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Charlz - The Sun     Electronic 22/09/2018
Light, silvery, yet it fills—and stills—a room, Charlz’ dusky voice comes from a place of deep honesty.
From under the vulnerable covers Charlz emerges with her most powerfully devastating single yet, ‘The Sun’, produced by M-Phazes.

Underpinned by complementing production, ‘The Sun’ fills the room with longing. Charlz’ intoxicating voice sings about the struggles of a relationship. The single exhibits her ability to captivate with nothing more than a sparse piano colliding with her gentle vocals.

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Peach Lane - House Party     Electronic, Chill, Pop, Easy Listening 22/09/2018
Peach Lane creates layers of hazy synths, dreamy guitars and smooth vocals you can get lost in.
House Party follows two people who immediately connect at a house party. The song will take you from the front door to the dance floor, the bathroom and finally into each other's arms under the stars.

Richy Fancy - Beginning Of Time     Electronic, Trance, Dance 22/09/2018
24 Year Old New Zealand DJ currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
A tribute to Professor Stephen Hawking.

Third Floor - Lying Eyes featuring Ryan Konline     Electronic, RnB 22/09/2018
Unguarded with no restraint, the Third Floor mien is an ambient expansion of sonic weightlessness; drawing upon the sincere journey music can lure one on.
It's been over a year since the world has been treated to the silky production and intimate attitude of Third Floor but after surviving through chronic illness and piecing himself back together, the Sydney producer has returned with his wounded single Lying Eyes featuring Ryan Konline; a soft and desperate call for honesty in love.

YATES - Living On The Moon     Electronic, Acoustic, Soul 22/09/2018
The Australien Singer/songwriter Benjamin Jacob Yates, better known as YATES, offers his own distinct pop music, one that is both evocative and deliberate.
‘Living On The Moon’ is a straight up blissful acoustic jam and features YATES distinct soulful vocals. On the EP YATES says, "Lyrically, I think this EP is truly motivated from the idea ’’to make something out of what you have'''

Other tracks by YATES:  34m2  -  Get The Gist
Jnbo - s̸q̶ueez̴eeaz̵y̴_̷     Electronic, Instrumental, Experimental, RnB 21/09/2018
Jnbo is Henry Jenkins, maker of CPU Intensive Hyperbolic Beats, he's a Melbourne producer, bass player, recording and mixing engineer, occasional DJ, geography enthusiast and smiling record store employee. Zing!
Stuck in a struggling computer inspired by Brazilian Disco, Jnbo churns out 's̸q̶ueez̴eeaz̵y̴_̷', a mid-tempo goofy stomper. After a brief monophonic intro the stereo-boogie madness begins. Synths fly overhead, the bottom end stays booty-level, drums slap you from every which way and sounds you can barely describe don't stop coming. It's brief, it's naughty, it's handy and it's fully refundable.

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Other tracks by Jnbo:  p̶r̷oc̸es̸s̷s̷l̸ip̶s̷  -  0̵9̶8̵7̷6̷5̶4̴3̵1̶s̴t̷,̶
Israel Carter - Beyond The Horizon     Electronic 21/09/2018
Hi, my name is Israel Carter and I'm a music producer/songwriter/sound engineer from Melbourne Australia
It's a down tempo chill melodic house track and a collaboration between me and Saskia.W

Other tracks by Israel Carter:  Yoorooga  -  Oceans
KLP - Venus x Mars     Electronic, Dance, House 21/09/2018
KLP, real name Kristy Lee Peters, is a talented force of the Australian music industry, with credentials that cement her reputation as a multi-faceted industry heavy weight.
KLP's heading back to the dance floor, today releasing her monster new single 'Venus x Mars'. The single takes KLP back to her dance music roots for a driving slinky house number, guaranteed to get bodies moving on the dance floor this spring.

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Mickey Kojak - All That Acid     Electronic, Dance, Pop 21/09/2018
Mickey Kojak is an electronic musician, producer and vocalist from Sydney, Australia. Kojak’s music is multifaceted with everything from honest lyrical ballads with lush, ethereal soundscapes to face-melting electronic anthems.
All That Acid came about prior to Mickey's debut live show earlier this year at The Lansdowne where he wanted to perform a track that was excessive, fun and easy to remember. After tinkering around on some old keyboards, recording some dirty snare drums and getting a crowd of mates to shout into a microphone, "All That Acid" was born.

Physique - Slow Not Fast     Electronic, Funk, Dance 21/09/2018
Physique is Sydney’s favourite purveyor of groove-soaked dance music featuring sophisticated nostalgic yet modern synth production, making him a true hero in mastering body-moving tracks.
The percussion-fuelled sensation is a slowed down delight, luring the body into a slow-moving groove and leaving a sweet taste of chilled out bliss. Complete with Physique's mastery in embracing the classics while also bending and modernising them to his sophisticated funk production, the track is a fitting addition to the producer's collection of colourful body-movers.

