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The Grates - Turn Me On (Whyte Fang Version)     Electronic 20/10/2011
Tough in its intent and infectious in its delivery, The Grates third album "Secret Rituals" holds the promise of drawing an army of new fans to their beck and call.
The Grates have tucked away a special track within their Youtube video of ‘Sweet Dreams’. It’s a pleasant present, gift-wrapped by Sydney producer Whyte Fang and comes in the shape and size of ‘Turn Me On’. To reveal the track, have another look at the ‘Sweet Dreams’ video here:

Rufus - Paris Collides     Electronic, Atmospheric, Dance 20/10/2011
With skilled pop sensibilities, RÜFÜS’ combination of live instruments and electronic production create moments of dance floor euphoria and roaming lo-fi grooves.
A blissful, dream-like track with shimmering synths and soaring vocals.

Other tracks by Rufus:  We Left  -  Nocturnal
Broadway Sounds - Over & Over & Over Again     Funk/Soul, Pop, Psychedelic, RnB 20/10/2011
Ragtime musical/ dj group. "Wildflowers" EP co-produced and mixed by Aaron Shanahan of Miami Horror.
quasi boogie-funk song. it is very sexy.

Other tracks by Broadway Sounds:  Big Easy  -  Fascination
JFaith - This Dream     Electronic, Trance, Techno 19/10/2011
Deep songwriting, clever melody, and infectious beats, this is JFaith! Together with producer JT these lads are unstoppable and comfortable writing across various genres. An extremely exciting and dynamic Duo!
This song is about where I want to be, my musical dream I strive to make a reality everyday. The unrelenting The hunger I have to perform in front of a "Major crowd" is clearly depicted and the tune serves as a motivational tool for us "Dreamers".

Other tracks by JFaith:  I Remember  -  Loving You
Kirin J Callinan - WIIW (Way To War)     Electronic, Experimental 19/10/2011
A performer of unrivalled physicality. Kirin J Callinan is known for his confronting live performances, haunting songs and wild guitar playing.
Two minutes of sonic perversions from Australia's foremost perverter of guitars & performance, Kirin J Callinan. WIIW (Way To War) explores the more brutal and industrial side of Kirin's guitar-scapes whilst departing from his more theatrical vocal styles, his psychotic 4am delivery playing in darker and more disturbing territories.

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The Killgirls - Astronaut     Pop, Dance, Electronic 18/10/2011
Based in Adelaide, The Killgirls are a 5-piece indie/electro band with teeth, making music for party people.
A bass driven dance floor anthem at the ready.

Other tracks by The Killgirls:  Animal  -  What I Need
Forces - Ice     Electronic, Industrial, House, Techno 17/10/2011
Peering through the lens of early digital sampling technology and analogue electronics, the duo create worlds influenced by minimal electronic, industrial, new beat and techno.
With its use of early digital sampling technology and analogue electronics, Ice powerfully references everything from minimal electronic, industrial, new beat and techno, but with an unmistakable experimentation unique to Forces.


Meem - Mr Scruff - Nice Up The Function (Meems Unreal Remix)     Hip Hop, Funk 17/10/2011
Meem (Michael Moebus) is a celebrated music producer from Sydney, releasing independent music since 1998. He is known for his unique approach to soul, funk, disco, boogie and beats.
Meems remix for Mr Scruff, originally released on the Mr Scruff album Ninja Tuna. The remix transforms the original dancehall style tune into a soul, funk hip hop party anthem.

Other tracks by Meem:  (It Was) Hard Times  -  Get Down Party (with Raashan Ahmad)
The Bombay Royale - Sote Sote Ahdi Raat     World, Funk, Psychedelic, Soundtrack (Film Related) 14/10/2011
The Bombay Royale are a Melbourne band dedicated to honouring and reviving the funky, bizarre and mysterious music of vintage Indian cinema.
If you like Bollywood space-disco, this song is for you. Literally translated as “each night I open my eyes,” Sote Sote features the haunting vocals of Parvyn “The Mysterious Lady” Singh. This cosmic love song originally appeared on the soundtrack to the film Siskeyan and was composed by Sapan Jagmohan.

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Other tracks by The Bombay Royale:  Solla Solla Enna Perumai
Tom Piper ft Chrome & Stylah - Ooh Now!     Electronic, Dance, Dub, House 12/10/2011
Ooh Now! teams Australia and the UKs best with the perfect mix of dubstep and electro house to cross the genres over from dance floor to airwaves this summer
New single from Tom Piper ft. Chrome & Stylah Ooh Now!

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Death of Art - Anti-Valentine     Electronic, Rock, Industrial, Goth 12/10/2011
Electronic rock on a canvas of black, purple and blood red. Join Death of Art as they take you on an emotive journey through the dark realm.
As the title states think of the opposite of a happy 'Valentine's Day'. This track is about allowing yourself to be treated badly in a way undeserving, but it's also about taking the power back and calling the bluff of your abuser.

