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Jamie Lloyd - Fire Flies     Electronic, Dance 05/03/2010
Sydney superstar, check his new album “Beware of The Light”
Throw back acid tech

Loin Brothers - Heavy Helmet (Mock & Toof Remix)     Electronic, Dance 05/03/2010
Sydney twosome of Paradise Lost club night fame.
Vintage disco strut rock

Luke Million - Octobussy Part 1 (Spiral Mix)     Electronic 05/03/2010
Luke Million is fast becoming Adelaide’s busiest man in showbiz as bass player and co-writer for Empire of the Sun amongst other things.
Feels like a lo fi Star Trek experience

Peret Mako - Air A Dime     Electronic, Dance 05/03/2010
Peret Mako quietly took out winner of last years ‘Best Independent Electronic Album’
Relaxed, spaced out electronica, it’ll melt away headaches and replace it with happiness – so you should probably listen to it.

Theatre of Disco - YOA (The Twelves Remix)     Electronic, Dance 05/03/2010
Sydney lads that like the party and play toons.
Indie electro that isn’t crap.

Todd Sparrow - Evening Star [Pink Frost Remix]     Electronic, Chill 05/03/2010
Mystery rockers from Sydney.
Disco indie

Touch Sensitive - Body Stop     Electronic, Dance 05/03/2010
He’s now changed his name to Arithmatix! (with the exclamation mark).
Italo disco.

MA - Breathing (Kid Fiction remix)     Electronic, Chill, Hip Hop, Folk 25/02/2010
MA is singer Victoria White and composer Drew Crawford – vocal-driven, lush-textured, electro-acoustic, experimental pop. Effervescent and enchanting, described as Hall & Oates meets Goldfrapp or Eurythmics meets Bjork.
Chilled out beats from Kid Fiction, reminiscent of the early Royksopp classic 'Sparks' with delicate crackles, smooth deep bass, and just a bit of swing to showcase the effortless, dreamy vocal. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a (laidback) spring in your step.

Watch video

Other tracks by MA:  Light Summer Dress (ISAAX LSD remix)  -  And So I Declined (Pryor Theory Remix)
Super Raelene Brothers - Wiya! Angela Pamela     Dance 23/02/2010
fresh from the desert a sonic waterhole of sweet harmony and funk that never fails to fill the dancefloor
SRB /Little Sisters Collective collaboration. Sung in Luritja & Western Arrarnta with a smattering of English across a deep funk groove. A celebration of the power of Indigenous voices to stand and defend the wellbeing of their people against the proposed Angela-Pamela Uranium mine on the outskirts of Alice Springs

Other tracks by Super Raelene Brothers:  the world turned upside down
Bertie Blackman - Black Cats     Pop, Electronic 12/02/2010
Bertie delivers pop music with depth. “When I’m playing music, I just disappear into what’s going on,” she says, “it all just sort of channels through.”
Black Cats is the fourth single off 'Secrets And Lies'

Mink Engine - We like the Hi Fi     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Techno 10/02/2010
Mink Engine are about big synths and solos, tight beats, bouncing basses and Human League-y vox. Their signature, hyper-maximal style is music and video that's made for each other.
Punchy beats, slappin’ bass and a mesh of synths. A disco version of Gary Numan’s Chameleons in space in the year 2050.

Other tracks by Mink Engine:  Dick Chicken  -  Electricity City
Westernsynthetics - Engine No. 999     Electronic, Experimental, Dub, Dance 19/01/2010
Westernsynthetics is an intense man. A polemical folk singer, a Producer of bass-heavy dance music, a protester... He’s unlike anyone else in the Australia’s Dubstep and experimental music landscape.
Engine No. 999 by Westernsynthetics was nominated in the top 20 Instrumental genre of the 29th Australian Songwriting Contest, received rotation on FBi, spins on Triple J and plays around the world on Internet radio, check out this solid debut release from Sydney's Sub Continental Dub label and artist Westernsynthetics.

