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Sabrina Lawrie - Nopiates     Pop/Electronic, Easy Listening, Pop 24/10/2018
They didn’t call her ‘Queen of the Underground’ for nothing, following the successful release her 4.5 star Rolling Stone debut album in 2017, Sabrina Lawrie is emerging fierce and forceful
"I was deeply affected by the news of another musical legend taking their own life due to the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs and it hit very close to home for me. After my own battle with painkillers following a serious spinal injury and the journey to drug free pain management, inspiration struck me instantly and I started writing."

Sam Square - If You Want Me To Go     Electronic, Pop 24/10/2018
Sam Square is a deep voiced singer, producer and instrumentalist, creating rootsy alternative and electronic music from the Mornington Peninsula.
This is a song of defiance, about leaving behind dysfunctional comfort. It could be interpreted as a breakup song but really it's about breaking up with unhappiness.

Starting low key and with desperation within the words, the mood quickly turns to anger and bemusement before exploding into an uplifting chorus, a statement of intent to always look forward.

DMTeasers - Too Broke For Coke     Electronic, Dance, Pop 22/10/2018
Leading vocalist, ALEX MANSELL brings mad vibes to this song, while writer, bass player ALI DAVIDSON and producer SAM SWAIN complete the core of the band.
DMTeasers deliver their bubbly, electro-pop lament - 'TOO BROKE FOR COKE'. This catchy ear-worm bounces along with it's terribly Un-Politically Correct theme. Wedged firmly in the mode of bands like CONFIDENCE MAN and JAMIROQUAI, 'TOO BROKE FOR COKE' tips it's hat to those early WEEN hits, with a smattering of a young SNEAKY SOUND SYSTEM.

Antony & Cleopatra - Hurt Like Hell     Electronic 20/10/2018
Antony & Cleopatra’s brand of electronic music and his / her vocal dynamic has been seizing the attention of dance music fans across the globe.
From its warped melodies, rubber mallet beats, and swirling, psychedelic, electronic notes, 'Hurt Like Hell' is instantly recognisable as an addictive hit. It's the first single to be taken from A&C's debut EP of the same name, set for release November 23.

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Swick - Send Me The Money ft. Capo Lee     Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop 20/10/2018
A production connoisseur of eclectic sounds, Swick maintains a genre-pushing style with utterly original releases, impeccable precision and a knack for always delivering the unexpected.
“Send Me The Money” feat. Capo Lee bursts with powerful lyrics fuelled by Swick's bouncing house sounds and infectious warped synth work. Reflecting Swick's passion for blending his energetic sound designs with strong hip hop influences and the voices to match, the track is an addictive, fiery and sure-fire club classic.

Woodes - Dots (Flower Head Remix)     Electronic, Live Performance, Classical, Soundtrack (Film Related) 20/10/2018
Woodes is the moniker for the 24-year-old Melbourne based producer, singer and songwriter, Elle Graham, whose quick ascension into the limelight has caused many a head to turn.
She's one of the most exciting names in Australian indie music, Woodes today sharing an orchestral remix by Melbourne producer Flower Head of her acclaimed hit 'Dots', coinciding with the one year anniversary of the tracks release.

Autosuggest - Heron     Electronic, Industrial, Pop, Rock 19/10/2018
Autosuggest is the relentless alternative electronic music project from Sydney’s Alec Mallia combining blistering electronic rhythms with post-punk instrumentation and Mallia’s crooning vocals.
Sydney’s own Autosuggest aka Alec Mallia has dropped the first single from his upcoming debut album. Titled ‘Heron’, the track marks a new venture into a more brutal electronic pop form surrounded by his trademark post-punk inspired instrumentation.

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B-Syde - We Love We Fight     Electronic, Dance, House, Pop 19/10/2018
Singer-songwriter, producer & performer, B-Syde, is a multi-instrumentalist utilising live production to manipulate and loop audio from an array of instruments, sequence tight drum breaks and manifest chunky bass lines.
We Love We Fight is the latest release from singer-songwriter and producer B-Syde. Staying true to his signature sound of funky breaks, electronic production and layered vocals, We Love We Fight steps into the minimalist loungey house type vibes.

Rainbow Chan - CSR     Electronic, Pop 19/10/2018
Sydney via Hong Kong electronic-pop vocalist and producer Rainbow Chan releases her second single of the year, ‘CSR’.
With a distinct eye for global pop culture, Rainbow Chan continues to make hypnotic and intelligent electronic dance music on ‘CSR.’ Effortlessly flowing between English, Cantonese and Mandarin spoken word, ‘CSR’ slides into lo-fi club territory. Writing in her mother tongue, Chan turns the dancefloor into a polyvocal space which pushes against the Western gaze.

