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Ella Thompson - Hysteria     Electronic, RnB, Experimental, Pop 16/10/2018
Hysteria is the second single from melbourne artist Ella Thompson the song is about the gendered historical discourse of madness. Taken from her new EP Hysteria out nov 2nd
This EP is a collection of songs I’ve written over the last year or so. They're stories of my observations and experiences, sounds and words I’ve been collecting. Released via my new record label POOL, which is now the home base for all these new works. I hope these songs find their way to your ears, your day or night

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Other tracks by Ella Thompson:  Dare
Horizon - In The Morning (Feat. Bianca and Sammy Arriaga) (clean)     Electronic, Pop, Dance 16/10/2018
At only 21 years old, Horizon is Australia’s #1 RnB DJ across the airwaves, clubs and festivals of Australia.
The debut single from Melbourne artist & prolific DJ, Horizon.

“Let’s live in the moment. Love is the reason we are here. Let’s talk about it ‘In The Morning’. Real feelings create real music. For my debut single I wanted it to be personal and relatable. We have emotions & we have all experienced what we thought was love.”

Japanese Wallpaper - Fooling Around     Electronic, Pop 16/10/2018
Melbourne's Japanese Wallpaper aka Gab Strum is a musician and producer who won 2014's triple j unearthed high competition.
A dizzying journey of synths and sharp melodies, this is pop electronica at its most self confident. Acting as a call to arms to anyone who has ever felt the need to assert themselves, the track is taken from a forthcoming record leaving his melancholic melodies behind and embracing a resounding sense of hopefulness.

MEZKO - Guess Who     Electronic, Rock 16/10/2018
MEZKO are the duo of multi-instrumentalists Kat Harley and Laura Bailey. Together, they create a collision of futurist pop and electronica that casts one eye backwards at post-punk and krautrock.
'Guess Who' emerges as an ode to the catharsis of acknowledging and eliminating negative forces from ones life. In MEZKO's words "This is a song for the people you leave behind. The ones that got you really hard and then dragged you right down. It's about moving on from someone toxic, a kind of a soundtrack for removing the dirt"

Eurisko - Glitter in the Dark (feat. Neon Tetra)     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Atmospheric 15/10/2018
Luscious down-tempo electronica (SEE: Com Truise, Tycho, M83, Beach House). Summer car trips riding in slow motion. A collaborative side project of Adelaide band, Neon Tetra. Debut album coming soon!
We have been digging through a lot of synthwave music, which is reinforced by a fascination of 80s Sci-Fi, like Blade Runner, where you’d imagine this type of music being played on a radio station in that alternate reality. It's got a big dance hall vibe to it as well, so it's very versatile. Easy listening or energised, works well.

Outside The Academy - Vonnegut, You're Kidding Me (It's Not Fair)     Electronic, Pop, Retro, Atmospheric 15/10/2018
Outside The Academy is Pawel Cholewa; a nomadic producer and multi-instrumentalist who has “the balance between experimental and euphonics just right” (Jae Salmon – 4ZZZ).
“Vonnegut, You're Kidding Me (It's Not Fair)” is the synth-based electronic lo-fi space age anthem of OTA’s experimental MIDI journey this Summer. A short-lived 3-minute track about frustration and neglect. It is a song about resentment and hypocrisy, despite its overall (sarcastically) positive, ethereal and open-ended mood.

Embedded Figures - St Kilda     Electronic, Downbeat, Pop, Industrial 15/10/2018
Embedded Figures conjure up Dance driven future pop that perhaps belongs in a Berlin nightclub circa 2040.
The Embedded Figures contribution to Detonic Recordings' Minimum Viable Product Single Series is the disorientating "St. Kilda" dedicated to the equally bi-polar Melbourne sea-side suburb. The song drifts away and back again on a mesmerising trajectory, seemingly only hanging together only by virtue of the searing vocals that threaten to switch from torch singer to blow torched at any moment.

Other tracks by Embedded Figures:  Inferno
Israel Carter - Ngarrindjeri     Electronic 15/10/2018
My name is Israel Carter and i’m a music producer/songwriter/sound engineer/DJ from Melbourne Australia
Israel Carter- Ngarrindjeri

LUNA SOL - Back To Where We Started     Electronic, Pop, Chill 15/10/2018
LUNA SOL released their debut single 'In his shoes' in June and have already gained national support from local radio stations across Australia.
Back To Where We Started is a track about a relationship with someone that gets messy and complicated over time where by the end you wish you could just rewind and start again.

Spectoral - Movin' On     Electronic, RnB, Soul 15/10/2018
Spectoral, the stage name of producer singer-songwriter Andrew Bitto. Spectoral fuses pop, R'n'B and electronic influences flawlessly, all amongst a sparkling bed of confessional, well-crafted lyrics.
Movin' On feels evocative and melancholy production styles comes to mind - but there is something still so one-of-a-kind about it, something so uniquely Spectoral. Instrumentation features co-production from Martiln (one half of Twofold Vision) and sees synths glide effortlessly alongside each other, ducking perfectly behind carefully placed percussion, while Spectoral's distinctive vocal leads the way with intensely relatable lyrics.