Other tracks by Westernsynthetics:  Contumacious In Kind  -  80808
Deepchild - Shameless In Seattle     Electronic, Dub, Dance, Experimental 18/12/2009
Deepchild has been described as "Arguably Australia’s finest proponent of the minimal sound" by In The Mix. His tracks are "Awesome stuff. Truly deep and aqua" says Kid Kameleon (XLR8R).
Bass heavy minimal tech beat with a catchy vocal sample. Ears will prick up as soon as this one drops! Huge!

Other tracks by Deepchild:  Wannado  -  Wannado (Gravious remix)
Dizzygotheca - 313     Electronic, Dance, Gay Alligned 17/12/2009
From glitchy dance beats to chilled soundscapes, DIZZYGOTHECA's captivating, bittersweet electronica combines enigmatic vocals, insightful lyrics and artful electronic sounds.
Combining gritty pop/dance with delicious vocals and a sweet hook, 313 from Brisbane's duo Dizzygotheca is immediately catchy and accessible without sacrificing any of their trademark sound. Has been compared to Goldfrap and Bat For Lashes

Other tracks by Dizzygotheca:  Little Beat  -  Sky Over Israel
X&Hell - Jump The Gun     Hip Hop, Dance, Electronic 02/12/2009
X & Hell grew up in suburban Melbourne on a diet of shopping centre hanging, BMX racing, video game arcades, dodging school and racking rap and shitty '90s dance music.
From the warm familiarity of the opening synth lines borrowed from Real Life's 1983 smash hit single Send Me An Angel, to the pounding drums and haunting vocals, X&Hell combine nostaligia and innovation to create a truly sinister, unexpectedly melodic slice of club-hop.

Other tracks by X&Hell:  Don't Stop Movin  -  Shades Off
Tin Can Radio - Chubby     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Ambience, Chill 01/12/2009
Tin Can Radio are a truely exciting electro/indie band. They concern themselves with blending warm singalong melodies with disco-punk & drum 'n bass rhythms. Sweaty sweaty party people
Chubby is a song inspired by the battles we all face in overcoming the monotony of monday-friday existance.

The Feeling Groovies - Mystic Ollie     Pop, Dub 13/11/2009
The Feeling Groovies washed ashore for but a few weeks to capture the sounds for their latest CD, CROWD PLEASER.
“Here’s a band to judge by their name. Fusing electronica next to horn-fuelled Latin jazz and tribal beats and plenty of melody, this five piece have the rhythm method down pat. Groovy, baby!”
Juice Magazine, May 2002

Other tracks by The Feeling Groovies:  Italliano 2000  -  Deep End
Danimals - Hornets Nest     Electronic, Pop, Psychedelic 11/11/2009
Danimals is the solo project of Sydney artist Jonti Danilewitz. Danimals take a focus on rhythms and the deconstruction of traditional song structures to create bouncy, tripped-out experimental music.
It’s the debut, double A-side single from Danimals. Sending reverb-soaked, summery vocals, layered and looped, with strong groove rhythms and playful accents of quirky R&B pop, Danimals hold your attention at first with their charm, but the longer you listen, the more the nuanced, developed production shines through.

Other tracks by Danimals:  Christmas Worms Quest For Fresh Apples
Hunz - You Said Hello     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Experimental 04/11/2009
Hunz is a solo artist that does original electronic pop music. He formed in Brisbane, Australia in the late 2005.
An energetic track that promotes a concern about when friends blindly follow something that others know is wrong.

Spod - Dead     Rock, Electronic 04/11/2009
One man electro rock party machine. If the cool kids are listening to the electro-clash sounds de-jour ala Cut Copy, Presets, then the extra-cool folks are listening to this!
Seamlessly moves from synth-pop territory to a bubbling, Buffalo Daughter-esque bridge, closing with a folksy singalong littered with handclaps and wedding bells.

Other tracks by Spod:  Afterparty  -  CATS