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Set Mo - Surrender     Electronic, Dance 11/12/2018
Set Mo have this year proven themselves one of Australia's hardest working artists, with a flair for classic house sounds and infectious body-moving beats making for instant dance floor burners.
“Surrender” is the first track to be taken from the mammoth upcoming LP. Featuring a spoken word sample from pioneering English musician Brian Eno (given the nod of approval from Brian himself), the track invokes powerful ideas behind surrendering to one’s art. A climactic pulse of their signature house sound, "Surrender" is another testament to Set Mo's hypnotic sonic design.

Willaris. K - Natural Selection     Electronic 11/12/2018
Just when it looked like 2018 couldn’t get any bigger for Willaris. K, the 24 year old Melbourne-via-NSW-Northern-Coast producer drops a two-track single to flip this year on its head.
Both tracks carry Willaris. K’s emblematic sound, while looking to the future sonically and in name, wrapping up one of the most rapid rises to fame an Australian electronic artist has seen in recent years.

chippysthedoggy - Lettermouth     Electronic, Hip Hop, Psychedelic, Experimental 10/12/2018
Chiptune-inspired, sample-heavy, intense electronic adventure. My diet is comprised of ROMs from gameboy, SNES, the classical repertoire, and dark, dark, hip-hop instrumentals. Music made by virtual dogs, for virtual dogs!
Lettermouth describes the unspoken relationship between golden-age Nintendo characters Link and Navi.
It does so by 'mashing-up' the two classic Australian pop songs 'The Unsent Letter' by MGF and 'Mouth' by Merril Bainbridge in a feat of artistic polyphony.
It also includes hundreds of synth and Legend of Zelda samples layered on top of a Fly-Lo-inspired hip-hop tempo and style.

Other tracks by chippysthedoggy:  Downward Spiral (chippysthedoggy remix)  -  Cornstones (Op. 28 No. 16)
Richard Parka - Trust Me Now     Electronic 10/12/2018
A young solo artist from Melbourne, Richard Parka is not your average rapper. With words as his art form, his mission is to positively impact rap culture.
Intimacy brings with it some of life's most valuable lessons - learning to love, learning to let go, learning to give, and learning to trust. This is Trust Me Now.

Israel Carter - Impervious     Electronic 09/12/2018
Israel Carter. Musician, Music Producer, Sound Engineer. Melbourne Australia
This song was inspired by Soul and Funk combined with modern dance music. It has some incredible uplifting vocals from Sarey Savy and Moia Bri and some 70's type electric guitar melodies which i think creates a unique vibe.

SLUMBERJACK x Troyboi - Solid     Electronic 07/12/2018
Powerhouse duo SLUMBERJACK broke into the Australian electronic scene in 2014 and have gone from strength to strength since then, with major singles and epic live shows.
Hot on the heels of the announce of their upcoming SARAWAK EP and accompanying national tour where they will be performing in their biggest venues to date, SLUMBERJACK reveal a collaboration with TroyBoi called ‘Solid’.

Started when the duo were on tour with TroyBoi, ‘Solid’ is a blistering instrumental trap track with explosive drops and staccato beats.

Animal Feelings - Soft Touches feat. Thief     Electronic, Downbeat 07/12/2018
ANIMAL FEELINGS is Australian artist Oli Chang’s latest musical experiment. Oli is most known for the celebrated ambient dream-pop of High Highs, a long-running collaboration with Jack Milas
Soft Touches is a lush electronic track that features infectious vocals and soothing harmonies from long-term collaborator Thief. Animal Feelings describes the track "Soft Touches is a ballad exploring how eroticism can be used to heal or escape emotional damage".

Other tracks by Animal Feelings:  Divine Love feat. Nomi Ruiz  -  Angel feat. Adam Masterson
Confidence Man - Santa's Comin' Down The Chimney     Electronic 07/12/2018
Confidence Man, arguably one of the hottest acts in the world right now, independently released their debut LP Confident Music For Confident People in April 2018.
A tall drink of enchanting dance music, ‘Santa’s Comin’ Down The Chimney’ is the in-your-headphones escape from the mundane, overcooked turkey dinner. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, ‘Santa’s Comin’ Down The Chimney’ is sure to be the extra cheer you needed. Spike your eggnog and get yourself underneath some mistletoe.

Golden Vessel - MOONSTONE     Electronic 07/12/2018
Brisbane artist Golden Vessel is a gifted producer and songwriter who stays true to his collaborative ethos.
Melting fluid beats with space bound production, ‘MOONSTONE’ is the woozy new single from Golden Vessel and features silky appearances from frequent collaborators and friends Elkkle and Akurei. The track revolves around the theme of missed opportunities and the frustrations that result from knowing you were capable of achieving them.