BRUX - In My Dreams     Electronic, Techno, Dance 13/10/2018
A sonic feast that draws us deep into its wayward world of mystic energy and abrasive emotion, one cannot help but succumb to the sound and vision of BRUX.
The third single from the Sydney-based producer. "In My Dreams" arrives on the scene as the product of skilful signature sound curation, built on pitch-shifted vocals, ethereal scattered beats and brooding rhythms that have become synonymous with BRUX as an artist. Instrumentally vast and layered, the track delivers another skilful taste of BRUX's world.

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Naations - Long Time     Electronic, Dance, Pop 12/10/2018
Teardrop is an introduction into the world of NAATIONS, with EP Part2 Star coming out soon. The release cements the duo’s reputation as one of dance music’s fastest rising acts.
LA-based Australian duo NAATIONS have unveiled their stunning debut EP, Teardrop. The first half of a two-part EP series, Teardrop is a 6-track production filled with the pair’s freshest tracks, including their brand-new collaboration ‘Long Time’ with iLoveMakkonen.

Other tracks by Naations:  MDMA  -  Keep it Real
Atlas Franklin Alexander - Valis     Electronic 11/10/2018
Atlas Franklin Alexander aims both musically and visually to throw us into the ethereal depths of his psyche.
Sonically his imagination of the world is a collage of layered ambient synths and effected vocals that centre around organic beats, whilst aesthetically his clips draw us into his otherworldly visual interpretations of modern life with a Kubrickian slant that is equally as gloomfilled as it is optimistic.

Imbibe - Mirage     Electronic, Pop 11/10/2018
We are Imbibe. Holden & Tennyson Nobel originally from Byron Bay, Australia now living in Berlin. Producing off-centre pop music for the globe.
Music for the globe.

The Bush Cave Project - Who I Am     Electronic, Atmospheric 11/10/2018
The Bush Cave Project is the epitome of the punk DIY ethos recording the first 2 EP's entirely in the Australian Bush armed with not much more than an ipad.
Who I am is possibly the simplest sounding of all the Bush Cave Projects tracks, a searching look at depression in a women facing her mid life with no understanding of who she has become in the years since she last took time to ask her self who she is.

Other tracks by The Bush Cave Project:  Now You're Leaving
SARSAPARILLA - POSTCARD     Pop, Rock, Electronic, Gay-Aligned 10/10/2018
SARSAPARILLA is a bedroom producer based in Melbourne. They draw influences from far afield to create beats using found sounds and samples.
SARSAPARILLA teamed up with Sydney based singer/songwriter Rubi, and producer Pete Holz (Gang of Youths, Peking Duk) to produce this first offering - a dreamy, melancholy pop soundscape.

The track POSTCARD is an homage to lives lost and possible futures never seen. It draws on the struggles of conformity and the desire to belong in an increasingly complex world.

Bombs Away - Drive Me Home feat. Myah Marie     Electronic, Pop, Dance 09/10/2018
Bombs Away have proven that they know how to write a hit. Their tracks ‘Party Bass’ and ‘Super Soaker’ both certified platinum and ‘Big Booty B*tches’ certified gold.
Back off the release of their long awaited debut album, and just in time for summer, Bombs Away are releasing a fresh pop hit titled ‘Drive Me Home feat. Myah Marie’. The track delves into a slightly new style for the duo, with a large focus on storytelling, scaling back production allowing the vocalist to take the spotlight.

Golden Vessel - BIGBRIGHT     Electronic 09/10/2018
Brisbane artist Golden Vessel had a standout 2017 with the Right/Side EP release, headline tour, national tour support with The Kite String Tangle, and a festival debut at This That.
Brisbane artist Golden Vessel blasts back into our lives with ‘BIGBRIGHT’ his new single featuring good friends Elkkle, E^ST and DUCKWRTH.

The single is about that feeling you have when you’ve got a new crush on someone and you feel yourself being swept away so you tell yourself to try to slow it down a bit and control your feelings.

HEYMUN - WILD     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 09/10/2018
HEYMUN's debut EP took her out of her beloved dingy sofa straight to NYC for The CBGB Festival & awarded her First Place Singer-songwriter at Unsigned Only USA.
WILD is an electronic track serving cinematic layers of strings and cellos as appetizers and it's main course reveals itself gradually through felt pianos, delicate vocals, and progressive beats that aim to leave you relaxed and ready for my next track, I mean, dessert.

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Other tracks by HEYMUN:  LIGHT  -  Awake
Huntly - Drop Gear     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Industrial 09/10/2018
Melbourne trio Huntly return with the announcement of signing to Barely Dressed Records, celebrating with brand new single ‘Drop Gear’ premiered on triple j, out now via Barely Dressed/Remote Control.
On ‘Drop Gear', Huntly double down on their “doof you can cry to” manifesto, marrying intimate songwriting with forward-thinking dance music to astonishing effect. ‘Drop Gear’ is a song about tension, restlessness and alienation. It secures Huntly a place in the canon of cutting-edge pop.

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