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Two Birds One - Best Intentions     Electronic, Pop, Chill, Atmospheric 05/10/2018
Two Birds one is the project of Michael Cameron and Shoota Tanahashi. The multi-instrumentalists have discovered a sound that's all their own, creating a dynamic fusion both fresh and familiar.
You are a reflection of your surroundings. From an early age you are moulded by the people you spend the most time with. Everybody is searching for their own ticket to happiness. Best intentions is about taking a step back, re-evaluating and overcoming life’s challenges with an open mind.

Other tracks by Two Birds One:  Wasted Wednesdays
Skyuka - Autumn State     Electronic, Soul, Pop 04/10/2018
A slow dance, knee deep in chocolate.
A song originally inspired by a piano exercise based on the circle of fifths. The progression is cyclical, as are the seasons. Alternating between moments of vocal power and vulnerability, against a backdrop of multi layered voices creating a gospel choir feel, 'Autumn State' is about acceptance and having to face the harsh truths of reality.

Bussauto with Felish - Come Back     Electronic, Pop, Chill, Dance 01/10/2018
"Come Back" is the result of an online music collaboration between Melbourne Producer Bussauto and Swedish Artist Felish.
"Come Back" is the result of an online music collaboration between Melbourne Producer Bussauto and Swedish Artist Felish.

Jim Ottaway - Fun Times     Electronic, Jazz 01/10/2018
Jim Ottaway is an international award-winning Australian musician and composer of original instrumental music covering many genres including electronic, ambient, new age and space music.
Fun Times is electronic jazz at its best. Bubbly... bright... energetic... fun!

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Donatachi - Precious Meatal feat. Rromarin     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 28/09/2018
Donatachi has a tight grip on all things bright, bubbly hyper-colour pop and is shaping the genreless music utopia and glistening bubble-gum bops.
'Precious Metal' explores the delicate side of being vulnerable in keeping something close to your heart. The short yet specific lyrics from pop wonder Rromarin sit beautifully on top of the spacey, bubble gum production. Being a fully independent artist, this track shows his unrelenting, full range of bursting hypercolour sound design and optimistic flair and unironic love for the genre.

KESMAR - Feel It Again     Electronic, Pop, Funk 28/09/2018
KESMAR is a new chapter for Sydney musician Nathan Hawes. He's dropped the acoustic guitar for swirling synths, introducing a more disco, indie electronic-oriented chapter of his career.
Fellow single 'Feel It Again' explores the darker side of romance. "After a relationship ends, I think a lot of us question ourselves, Will I feel it again? Will I feel the same way I felt when we together?" The track was written with LANKS in his living room in Sydney, and co-produced with Tobias Priddle in Melbourne.

Sophie Lowe - Taught You How To Feel     Electronic, Pop, Downbeat 28/09/2018
Sophie Lowe is a creative force to be reckoned with, the singer, songwriter and established actress has released singles 'Understand' and 'Pink Flowers' to wide spread praise.
Acclaimed singer and actress Sophie Lowe is back for 2018, returning with her emotive powerful new single 'Taught You How To Feel'. The track is written by Sophie Lowe and produced by Neil Sutherland, who also worked together on Sophie's acclaimed 2016 EP 2. The track tells the story of the controlling nature of a relationship.

Symmetrix - Day at a Time     Electronic, Pop 27/09/2018
Symmetrix is a mixture of indie-pop / electronica. Starting out making beats on a laptop Symmetrix has evolved her sound into the layered samples, beats, guitars and the electro pop.
Funky 80's synthetic production, deep, resonating lyrics about trying to live a healthy positive life both mentally and physically, despite the temptations and at times frustrations of everyday life and the dichotomy that surrounds that.

Other tracks by Symmetrix:  What They Say
Richy Fancy - Can't Compare     Electronic, Dubstep, Dance, RnB 26/09/2018
24 Year Old New Zealand DJ currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
Inspired by the super-wealth lifestyle in Macau.

Richy Fancy - Shangri-La     Electronic, House, Dance, African 26/09/2018
24 Year Old New Zealand DJ currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
Tribal house with live flute solos.

Zak Love - Fallin     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Chill 26/09/2018
Following up on the success of debut single 'So Far Gone’ in Australia and Europe, Melbourne singer/songwriter Zak Love releases his follow up track ‘Fallin’.
‘Fallin’ delves into the overwhelming emotions of lust, obsession and uncertainty.

Blind sighted by a newly found crush, Zak showcases his vulnerable side with smooth vocals paired with trip hop beats.

h.eund - PFA (Party For the Anxious)     Electronic, Breaks, Experimental, Funk 25/09/2018
h.eund aka Bekkie is a solo producer/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist from Sydney. Combining electronica with various genres, she ticks all the boxes for quirky, fun, intricate and fresh.
A song dedicated to all those who like the 'idea' of going out, but also kinda wanna come back home by 10pm. Combining lo-fi bass, jolting 90s breakbeat, and influences of early art-pop; this single creates a sense of nostalgia and dissociation imagined from a mind of the "anxious" on a night out.

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Whodeani - Summer     Electronic, Chill, Downbeat, Experimental 25/09/2018
Whodeani's an award-losing music writer, ex DJ, producer, and wantrepreneur. In addition to making music, he co-owns and operates WE Music Unlimited, a small electronic music label (via Xelon Entertainment).
Summer perfectly captures the essence of reflective longing and loss, the track is both a nod to the past and a hopeful stride forward into the boundless future. A quiet but powerfully felt emotional experience.

This first glimpse into Whodeani's new album 110011 offers a gentle requiem from the sound-storm of today’s electronic scene.

Other tracks by Whodeani:  More Than Love  -  Bustin' Loose
James Sun - All The Ways     Electronic, Dance, Pop 25/09/2018
James Sun mixes the roots of acoustic pop melodies and vocals with electronic dance production and drops, James is creating his own unique sound in attempt to change the game.
Acoustic pop melodies and vocals with electronic dance production and drops.

Richy Fancy - Low     Electronic, House, Dance, Sports 25/09/2018
24 Year Old New Zealand DJ currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
Mix of melbourne bounce and house.

Richy Fancy - Mellifluous     Electronic, Dance, Experimental 25/09/2018
24 Year Old New Zealand DJ currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
Inspired by the sounds of nature in New Zealand.

Richy Fancy - Pendulum     Electronic, Dance, House 25/09/2018
24 Year Old Kiwi DJ currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
Bass House with a bit of trap influence.

Thaylia - Waiting     Electronic 25/09/2018
Darwin born Thaylia is an electronic folk singer-songwriter-producer based in Sydney.
'Waiting' is the first single off Thaylia's self-produced EP 'Into My Soul'. This song is about Love being offered as a gift that gently knocks at our door 'Waiting' to enter our lives.

Georgia Mae - Fools     Electronic, Pop 24/09/2018
Australian singer/songwriter/producer, Georgia Mae, graduated from the Queensland Conservatorium (degree in Music Technology), and she was also nominated for Queensland's Most Promising Female Songwriter at the Queensland Music Awards.
It s a track full of luscious soundscapes and focused compelling beats, lead by Georgia's supple but commanding voice.

Keelan Mak - Flicker     Electronic, Pop 24/09/2018
The music of Keelan Mak – a singer, songwriter, and producer from Brisbane – is a smoky, sultry mix of himself and late nights in the inner city.
Written about a high school crush and a broken heart, “Flicker” is about unrequited love. It’s not just the pining for someone, it’s also about being petty and admitting years later that you want them to think about you even though you don’t want to admit it.