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Dust of Us - The Swans     Electronic, Rock, Folk, Pop 11/04/2019
Co-produced/mixed by Matt Neighbour (The Avalanches, Matt Corby, Sky Ferreira), 'The Swans' is the evocative debut single from Dust of Us - aka Sydney brothers Edward and Lloyd Prescott.
“[4 stars] I can’t stop listening to it.” - Claire Mooney, triple j
“[4 stars] Beautiful.” - Zan Rowe, Double J
“[4 stars] One to sink into.” - Declan Byrne, triple J
“[4 stars] You beauties.” - Max Quinn, triple J
“A brilliant start for this brotherly duo… warms every crevice with its comforting glow.” - Mick Rad, 2SER/Lunchbox

HYPERCONFIDENCE - We Are Freedom feat Nigel Featherstone     Electronic, House, Dance, Techno 11/04/2019
Independent Sydney music producer with a wide palate for all forms of modern electronic music. We aim to get you dancing (or at least tapping your fingers!)
Combining muscular beats, emotive chords and spoken word, and mixed by Darren Ziesing who has worked with Rufus du Sol and Flight Facilities, ‘We Are Freedom’ unashamedly celebrates the wild adventure and risky intimacy that comes from house parties.

Kilter - Overdrive feat. Yorke     Electronic, Dance, Pop 11/04/2019
Sydney producer Kilter has built a reputation as a weapon producer. His unique approach to music is what makes him an exciting part of the burgeoning Australian electronic music scene.
FavKilter kicks off 2019 with ‘Overdrive’ featuring Byron Bay vocalist Yorke. ‘Overdrive’ explores the edges of pop while still conveying the emotion and fresh edge that fans have come to know and respect from Kilter. “’Overdrive’ is a nod towards my earliest influences as an artist,” explains Kilter, "accumulating in the drums, bass and hyperactive synths, combined with Yorke's vocal".

Kinder - No Sleep     Electronic, Dance, Pop 11/04/2019
Over the last 12 months, electronic sister duo Kinder have been expanding their musical offering; from spinning records to creating their own unique style of music.
Whilst Kinder's “No Sleep” might be their most danceable jam yet, it's also a love letter to Sydney. Behind the infectious beat and bass line, there's a story of the city that once thrived with nightlife. Due to various circumstances it's now all but closed down, but that magic and emotion still exists when you enter the surviving clubs.

Resin Moon - Bullet     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 11/04/2019
Resin Moon aka Dave Crowe, is a multi-award winning producer, songwriter, composer and musician living in Alice Springs, in Australia’s Northern Territory. He makes stunning, sophisticated electronic alt-pop.
'Bullet' opens with hypnotic tape-machine pulses and a cheeky, cartoon-like synth hook, before exploding into Resin Moon's lush vocal. There's bold experimentation with electronic sounds, samples and live string textures, all painstakingly layered in Resin Moon's Alice Springs studio. The haunting chorus "Love is the bullet that never slows down", sets up a rollercoaster ride of philosophical, experimental pop.

Self Tape - Hanging Over You     Electronic, House 11/04/2019
Sydney-based electronic producer and house DJ Self Tape has just unveiled tour dates and his mesmerising new single and accompanying video for ‘Hanging Over You’.
‘Hanging Over You’ takes cues from the likes of staple influences Leon Vynehall, Charles Murdoch and Jamie XX. The dreamy electronic cut builds into a gradual crescendo, before dropping off halfway and picking back up again with its striking blend of meticulously arranged layers.

WARCRIES - This Is Paradise     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Industrial 11/04/2019
WARCRIES is the multi-instrumental electronic project of Ry & Will, writing, recording and performing music. These self confess energy-addicts are deliberately putting the performance back in live music.
Brisbane's electro-grunge duo WARCRIES are crashing onto the scene with their debut single This Is Paradise; a call to action layered in a pulsating gritty beat motivating punters to stand up for themselves!

This Is Paradise isn't just their debut single but comes as the first from their upcoming EP, get set for a wild year with WARCRIES.

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zeat. - GHERKIN     Electronic, Rock, Pop 11/04/2019
experimental producer, solo artist from Perth WA
GHERKIN is a high-energy track that fuels from both a high-end guitar paired with a bass, with smashing drums and dramatic synths, makes for a decent jam when turned up to the max.

Jonah Myers - Plane Plans     Electronic, Funk, Jazz, Pop 10/04/2019
Prolific multi-instrumentalist making quirky songs in a kajillion genres.
A song about being much more interested in someone else than they are in you.

Other tracks by Jonah Myers:  They're Too Quick in Amsterdam  -  Business Flute
Love Deluxe - Dance of the Lizard People     Electronic, Dance 10/04/2019
Enigmatic Sydney-based Romeo Love Deluxe returns with an exploratory new single titled ‘Dance Of The Lizard People’ - out now via Soothsayer.
Flirting with a fascination of conspiracies, the glorious six minute sonnet delves into the idea of what is real and is dedicated to theorist David Icke’s claim that “shape-shifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form.”
‘DOTLP’ evolved from the purchase of a Nord synthesizer - an instrument which accounts for over six different sounds within the track.

