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Handsome - No Cowards     Electronic, Pop 25/08/2018
HANDSOME's a new artist, crafting a mix of Tomboy pop and brooding electronica, based in Sydney, Australia. The bold and new sounds announce a celebration of self-expression and carefree creativity.
HANDSOME welcome’s the growing visibility of queerness in music and art. The new track ‘No Cowards’, embodies all of this with its vibrant, joyful and defiant feels. The celebration of self-expression beams with every wry smile, every swift movement and every playful cut.

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Intenso - Blood Shrinks Everything     Electronic, Experimental, Psychedelic, Instrumental 25/08/2018
Intenso is an improvisational exploration into time, type and approach; a synergy with an emphasis on emotional triggers. Purely executed on the fly; the only appetite is to connect musically.
"Blood Shrinks Everything" sees a slowing of the heart rate from vintage Intenso into more controlled, moody even movements and vibrations. Sizzling modular synth tones lead us down dimly lit, unknowable sonic corridors which quickly become unstable and fragment exponentially. The Intenso formula is always in flux, the three piece line-up remains the same and the direction, blood simple.

Other tracks by Intenso:  The Machines Are Learning To Keep Their Secrets  -  Spiders of the Ocean Floor
Kito - Strawberries     Electronic 25/08/2018
Kito is a producer from Denmark, WA. In 2011, her career began when Diplo discovered her demos. After 7 years off this year Kito returns to her own project HAANI
'Strawberries' ― featuring collaborations with Elley Duhé, Kodie Shane, and Trinidad James ― is the second single from Kito's forthcoming EP HAANI out September 7.

Kito says: “'Strawberries' is about getting lost in a cloud with someone you care about and enjoying that moment in time with no worry for the past or future."

Maliblue - Trykt     Electronic, Chill, Instrumental, House 25/08/2018
Influenced by accelerationist pop, disco and lo-fi house, Melbourne artist Maliblue has previously released cassettes with iconic vaporwave labels Adhesive Sounds and 永遠に B O G U S // COLLECTIVE.
Late 90's Moby influenced sample-based pop.

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Other tracks by Maliblue:  Hex  -  Dual
Oruam - Looking Straight     Electronic, Dance 25/08/2018
Oruam is an Italian record producer, songwriter and DJ currently based in Perth, Australia. Looking Straight is Oruam’s latest single.
Looking Straight, Oruam’s new song is a mix of pop, vocal chops and dance elements written to facilitate dancing as well as easy listening.

Pat Carroll - Conditions     Electronic, Techno, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 25/08/2018
Pat Carroll is a young Sydney producer creating layered and complex music in the vein of Jon Hopkins. He is currently studying a PHD in music composition at the CON
Conditions was started at the very end of 2017, and mainly revolves around a simple chord sequence that slowly gets passed around by different sounds. I wanted to end the EP on a softer note, so after the climax of the track, the sounds begin to calm down and the close is more spacious.

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Other tracks by Pat Carroll:  Gestalt  -  Materialise
Peach Body - Boy in Love Ft. Zellow     Electronic, Pop, Dance 25/08/2018
Peach Body is a Melbourne based musician who works in edges, pops and clicks, threading them into dirty cut up collages which canvass traditional pop beats and patterns.
The track warms up with staggered staccato patterns. Suddenly, a feeling of velocity, rich and smooth. layers of bass and melody betray a gravity and passion growing more difficult to conceal. A brief silence and from nowhere a saxophone, a lung tearing silken vibration, and it's permission to dance and move blind to anything but the weightless patterns around you.

Richy Fancy - Hiraeth (Original Mix)     Electronic, Dance, Experimental 25/08/2018
24 Year Old New Zealand DJ currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
(n.) Longing for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

Rydeen - Besa     Electronic, Electronic, House, Jazz 25/08/2018
Rydeen is a new project from 22 yr old Sydney artist Ryley Edwards. Computer music that joins the dots between dance music, experimental electronics and contemporary pop.
Besa begins with a slow ambient build, layering digital noise and cut up vocals before dropping into a heavy house shuffle. Synth arpeggiations intertwined with saxophone, it offers a cross genre exploration, reminiscent of Four Tet or Caribou.

Other tracks by Rydeen:  Conflux (FBi Mix)
Sam Square - Recover     Electronic, Pop, Roots 25/08/2018
Sam Square is a deep voiced singer, producer and instrumentalist, creating rootsy alternative and electronic music from the Mornington Peninsula.
Recover showcases a bigger, livelier sound than earlier releases, conveying a message of hope in a growing, glowing, soaring anthem.

Referencing local legends City Calm Down, as well as Cut Copy and the Presets, Melbourne based Sam Square walks the line between electronic and band sounds, bringing emotional folky, rootsy influences into the mix alongside punchy rhythms and memorable hooks.

