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Ethan Reed - You Will Feel the Same Tomorrow     Electronic, Ambience, Experimental 22/05/2018
Solo ambient/instrumental composer and producer based in Perth.
A deeply introspective electronic track that uses a repeating melody and many instrumental layers to create a sense of meaninglessness and bittersweet realisation.

Other tracks by Ethan Reed:  Early Flight  -  Open Circle
Tru' - Make Believe     Electronic 22/05/2018
Tru' is the newest project by Sara Tamim
Make Believe' a collaboration EP with Perth producer WULFE is out now on all platforms after its premiere on FBi Radio.

"One for the late nights." -TOMMY FAITH (TRIPLE J)

'Plucked straight from your Nintendo dreams.' - PURPLE SNEAKERS

Other tracks by Tru':  This Mess  -  Wasted Hearts
Slum Sociable - Do Something About It     Electronic, Jazz 19/05/2018
Subversive Melbourne duo, Slum Sociable have a unique blend of ‘lo-fo jazz hop’.
'Do Something About It' leans toward a minimal, pop-focused sound that is another welcomed progression in songwriting and production from the acclaimed artists.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge, Hobart (TAS)

Two People - I'm Tied, To You     Electronic, Pop 19/05/2018
Phoebe Lou and Joseph Clough are Two People. The Melbourne duo formed following the dissolution of their prior project, Snakadaktal.
Two People are proud to finally release their exquisite lead single, ‘I’m Tied, To You’.
“The words are written about being tied to yourself. There is a fragility and frustrated loneliness in that. It’s a kind of dialogue. Here, the ‘you’ is myself" - Phoebe Lou

CLYPSO - Middle Ground feat. Kwame     Electronic, Dance 18/05/2018
CLYPSO is a Sydney-based producer and vocalist whose sound is a collage of jungle beats, grimey basslines and afropunk infused electronica.
“I never thought I'd write a love song, but I like how the cruisey Caribbean feel juxtaposes the relationship drama that the lyrics convey. While making the track I came up with a funky instrumental in the middle and I imagined a verse that would go frenetically with the hi-hats."

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DJ No_Request - 2noitsure     Electronic, Experimental, Downbeat, Instrumental 18/05/2018
Since the early 90’s DJ No_Request has taken a painters blunt instrument approach to the form of music production and DJ'ing.
Opening track from the Album "I Could've Been Somebody". Organic & non-organic - like the contemporary human condition.

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Other tracks by DJ No_Request:  We All  -  UmBum
HABITS - SELFIE     Electronic 18/05/2018
Melbourne duo HABITS continue to defy the conventional, channeling their bare-all emotions into writing a fierce catalogue of music that has generated a passionate following.
HABITS’ newest single “Selfie” invites you into the darkest, most vulnerable corners of their minds, confronting complexities in identity and presentation of self. Their signature juxtaposition of droning synths, industrial basslines and goosebump-inducing vocoder elements with angelic vocals, masterfully paint a fervent anthem of visibility and clapback at toxic masculinity.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge, Hobart (TAS)

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Rebel Yell - Next Exit     Electronic 18/05/2018
Rebel Yell is a demon-like force producing some of the most mesmerizing, brooding bangers in Brisbane, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of Australia’s club scene.
Next Exit is the fourth single to be lifted from Rebel Yell's forthcoming debut LP, Hired Muscle. It explores the illusion of movement within animation and games and the focus on forward momentum as a means of achievement.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

Requiem - Match Fit     Electronic, Hip Hop 18/05/2018
Requiem is an artist with Melbourne in his heart and Darwin in his blood.
Requiem's new single Match Fit sees him upping the tempo with a grime track that refuses to pull punches, staking his claim as one of the most exciting emerging artists. Produced by Thundamentals collaborator Poncho the track is brash, bass-heavy and banging.

Alison Wonderland - Church     Electronic, Dance, Pop 17/05/2018
Alison Wonderland is currently the highest billed, female DJ to headline Coachella Festival in history.
CHURCH, she reveals her most honest lyrics to date, sharing her personal struggles with difficult relationships, anxiety and self-doubt, explaining that the song is about “realising your self-worth, when the person you’re with doesn’t.”

