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Set Mo - Fault Lines     Electronic, Dance, House 01/06/2018
Set Mo are a Sydney production duo currently taking the country by storm with their catalogue of genre defying club tracks and certified house hits that ooze addictive, body-moving rhythms.
“Fault Lines” is the impressive outcome of a European writing trip the pair took in 2017. The opening piano hook is the genius of the track, with the sublime chords calling out amid lines of smooth vocal. The track remains a feel-great testament to Set Mo’s consistent hard work ethic.

Telete - Like Honey     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Folk 01/06/2018
"We use synths and strings and bad keyboard-generated percussion to make slightly wonky pop music. Maybe if dream pop and chamber pop had a very ugly baby?"
Telete's heartrending version of a lullaby, plush with warm, thick synths and triple-tracked strings: "There’s a strange comfort in saying an uncomfortable truth out loud: you take something you’ve internalised, a feeling that you carry in your stomach, chest and heart, and you push it all the way back out."

Abbey Gardner - Weight of Feeling     Electronic, Pop 31/05/2018
'Weight of Feeling' by Abbey Gardner made it to the finals of the prestigious APRA AMCO’s Vanda and Young Songwriting Competition alongside acts such as Amy Shark.
Weight of Feeling features the rise and fall of Gardner’s lilting vocals and her talent for synths and electric guitar.

It's a song about fears within a relationship. Always having that fear that the other person doesn't feel the same. And how having these worries can damage the relationship.

Flight Facilities - All Your Love feat. Dustin Tebbutt     Electronic, Dance, Pop, House 31/05/2018
Sydney duo Flight Facilities are wildly-talented collaborators, impeccably coupling diverse musicians with their sublime electronic soundscapes. They've long held the formula for feel-good soundtracks that make people want to dance.
“All Your Love” is proof of Flight Facilities' ability to craft timeless songs. This collaboration with Dustin Tebbutt is a dreamy match, bringing together celestial vocals and weightless synths to transfix in its seamlessly produced landscape. Tebbutt’s voice alongside the undulating bassline and echoing guitar licks maintain a floating momentum.

Leopard Lake - Only One     Electronic, Pop, RnB, Experimental 31/05/2018
Atmospheric electro-pop group Leopard Lake is a collaboration between Perth producer Sam Ford (Pond, Abbe May) and vocalist Storm Wyness.
Before Leopard Lake deliver their debut, self-titled EP; go back to where the project began with the first track the duo collaborated on, Only One.

"It was so different to anything I'd worked on before, it has this dark headiness to it; lyrically and musically. Intoxicating," said Storm Wyness.

Bura Bura - Kissing The Whip     Electronic, Industrial, Goth, Experimental 29/05/2018
"Uncompromising body-music turned into a mish-mash of new beat industrial greatness, Australian outfit BURA BURA manages to catch a depth which is overlooked within electronic body music.” Repartiseraren
A blending of minimal wave and cold wave sounds creating a solid hypnotic groove and a wash of gothic sound with chanting vocals and danceable beats

Other tracks by Bura Bura:  Double Agent  -  Flex Like Rex
Flowidus - Contact     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 29/05/2018
Born just prior to the early 90’s rise of drum & bass, producers Raphael and Garo have rooted their sound in the form, both as solo artists, and now collaboratively.
‘Contact’ enlists Manchester natives Virus Syndicate, giving the tune bark just as serious as its bite.

Other tracks by Flowidus:  Don't Walk Away (Ft. EDDE)  -  Your Way
Flowidus - Old Heart     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 29/05/2018
Born just prior to the early 90’s rise of drum & bass, producers Raphael and Garo have rooted their sound in the form, both as solo artists, and now collaboratively.
Additional cut ‘Old Heart’ shows off the versatility of the duo.

Liminal Drifter - Beach Fair     Electronic, Chill, Downbeat 29/05/2018
An ongoing travelogue between identities, physical places and states of consciousness. Many of these evocative slices of ambient electronica evolved away from the studio, while traveling or visiting new places.
Lifted from Liminal Drifter’s forthcoming third album The Dreams (12th June 2018).

“The Dreams, is a lush soundscape of melodic and dream like elements that come together to form an intricate and truly beautiful piece of work… Keep your eye on this one.” – 4ZZZ

Mani Blü - Turn Off The Radio     Electronic, Pop, Gay Alligned, Atmospheric 29/05/2018
Melbourne based singer-songwriter Mani Blü announces the release of his debut single ‘Turn Off The Radio’, a striking, grand new release, effortlessly fusing synth-pop influences with a modern flavour.
Mani Blü's new single ‘Turn Off The Radio’ draws influence from David Bowie’s ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and Spiders from Mars’ while Blü’s style as a whole seeks to encompass Warholian Pop Culture that is rarely seen in today’s music.