Other tracks by Sam Square:  Turn On Your Light
SILA - BYM.     Electronic, RnB, Soul 25/08/2018
The alias of alternative pop singer, songwriter and producer Carley Austin, SILA can be described as a hybrid of electronic, soul, with shades of contemporary R&B
BYM. is a bouncy, electronic/R&B track with slick bass rhythms and subtle synth grooves. It is written about a woman manifesting confidence and self-assuredness after being in a relationship with a now, repentant individual.

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Two People - Something To Talk About     Electronic, Pop 25/08/2018
Two People are Phoebe Lou and Joseph Clough, who formed following the dissolution of their prior project Snakadaktal.
‘Something To Talk About’ aptly follows on from ‘I’m Tied, To You’, which was revealed as the first track from the duo’s debut LP. Like ‘I’m Tied, To You’, the track was mixed by revered Scottish producer Rodaidh McDonald, who has also finessed records from The xx, Sampha, Adele and King Krule.

Willaris. K - Perpetual Love     Electronic 25/08/2018
One of Australia’s breakthrough acts of 2018, Willaris. K returns with a fan-favourite from his ‘Alchemy’ EP titled ‘Perpetual Love’ which follows on from singles, ‘Risen’ and ‘Dour Nights’.
A clear standout in his live show, the track blends the darkness and euphoric spaces that Willaris. K is becoming infamous for. His music combines ambience and melody with heaving, nocturnal beats. It’s dark and cathartic in equal measure.

Kid Fiction - Ashes     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 23/08/2018
Sydney based Producer/Vocalist Kid Fiction burst into focus in early 2018 with a self titled debut EP, of fresh sounding genre-bending electronic music.
Kid Fiction digs deep with new unreleased song 'Ashes'. The track see's Fiction at his most raw and elemental.

Describing the release he wrote: "I wrote the song over a single night back in 2013, a year that felt for me like being shot out of a cannon. This track was a big blur of emotions from that time."

Other tracks by Kid Fiction:  Under Milky Driftwood Skies
Paces - Siren feat. Guy Sebastian     Electronic, Pop, Dance 22/08/2018
If paradise has a soundtrack, PACES is curating it. The Gold Coast producer blurs lines between club and pop music, cloaking everything he does in happiness and explosive colour.
‘Siren’ is the last single lifted from Paces’ upcoming album ZAG, which drops August 24th. No strangers to working together, Guy featured on Paces’ 2016 single ‘Desert’ from his debut album Vacation, and the pair also teamed up for Paces’ acclaimed triple j Like A Version which they smashed out of the ballpark, breaking the internet in the process.

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RUFUS DU SOL - Underwater     Electronic, Dance 22/08/2018
RÜFÜS DU SOL are one of the world’s most preeminent live electronic bands. Formerly known as RÜFÜS, the Australian three-piece comprised of members Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George and James Hunt
After dropping their first new music in over two years with ‘No Place’ a few months ago, RÜFÜS DU SOL – one of Australia’s and the world’s most preeminent live electronic bands – have now released ‘Underwater’ via Sony Music Entertainment Australia. The track embodies the boundary-pushing production, and soaring vocals that RÜFÜS DU SOL have built their name on.

Crooked Colours - I'll Be There     Electronic 18/08/2018
Their album hit #1 on the iTunes Electronic chart and received a staggering 30 million collective online streams, which led to extensive touring of Australia, United States, UK and Europe.
Penned during their time on the road, ‘I’ll Be There’ is a perfect re-introduction for the group, taking some of the instrumental timbre which has become synonymous with the Crooked Colours style, whilst injecting layered tribal influenced vocals, hypnotic loops, and driving synths throughout.

Jessica Chloe - Feel Like Me     Electronic, Pop 18/08/2018
Jessica Chloe . 20 years . Adelaide, South Australia. I collaborate with local producers to create electronic / pop tunes from the soul.
Feel Like Me details the feeling of loosing someone you love and yourself in the process. A combination of electronic production; mixed with emotive melodies and finished off with a catchy pop structure.

JV & Palf - Don't Stop     Electronic, Dance 18/08/2018
Sydney based producers JV & Palf share their debut Wren EP, an engaging, pulsating and genre-pushing release, and the most recent signee to October Records.
With a pressurised sonics and galloping percussion, "Don't Stop" leaves little room to catch your breath. A serious club workout with playful overtones; it works manipulated vocal samples over a wall of low end that demands attention.

Other tracks by JV & Palf:  JBNT  -  Gully
Oh My My - Woe My Heart     Electronic, Rock, Garage, Industrial 18/08/2018
When listeners were first introduced to the stylings of producer and musician Oh My My earlier this year, they got a hit of dark and sultry electronica with ‘Animal House’.
Employing delicately placed piano in amongst thudding beats elevates the song to being more than just a crystal cut banger, Oh My My delves deeper in pulling on the heartstrings as it explores themes of loneliness and heartache. Vocal echoes and ambience adds space, the pace of the percussion anchors and as the song enters its final minute.