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SAKR - Home Again     Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambience, Downbeat 09/10/2018
SAKR is a solo project from producer/singer-songwriter Sam Sakr who has also been operating under the artist name Nrthn. He's worked with Guy Sebastian, The Veronicas, G Flip, Jessica Mauboy.
(Lyrics) "Lost, my mind's lost again, and I'm so afraid, this lonely place, is home again. This home, is desolate, so delicate, this home."

Home Again is ambient, glitchy, melodic and bass heavy, with haunting vocals. His ambient yet heavily bass glitchy production style, paired with haunting vocals, create a juxtaposition that is the perfect balance between hopeless and hope.

Set Mo - Stuck     Electronic, Dance, House 09/10/2018
Set Mo is an electronic music duo from Sydney, Australia. Nick Drabble and Stu Turner first came together as a DJ combo in 2012 and soon progressed into producing tunes.
“Stuck” fuses together Set Mo’s addictive pool of signature summer house sound designs, delivering a mammoth testament to their glorious catalogue of quintessential dance tracks. Maintaining shaking beats and featuring the signature bass sounds of Australian disco-funk hero Touch Sensitive, the track warps between pitched vocals that inject a delicious dose of groove into the body.

Sister Peach - Love Is Automatic     Electronic, Funk 09/10/2018
Joey London and Percy Peach. The message is love. Follow the funk.
If you get rid of all the static, then love is automatic. - Sister Peach

SLUMBERJACK x Machine Age - Daggers     Electronic 09/10/2018
Powerhouse duo SLUMBERJACK released last year’s #1 iTunes charting Fracture EP which resulted in 2 high rotation singles and a sold-out national tour.
Powerhouse duo SLUMBERJACK have teamed up with rising Australian artist Machine Age on an emotionally-rich, raw new track, ‘Daggers’.

The single is from the upcoming SARAWAK EP from SLUMBERJACK, which was produced when the duo sought a respite from the relentless touring cycle they had found themselves in and retreated to the natural beauty of Morgan’s homeland of Borneo.

Total Giovanni - Awake     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Live Performance 09/10/2018
Total Giovanni reveal their newest offering 'Awake', taken from their newly announced forthcoming debut album Euphoria, set for release on Friday 19th October via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
'Awake' is a short burst of Balearic hedonism, classic punk funk and psychedelic washes. It feels like a sweaty dancefloor and tastes like the first burst of summer. It draws on the diverse inspirations that have influenced the making of Euphoria where the Paradise Garage meets Madchester on the shores of the Mediterranean.

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Yù Yī - Jello ft. Jackdylan     Electronic, Dance 09/10/2018
Yù Yī is the story of a little astronaut who goes by the name of Mister Hugo, embarking on a quest tackling some of planet Earth’s biggest obstacles.
“Jello” is filled with undulating synths that dance above the infectious percussive beat and vocals by New Jersey based producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Jack The Tyrant aka Jackdylan. Weightless electronic music and harp-like strums are soon amplified by pitched up vocal samples glowing with pristine, cheeky production. The effervescent release will leave you in nothing but bliss after every listen.

Obseen - Envy Me     Electronic, Pop 08/10/2018
Multi-instrumentalist, Vocalist, Music Student and Record Producer from Bowral, Australia.
Stick it to the man. This one is for anyone who is out their killing it, the haters are going to hate, motivating us even more!

Other tracks by Obseen:  This Isn't Our Love Song  -  Bad News
GERYON - Nerves     Electronic, Techno, Experimental, Dance 06/10/2018
Geryon is a Melbourne-based producer, composer and vocalist. They use electronic beats, twisted samples and warped vocals to weave tracks both tragic and dance-driven to form unique live loop-based sets.
‘Nerves’ is an unnerving anesthetic-induced dream sequence about going under and waking up with a new body - the experience of getting major surgery. Sonically, Geryon has created a new world within a dance track using sounds from their own body placed in an experimental techno soundscape. Lyrics are based on words from the anesthetist and unconscious thoughts.

Kingston County - Something Better     Electronic, Chill, Pop 06/10/2018
Kingston County are a seven piece collective from southern Sydney. They're a “woozy melting pot of indie-rock, soul, R&B, and electronic craft a shimmering sound that belongs entirely to themselves.”
This song isn't specifically a love story but represented an oppression of expectation from whoever, whether that be your girlfriend, parents or society,” the band say of the track.

It comes from a place of feeling helpless to effect change in your life as I feel it’s easy to feel disenchanted and accept the status quo.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP - Control Together     Electronic, Pop 06/10/2018
Prolific Melbourne-based LUCIANBLOMKAMP is in the final stages of sharing his album Sick of What I Don't Understand, a three part release delving in to deep personal experiences.
Lucian enlists the services of his girlfriend and frequent collaborator Rosebud Leach on 'Control Together', the final single from his Sick of What I Don't Understand album, and perhaps his most potent work to date.

