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Moonbase - Rebound feat. Merky Ace     Electronic, Dance 10/08/2018
In the last 12 months, Moonbase has risen to prominence in his role as head honcho for his own label imprint, Trench Records, releasing game-changing music.
After a long hiatus, Sydney producer, DJ and record label impresario Moonbase, today, makes his long-awaited return with the future bass fiend dipping his toes into the world of grime on his new single ‘Rebound’ feat. the vocal stylings of London emcee, Merky ACE.

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MOZA - Right Words     Electronic, Pop 10/08/2018
Sydney electronic duo MOZA have become absolute weapons when it comes to writing golden electro-pop tracks. It’s time to get acquainted with MOZA, one of Australia’s exciting upcoming electronic duo's.
Right Words - an upbeat, driven electronic track with a decent nod to their pop rock past that delves into overthinking, regret and a willingness to deal with s**t or let it go.

NADA KATANA - Ghost Town     Electronic, Chill, Pop, Atmospheric 10/08/2018
NADA KATANA is a Tasmanian born three-piece act fronted by Dali Srhoj (formerly of Dali & The Paper Band). "Ghost Town" is their debut single.
Ghost Town is a song of the story of a man who comes to a point where the more he understands about life; the more he realizes how little he knows.

Since winning a competition through EGM Records and SAE Creative Media Institute, Nada Katana’s “Ghost Town” has been mastered by Stuart Hawkes (Ed Sheeran, Avicii, Lorde) of Metropolis Studios.

Yates - Under A Bridge     Electronic 10/08/2018
Australian-born/Berlin-based Benjamin Yates, also known as YATES​, drops his latest single ‘Under A Bridge​’ on August 10th ahead of his highly anticipated EP ‘Holiday Apartment​’ on 21st September.
Hushed, tender guitar melodies balance out the swaying vocals that YATES ​is known for. The beat is both consistent and perfectly poised. ‘Under A Bridge​’ becomes the first sonic proof of the artist’s sharper songwriting focus

Brian Campeau - Slow Walking     Electronic, Folk, Rock 09/08/2018
Alternative pop/folk from Sydney.
Electronic infused folk.

ERA KIN - Posterne Out     Electronic, Experimental, Industrial 09/08/2018
ERA KIN is the solo project of Kieran Hernage, a 24-year-old producer and artist from Western Sydney.
In POSTERNE OUT, ERA KIN navigates existential uncertainty and decries capitalism with a dialogue of throbbing synths, distended vocals and protean sample choices.

Planète - Res Cogitans     Electronic 08/08/2018
Planète aka Melbourne producer Dion Tartaglione stands out as a unique artist within Australia's growing electronic music scene with his engaging live set-up and intelligent electronic constructions.
The feature track from Planète's new debut EP release Continuum. Continuum is one complete session, separated into five tracks/movements. The full EP is released alongside an incredible accompanying visualiser, created by Melbourne-artist Tristan Jalleh.

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Set Mo - Wish You Were Here     Electronic, Dance 08/08/2018
Described by i-D magazine as “Australia’s most optimistic band” Set Mo, aka Stu Turner and Nick Drabble, are an electronic music production duo from Sydney.
With an infectious top line co-written by Julian Hamilton of The Presets and the vocals of LA’s J.Blynn, “Wish You Were Here” once again testifies to Set Mo’s superb production prowess. With the duo’s very own Stu Turner on backing vocals beneath the feel-good production, the track is certifiably one of their most energetic and electrifying to date.

Camikaze - Rush     Electronic, Atmospheric 03/08/2018
Following a year long hiatus from releasing music, WA-bred producer Camikaze returns with a brand new melancholic anthem ‘Rush’, available everywhere July 13th.
Rush, which is driven by an oozing synth and mellow vocal, delivers a hypnotic atmosphere that feels like a dreamy fusion of James Blake and Mike Posner. Diversifying his catalogue, this single also features vocals from himself rather than a feature artist showcasing his deeply emotive and metaphoric lyrical style.

Jupiter Project - Show Love     Electronic 03/08/2018
Making the move from New Zealand, electronic R&B duo, Jupiter Project, match their soulful vocals with a brave, genre defying palette of production.
Teaming up with self-taught producer SYSYI, the pair are set to make waves with the release of their new single “Show Love".

This single is a soulful and emotive melody alongside a stunning lyrical palette, ”Show Love” ponders the desire for affection and is a metaphor to remind us that we all need love and need to show it.