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SAATSUMA - Big Burner     Electronic, Dance, Soul 19/10/2018
SAATSUMA is the collaboration between Melbourne based producers and composers Memphis LK & César Rodrigues.
‘Big Burner’ is the first single following the release of SAATSUMA's acclaimed debut album ‘Overflow’, which encapsulated the pair's finesse and lyrical dexterity. In this offering, the duo build on their sound, introducing a refined and controlled approach to their writing and production.‘Big Burner’ compares the effects of burnout against the desire to be the best at what you do.

Munro Melano - Semi Spinning     Electronic, Atmospheric, Soundscapes, Pop 18/10/2018
In the past year he has worked extensively on film scoring, including composing the synth and live string score for multi award winning ABC Documentary Paper Trails
Floats between programmed and live sounds. Synthesizers and programmed drum machines are mixed with live string quartet, grand piano and a live rhythm section.

Powloh - Animal     Electronic, RnB, Hip Hop 18/10/2018
Best known for his alias Mikey HUNJ, as well as being the DJ behind Australian rapper Allday, Powloh today marks a fresh chapter from Melbourne's producer and DJ Paulo Latuga.
'Animal' explores the concept of having everything you need and fighting the human and animalistic inclination of wanting more. "It's about being pulled toward a darker more dangerous place, but then in turn pulling the people you're close to along with you because it doesn't seem so bad once you're in", says Powloh.

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Ducks! - Pinprick In     Electronic, Dance, Pop 17/10/2018
Ducks! make electronic music for dancing and dreaming, influenced by Disney and disco, combining synthesiser and vocal loops with found sounds and field recordings.
'Pinprick In' is slinky, hazy and hedonistic indie disco; oscillators oozing onto the dancefloor, urged on by sizzling percussion, the vocals breathy and confessional in the style of ‘Slow’-era Kylie Minogue. It’s concerned with seduction, but not the kind that goes on between two people. Pinprick In is about an encounter between a performer and her audience.

Feather Touch - Need You     Electronic, Pop 17/10/2018
With the arrival of Australian summer, Melbourne based tropicalypsodisco producer Feather Touch is back with vivid new single, ‘Need You'.
Taking cues from RUFUS DU SOL, The Presets and MUTO, 'Need You' merges clubby kicks with a thick, driving bass amongst the disco riffs and expansive keys. The song is built from the unmistakable co-production and mixing of Haxx (Kult Kyss, Yeo, King IV). Featuring instrumental performances from the artist himself, 'Need You' marries future-pop with a club-friendly beat.

Joan Banoit - Mount Agony     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 17/10/2018
Sydney four piece playing synth pop, art rock and contemporary composition
Following the release of their debut single ‘Bet Me’ in July (which was described by Triple J as ‘…. sounding like the universe’) Joan Banoit launch the epic, electronic baroque pop soundscapes of their second single ‘Mount Agony’.

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Kid Fiction - What Define You     Electronic 17/10/2018
Kid Fiction's path began in his first year of high school. Playing in punk bands & also started experimenting with electronic music software, finding demo versions of Fruity Loops
“What Defines You” is a mature and patient electronic think-piece

Ella Thompson - Hysteria     Electronic, RnB, Experimental, Pop 16/10/2018
Hysteria is the second single from melbourne artist Ella Thompson the song is about the gendered historical discourse of madness. Taken from her new EP Hysteria out nov 2nd
This EP is a collection of songs I’ve written over the last year or so. They're stories of my observations and experiences, sounds and words I’ve been collecting. Released via my new record label POOL, which is now the home base for all these new works. I hope these songs find their way to your ears, your day or night

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Other tracks by Ella Thompson:  Dare
Horizon - In The Morning (Feat. Bianca and Sammy Arriaga) (clean)     Electronic, Pop, Dance 16/10/2018
At only 21 years old, Horizon is Australia’s #1 RnB DJ across the airwaves, clubs and festivals of Australia.
The debut single from Melbourne artist & prolific DJ, Horizon.

“Let’s live in the moment. Love is the reason we are here. Let’s talk about it ‘In The Morning’. Real feelings create real music. For my debut single I wanted it to be personal and relatable. We have emotions & we have all experienced what we thought was love.”

Japanese Wallpaper - Fooling Around     Electronic, Pop 16/10/2018
Melbourne's Japanese Wallpaper aka Gab Strum is a musician and producer who won 2014's triple j unearthed high competition.
A dizzying journey of synths and sharp melodies, this is pop electronica at its most self confident. Acting as a call to arms to anyone who has ever felt the need to assert themselves, the track is taken from a forthcoming record leaving his melancholic melodies behind and embracing a resounding sense of hopefulness.

MEZKO - Guess Who     Electronic, Rock 16/10/2018
MEZKO are the duo of multi-instrumentalists Kat Harley and Laura Bailey. Together, they create a collision of futurist pop and electronica that casts one eye backwards at post-punk and krautrock.
'Guess Who' emerges as an ode to the catharsis of acknowledging and eliminating negative forces from ones life. In MEZKO's words "This is a song for the people you leave behind. The ones that got you really hard and then dragged you right down. It's about moving on from someone toxic, a kind of a soundtrack for removing the dirt"