Port today shares another upbeat cut in his latest song ‘Find A Way’, somehow taking it to a new level with vibe-filled club heavy euphoria.
The enigmatic Melbourne producer, Christopher Port today shares another upbeat cut in his latest song ‘Find A Way’, somehow taking it to a new level with his vibe filled club heavy euphoria.

Swick - 1000 Shots ft. Merky Ace     Electronic 01/08/2018
Swick is one of the most refreshing talents in the dance music scene. Avoiding being placed in one genre, Swick pushes boundaries with each original track, remix and DJ set.
Recorded from the Red Bull Studios in London, “1000 Shots” maintains a thrusting beat married with elements of hip-hop and electronic music, aside sharp vocals from Lewisham based MC Merky Ace. An addictive blend of club-leaning synths, smooth hooks, and a powerful flow from Ace are a testament to Swick’s enduring precision and ability to push sonic boundaries.

Ducks! - Top Horse     Electronic, Dance, House, Experimental 31/07/2018
Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan are Ducks!. They make electronic music for dancing and dreaming, influenced by Disney and disco, combining synthesisers and vocals with found sounds and field recordings.
It’s a surreal dancefloor odyssey, featuring galloping percussion, flying guitars, theremin outbursts of the ‘woo-woo’ variety, and a choir of angels singing glorious nonsense at the top of their lungs. The lyrics, performed spoken-word style by a cast of intriguing strangers, describe a blonde in a bathtub talking about a white horse... or is it the horse in the bathtub?

Mad Mike & The Irrational Ducks - Galaxy Of Love     Electronic, Blues 31/07/2018
Mad Mike & The Irrational Ducks is an experimental duo, blues and electronic influences floating in the Universe.
Love, blues roots, EDM and mistakes floating in a Galaxy of red thoughts. The end is the key.

Other tracks by Mad Mike & The Irrational Ducks:  Can I Put My Love Inside You?
BRUX - I'm Back     Electronic, Dance 31/07/2018
Equally intimidating as alluring, BRUX confronts notions of fate, materialism and the pursuit of pleasure, with commanding vocals and glitchy electro breakdowns, ready for the club.
A dark and gritty debut, 'I'm Back' is a ripping single, layering dark and sinister house-leaning sounds with glitchy electro breakdowns and commanding vocals, perfect for the late nights and early mornings alike with its sweaty, club-ready feel.

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FISHER - Losing It     Electronic, Dance, House, Techno 31/07/2018
FISHER is a tech house producer & DJ based between Sydney & LA.
The enthusiasm for FISHER’s new single ‘Losing It’ has fast been approaching fanatical. Now, FISHER is finally giving the people what they want. ‘Losing It’ has already hit #1 on Beatport, #20 on the ARIA Club Chart, hit #10 on the Aus Spotify Viral Chart & been added to triple j.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Dance Release

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Charlies Flat - Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime     Electronic, Cover Version, Dub 31/07/2018
Charlies Flat is an Australian collective of producers, singers and musicians inspired by dub, beats, soul and 80s.
Reimagined electronic interpretation of this 80s hit.

Other tracks by Charlies Flat:  Shiny in the Dark  -  Come Back and Stay
Paper Flowers - Mirrors     Electronic 31/07/2018
Paper Flowers is the electronic bedroom project of Melbourne based multi-insturmentalist/producer Jacob Rohde. Ambient
Slow building, ambient, thought provoking

Other tracks by Paper Flowers:  When I see you
Jim Ottaway - Astral Voices     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Instrumental 30/07/2018
Jim Ottaway is an international award-winning Australian musician and composer of original instrumental music covering many genres including electronic, ambient, new age and space music.
'Astral Voices' is the opening track to Jim Ottaway's international award-winning album... 'Deep Space Blue'. The track is pure ambient bliss taking the listener on an astral journey to the far reaches of the universe. Close your eyes and relax!

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Other tracks by Jim Ottaway:  Deep Space Blue
ZĀN - Fight     Electronic, RnB, Soul 27/07/2018
ZĀN is a singer, songwriter & producer whose musical routes lay in an eclectic mix of South Asian cinema, alt-R&B and electro-pop.
Singer-songwriter and bouncing producer ZĀN is joining the protest with his new single Fight; an alt-R&B slow-burner featuring densely layered harmonies fused with hindustani ad-libs.

Fight serves as a thematic manifesto for the EP 'Gulnaz' focusing on themes of struggle, survival and how to stand firm for your place in the world.

Dom Dolla - Take It     Electronic 27/07/2018
Has received over 20 million streams and consecutive ARIA Club Chart #1’s for 'Be Randy' and ‘Define’ his 2016 collaboration with Go Freek and ARIA nominated for Best Dance Release
Dom Dolla makes a triumphant return to 2018 with ‘Take It’, a deep, dark, heaving club mix that combines an evocatively catchy vocal, with a deep groove beat to create one hooky production.

Jim Ottaway - Lightning Strikes Twice     Electronic, Instrumental, Atmospheric 27/07/2018
Jim Ottaway is an international award-winning Australian musician and composer of original instrumental music covering many genres including electronic, ambient, new age and space music.
Lightning Strikes Twice is a light melodic electronic track composed to reflect those times in life when you think that a significant person or situation may never grace your life again... but they do... with great joy!

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Other tracks by Jim Ottaway:  Back In Time  -  New Suns Are Rising
Josh The Cat - I'll Remember You     Electronic, Pop 26/07/2018
Josh The Cat is a place, a state of mind, a portal through which Melbourne singer, songwriter, producer Joshua Teicher travels to explore his personal musical galaxy.
I'll Remember You brings together his gentle and quirky personality with his bold and refined production and songwriting skills, creating an addictive, bittersweet earworm of shimmering nostalgic pop--as though Beck were fronting a Pharrell jam. From dreamy and sparse beginnings centred by Josh the Cat’s crisp voice and underpinned by super-funky bass guitar, the song blooms with each chorus.