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The Kite String Tangle - Give It Time ft. Aalias     Electronic 22/06/2018
Brisbane singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist, nominated for multiple ARIA Awards.
‘Give It Time’ ft. Aalias from The Kite String Tangle.

Known for co-producing hits such as Eminem and Rihanna’s ‘The Monster’ and DJ Snake ‘Middle’, on ‘Give It Time’ Aalias worked alongside The Kite String Tangle to produce a track that draws you in with a mesmerising harp intro, building to an infectious groove and Harley’s unmistakably smooth vocals.

Triangle Head - Wasted     Electronic, Pop, Rock, Soul 22/06/2018
Triangle Head is a Melbourne-based producer making electronic, melody-driven tunes with deep hooks that nod to both the past and the future.
"Wasted" is the latest single from Triangle Head, a golden slice of sample-based/dance-floor/soul-RNB, with a thick bass groove and early hip-hop beat accompanying bittersweet vocal samples with 50’s BVS.

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UIU - The Young And Innocent     Electronic, Goth, Industrial 22/06/2018
Buried underground in the cool comfort of the shadows, UIU is a new force channeling inspiration from Dark Wave/New Wave/Cold Wave/Goth/Synthpunk/Synthpop.
"industrial-like drum programming, droning synths, a motorik groove, a trippy yet ethereal sense of melodicism and John Carpenter soundtrack-like cinematic bent." The Joy of Violent Movement

Other tracks by UIU:  Like A Doll
Motez - Visceral     Electronic 21/06/2018
Motez’ soundscape pushes the boundaries of your regular house producer, chalking up fiveHype Machine #1s and dropping official remixes for Disclosure, Sam Smith, Goldlinkand Ellie Goulding
Tech-house thumper

Other tracks by Motez:  Roll Out
Boulevarde - I Needed You (Feat. Nick De La Hoyde)     Electronic 20/06/2018
Hailing from Sydney, Boulevarde are the musical duo preparing to leap onto the scene with their debut single ‘I Needed You Feat. Nick De La Hoyde’.
'I Needed You’ is built around an intriguing chord progression and an effortless groove, the mid-tempo offering feels fresh but familiar, delicately walking the fine line between pop and indie.

Glass Shadow - Horizon (feat. Wilsonic and Phoebe Sinclair)     Electronic, Chill, Dance 20/06/2018
Glass Shadow is the solo project of electronic dance artist and producer, Adam Buckingham.
Horizon is a collaborative project started between Glass Shadow and Wilsonic that intended to capture a feeling of wanderlust and exploration within an electronic/dance track. The track features a talented vocal performance from Phoebe Sinclair whose vocals brought a beautiful feeling of power to the single.

Other tracks by Glass Shadow:  Outta My League (feat. Harry Phillips)
Feki - Don't Doubt. ft Olivia Reid     Electronic 19/06/2018
With total online streams reaching over 14 million, Brisbane Producer Feki has been making his presence felt, one carefully crafted track after the next.
Featuring Californian-native Olivia Reid’s blissful vocals, and rhythmic beats that build into a soaring chorus, ‘Don’t Doubt’ is a powerfully restrained track that is destined for repeat listens.

Slum Sociable - Can't Figure It Out     Electronic 19/06/2018
Lo-Fo washed-out jazz hop from Melbourne, Slum Sociable are a duo moving from melancholy and inverted to explorative and experimental.
Can’t Figure It Out’ is Slum Sociable’s most infectious work to date and showcases another welcomed progression in song writing from the acclaimed duo. It features their renowned lo-fi beats, bright synth hooks and vocal melodies

Luna Sol - In His Shoes     Electronic 16/06/2018
Brisbane based singer/songwriter/producer duo.
In his shoes is about learning to live in the moment and not living to work. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes to understand a different way of life.

