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Nun - Subway     Pop, Rock, Electronic, Goth 21/02/2013
Melbourne's Nun, recorded by 3PBS.
Sound ranges from sinister drone orgy to hyperkinetic synth punk and uber-saturated gothic psychosis.

Other tracks by Nun:  Solvents  -  Throne of Blood
Brendan Maclean - Stupid     Pop, Folk 20/02/2013
Triple j calls him "Electric, engaging and exciting" and Baz Luhrmann gave Brendan a role in his upcoming film The Great Gatsby. Hear why 2013 will be Brendan Maclean's year.
An uplifting pop tune produced by Paul Mac, one of Australia's best pop producers. Combined with thoughtful lyrics and the all too common tale of falling in love with your best friend.

It starts off with hints of ukulele before exploding into a full studio party sound.

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Flume - Holdin On     Electronic 20/02/2013
Flume (Harley Streten) is a 21 year old producer based in Sydney. He released his debut self-titled album on November 9, 2012.
The first single from his chart-topping debut, 'Holdin On', showcases Flume's affinity for party-starting beats and smooth, shimmering vocal production. On 'Holdin On', Flume has taken a sample from 1977's hit 'Can't Turn You Loose' and transformed it into the soulful dance-floor read smash we see on the charts today.

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Other tracks by Flume:  Sleepless feat. Jezzabell Doran  -  Left Alone feat. Chet Faker
KSSR - Going Under     Electronic 20/02/2013
The story of how the frontman broke away to embark on this electro pop odyssey is a long and complicated one. You should really ask him about it some time.
Following on from Passenger, KSSR’s (Kiss Reid), second track, Going Under, is ready to follow up its successful predecessor. Produced in conjunction with Styalz Fuego, and JP Fung in December last year, the song also sees him team up with vocalist Amrita Hepi.

Nantes - Avid     Rock, Electronic 14/02/2013
Nantes is an alternative rock band based in Sydney, Australia. After a relentlessly busy 2012, the band are set to release their anticipated debut album 'Beingsbeing' on March 15, 2013.
'Avid' is the third single taken from Nantes' forthcoming debut record 'Beingsbeing'. Featuring hypnotic synths lines, a hard-hitting rhythm section and the captivating vocals of front-man Rogers, 'Avid' showcases Nantes' uniquely distinctive sound – a reference to the legacy of UK and US post-punk with an alternative edge.

Phebe Starr - Jurassica     Pop, Electronic 14/02/2013
Sydney electronic-pop songstress, Phebe Starr, has released her all-new single "Jurassica". Already compared to the likes of Lykke Li, Florence and Sia - Starr’s voice is both accessible and stratospheric.
"Jurassica" is the new single off Phebe Starr's forthcoming EP.

Slicker Cities - City Lights     Electronic, Pop 09/02/2013
Headed by musical all-rounder Alexander White, who whilst in recovery mode in hospital wrote an EP, feature film script and enough story lines for 2 concept albums.
Sublime electronic pop song with an infectious chorus. Think Empire of the Sun meets The National.

Super Magic Hats - Wind - Japanese Wallpaper Rework     Electronic, Dance, Experimental 08/02/2013
Melbourne-based beat-maker and producer, Super Magic Hats is a musician whose work embraces melody, noise and experimentation.
The ‘Wind Remixes’ sees Super Magic Hats bringing some of his fellow beat-makers together to produce their own interpretations of the track. Remixes come from 15-year-old Japanese Wallpaper, rising star of the Melbourne beats scene Flash Forest and buzz-band Friendships, whose offering results in a dark and deliciously twisted rework.

Other tracks by Super Magic Hats:  Wind - Friendships Remix  -  Wind - Flash Forest Remix
Wilds - Non     Electronic, Instrumental, Downbeat, Pop 08/02/2013
Melbourne, tape loops, synth, beats, reverbs, coffees, laughs, tireds, wilds.