RÜFÜS DU SOL - No Place     Electronic 29/05/2018
They are one of the world’s most preeminent live electronic bands. Formerly known as RÜFÜS, they are an Australian three-piece, they the intersection of entrancing indie music and intelligent electronica
‘No Place’ is built on a haunting and ethereal foundation, the track crescendos to capture the exhilaration of encountering a siren, a soulmate, a wondrous exposé of the emotive style they have become known for. ‘No Place’ marks the first new music from the trio in more than two years

Bares - Montage     Electronic, Pop, Acoustic, Rock 26/05/2018
Front run by singer-songwriter Ella Sterland, Bares are a Sydney based electronic/pop group that explore sonic diversity to help communicate an array of emotions that accompany the human experience.
‘Montage’ is a broken-hearted dance track that communicates within the tender last moments of being with someone you love, or had loved. Lyrics that would usually be accompanied by ballad-like instrumentation, are instead blended with a traditional house beat, driving electric guitar, and a hollow, warm synthetic organ.

Milan Ring - Obscured     Electronic 26/05/2018
Milan is able to bring in all of her contrasting influences to shape a sound that is distinctly her own.
New single from Sydney solo artist, Milan Ring.

Sampology - Mt Glorious     Electronic, Dance 26/05/2018
Innovative Brisbane based producer, Sampology (Sam Poggioli) shares his new single “Mt Glorious”, and announces his forthcoming EP with a string of tour dates to celebrate.
“Mt Glorious” provides an ethereal electronic sound from start to finish, finding the perfect balance between new sounds and live instrumentation, accentuating Sam's recordings of piano, percussion, a string quartet and more

Watch video

Tonsu - A Broken World ft. Briana Sorgiovanni     Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop 26/05/2018
Tonsu is the solo project of David Jonker, an up and coming music producer from Perth, Western Australia. A Broken World is Tonsu’s latest solo single; a collaboration with Perth based singer Briana Sorgiovanni.
A Broken World has been a project in the works for the past two years, morphing a variety of genres and sounds to create a track that's unique to anything either artist has produced or written before. This single explores current worldly issues and social stigmas. 

Comedown Party - Sentimental     Electronic, Soul, Breaks, Pop 25/05/2018
Comedown Party blends sounds of live instruments and warm synths backed with grooves sampled from vinyl far and wide... Resulting in personal songs through a dark mix of genres.
Sentimental is the debut single from Melbourne act, Comedown Party.

The track blends live recorded instruments with sampled drum grooves and other unexpected samples from vinyl.

Sentimental delivers a mix of unique sounds that together, with melancholy vocals, creates an intimate song with personal lyrics.

Swaré - Houston     Electronic, Dance, House, Funk 24/05/2018
Sydney artist Swaré is back with latest single, ‘Houston’. After dropping three tasty tracks already, 'Houston' sees him return to his unique disco pop sound that we know and love!
With a classic disco beat, sliced up bass lines and sleek, shimmery vocals, ‘Houston’ is Swaré’s funkiest jam to date

KAIAR - Human     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 23/05/2018
Melbourne-based dream pop producer and self-described “chronic overthinker” KAIAR (formerly KAIA) rummages through layers of off-kilter beats and choppy vocal samples to find personal and objective truth.
An exploration of how to put "pressure in the right place" to "break" through our protective armour, 'Human' is true to its name - tense, real, beautiful. Dreamy synth pads glow dimly under choppy percussive layers, showering over KAIAR's increasingly fevered exaltations as she searches for genuine connection.

Tangents - Lake George     Electronic, Atmospheric, Experimental, Jazz 23/05/2018
Sydney-based "post-everything" experimentalists who rummage through elements of sound found in jazz, electronica, rock and more.
"For four minutes, Tangents build a world teeming with quiet musical contemplation, all those colourful pieces hovering together just at the horizon, webbing around each other like clouds on an otherwise sunny day." - Pitchfork on 'Lake George'


Dj Yoni - For The Sex Havers     Electronic, House, Techno 22/05/2018
DJ Yoni is a new dance project of Sydney artist Jonathan Hochman, member of Holy Balm & Four Door.
Oh yes wow

Other tracks by Dj Yoni:  Hammered  -  Slaps