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Retiree - Magic Eye (Feat. Sui Zhen)     Electronic 19/07/2018
Retiree is a 3-piece band from Sydney & Melbourne.
Magic Eye is the second single from Retiree's debut album, House Or Home.

Vape Dadz - Fade Out The Party     Electronic, Ambience 19/07/2018
Vape Dadz: Thought leaders in digital innovations of vaping and electronic, ambient & experimental audio wellness products. Synergy.
To Fade Out The Party does not mean to turn down. Quite the opposite, in fact. Life is frantic. Allow Vape Dadz to help alleviate your post-post-millenium tension.

Other tracks by Vape Dadz:  Customer Journey Experience  -  Whiskey Priest
Glass Diamonds - Sad Sex Dreams     Electronic, Psychedelic, Dance, Pop 13/07/2018
Glass Diamonds is a DIY disco project from Melbourne. The band consists of vocalist Tegan, producer/synth player Jaymes and bassist James.
A wonky, left-of-centre disco love song featuring a vocoded duet sung by human and robot.

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Kayex - Top To Toe     Electronic, Funk, Pop 13/07/2018
Powerful and rich, yet humble and welcoming, their music has a timeless, thought provoking aura where the abundance of cross-coveted genres from indie pop to funky electronic notions speak volumes.
An ode to originality, inspired by the legacy left by Prince and Bowie and their infectious charisma, KAYEX bring the goods once again with the release of funk-filled third single 'Toe to Toe'.

Tora - Wouldn't Be The Same ft. Keelan Mak     Electronic, Pop, Funk, Chill 13/07/2018
Tora are a 4-piece electronic band born in Byron Bay, Australia. The group formed in 2013, fusing plush, layered production and instrumentation with graceful vocals.
Caramel tones of sophistication ooze from 'Wouldn't Be The Same ft. Keelan Mak', the breathtaking return for Byron Bay's Tora. Premiering on triple j's Good Nights with Bridget Hustwaite, this pairing of intricate vocal motifs and cultivated electronica is the first new music since the band's whirlwind success on debut album Take A Rest last June.

OK EG - Creek     Electronic, Ambience, Techno, Experimental 12/07/2018
OK EG is the experimental music and visual art project of Melbourne based producers Lauren Squire and Matthew Wilson.
Juno Records' review - "Creek" is a smooth but strident route in, the tidal lilt of the pads dissected by a finely paced beat loop that should find a comfortable home amongst deepest house heads.

Other tracks by OK EG:  Colour  -  Reef I & II
Luboku - None Of You     Electronic, Chill 11/07/2018
Luboku is an electronic music project by Melbourne musician, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Luis Kennett.
‘None Of You’ is about a loss and struggle to connect with someone - that sometimes they need to break away and focus on themselves to get better.

Joan Banoit - Bet Me     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 10/07/2018
Art rock electronica
Happy says, "Driven by a spellbinding arrangement and an intense vocal performance, the debut from newcomer Joan Banoit will leave your jaw on the floor".

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Life Teem Club - Dusted     Electronic, Rock, Experimental, Industrial 07/07/2018
Incredible new electronic post-rock with an experimental edge. Abstract and yet intimate lyricism. Crunchy and deep bass lines. Succumbing Beats. Full album out 11 July. All yes, all the time.
Dusted commences with an increasing bpm. The heart rate increases. We get into a sunny day where we let ourselves go. We work together. Our ecstasy becomes urgent. We are ecstatic and deeply anxious all at once. But we hold on to each other. We move through it. We're twisted now.

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Other tracks by Life Teem Club:  Crypt  -  Sleep Paralyzed
Braille Face - Fallen     Electronic, Pop 06/07/2018
Braille Face is Melbourne producer and songwriter Jordan White, who has established himself as one of the most compelling voices to emerge from Melbourne's vibrant and diverse electronic music scene.
Fallen is driven by a miltant drum beat that contrasts the swirling pads and choral style vocals, while a jazz/funk bass line holds it all together. The song's power lies in its lyrical content and phrasing, as well as it's olid groove, as it marches on while declaring 'this world has fallen...'.

Other tracks by Braille Face:  Malheureux  -  Future Moon
Flower Boy 卓颖贤 - i just want 2 adore u     Electronic, Ambience, Experimental, Soundscapes 06/07/2018
Born in Sydney to Chinese and Lebanese parents, Non Chalant aka Flower Boy 卓颖贤 paints delicate and emotional images with her classically-trained background combined with forward-thinking production.
Flower Boy 卓颖贤 joins the ranks of artists exploring what it means to break the mould in Australia’s electronic music scene with the release of her debut single, ‘i just want 2 adore u’: The track is about "learning to admit to my emotions and be open about them,” says Flower Boy 卓颖贤.