MTNS - Hold My Breath     Electronic, Pop, Rock 06/10/2018
Brisbane electronic trio MTNS have been active in the Brisbane music scene since 2013 when their debut track ‘Lost Track of Time’ entered into existence.
The feature track on the EP ‘Hold My Breath’ is about letting go and surrendering to the motions of life and to not try to take control. We didn’t want to anything back musically, each song in the four track EP hits hard with overdriven layers of synth, drastic tempo changes, songs reversed and layered over weird guitar parts.

Other tracks by MTNS:  Missing Piece  -  Miscommunication
Null - Elevated, Elevated, Elevated     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 06/10/2018
Null is Melbourne-based electronica artist Hayden Quinn. Quinn worships mid-to-late ‘90s electronic music through a contemporary lens. His studio works are littered with a mix of sounds that span decades.
Elevated, Elevated, Elevated is heavy from on-set; jump-started by a sliced-to-precision breakbeat and growling jungle bass line that exude torque and momentum. The breakbeat is imprinted with subtle noise and unpredictable mechanic artefacts from the classic MPC2000XL sampler it was sequenced on. Sparse shape-shifting synthesisers coalesce with ethereal vocal samples to create a hypnotic & hedonistic celebration.

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Other tracks by Null:  Plosive  -  Innocence Module
POOLCLVB - Flying Away feat. Reva DeVito     Electronic, Dance, House 06/10/2018
The love of house, infectious vocals, full-bodied basslines, & mesmerising hooks is the POOLCLVB way of business. POOLCLVB blends a forward thinking sound with nostalgic inspiration from the 90’s.
POOLCLVB has just dropped his latest sun-drenched single ‘Flying Away’, featuring tastemaker Portland singer & Kaytranada collaborator Reva DeVito.

Showcasing POOLCLVB’s production prowess, ‘Flying Away’ features a swinging house groove and the signature up-beat, feel-good POOLCLVB vibe. Reva’s infectious vocal perfectly complements POOLCLVB’s full-bodied bassline, with the ‘I like it’ hook set to soundtrack sunset dancefloors all summer long.

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The Omnific - ERIN     Electronic 06/10/2018
The Omnific is a progressive instrumental band from Melbourne, Australia featuring two bass players and a drummer. Two EPs deep and a new single on the way in October 2018.
Toby Peterson-Stewart, one of the bassists for the group, said that "The inspiration for 'Erin' came from being admitted to hospital and needing a creative outlet to cope with the stress and boredom. The story is entirely interpretive as the music can represent a variety of aspects in life."

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Tiana Khasi - Nuketown     Electronic, RnB, Pop 06/10/2018
Tiana Khasi is a Brisbane-based jazz/soul artist who has featured on tracks with The Kite String Tangle, Golden Vessel, Sampology. Her debut EP, MEGHALAYA, is due for release in 2019.
'Nuketown' was born not unlike its namesakes were destructed; fake "towns" purpose-built for explosion in the era of atomic testing - slowly at first, then all at once. Unfurling organically from an effortless collaborative session with Sampology & bassist Sam Maguire, 'Nuketown' features lushly stacked vocal harmonies, live Rhodes, bass guitar and drum samples, almost all from the original jam.

upsidedownhead - get low (feat. Ric Rufio)     Electronic 06/10/2018
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...downloading - forthcoming/EP/seven/tracks

Two Birds One - Best Intentions     Electronic, Pop, Chill, Atmospheric 05/10/2018
Two Birds one is the project of Michael Cameron and Shoota Tanahashi. The multi-instrumentalists have discovered a sound that's all their own, creating a dynamic fusion both fresh and familiar.
You are a reflection of your surroundings. From an early age you are moulded by the people you spend the most time with. Everybody is searching for their own ticket to happiness. Best intentions is about taking a step back, re-evaluating and overcoming life’s challenges with an open mind.

Other tracks by Two Birds One:  Wasted Wednesdays
Skyuka - Autumn State     Electronic, Soul, Pop 04/10/2018
A slow dance, knee deep in chocolate.
A song originally inspired by a piano exercise based on the circle of fifths. The progression is cyclical, as are the seasons. Alternating between moments of vocal power and vulnerability, against a backdrop of multi layered voices creating a gospel choir feel, 'Autumn State' is about acceptance and having to face the harsh truths of reality.

Bussauto with Felish - Come Back     Electronic, Pop, Chill, Dance 01/10/2018
"Come Back" is the result of an online music collaboration between Melbourne Producer Bussauto and Swedish Artist Felish.
"Come Back" is the result of an online music collaboration between Melbourne Producer Bussauto and Swedish Artist Felish.

Jim Ottaway - Fun Times     Electronic, Jazz 01/10/2018
Jim Ottaway is an international award-winning Australian musician and composer of original instrumental music covering many genres including electronic, ambient, new age and space music.
Fun Times is electronic jazz at its best. Bubbly... bright... energetic... fun!

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