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ZĀN - Salafi Secrets     Electronic, RnB, Hip Hop, Pop 13/06/2018
ZĀN is a singer, songwriter & producer whose musical routes lay in an eclectic mix of South Asian cinema, alt-R&B and electro-pop.
Introducing Pakistan-born, singer-songwriter and producer ZĀN, with his debut single Salafi Secrets; a twisting, turning beat reflecting on queer sexuality and spirituality reminiscent of Janet Jackson.

Lyrically, the track deals with queer sexuality, spirituality and secrets; all integral elements of ZĀN's artistry and personal story.

POLOSHIRT - Pinned Upon     Electronic 12/06/2018
POLOSHIRT ​is the collaboration you've been waiting for; the coming together of singer/rapper/multi-instrumentalist ​Winston Surfshirt and live production duo ​Polographia.
Fuses together and highlights Winston’s unique blend of funk, soul and hip hop and Polographia’s timeless approach to electronic pop. With influences ranging from 70's slow jams to 8-bit anime,​POLOSHIRT​ is a familiar sound with a modern approach ready to be served

Ruel - Dazed & Confused     Electronic, Pop 11/06/2018
An unknown 15 year old kid from Sydney ended up becoming the protégé of super producer M-Phazes and would later feature on his critically acclaimed 'Golden Years' single.
"Dazed & Confused," is a Bluesy-pop gem from 15-year-old multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Ruel. Time Magazine described the new single as "moody pop magic."

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Breakthrough Artist

Korky Buchek - Higher ft. Kymie     Electronic, Pop, Dance 09/06/2018
A production and performance duo from Western Sydney, creating a unique mixture of electronic sounds and experimenting with their sound constantly.
The track itself is a euphoric monster, with the vocals of Kymie dripping over the top of loaded synths and lifting you right into the depths of the drop. Layering her vocals throughout and creating a beautiful bridge that lifts you higher into the end drop that is incredibly sizeable.

Hugo Bladel - Feel The Love     Electronic, Funk, Dance 08/06/2018
Tassie born, Melbourne based artist Hugo Bladel has been working on producing some lush sounds that dabble in the electronic, soulful arenas, adding his own distinctive flair into the mix.
Bringing together lush melodies with clean production that will have heads turned with ease, Hugo Bladel presents ‘Feel the Love’. The latest from the now Melbourne based songwriter puts that thumping bass line in the mix with Bladel’s smoking vocals, making ‘Feel the Love’ an instant groover.

Chunyin - 阿迪 Adidos     Electronic 07/06/2018
Chunyin is the dance-oriented project of Rainbow Chan, where she crafts chunky, crushing dance-floor weapons.
Adidos is a footwork-inspired jingle for counterfeit sportswear. Sprawling and dystopian, it invites dancers into euphoric submission.

Other tracks by Chunyin:  想起 Look Back On This  -  條款 Terms
DJ Plead - Get in Circle     Electronic 07/06/2018
Melbourne-based DJ and producer, 1/3 of BV and label head at the Sumac Trac record label.
Slinky, tense drum work-out featuring a killer flute lead, bringing a Lebanese wedding to the club.

Other tracks by DJ Plead:  DVE  -  Lee's Shuffle
Retiree - Pumice Stone     Electronic 07/06/2018
Retiree is a 3-piece band from Sydney/Melbourne.
Pumice Stone is the new single from Sydney band, Retiree.

Amastro - Inhibitions     Electronic, Dance 06/06/2018
The alias of electronic disc jockey and producer Angus Murphy, Amastro has a signature smooth production style, influenced by the likes of Hermitude, Flume and What So Not.
'Inhibitions' is a three-minute sonic journey born out of an enlightening meditation session at the recent Lost Paradise Festival. Amastro's signature electronic production hallmarks are present with interjecting spoken samples adding to the layering to create an immersive quality for the listener.

Happy Axe - Cheshire Heart     Electronic 06/06/2018
Happy Axe is multi-instrumentalist and musical polymath Emma Kelly, who uses violin, musical saw, vocals and digital manipulation to build new worlds out of layers of sound.
Cheshire Heart is hauntingly captivating, a hypnotic experience where deft melodies and atmospheric loops cascade and fold themselves around you. Entrancing patterns form and then dissolve. Inspired by the organic sonic landscapes of artists like Björk and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Happy Axe builds sound-worlds filled with both light and shadow.

Happy Axe - Seven Sounds     Electronic 06/06/2018
Happy Axe is multi-instrumentalist and musical polymath Emma Kelly, who uses violin, musical saw, vocals and digital manipulation to build new worlds out of layers of sound.
Seven Sounds is a s stunning and dynamic piece that blends eerie soundscapes created through Happy Axe's performance of the violin and saw, with beautifully delicate vocal melodies.