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Other tracks by Flower Boy 卓颖贤:  a shallow pool  -  Broken Glass
Sampology - Smile     Electronic 06/07/2018
Starting as a producer with an ear for sampling records, Brisbane multi-instrumentalist Sampology has come full circle, finding the perfect balance sampling new sounds, field recordings and live instrumentation.
"Smile" beautifully accentuates the true extent of Sam's multi-instrumental artistry and ability to create landscapes from soundscapes. A rhythmic drum backbone provides a playful canvas where light wind instrumentation, ethereal synths melodies and live recordings merge into one. Effervescent of youthful wonderment and void of inhibitions, "Smile" sonically transports to a dimension of carefree vigour.

Set Mo - See The Light     Electronic, Dance 06/07/2018
Set Mo is an electronic music duo from Sydney, Nick Drabble and Stu Turner, who first came together as a DJ combo in 2012 and soon progressed into producing tunes.
“See The Light” was written at the first session of a month long writing trip around Europe including Berlin, London and Amsterdam. Blending natural and heavily produced elements seamlessly, "See The Light" represents a sharp turn away from light-hearted, dance tunes. Absorbing influences from The Prodigy, Booka Shade and Chemical Brothers, the new direction "See The Light" takes is enticing.

Valence - Make Your Move     Electronic, Pop, House, Gay Alligned 06/07/2018
Valence is a Melbourne music producer, songwriter and performer doing house, EDM, and pop music.
This is an pop-house track that throws back to that cool 90s house vibe. It is Girl's Night and LGBTQI friendly. It's a feel good track.

Hack Sounds - New York Escape     Electronic, Techno 05/07/2018
The Wack Sounds of Hack is the debut compilation EP from Hack Sounds, an inclusive electronic initiative from 107 Projects, Redfern, featuring collaborations with Deepchild, Piri aka Trackwrecker, Liz Martin.
Darker than your average bear, this brooding Techno beast was an online collaboration between Sydney raised legend Deepchild, and local up and comer Relevant Elephants. It's a relentless journey deep into the seething heart of the Big Apple, well worth clambering aboard, just don't forget to breathe.

Other tracks by Hack Sounds:  Thunder Master  -  Rain Falls
Joey Maker - Stay With Us ft. OWLBB     Electronic, Hip Hop 05/07/2018
Joey Maker is Sydney's own introspective wordsmith, drawing from experience within to create touching, relatable and engaging tracks. The MC boast deep, rhythmic vocals and a contemporary approach to hip-hop.
Stay With Us sees Joey tackle exotic rhyme schemes while showcasing his introspective approach to songwriting. The depth of his vocals mixed with the trap-inspired production from Delipres creates a dark yet drawing atmosphere as Joey explores the intricacy of interpersonal relationships intertwined with heavy nightlife.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP - Doing This For You (Featuring Eliott)     Electronic, Pop 05/07/2018
The classically-trained Lucianblomkamp embraces the endless possibilities of the electronic medium to make polished yet provocative music. His musical background & eclectic influences coalesce into a style uniquely his own.
Two of Australia's brightest young minds collaborate on this dynamic single, with LUCIANBLOMKAMP's gripping production providing the perfect backdrop to Eliott's powerful vocal. The feature track from part 2 of the former's Sick of What I Don't Understand project, 'Doing This For You' is a stunning indication of both artists' unique talent.

Other tracks by LUCIANBLOMKAMP:  Black Dove
Dream Coast - Releaser     Electronic, Ambience, Experimental, Soundscapes 04/07/2018
Dream Coast is an analogue electronic music and visual project with a focus on creating emotive synth soundscapes.
As the name suggests, Releaser was made to be a pure escapist moment of euphoria and release from all worry. Anthemic is the most dancefloor-focused cut on the album, Releaser was created from cutting up parts of an 8-hour jam session.

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Other tracks by Dream Coast:  Forever December  -  Cold Sunset
Future Love Hangover - Unspecified Place     Electronic, Experimental, Pop, Psychedelic 04/07/2018
Interdisciplinary art project by Sydney based artist/producer Jack Prest, collaboration with Joe Wilson, Chanelle Collier, Jordan Charles Stokes, Benjamin Freeman and Miles Sharma-Constance.
A strange melodica led hip hop groove with lush vocal melodies and harmonies from guest vocalist Bus Vipers. This gives way to a big synth bass and rap verse from Sydney rapper Naeem.

Mwansa - Moving On     Electronic, Pop, Soul 04/07/2018
Mwansa is an Australian singer and producer. His music has been described as beautifully melodic indie electronic tracks with stark poetic lyrics.
Moving On' is a song that has traveled from Canada, Mexico, South Korea, France, and Taiwan to finally get made. I don't know if it's about two people who couldn't make it work, or didn't want to enough. It features an incredible new singer from around the way, Kaitlin Keegan.