Polymer - I Miss You     Electronic, Electronic, Electronic 10/04/2019
Luke Cuerel and Luke Tkalcevic are two musicians and producers exploring sounds between Ratatat and Drexciya, and will be releasing our debut EP "One" on the 12th of April.
"I Miss You" is a melodic and moody electronica song with a heavy emphasis on melancholic synth sounds and samples to drive the song forward.

Other tracks by Polymer:  Cloud Runner  -  Transition
Fortunes. - Disc Read Error     Electronic, Pop 09/04/2019
New Zealand-via-Melbourne duo Fortunes. grasp firmly onto the middle point between electronica, pop, soul and R&B, having found the magical spot the genre melting pot that sets them apart.
A quintessential definer of Fortunes., Conor McCabe’s vocals are put on display as an instrument on title tack “Disc Read Error”. Pairing electronic, glitch pop instrumentation from Fortunes. other half, production mastermind Banarby Matthews, McCabe’s lyrical genius soars over the top of his own harmonised back ups, projecting effortlessly into higher ranges and smoothly gliding into a spine tingling falsetto.

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Good Brother - Peace to My Brother     Electronic, Dance, Pop 09/04/2019
Good Brother is a bedroom-produced electronic-pop-dance act, but not in the way you are used to. Inspired equally by the Leonard Cohens of the world as the Jamie xxs.
Riding a deep groove towards a smooth, electric-piano laced crescendo; Peace To My Brother (Neurological Divorce) is a track tailored for the dance floor, demonstrating the exciting fusion of compulsive production with provocative song writing to be found in future Good Brother releases. Lyrically the song explores the anxieties of living in the era of the desensitised listener.

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iubar project - Nowy     Electronic, Soundscapes, Atmospheric, Experimental 09/04/2019
iubar project's live performances incorporate touch-screen technology and live sampling. iubar’s main areas of focus are synth and sample driven ambient-jazz and drone as well as post-classical improvisation.
‘Nowy’ means a ‘new one’ in Polish and this guitar, field recordings and synth driven mix is a celebration of kids’ voices and their approach to novelty. Those untrained voices are great at expressing the joy of discovering new things.
Kids voices were recorded by Martin K in Australia and New Zealand and guitar drones by Jarek B in Poland.

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Other tracks by iubar project:  Nowy (KOshowKO Remix)  -  Nowy (Monochrome Echo Remix)
Miss Blanks - Tommy     Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap 09/04/2019
In just under 2 years, Miss Blanks has quickly established herself as one of the most important voices among the Australian music landscape.

'Tommy' is written & performed by Miss Blanks, and produced by Alice Ivy.

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Oh My My - Leave You at the Bottom     Electronic, Pop 09/04/2019
Oh My My is the intricate musical world of Sydney-based producer and musician Sam Thomlinson. Starting as a bedroom project, it has quickly elevated into a league of its own.
Leave You at the Bottom’ is about being caught between nostalgia and reality, misremembering the past and realising that some things aren’t meant to be forever.

JVLY - tacenda     Electronic, RnB, Soul, Pop 05/04/2019
JVLY is an Australian producer making smooth electro-RnB music that can be likened to a mix between Galimatias, XXYYXX and T.E.E.D.
Following on from recent releases ‘Milk&Honey’ (feat. Una May) and ‘Blue Pill’ (feat. Sarai), Australian producer JVLY, aka Kayle Butler, returns with a silky smooth release called ‘tacenda’, which features his very own sensually seductive vocal sounds, and it’s also the first taste of his upcoming second EP.

Ambientronic - Ashes & Arls     Electronic, Dance, Techno 05/04/2019
Ambientronic are Dean Jones (Australia) & Roman Shk (Russia). Formed in 2014 from a chance encounter online, the duo blend individual skills and experiences to create a wholly transcendent sound.
Ambientronic break the fourth wall by addressing the listener directly. The question: what ideas about what greatness are keeping you from being as great as you are right now? Stacking tonal textures and structural elements, Ashes & Arls contrasts growling bass notes with sparkling top-notes and understated keyboard riffs to create an other-worldly sensation of psychic drift and expansive freedom.

Other tracks by Ambientronic:  You And Nothing  -  Few Words Of Something
Donatachi - Do What I Want feat. Evangeline     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Gay Alligned 05/04/2019
Sydney producer Donatachi creates plush soundscapes which burst with hypercolour sound design and forward thinking club beats, all with an optimistic and un-ironic love of pop.
Donatachi says “’Do What I Want’ is so special to me, it captures a time in my life where I was very DIY as an artist and really had no support other than my boyfriend. It's a pure pop expression of embracing my queerness as an artist”. Joining Donatachi is Melbourne's Evangeline, bringing a sugary-sweet vocal to Donatachi’s signature production.

Erik Sing - Bittersweet Boy     Electronic, Pop 05/04/2019
Rising Australian producer making electro-pop music that can be likened to a mix between Martin Garrix, Zedd & Kygo.
'Bittersweet Boy' is the next single from Australian producer Erik Sing, featuring the gorgeous voice of Ecuadorian/American singer-songwriter Maria Elena Little.