Nick Summerfield - Shelter     Electronic, Pop 06/06/2018
Nick Summerfield is an Electropop artist hailing from Sydney, Australia. With an evolving sound and years of honing his craft, he feels finally ready to start sharing his stories.
‘Shelter’ is a song about change and personal growth. It explores the transition of innocence and safety into reflection and truth. Sometimes change is necessary, and sometimes our biggest hurdle is our self – you just need to ask the question.. am I worth it?

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Orlando furious - Parmesan     Electronic, Punk, Pop 06/06/2018
Named is an album as strangely funny and existentially dreadful as the age we live in and Orlando furious is the preacher on the street corner, howling in the techno-apocalypse.
Just one of the odd-ball pop hits from the new Orlando furious album. Who is the parmesan of your life?

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Other tracks by Orlando furious:  Murdoch  -  Rage
Paces - Call The 5-0 feat. Midas.Gold, Tigerilla & Health Club     Electronic, Hip Hop, Dance 06/06/2018
A truly unique Australian is Mikey Perry, whose project Paces is the musical response to his ever-positive attitude and focus on creating good vibe party tunes.
Paces' new single ‘Call The 5-0’ featuring Midas.Gold, Tigerilla and Health Club, comes in like a hot breeze, a pacey funk-groove laced with that caffeinated positive Paces vibe and the next taste of Paces’ upcoming sophomore album, ZAG, to be released on August 24th this year.

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SŸDE - Above The Sky (Jengi Remix)     Electronic 05/06/2018
Having conquered the globe with their two debut singles, Melbourne producer duo SŸDE are now re-releasing their latest single ‘Above The Clouds’ Feat. Olivia Reid, remixed by Dutch producer, Jengi.
Isolating and experimenting with Olivia Reid’s vocals, manipulating elements of the melody and pace, warping the chords, and floating it all upon a subtle-yet-infectious groove Dutch producer Jengi breathes a whole new life into this brakout SŸDE single, while still retaining its original, undeniable charm.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP - Endless     Electronic, Pop 04/06/2018
The classically-trained Lucianblomkamp embraces the endless possibilities of the electronic medium to make polished yet provocative music. His musical background & eclectic influences coalesce into a style uniquely his own.
Endless is about self-reflection. Lyrically, it’s somewhat lecturous tone is directed at myself. The track is basically a chat between my present and past self. The different sections of the track are meant to reflect that

Air Max '97 - Mirrored Gate     Electronic 01/06/2018
Air Max ‘97 is a singular artist in the current music landscape. His productions are rich with atmosphere, texture and percussive energy, winning support from DJs and audiences worldwide.
Mirrored Gate is a beguiling and otherwordly album cut, with a lurching bass driven rhythm, hypnotic synths and heavily processed vocal snippets. Sensuous, driving, alien and mischievous!

Other tracks by Air Max '97:  Veneer  -  Kermes
Dubarray - Vast As The Sky     Electronic, World, House, Dub 01/06/2018
Dubarray infuse styles such as trip-hop, drum & bass, house, reggae, funk, dancehall and tribal grooves layered on a bed of electronic ambience and organic undertones.
Smooth, free-flowing beats. Eloquent female lead vocals. Funk-laden guitars. Rap verses. Vast As The Sky is another World Music banger from Sunshine Coast's Dubarray. These guys effortlessly blend multiple genres to create this masterpiece.

Kult Kyss - Chi Cup     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 01/06/2018
Kult Kyss, comprised of creatives Haxx and Rromarin, the hybrid art-music project enjoyed a prosperous debut year. The Melbourne electronic duo return with luminous new offering ‘Chi Cup’.
In the wake of their summer rework of Planet Funk’s ‘Chase The Sun’, Melbourne electronic duo Kult Kyss return with luminous new offering.

Blending ethereal, incanting vocals with chiming percussion and vivid production, ‘Chi Cup’ melds future pop with ritual noise, drawing listeners into a rich and dynamic soundscape.

Kuren - Never Enough ft Sam Phay     Electronic 01/06/2018
20-year-old self-taught producer Kuren has evolved into a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and story teller and his signature emotive electronica earmarking him a talent well beyond his years.
Lifted from his long-awaited debut, "Never Enough ft. Sam Phay" is the quintessential Kuren track.

Featuring Sam Phay, "Never Enough" is part of a concept where a man is given a choice between heaven and hell, the song building to a dark crescendo as he approaches the end.

2018 NATIONAL INDIGENOUS MUSIC AWARD FINALIST: Album of the Year ("Melting Conceptually")