Other tracks by Wilds:  Inter  -  Changeable
Mahmood Khan - Right Now     Pop, World, Trance, Easy Listening 01/02/2013
MK is a legendary World music Artist, singer/songwriter known for his work with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and for his International number one single 'Like the River'.
Mahmood Khan is a Pakistani-born singer, songwriter, sound engineer, music producer and film maker. Khan was the first Pakistani national to achieve mainstream success within the Australia music industry when his song 'Like the River' recorded Live at Sydney Opera House went to number one on the Australian Pop Charts.

Other tracks by Mahmood Khan:  How I wanted  -  Callin
Sonicanimation - I Will Be Twisted     Electronic, Dance 01/02/2013
Pioneers of Australian electronica, sonicanimation, burst back onto the scene with their latest album Once More From The Bottom, a mish mash of breaks, bleeps, guitar and fat synths.
Recorded at Reiji Studio Rosslands, Canada first single ‘I Will Be Twisted’ is a classic break up story: the illustrious search for ‘the one’, the break up that leaves you realizing your total inexperience with the world of dating and the happiness found upon giving up the search.

Kat Vinter - Stoneheart     Electronic, Pop, Ambience 31/01/2013
Kat Vinter is an Australian artist working between Sydney and Berlin. Her music is a brooding mix of electronica, pop, live percussive elements.
Brooding beats from Berlin by Australia's Kat Vinter mixed with breathily executed pop vocals and epic tribal drums. A song about trying to claim love that is not reciprocated.

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Drop Frame - Trichome     Electronic 25/01/2013
Raised by wolves in the mountains overlooking the gothic church laden streets of Perth’s medieval sprawl. Drop Frame is a cinematic electronic music magician.
A song of love and escapism. From its warm bassline to its crunchy textures, Trichome sets a very bold scene. A stunningly unique jazz-based vocal from Annie Inkerman builds and flows towards a complex electronic breakdown, until relieving for a strong finale, filled with a soaring jazz trumpet.

Wilds - Twice Light     Electronic, Instrumental, Soundscapes, Acoustic 23/01/2013
Melbourne, tape loops, synth, beats, reverbs, coffees, laughs, tireds, wilds.
twice light

Dysphemic and Miss Eliza - Hungarian Dance     Electronic, Classical, Dubstep, Hip Hop 22/01/2013
Classical Violinist/Electronic Producer-Rapper Duo hailing from Melbourne Australia. Ever wondered what a violin making sweet, sweet love to a sub-woofer sounds like? Well enter, stage left, Dysphemic & Miss Eliza!
Classical violin meets dubstep and electronic dance music.

Other tracks by Dysphemic and Miss Eliza:  Scripture Slickness  -  Drum'n'Bach
Nick Pes - I Remember     Electronic, Pop 16/01/2013
Solo artist from Sydney producing melodic and vocal driven synth pop and indie dance tracks.
Uptempo dreamy synth pop track with surf guitars, layered vocals and pulsing bass.

Fawn Myers - You Know Me So Well     Electronic, Pop 15/01/2013
You Know Me So Well picks up where Fawn Myers left off as a guest vocalist on Oliver Tank’s Dreams EP. This track was produced by Oliver Tank.
Available on The Bridge Presents digital compilation and via Fawn Myer's Soundcloud:

Mammals - Move Slower ft. Flash Forest     Electronic 15/01/2013
On 'Move Slower' FBi Radio Northern Lights finalist Mammals (Sydney) collaborates with Melbourne producer Flash Forest.
Mammals combines soaring vocals with considered, folky melodies. On Move Slower however, the pulsing electronic touch of Melbourne producer Flash Forest opens up a whole new space for the young Sydneysider to work in.

Meare - Altruism     Electronic 15/01/2013
Meare is a producer/musician from Sydney specializing in Bass music.
Meare is a producer/musician from Sydney specializing in Bass music.

Highly influenced by a musically eclectic upbringing, Meare has cultivated a unique take on the genre creating a sound truly his own.

Altruism is taken from Meare’s self-titled EP

Moonbase Commander - Flare Gun     Electronic, Hip Hop 15/01/2013
Sydney solo electronic producer and FBi Northern Lights competition finalist Moonbase Commander.
Taken from the Flare Gun EP and appearing on The Bridge Presents compilation.