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Kllo - Candid     Electronic, Pop, RnB 29/11/2018
Having spent the last 12 months touring the globe following the release of their debut album Backwater, Kllo return with this year's second single - the stunning 'Candid'
Candid is inspired by a personal experience, but this time it's done with a lot more strength and perseverance. Not compromising, not being 'so nice' in reactions to uncomfortable experiences. It's about being as candid as I can and deserve to be, understanding the power of words, which is something new to me and the fundamental key to my happiness.'

Planète - Prism Break     Electronic, Dance, House 29/11/2018
Planète continues his most prolific year to date with new track 'Prism Break', a more direct track than his typically drawn out releases.
A tongue-in-cheek parallel to an escapist themed televised fiction, I have orientated Prism Break on persistance, drive and focus. Instilled in a classic club format, I think, highlights a reward narrative in 'breaking through' with focus and discipline.

ASPYRE - Collision     Electronic, Metal, Instrumental, Industrial 29/11/2018
Aspyre bring the rhythmic structures of progressive metal into the world of Synthwave. Dark riffs, melodic synth lines, soaring guitar solos, create a vibrantly visual sound that transcends audience expectations.
Collision is a visceral electronic track, taking its cue from metal bands such as Meshuggah and Northlane. It's fast-paced, and has a raw, in-your-face energy. Melodies soar over heavy synth riffs, and a dark, brooding atmosphere permeates the whole track. This is the sound of a cyberpunk moshpit.

Acaxia - All I Need     Electronic 29/11/2018
ACAXIA is blooming into 2019 harmoniously combining electronic elements, soothing vocal loops, melodic-percussive riffs and organic instruments, that has become the cornerstone of their production.
Musicians, artists and performers ACAXIA channel their ever growing musical prowess to release the latest in their sonically stunning catalogue. All I Need set for release worldwide, features a mesmeric re-working of electronic and native sounds denoting a sense of beauty, ritual, and reverence, driven by the artists’ deep appreciation of indigenous music, and its ceremonial use across different cultures.

Faint One - Treasure     Electronic, RnB 29/11/2018
Electronic music producer, pushing genre boundaries.
Faint One’s new single “Treasure” is hazy electronic music to die for. It feels like a lucid daydream where all the sights and sounds blend together and you’re in a total echo chamber with sensory overload. The production on this track has such a strangely danceable vibe where you find yourself moving on command to its slow, vibey track.

Tobacco Rat - Convulsions     Electronic 29/11/2018
Tobacco Rat, aka Jake Steele, has firmly established himself as one of the most unique and distinct voices in the underground Australian electronic music scene.
The heavy beat and steadfast pace of ‘Convulsions’ is pure Tobacco Rat – tapping into the listeners primal urges for rhythm, but laid under a surface of eerie and atmospheric sounds that have become Tobacco Rat’s signature over the last three years.

Other tracks by Tobacco Rat:  Get Done
Tomás Ford remodels Alex Elbery and The Strangers - Wake In Fright I: Kangaroo     Electronic, House, Chill, Downbeat 29/11/2018
Perth's electronic iconoclast Tomás Ford radically remodels the folk-pop of Alex Elbery and The Strangers to tell the true story of crashing his hatchback into a kangaroo on the nullabor.
An eight minute journey into the dark heart of Australia. We start with the plaintive strains of Melbourne folk-pop troubador Alex Elbery and The Strangers before plunging into a slow-motion house beat and resolving in a super-atmospheric puddle full of feelings.

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Other tracks by Tomás Ford remodels Alex Elbery and The Strangers:  Wake In Fright IV: Opulence
Rando - Running From The Lion feat. Kate Hindle     Electronic 29/11/2018
20-year-old Perth producer Rando has been busy carving out a name for himself over the past couple of years, hitting the Spotify Viral charts with his chilled out melodic tracks.
“This track struck me at the peak of my inspiration; as I was transitioning to new places and new adventures. I'd known Kate for a long time now as we went to high school together and I'd been watching her grow and take on the country music scene." - Rando

Other tracks by Rando:  Arcadia  -  Exhale feat. Erin Finlay
Bayview Terrace - These Days     Electronic, Pop 28/11/2018
Bayview Terrace is a dance-pop duo from Brisbane. Bayview Terrace create a sound that blends the groove of RUFUS with the new age pop elements of Peking Duk and Lorde.
'These Days' is a reflection on how the hopefulness and confidence of youth quickly fades to nostalgia upon acceptance of adulthood. Aided by luscious instrumentation that crescendos into a soaring synth-heavy chorus, ‘These Days’ looks to the past to find an escape from the mundanity of everyday life.