Other tracks by Death of Art:  Anarchy  -  Am I Psycho?
Step It Up - Push (Borrowed Moog And Juno Mix)     Funk/Soul, Electronic, Dance, Jazz 11/10/2011
Undefinable instrumental groove band with universal appeal - funk, jazz, house, hip-hop, world music, electronica, dance, uptempo, downtempo
This is an analogue synth booty-funk fest. Three drummers and cuts by Dj Damage. The sax is ex Brisbane Craig Hanicek.

Other tracks by Step It Up:  Nudge  -  Push (House mix)
Joshua T - Heart Beating     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Rock 11/10/2011
Joshua T, Berlin based Melbourne artist making electro/synth/pop. Releasing 1st track (Heart Beating) from upcoming record due out next year. Heart Beating was tracked at Blank Tape studios in Melbourne.
Joshua T's, Heart Beating: the product of a collaboration with Blank Tape and the Melbourne-born musical enigma. A heaving electronic anthem; a fearless blend of pulsating and sampled beats, and hand claps that groove in tandem with its epic delivery of journeying to the brink of life, and back again.

Richard Lawson - Magic Touch     Electronic, Soul, Comedy, Hip Hop 11/10/2011
From folk, psychedelic, electronica & in between Richard has been busy over the last 4 years. His latest release “Bread and Water” is a vocal power pop tour de force
A quasi rap/spoken verse leads into a nice New York Soul chorus with lovely melodies and tongue in cheek lyrics. The solo is a standout . One College station said it sounded like a cros between Frank Zappa and Justin Timberlake. I wrote it in 3 separate MacDonalds

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Other tracks by Richard Lawson:  Paradise  -  Cover Girl
Convaire - The New You     Pop, Electronic 06/10/2011
Sydney’s finest indie-electro-popettes measures quiet childhood fairy-floss nostalgia and loud, barefooted Summer festival romance.
The New You is a sparkling indication of what Convaire do so exceptionally well– the art of creating synth-happy, ‘80s inspired, sticky-sweet pop songs.

Telafonica - The Unravelling Man (Actual Russian Brides Version)     Electronic, Psychedelic, Pop, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 06/10/2011
Telafonica blends cutting edge electronica with traditional pop songs, abstract melodies with toy and acoustic instruments, electric bluster with melancholy introspection.
Actual Russian Brides push Telafonica's original through the all electro blender. Girl voices float over blippy synths and scattershot drum machine.

Other tracks by Telafonica:  The Unravelling Man (Sounds Like Sunset Version)  -  The Unravelling Man (St Jambience Version)
Oliver Tank - Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion     Electronic, Pop 05/10/2011
Oliver Tank combines live instruments with computers to create incredibly textural heartfelt glitch pop.

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Other tracks by Oliver Tank:  Embrace feat. Fawn Myers  -  Up All Night
Abdi Mohamen Abdi - Husus     World, African, Electronic 04/10/2011
Abdi Mohamed Abdi, also known as "Eidle" and "The Man With Ten Hands", is a respected musician and song writer, originally from the southern Somali port of Kismayo.
A love song, sung in Somali- “I love you and even if you forget me know, you’ll remember me later”

Abdi Mohamed Abdi (vocals/ keyboards/ guitar/ bass guitar), Ivan ‘Choi’ Khatchoyan (drums & percussion).

Written by Abdi Mohamed Abdi, produced and mixed by Ivan Khatchoyan.

Supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria

Other tracks by Abdi Mohamen Abdi:  Ajab (What's Going On)
Harmless - Deliver     Electronic, Rock, Breaks 29/09/2011
Harmless are a Melbourne based duo featuring members of Blue King Brown and Cleverhorse. It's a mixture of experimental rock, soundscape and improvisational music.
"Deliver" is a stunning example of Harmless' sonic scope, visiting an array of timbres that have been eloquently constructed. Shifting seamlessly between electronic percussion and a big acoustic drum sound, "Deliver" climaxes with synth, guitar and vocal hooks that resound Harmless’ psychedelic influences.

I'lls' - Thrice     Electronic, Pop, Ambience, Hip Hop 29/09/2011
A dead-centre mix between the XX and James Blake, exhibiting sounds ranging from Boards of Canada, Atlas Sound and Sigur Ros, while utilizing grooves from Q tip and Animal Collective.
The music that hipsters like to listen to while making out. Lo-fi, ambient, electronic, pop that takes influences from ‘James Blake’ to ’Boards of Canada’ and vocals that are influenced by Sufjan Stevens. Catchy guitar hooks that surge the composition upward and a melody that is not easily forgotten.

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Other tracks by I'lls':  Take Higher Ground  -  Northern Quarters