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Female Artist, Best Dance Release

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Other tracks by Alison Wonderland:  Easy
DJ No_Request - Chinkin'     Electronic, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Experimental 17/05/2018
Since the early 90’s DJ No_Request has taken a painters blunt instrument approach to the form of music production and DJ'ing.
Chinkin' - bam bam jam, from your man in the spam. Instrumental jam. The title reflects the sound of the track.

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Other tracks by DJ No_Request:  Bingo Jingo (Yeah)
Activities of Daily Living - Get Off     Electronic, Goth, Punk, Experimental 16/05/2018
Activities of Daily Living are a Melbourne duo comprised of Jonnine Nokes and Chloe Turner. You can expect synths, drum machines and an angry attitude.
Darkwave angry synth music

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by Activities of Daily Living:  Thicker Than Water  -  None of Your Business
Future Love Hangover - Secret Waters     Electronic, Psychedelic, House, Pop 16/05/2018
Future Love Hangover is an ongoing, interdisciplinary, experimental system by Sydney based artist and music producer Jack Prest.
Secret Waters is the second track to be released from Future Love Hangover’s forthcoming LP Sincere Input. It’s a synth laden, avant-garde outing grounded by an utterly infectious groove from the enigmatic, multifaceted Australian artist and producer Jack Prest.

Greenwave Beth - Love and Property     Electronic, Pop, Dance 15/05/2018
Greenwave Beth combines the restrictive and industrial sounds of midi-sequenced drum and bass with free form songwriting in the style of John Maus and Suicide.
Using a vintage MPC 1000 with electronic drums, 'Love and Property' explores the social contract of romance; of giving what you don't have.

Kid Fiction - You and I     Electronic 15/05/2018
After spending several years busking and playing in roots reggae bands, Sydney producer/vocalist Kid Fiction has cemented himself within the hustle of Australia’s electronic music scene.
Feature track 'You and I' includes atmospheric vocals from Melbourne's Alex Vella-Horne - the only on the record - and repeated beats building in urgency.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Other tracks by Kid Fiction:  In Silence  -  Egyptian Reeds
Priscilla - You've Faded     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Experimental 15/05/2018
Perth pop duo PRISCILLA, brainchild of Luke and Priscilla brands an eclectic fusion of feel-good riffs, party drums and limitless vocals.
Perth electro-pop duo Priscilla have blast on the scene with debut single You've Faded; a pulsing statement of identity for the band, cementing what is to be expected for the future of this fresh duo.

Tuva Finserås - While Our City Sleeps     Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambience 15/05/2018
TUVA FINSERÅS is a singer/songwriter hailing from the snowy Norway, moving to warmer, beautiful Melbourne in early 2015. Tuva creates a never-ending and bewildering range of music.
'While Our City Sleeps’ is a delicate journey, vivid with storytelling imagery and emotional highs and lows. The vocals and words are the key focus, with a stripped back instrumentation and slow pace. Inspired by nature, with elements used to describe and symbolise the narrative.

Whodeani - Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (The Angels Cover)     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Cover Version 14/05/2018
Whodeani's an award-losing music writer, ex DJ, producer, and wantrepreneur. In addition to making music, he co-owns and operates WE Music Unlimited, a small electronic music label (via Xelon Entertainment).
Whodeani’s new single, "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" is a modern interpretation of the Angels Oz rock classic.

These new versions of “Am I ever...” have a distinctive, unique style ranging from Electro-Rock, to Indie, to Halfbeat to Mainroom with fast-paced rhythms, driving base and sharp vocals.

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Charlz - Colors     Electronic, Chill 12/05/2018
Charlz is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne. Her new single 'Colors' has been produced by M-Phazes and she supported Khalid at his Festival Hall show in Melbourne.
Light, silvery, yet it fills—and stills—a room, Charlz’ dusky voice comes from a place of deep honesty. In her latest single, ‘Colors’, it takes a leading role. Full of quiet intensity, the song breathes with emotion, a delicate dance of harmonies from Charlz’ captivating vocals.

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Luung - Down     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric 12/05/2018
20-year-old Sunshine Coast based electronic artist LUUNG, a project that is a lush and luxurious affair which dances on the line between Indie Rock and dreamy Electronica.
DOWN - In the process of writing this Ep, it really was the first song that felt like a real song. The song speaks a lot to the idea of wanting to push away and reject all the hard stuff that the world throws at you.

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Other tracks by Luung:  ECHO  -  STAY