Homeward Bound - Be     Electronic, Rap 28/11/2018
Homeward Bound are an Electronic duo based in Adelaide, comprised of Jimblah and Georgia B. They make music with the intention of spreading happiness.
Homeward Bound ride the wave with their self-affirming soda-pop single, ‘Be’. They flex on the confidence that they have found in each other as artists.

They explain,  “Be’ is what it means to embrace yourself for who you truly are, without being limited by others perceptions of what you can amount to.”

LUNA SOL - No Excuses     Electronic, Dance, Pop, RnB 28/11/2018
Luna Sol are a Brisbane based singer/producer duo creating Indie/Trap/Electro
A 2 minute 48 second burst of silliness

Harry Nathan - Rooftops     Electronic, Reggae 24/11/2018
Harry Nathan is a producer, singer and songwriter. "Rooftops" is accompanied by a short film style music video created with his best friends, actors Odeya Rush and Ryan Lee.
“Rooftops” is a track that accurately depicts the whimsical nature of being in love; it has the uplifting - yet somehow simultaneously melancholy - sound that vividly personifies the bittersweet nature of the emotion.

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Buchanan - Breathe     Electronic, Pop 23/11/2018
Josh Simons has spent the last two years writing and producing for Travis Scott, Partynextdoor and Cyhi The Prynce. Simons has shared production credits with WondaGurl, HazeBanga and Kanye West.
"Breathe is about what you might tell yourself as a kid if you could travel back in time." As for what comes next, "I'd be reluctant to refer to Breathe as a single from some forthcoming unannounced album, but I will say that this era has ended up rolling out as distinctly and personal as any other in Buchanan's history."

Resin Moon - Nothing To See     Electronic, Pop 23/11/2018
Known by his stage name of Resin Moon, electronic producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dave Crowe hails from the desert town of Alice Springs located in Central Australia.
Nothing To See is the first taste of Resin Moon's full-length album 'Oscillations', set for release in early 2019. Building beautifully into layers of tape-loop synths, vocal samples and ornately produced drums, Resin Moon's falsetto slides on top of a Quincy Jones-esque synth bass.

Reynier - Armour (feat. New Haven)     Electronic, Chill, Atmospheric, Pop 23/11/2018
Reynier is down-tempo electronic music built on a foundation of emotive chords and organic drums that will inspire your next adventure...
The expansive first single from Reynier titled ‘Armour (feat. New Haven)’ is a tantalising debut from Gold Coast producer Jordan Burns. The track is skilfully built on a foundation of emotive chords and organic drums that provide a sense of gravity against the ethereal feature vocals from New Haven that threaten to whisk you away.

Atalein - Lo Drone     Electronic, Industrial 19/11/2018
Atalein is an Industrial Electronic Producer based in Melbourne.
Atalein cements her Industrial Electronic sound with her second release ‘Lo Drone’. The Melbourne-based electronic producer first popped on to the scene at the end of September with her debut single ‘Autumn / Winter’. To accompany the track Atalein released a video of her shedding her own skin both figuratively and literally which premiered on German blog Kaltblut Magazine.

Resin Moon - Nothing to See     Electronic 19/11/2018
Alice Springs multi-instrumentalist/producer Resin Moon has been busy in the studio since self-releasing his debut EP "Salt", which had over a million streams on Apple Music and Spotify combined
Building beautifully with layers of tape-loop synths and ornately produced drum tracks, Dave Crowe's falsetto slides playfully over a Quincy Jones-esque bass line, creating something nostalgic yet unique.
"It's a song about escaping reality with someone you love, and realising that reality is a thin layer of ice we skate on, while often ignoring the deeper stuff hiding underneath."

Skrybe - The Figure     Electronic, Dubstep 19/11/2018
Electronic/Cinematic composer Using orchestral elements to emphasis emotion in an electronic setting.
A heavy dubstep track which is made to sound threatening to a listener.

Has a harsh but refined sound.

Aikonawena - City Of Ghosts     Electronic, Soul, Pop 17/11/2018
Sydney-based brother/sister duo Aikonawena return with moving, electronic ballad 'City Of Ghosts'.
Sydney’s notorious lockout laws provide the backdrop to an intensely personal view of a time in our lives when we regret what we’ve lost. At once uniquely Sydney, but at the same time universally resonant of the moment when we start to think our youth is over and wonder what we’re supposed to do next.

Archy Stranger - Last Week     Electronic 17/11/2018
Archy Stranger is a Melbourne-based producer, vocalist and songwriter. Stranger has experimented with a variety of styles with his work spanning several genres from hip hop to house.
Melbourne’s Archy Stranger takes you on a sonic journey, with his new track titled ‘Last Week’. The up and coming producer, singer and songwriter explores coming to terms with inevitable change as a part of life, and growing up. ‘Last Week’ features minimal beats which blend effortlessly into his infectious vocals.