Oliver Tank - Make Believe     Electronic, Pop, Britpop, Downbeat 16/06/2018
Oliver Tank Electronic music maestro Creator of dreamy, luscious, heartfelt soundscapes
A return to form from Oliver Tank sees Make Believe float along a dreamy soundscape and reaffirming the lyrics that 'I Can Do Anything'

Earthlings - Runaway     Electronic, Experimental, Pop, Techno 15/06/2018
EARTHLINGS is a multi-instrumental electronic grunge duo who have been writing, recording, and performing music together for over a decade.
Being compared to electronic giants the size of Dukes Of Windsor and The Presets, Earthlings are currently running down a musical path all by themselves.

Mickey Kojak - Get Out     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Chill 15/06/2018
Mickey Kojak is an electronic musician, producer and vocalist from Sydney who has taken his fanbase on an eclectic ride from club thumpers to slow jams filled with rich acoustics.
"Get Out" is a fast-paced, high energy track that straddles the border of rock and electronic; a place where Mickey's sound thrives. Deeply personal and honest, “Get Out” depicts the struggles of being in a relationship that isn't working, realising the easiest option to resolve problems aren't always the best.

Milwaukee Banks - No Time To Waste     Electronic, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 15/06/2018
Milwaukee Banks share their latest single ‘No Time To Waste’ featuring Rromarin, from their new album No Time, out Friday 29th June via Dot Dash/Remote Control.
‘No Time To Waste’ is about working on your craft continuously to just be the best you can be. Don’t be concerned by the market or outside noise like what people are saying you should be or should do. Keep working on your craft until it is undeniable.

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Nina Las Vegas - Lucky Girl feat. Swick     Electronic, Dance 15/06/2018
Nina Las Vegas (Nina Agzarian) is one of the most influential figures & producers in the Australian music scene, dedicating herself to promoting underground dance music from Australia and abroad.
Slowing down on her usual high-hitting club tracks, "Lucky Girl" bares all to give full attention and admiration to Nina's production prowess. Every beat is intricately placed, nestled amongst naturally slower chord progressions and a palette pleasing melody, with added drum production by fellow NLV Records artist, Swick.

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SAVV - Future Forever     Electronic, Pop, Rock 15/06/2018
A love affair of classic rock, pop and the versatile sounds of the synthesiser. Specialising in a sound that can only be described as epiphany pop.
It dives deep into a 1st person perspective on what could and would have happened to two people and to accept their choices without wasting time.

Seekchange Project - Water     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 15/06/2018
It’s kinda indie, kinda pop, kinda electronic.
Written on a misty night in a small rickety houseboat on the Murray River.

Akouo - Painted On (Feat. La'Vel)     Electronic, Hip Hop 13/06/2018
Celebrated Tasmanian producer Akouo has joined the ranks of Australia’s most exciting and eclectic label Trench Records, and to celebrate that announcement has released the brilliant new single, ‘Painted On.’
The future bass driven track acts as the perfect terrain upon which La’Vel’s vocal stylings thrive – the song’s heavy texture spreads across mix and gives the rising hip-hop star plenty to leverage himself upon.

Fascinator - Drenched Out     Electronic, Psychedelic 13/06/2018
Fascinator is a New York based, Australian bred musician signed to Spinning Top Records. Drenched Out is a beguiling soundtrack for wanderlust, the need for constant adventure, earthly and otherwise.
Drenched Out is a beguiling soundtrack for wanderlust, the need for constant adventure, earthly and otherwise.

The Presets - Downtown Shutdown     Electronic 13/06/2018
The Presets are Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes. The duo met while pursuing musical studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
Kim suggested we find an African choir to sing the melody in the chorus, we came across the St Paul’s Lutheran Church Choir. They were amazing. We thickened out their singing with some more singers from LA to get the rich vibe we were looking for.

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Other tracks by The Presets:  Do What You Want  -  14U+14ME
Yù Yī - Peaches feat. Ellen     Electronic, Dance 13/06/2018
Yù Yī is the story of a little astronaut who goes by the name of Mister Hugo. Yù Yī is your connoisseur of fun, refreshing electronic music.
Come on a journey through the wonderful world of Yù Yī and follow him on his quest through the Yù Yī galaxy.“Peaches”, the debut release from Yù Yī is a slinky groove that brings together shining synths and bright percussion. Ellen’s seductive, striking vocals compliment the track's bubbly electronic groove.