Nina Las Vegas - I Know How It Goes feat. Vera Blue & Ecca Vandal     Electronic, Dance 03/08/2018
Leading Australia’s electronic scene, Nina Las Vegas has fused her unique club sounds with otherworldly pop vocals and heavy-hitting beats, all while maintaining NLV records and her relentless touring schedule.
Hard hitting as a dance track, with energetic beat work and co-produced with Swick across studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Red Bull London, "I Know How It Goes" is a testament to thumping club tunes and a reminder from Nina that "although elements of the music scene can suck, you can just be tough and roll with it".

Other tracks by Nina Las Vegas:  Zagazig  -  Thursdays feat. Ninajirachi
Skrybe - I'm Your Reckoning     Electronic, Dubstep 03/08/2018
Cinematic Electronic, using cinematic elements to add emotion to hard hitting electronic
A Dark cinematic track with lush vocals and hip hop elements.

Sunday - Perfect Place     Electronic 03/08/2018
Extremely impressive career to date, touring with Empire Of The Sun, Crystal Fighters, Phoenix and collaborating with artists such as George Maple and Goldroom, whilst a member of Miami Horror
'Perfect Place' dabbles between indie songwriting and moodier electronic beats by opening with a chilled alternative production before delving into light punchy beats. Combining this aesthetic with his own sultry vocals, ‘Perfect Places’ dreamily encapsulates Sunday's own unique realm of indie electronica.

Confidence Man - Try Your Luck     Electronic 02/08/2018
A portable party that’s levelled dancefloors and flattened festival crowds as it’s rolled out worldwide, Confidence Man are a machine custom designed to make you dance and lose your cool.
If Confidence Man was a country, 'Try Your Luck' would be the national anthem. So hats off, hands on hearts and asses on the dancefloor.

Aidan Maizels - San Graal     Electronic, Experimental, Psychedelic, Rock 01/08/2018
Producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist interested in fusing styles and exploring the limits of popular music.
A cosmic trip: vocoder narration guides us on a speedy flight over different landscapes created by complex synth and guitar textures, before departing and leaving us with a mind-blowing finale that can only be described as brutal psychedelia.

Before listening be sure to sit down, turn off all distractions, and feel the weight of known humanity fall away underneath you.

Christopher Port - Find A Way     Electronic, House 01/08/2018
The enigmatic Melbourne producer, Christopher Port today shares another upbeat cut in his latest song ‘Find A Way’, somehow taking it to a new level with vibe-filled club heavy euphoria.
The enigmatic Melbourne producer, Christopher Port today shares another upbeat cut in his latest song ‘Find A Way’, somehow taking it to a new level with his vibe filled club heavy euphoria.

Swick - 1000 Shots ft. Merky Ace     Electronic 01/08/2018
Swick is one of the most refreshing talents in the dance music scene. Avoiding being placed in one genre, Swick pushes boundaries with each original track, remix and DJ set.
Recorded from the Red Bull Studios in London, “1000 Shots” maintains a thrusting beat married with elements of hip-hop and electronic music, aside sharp vocals from Lewisham based MC Merky Ace. An addictive blend of club-leaning synths, smooth hooks, and a powerful flow from Ace are a testament to Swick’s enduring precision and ability to push sonic boundaries.

Ducks! - Top Horse     Electronic, Dance, House, Experimental 31/07/2018
Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan are Ducks!. They make electronic music for dancing and dreaming, influenced by Disney and disco, combining synthesisers and vocals with found sounds and field recordings.
It’s a surreal dancefloor odyssey, featuring galloping percussion, flying guitars, theremin outbursts of the ‘woo-woo’ variety, and a choir of angels singing glorious nonsense at the top of their lungs. The lyrics, performed spoken-word style by a cast of intriguing strangers, describe a blonde in a bathtub talking about a white horse... or is it the horse in the bathtub?

Mad Mike & The Irrational Ducks - Galaxy Of Love     Electronic, Blues 31/07/2018
Mad Mike & The Irrational Ducks is an experimental duo, blues and electronic influences floating in the Universe.
Love, blues roots, EDM and mistakes floating in a Galaxy of red thoughts. The end is the key.

Other tracks by Mad Mike & The Irrational Ducks:  Can I Put My Love Inside You?
BRUX - I'm Back     Electronic, Dance 31/07/2018
Equally intimidating as alluring, BRUX confronts notions of fate, materialism and the pursuit of pleasure, with commanding vocals and glitchy electro breakdowns, ready for the club.
A dark and gritty debut, 'I'm Back' is a ripping single, layering dark and sinister house-leaning sounds with glitchy electro breakdowns and commanding vocals, perfect for the late nights and early mornings alike with its sweaty, club-ready feel.

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