Other tracks by Physique:  All-Nite (Extended Instrumental Dub)  -  HSJ
SAFIA - Starlight     Electronic 21/09/2018
Canberran-based band alternative/dance trio SAFIA band released their acclaimed debut album Internal in 2016, it landed at #2 ARIA Album chart, #1 iTunes chart, received ARIA and J Award nominations
‘Starlight’ is a step forward in the band’s sound and is a soon-to-be-classic. With sprawling vocals and an intoxicating beat, ‘Starlight’ is ready to be your springtime soundtrack.

SAFIA are bringing their new show on a special run of intimate East Coast venues (strictly one show per city). They have also been announced on multiple upcoming festival line ups.

Tobacco Rat - Unearth     Electronic, Techno, Experimental 21/09/2018
Perth based, future bass producer has managed to have one of the most standout careers in a genre that often seeks out the dark spaces of the music world.
A combination of industrial blasts and chemical bubbling, all bottomed out by a destructive wave of bass. It sounds like the recording you might make if Darth Vader swallowed a microphone. However, once again, it possesses Tobacco Rat’s uncanny ability to make music that is as confronting as it is appealing.

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Activities of Daily Living - SPACE     Electronic, Experimental, Goth, Industrial 20/09/2018
Activities of Daily Living are a minimal darkwave duo. Their music features cold synthetic repetition with the sharp bite of social critique.
Space sees the duo continue their upfront and personal songwriting with pumping basslines and pounding drums.
The EP sees lead single, SPACE, remixed by both Rebel Yell and Papahilia. Rebel Yell adds her signature dark pulsating techno spin and Papaphilia mutates SPACE into a bass heavy pleasure trip.

Other tracks by Activities of Daily Living:  Septicemia  -  SPACE (Rebel Yell Remix)
Atalein - Autumn / Winter     Electronic, Industrial 20/09/2018
Atalein is a Melbourne based producer who makes dark industrial music.
Atalein’s first single ‘Autumn / Winter’ is one of many she wrote inspired from her trip to Europe last year. Co-produced and Mixed by Becki Whitton and mastered by Joe Lambert, the song explores brutalist textures and beats intertwined of light and almost fragile vocals.

BRUX - Paper Boy     Electronic, Dance, Techno 20/09/2018
Revel in the realm of BRUX - a turbulent force of rhythms and desires of the human psyche. Equally intimidating as alluring, BRUX confronts notions of fate, materialism and pleasure.
Meticulously crafted with club-fuelled force and staggered intensity, "Paper Boy" highlights BRUX's ability to craft a sonic universe. A diverse whirlwind, "Paper Boy" effortlessly weaves multiple genre progressions and instrumental elements with such care and intricacy that it ebbs and flows in distinctly new ways. Another eerily intriguing release that continues an inevitable procession of club-ready singles.

Claire Edwardes - Nostalgia     Electronic, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Electronic 20/09/2018
Internationally acclaimed percussion soloist, chamber musician and artistic director of Ensemble Offspring, Claire Edwardes has been described as a ‘sorceress of percussion’ performing with ‘spellbinding intensity’ and ‘graceful virtuosity’.
Arranged here for solo vibraphone, Nostalgia was originally from movement II of The Shaman, a concerto for percussion and orchestra. It was written by Vincent Ho. It is a captivating piece, drawing the listener to discover where the magical Vibraphonic notes are going.....

Other tracks by Claire Edwardes:  Counterpoint: No Man  -  Leafcutter
Georgi Kay - Toxins     Electronic, Pop 20/09/2018
With a love for electronic beats, bass, synths and vocal chops – Georgi Kay is a British-Australian artist who has received multiple awards for her original work, songwriting and collaborations.
Toxins speaks from the depths of raw and honest truths shedding light on insecurities and vulnerabilities. The combination of dark, ominous synth textures, pumping bass and sparse ambient hits blend seamlessly with the bright pop melodies and husk, smokey vocals to create a hybrid entity that sits perfectly between the balance of light and dark.

Homeward Bound - Island     Electronic, Hip Hop 20/09/2018
Homeward Bound is a duo made up of Jimblah (Blah) and Georgia B (Goji). Their debut single is called 'Island'.
Island represents the isolation you can feel when you refuse to let someone in, and how another persons reflection can change the way you view yourself.

Mansionair - Falling     Electronic 20/09/2018
The band’s back catalogue now boasts over 100 million streams, radio love from triple j, Beats 1, Radio 1 and Alt Nation, and online attention from TIME, Billboard, The 405.
Premiered by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 and SiriusXL Alt Nation, “Falling” showcases a softer side to the band’s cinematic sound. A heavenly mix of washed out vocals and tranquil instrumentation has created an understated pop gem that continues Mansionair’s quick, upward trajectory.

LOVER - Eagle To The Prey     Electronic, RnB, Pop, Chill 17/09/2018
LOVER is an independent Indie RNB singer / songwriter from Western Sydney.
‘Eagle To The Prey’ is the first official single from a Sydney artist who goes by the name LOVER and is a unique combination of indie, rnb and electronic genres in under 3 minutes.