Korky Buchek - Pull Your Pants Up     Electronic, Dance, Techno 07/12/2018
A production duo out of Western Sydney who have a goal to make people dance and feel good. Putting their personality into their music.
This track was birthed in Recs Studios when finishing our first EP. It started out with an accordion being recorded, then Peter jumped in and threw some super hype vocals over it, then the song was kind of half finished and forgotten for about a year. They then dug it up, reworked it and made it magical.

Strict Face - Dial Fantasy     Electronic, Dance 07/12/2018
Inspired by both classic r&b and future-facing electronic music, Strict Face boasts one of dance music’s strongest recent discographies, releasing zero-gravity grime anthems on numerous labels around the world.
Inspired by classic R&B and future-facing electronic music, Strict Face's track "Dial Fantasy" is another forward thinking club song with an irresistible beat. The fifth track on his New Racer EP, "Dial Fantasy" is a vocal free upbeat dance track filled with smooth bass synths and bright melodies.

Luke Carlino - Heartstops     Electronic, RnB 07/12/2018
A popular performer and South Australian Music Award nominee, Carlino has a raw emotionality that, when combined with his layered soundscapes, creates a hypnotic experience for the listener.
Marked by the familiar melodic charm of ‘Minute’, but positioning itself in a lighter musical realm, ‘Heartstops’ is a love song built on woozy electronics and emotional vocal flair. As the second cut from the BEASTS EP, ‘Heartstops’ is a prime example of the way Carlino deals with heavier emotions and the sensitivity of them, with beautiful sonic depth.

BROADWING + XAVIA - COLLECTIVE QUIET     Electronic, Experimental 07/12/2018
Broadwing and XAVIA are award winning artists / producers based in Australia's unique, vibrant NT music scene. Collective Quiet is their first collaborative release.
Darwin producer Broadwing and Alice Springs singer Xavia spent nine months developing Collective Quiet (CQ) via an email feedback loop.
"CQ came from a place of numbness, where the pressures we build up around ourselves make it impossible to connect and feel." Both award winning artists are based in Australia's unique, vibrant NT scene. CQ is their first collaborative release.

Exhibitionist - Vicious Love     Electronic, Pop 07/12/2018
Exhibitionist is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Kirsty Tickle. She released her first EP "Let Go of Love" on Future classic in 2018 and is working on her debut LP.
Co-written with two members of Sydney punk band ARSE, Vicious Love sees the sensual pop dreaming of Exhibitionist's Future Classic debut interrupted and her heavy rhythmic influences reawakened: an echo of her artistic double life in noise duo Party Dozen. The track is about modern dating, navigating the nauseating reality of complex human interactions.

Phantom Agents - Celtic     Electronic 07/12/2018
Phantom agents are a Sydney based band currently operating as a 2 piece also known as Lilias Clint.
Electronic pop

Other tracks by Phantom Agents:  Borrowed and blue  -  Soul
Time For Dreams / Dream Kit - Move It - Dream Kit "Come with Me" Remix     Electronic, Pop, Downbeat, Dub 07/12/2018
Time For Dreams is Melbourne based duo Tom Carlyon on guitar and beats and Amanda Roff on vocals and bass. They make evocative, sophisticated and deeply sexy pop music.
A little over a year out from the release of their debut album, TIME FOR DREAMS are set to release the IN TIME REMIX EP featuring remixes from 5 of Melbourne’s most exciting electronic artists.

Ahead of this we are excited to present a remix from electronic producer Dream Kit (aka Declan Kelly).

Jim Ottaway - Another Christmas Eve     Electronic, Instrumental 06/12/2018
Jim Ottaway is an international award-winning Australian musician and composer of original instrumental music covering many genres including electronic, ambient, new age and space music.
'Another Christmas Eve' is a light melodic electronic track capturing the sounds and memories of Christmases from the past.

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SAMMOKIX - Tijuana     Electronic, Dance, World 06/12/2018
Sydney-based electronic dance music producer.
This track infuses Latin American drums with hard electronic dance sounds. It was inspired by my journey crossing the US border into Tijuana Mexico.

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LUUNG - Overcast (Tusk Rework)     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Chill 06/12/2018
My name is Bailey Jeffs and I am a self produced artist from the Sunshine Coast.
I connected with Melbourne producer Tusk (Tom Wormald) through social media. I did some vocal for a track that he will hopefully release shortly. But In return I asked if he would be keen to remix my latest single "Overcast". He did a great job. Listen out for the strings at the start and choppy vocals toward the end.

Radiate - Human     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Christian 01/12/2018
Looking for something unique? Radiate brings you an unique blend of Electronic Pop and Synth mixed with some vocal influences of Psuedo Echo and David Bowie.
Have you heard of the saying i'm only human?
When we make mistakes do we give up or do we get up and give it another go?
This song challenges our thinking to face our fears and chase our destiny when if we make mistakes. Let's keep trying and trying until you succeed.

Other tracks by Radiate:  Hang Around  -  Soul